Doggy Mommy in Texas 2

by Mike S

Copyright© 2010 by Mike S

Sex Story: The adventures in Texas continue

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   Bestiality   .


While Garry and Willie were on their way to Hawaii to pick up the 2 girls, and Garry's stuff for the move to Amarillo, Big Mike, Pete and Mary Green had entered the barn back on the ranch. Carmen and Maria, the Mexican maids, were between two horses each, their head under one licking his cock as the other hand manipulated the second. Mary Green walked to them and squatted to look the horse cocks over and see which she wanted buried in her cunt. She had been turned on by Michelle's video, teased and tantalized by Mac Ling's tongue, and now needed one of the 18 to 22 inch cocks buried in her sopping cunt. Her panty crotch was soaked and both men as well as she had heard her squishing as they had walked out to the barn.

"I want that Morgan's cock in my cunt, he's got the biggest. Once he's in and fucking me good, bring that Appaloosa to my head and let him throat fuck me. Now, where can this happen?" she asked.

"Next stall has hay bales at the right height covered with a blanket to keep you off the straw itself. I've talked to a medical supply manufacturer and can get hospital gurneys custom made that will lock the women at the right height and strap them down so they aren't shoved around. Then I'm going to build several barricades for the horses to mount to lift their front end and then slide the whore onto the cock, just as if he was mounted on a mare," Big Mike replied. Mary had been looking at the overhead rafters.

"Why not have a harness made for the horse and fasten pulleys on the rafters and use rope or chain to lift the horse into a rearing position, then slide the whore onto the fuck pole?" she asked. Big Mike looked up and thought a moment.

"You're right, that would work and would be customizable to each individual animal. We'll need 2 or 3, there are enough customers waiting for this to open that we can bring in several at a time. I'll get the gurneys ordered when I get back to the house, have some of the boys put up the pulleys, and contact the tack crafter I get all the bridles bits and saddles for the ranch from and get the harnesses ordered. Now, shall we go to the next stall and get you fucked, partner?" he asked.

"Lead the way," Mary replied as she pulled her shirt over her head. "Bring all 4 horses, I want to watch those two maid-whores to suck the others off and drink the horse cock juice before I get my throat fuck, but while my cunt is pounded." She walked to the next stall, hung her shirt from a nail in a stud, and then added her bra and skirt. She removed her panty and held it up as she watched cunt juice drip from the crotch. "Damn, look at that. I'm definitely ready to get fucked. Here's a present," she said as she tossed the soaked panties to Big Mike. She lay on the hay bales and pulled her knees up to her breasts, leaving her juice dripping cunt raised and wide open, awaiting the horse cock it was to feast on. Carmen and Maria entered with the 4 horses and Big Mike and Pete took the reins for the Morgan and Appaloosa from them. The 2 girls immediately went back on their knees under the horse and returned to sucking cock.

"Come on boys, get that cock over here and lined up so he can drill my cunt" Mary said. Pete tied the Appaloosa to a rail and he and Big Mike got the Morgan into position. Pete picked up a digital camera and turned the video camera on the tripod on. He checked the picture in the viewer and then zoomed in to show the cock waiting at the pussy entrance.

"Okay boss, I'm ready" Pete said and Big Mike Led the horse forward over Mary's prostrated body. She released a leg to grab the log coming at her and guided it to the opening and until the head started into her.

"OH FUCK!!" she burst out as the horse felt the warm confines of a pussy closing over his cock and thrust 8 inches of fat horse cock home at once. "Come on boy, do that again" Mary gasped as she tried to catch her breath. Pete had left the video camera watching the cock slide in as he began to snap pictures of her expression, the cock in her cunt and then turned to take several of the maids with their mouths stretched wide, sucking horse cock. He would return to them to catch the cum as it overflowed their mouths.

"Uh Uh" Mary grunted as another 4 inches fed into her cunt. She looked down at her abdomen and saw it begin to swell from the cock stretching her cunt. "Come on boy, get that cock into me, I want to really see the swell from cock buried in my cunt. Come on you fucking animal, treat me like a bitch!" As if the horse could understand the slut whose cuntal muscled were gripping his shaft, the Morgan pulled back and thrust again.

"OH GOD!!" she screamed as the large, cum filled balls slapped her ass and 22 inches of fat horse cock burst through all barriers and buried itself deep in her womb, stretching her cervix like nothing before. "I'm FUCKING CUUMMMIINNGG!!!" she screamed as a gigantic orgasm roared through her very being at her impalement on the large cock. "Oh God I love it! I need a fucking horse in Houston. Fuck, I'm going to ... to ... CUM AGAIN!!!" she screamed as the second orgasm was ripped from her. Pete was quickly snapping shot after shot of her changing expression as he orgasms struck her but then switched to the maids as horse cum billowed their cheeks out, their throats moved as they swallowed, and the over flow cum ran from their mouths, down their chins and dripped onto their breasts.

