The Motivation Chart (Sara's Descent)

by jsmt

Copyright© 2010 by jsmt

BDSM Sex Story: Sara is a young girl starting college who dreams to be a successful professional woman. Her envisioned future seemed to be at reach but accidentally she discovers a part of her that leads her to play with fire until...

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   School   Transformation   .

The teacher started the class with a pop quiz. It was not a test on the subject of the class but a survey to know more about her pupils' motivations. The quiz only had three questions:

1) How is the ideal you? What traits and accomplishment you have or would like to have in order to turn yourself in the person you want to be.

2) How is the anti-you? How is the person that you definitely do not want to be?

3) Draw a horizontal bar across the page and write under the bar at the left margin "Anti-me" and in the right margin Ideal me. Then paint the bar with some color from left to right. The more to the right that you paint means that you are closer to your "ideal you". Paint your actual level and mark with a line where you want to be at the end of the semester.

Sara Thompson did not require too much time to answer the questions. She was a cute brunette 19 years old and starting college. Despite her beauty she was more a nerd than anything. Sara always dressed casual and conservative, normally jeans and louse blouses or shirts and never wore make up. She was very intelligent and surely was among the 5 best students in her college class. She was specially god in the English class.

She read the first question

"Ideal me:"

For a moment Sara thought about her English teacher Ms Joana Donovan, a successful college graduate that was now teaching because her schedule as a MBA student did not allowed her other jobs. But even when she was just teaching for the duration of her MBA she did it with such professionalism, passion and authority that made her without a doubt one of her best teachers. Surely Ms Donovan was close of what Sara considered as her own goal. Sara wrote:

"College graduate, wealthy, independent and secure woman acknowledged by her intelligence and preparation, with a personal presentation that inspires respect and admiration and with a well remunerated job in which she could put all her skills and knowledge in use."

"Anti me:"

Sara smiled and thought to just put a simple word: "Bimbo". But then she remembered that she was on English class and decided to verbalize a little more:

"A drop out, dumb, ignorant and insecure who dress like a slut and depends on whatever she gets from the men she dates; A person who do not focus herself on her goals and don't deserve the respect of others. Stuck on a bad pay job or worse...

Sara drew the horizontal bar and thought about how much to paint. In absolute terms she was far from her "ideal me" but she considered that was more an effect of her short age than any other thing. After all she was already an intelligent and successful student and was recognized as such by the school community, she also had the right attitudes and goals. Then she thought about her "anti me" and concluded that she was far away from it. So after a brief time Sara painted around 85% of the bar.

After some minutes the teacher said. – Please make a copy of your answers and give it to me. You will conserve the original to set your goals for each month accordingly and to track your own advances. I hope this tool will help you to keep you focused on your dreams and to be a mean to reach them-

At the end of the class many of the students were chatting about the quiz. Some had written that their goal was to be a professional player of one sport or the other, some others had put themselves as doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, etc while others simply as future millionaires or members of the jet set. The common denominator for the "Anti-me" of most men was a poor wimp and for the ladies a poor old maid.

Katy and Lisa two popular cheerleaders had answered the test mainly with jokes and were chatting between them saying their ideal was to be married with a very wealthy and handsome man. Sara smiled inwardly and thought – Sure if they did not find a guy with enough money they would end poor, so better keep working with the poms poms and the cheers and hope to catch a man before is to late – Suddenly there were laughs followed by an awkward silence and everybody turned to see Sara. She was surprised and then realized that she did not just thought but actually spoke her opinion. She blushed, apologized and repeated that it was a joke and did not expected that anyone would hear it.

Katy and Lisa did not say anything but their eyes looked like knifes ready to cut Sara's body in little pieces. Finally somebody made an unrelated joke and everybody laugh again and the tense moment was broken. But Sara knew that she had crossed two of the meanest girls in College and that it would cost her on one way or another.

Sara did not have to wait for long to start suffering little acts of revenge. At Sociology class she could not find her paper. The teacher knowing her accepted her excuse and gave her chance to bring the paper the next day. Then after classes Sara went to the gym, changed into some sport outfit and made some exercise using the college equipment. When she finished she showered and returned to her locker only to find that her shorts and pants were missing. She was still desperately looking for something to wear when Katy and Lisa appeared

- OK girls- said Sara – you already had your revenge, now please give me my pants –

But Katy replied – No Sara this is going to last for weeks and it would be a funny semester indeed.

- I already apologized; I really do not see the point in being enemies. It may be better if I do something for you. I can tutor in any class if you want - Said Sara.

Lisa looked angry and said:

- I told you Katy, look at her: She is again telling us we are some kind of bimbos that need her help to pass our test. I think we should make her life here a hell.

Sara trembled; she had managed to make things worse.

- Sorry girls. I didn't mean that. I really want to end this. I don't want to be your enemy. Can't we talk it and found another solution?

Lisa said

- Don't listen to her Katy. She is only a liar.

But Katy replied.

- I don't know Lisa, Maybe we should give her a chance. After all it would be tiresome and even dangerous for us to be bulling her all the semester. Maybe we should compromise and have a quick solution.

Sara sighted a little relieved. Then Lisa said:

- OK I agree but we can't let go a thing like this; it can set a bad precedent and be repeated later. I think a punishment is in order.

Katy agreed nodding and said:

- OK Sara you have two options: Option A: You apologize and accept that each of us gave you ten swats with my brush in your ass and then everything is forgiven and forgotten and everybody continues her life as before or Option B: I give you your clothes and you can go home right now but we will make your life hell for the rest of the semester. So what is going to be?

Sara did not like any of the options but if the first option was true it will only take 10 minutes or so and then her life will return back to normal, the second option could put in risk even her future; these brats can make her lower her grades and ... Lisa voice interrupted her thoughts:

- What is going to be Sara? We don't have all day.

- I'll take the punishment - said Sara with a quivering voice.

- That is a good choice girl. We will be over soon. Bend over that bench – Said Katy.

- Can't I have my pants first?

- We will give it to you after the punishment.

Sara walked to the bench and bended as instructed and said:

- Ok I am ready.

- No it is useless she is not repented, she keep commanding us instead - Said Lisa walking to the door.

But Katy said:

- Wait. Maybe she does it right this time. – and then turning to Sara she continued – Sara you need to apologize for humiliating us and then beg us for your punishment.

Sara was angry but she was always focused in her goals and knew the best for her was to end this issue as soon as possible so she said:

- Please forgive me for what I did. It was stupid and senseless. Please punish me so I don't feel so bad with this guilt.

- That is better. I will spank you first and you better thank me after each stroke- Said Lisa

Lisa took the brush and gave a strong spank in Sara's left cheek. The panty did not help at all to protect her and Sara felt a sharp pain.

- I can't hear you - said Lisa.

- Thank you Lisa - was Sara's weak answer.

Lisa continued the spanking alternating cheeks and when she reached 10 Sara was almost crying; her bottom was surely bright red beneath the panty, but she was also feeling something funny besides pain, she was so ashamed because her pussy was getting wet.

When it was Katy's turn, she was delighted seeing the flushed face of Sara. She could smell Sara's juices and was having fun thinking – look at the independent feminist all worked up by a spanking. This is priceless. Sara wanted to end the punishment as fast as possible she was getting more and more aroused and was afraid that the girls would notice it. At last, Katy took the brush and started to spank Sara with very strong hits that hurt a lot more than Lisa's. But Katy was taking her time spacing maybe 20 seconds or more between hits. In the 6 or 7th swat Katy hit Sara between her legs which caused Sara to jump and started breathing fast and short because of the pain and the arousal. When Katy reached the 10th stroke, Sara was already crying and very horny.

Katy said. Well I think it is over now, unless you want more? It looks like you enjoyed it. Sara was completely embarrassed - They know – she thought. But the girls were faithful to their word; they gave Sara her jeans and let her bended over the bench (Sara did not want them to see the wet spot in her panties, although it was useless, they already smelled it).

Sara quickly dressed and marched home. When she was finally alone in her room she could not stop masturbating thinking about the punishment, the pain and the humiliation. Sara did not remember being as hot in her life. She masturbated three times that afternoon.

Something very strong had awakened inside Sara; she had not been a sexual person in the past. Of course she was not a virgin nor completely frigid, she had sex several times during high school and she even masturbate to orgasms from time to time, maybe once or twice a month, but to say it fast: Sex had never been such a big deal for her, as matter of fact sex was something usually absent from her daily thoughts. And now the events of the day had her in constant heat, and she could not think in any other thing. She surely had heard about some people that liked to play kinky games during sex but she had never been aroused by the idea and never worried to know more about that.