Big Mike had untied the Appaloosa and led it to Mary's head and as she opened her mouth to scream again, he fed the horse cock into her gaping mouth. The Appaloosa, like the Morgan, felt the warm channel around his cock and thrust. His cock was stopped at Mary's tonsils but a slight pull back and another thrust forward and her throat bulged as six inches of cock invaded it. Pete had been prepared and it was all captured on video, in close up. Pete put the digital camera down and picked up the video as he panned it from the cock swollen throat to the cock shaped bulge thrusting in and pulling back in her abdomen.

Mary's feet where now flat on the hay bales as she thrust her hips to meet the horse cock. She would love her look, later as she watched the video, as she encouraged the Morgan to fuck her harder and the bulge in her throat slid in and out until he buried his cock and held still as his cum flooded her gut. There was no spillage as it was too far down her throat and emptied directly into her belly, no swallowing required.

Such was not the case on the lower end as you could hear a muffled scream as cum gushed around the buried cock and out of her cunt. Her legs were trembling as the most powerful orgasm of her life was ripped from her very soul as the two horses made her their cum bucket and drained the bloated balls into her body.

As Mary shuddered through her climax, Garry and Willie landed in Hawaii.


Garry got off the Learjet at the private airport Willie had found and grabbed the waiting taxi, giving instructions to take him to the Palm tree Hotel on Waikiki Beach. He told the driver to wait and went into the lobby and up to the registration desk.

"Please call room 240 and tell either Naomi or Anna that Bobby is here," he asked the desk clerk. He had given the girls that name when he had met them and so didn't have to give his real name. He planned to offer them a quick run out to a sugar and then pineapple plantations and snatch them on the drive out, return to the Leer and turn them over to Willie, wipe the cab drivers memory of the trip and then act as if he had just gotten in the cab and go home for his clothes and a few other personal belongings with which to start his new life in Texas.

The 2 girls came off the elevator and he waved at them to get them over to him. Naomi was 20, chocolate and cream complexion, maybe a mix?, about 38C chest, 5'9 and probably 130 lbs with shoulder length jet black hair. Anna was also 20, peaches and cream complexion, 36C, 5'8 and probably 125 lbs, waist length golden blonde hair, now in a ponytail and blue eyes. Garry thought either one would look good with his cock in their mouth, and look heavenly embedded on an animal's cock.

"Hey Bobby, you're back" Naomi said as they approached. "Have you got a sightseeing trip for us?" Anna looked at him expectantly as Naomi asked.

"Yeah, I've contacted B&H sugar plantation and the Cole pineapple plantation and gotten permission to show you around both of them. They're closed to the public and only a tour guide can get a sightseeing appointment set up, are you guys ready?" Garry responded. Both girls nodded and Garry held the lobby door for them and followed them to the cab. He held the back door for them and then slid into the front seat. He gave instructions to the driver in Hawaiian and turned to the girls in the back seat as he held his medallion out in front of them.

"This has been in my family for generations, it is said to be a present from Queen Liliuokalani, before the government was overthrown in January 1893 by a provisional government which was replaced by the Republic of Hawaii on July 4, 1894 and then annexation to the United States as the Territory of Hawaii in 1898, and finally statehood as the 50th state on Aug 25, 1959," he told the two girls drawing their attention to it. He then started chanting in Hawaiian and began placing the girls under his spell. Within moments he felt them succumb to his control and ordered them to kiss. As they kissed he gave them further instructions until Anna had Naomi's haler top up and was sucking on the chocolate colored breasts. Then Anna spread her legs as Naomi unfastened her shorts and dipped her hand into the blonde's panties, quickly finding and rubbing her clit.

With the girls under control and working on each other, Garry pulled the driver's rear view mirror down and asked if he enjoyed the show. The driver grinned and adjusted it a little to watch the chocolate hand in the blonde's panties and then the ass start thrusting against it until Anna took her mouth from Naomi's tit...

"OH FUCK YES," she screamed, "I'M CUMMMMIINNGG!!!" Her ass lifted totally of the seat as her hips thrust into the air and Naomi moved two fingers into her cunt. "FUCK YES, BITCH, FINGERFUCK THAT CUNT!!!" When the orgasm passed and her ass hit the seat, Naomi removed her dripping fingers and shoved them in Anna's open, gasping mouth.

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