The next day at English class the teacher talked about some authors and in the last minutes she returned to the quiz of the last day and said:

"The quiz that you made last class is called a motivation chart. This is an instrument that can make you work to get your goals in a more deliberated and organized way. You should draw the bar each week bellow the last one and track your advances.

You should know that there are four basic forces that will help you get closer to your goals: Attitudes, skills, behaviors and achievements. You should set objectives every week on improving or developing new attitudes, skills and behaviors that you think you need in order to reach your goals. You also need to plan ahead some achievements that probe that you are indeed getting closer. The next week you will measure how much of your targets were reached and then paint a little more of the bar to the right or a little less if you think you gave a step back. Just set objectives that mean small steps in the right direction otherwise you will be disappointed for failing at reaching them"

The class ended and some of the students said they would give the method a try. Sara will definitely do it. She thought that it gave her more control in reaching her goals.

The rest of the week was uneventful. Katy and Lisa kept their promise and did not bully her anymore. Everything seemed back to normal, except for one thing. Sara was masturbating several times daily and continuously fantasized of Katy punishing her again. Once in class Katy cached Sara looking at her and gave her a knowing smile. Sara was worried by her own behavior and said to herself she had to stop. In spite of her efforts and self promises it was worse at the weekend, she masturbated again and again and even spanked herself with her brush. But it was not like with Katy, Sara needed the mix of pain and humiliation. She wanted to be spanked again by Katy, with the mocking words and hard hits. But she certainly did not dare to do anything against Katy and Lisa again, it was too risky.

On Monday Sara was getting a little distracted in class because Katy's presence fired her fantasies. She began to daydream about being punished again. She was getting distracted by her thoughts and even missed the comments of the teacher and was surprised and blushed when the teacher asked her a question and she did not know what she was talking about. The days passed slowly specially the English class that she shared with Katy. In the afternoons the masturbation sessions were less and less gratifying. She convinced herself that she needed to be punished again in order to relaunch her fantasies. Sara remembered Katy's knowing smile at the gym and at the English class and she thought:

"If I am going to need someone to play with me, she is the one. She already knows my secret and she is good at punishing and humiliating. The question is how to get her to play with me. I think I would go straight to it, she seemed to enjoy it too. With her I would be also covered in the case she tells somebody: I would only have to deny it and say that she is spreading rumors because she is mad at me because of my comments of the other day"

On Friday Sara could not stop herself any longer and finally decided to act. It was easier to think about it than really saying it but at the end of classes she approached Katy on the walk home and got the opportunity to talk with her one on one. She was very nervous and Katy looked amused and was thinking "Look at the girl who is going to eat the world in one bite all nervous and insecure". Sara talked at last and said:

- umh Katy ... I ... was thinking if you ... Could ... could ... punish ... punish me again?

Katy wanted to laugh loud but managed to control herself and said:

- For what?

- I don't know ... I am the teacher's pet...

- Listen girl I won't punish you for nothing. It would be like if I want to play your kinky games and I don't.

- I thought you enjoyed it - Said Sara meekly.

- Yes I enjoyed the opportunity to make justice and to set you up straight. That part was very satisfactory.

Sara felt ashamed for having misinterpreted Katy and wanted to save some face.

- I am sorry. I think maybe I enjoyed it for the same reason.

Katy was delighted to have put Sara in this uncomfortable position, but wanted more.

- OK if that is the case let me tell you what: I can be your supervisor. Do you remember the motivation chart that we made in English class?

- Yes of course.

- OK show it to me.

Sara was embarrassed it was a little too personal, but she showed it anyway.

Katy said

– OK. It is very interesting, I like your goals. They are very ambitious, and your "anti-me" very understandable, everybody at college wants to be far of that image, don't they? I will help you to accomplish your goals and stay far away from your "anti me". Every week we are going to revise this chart and if the bar moves to the left (the "anti me" side) then you will be punished, otherwise I will applaud you and encourage you to keep doing the god work.

Katy was smiling inwardly and thinking "if this bitch wants a thrill she will have to get down a peg or two".

Sara was abated. This is not what she planed, she expected Katy to punish her for being a goody two shoes or the teacher's pet but she is refusing to play the game as such. Surely Katy wanted to have the moral upper ground and to feel justified for her actions, even at the risk of never having a chance to spank Sara again. It was obvious now to Sara that this is not something that both of them wanted, at least not with the same intensity. Sara was disappointed but then Katy said

– We are almost at my house. Why don't you come with me and we can talk a bit and maybe I start your supervision right now.-

These words sent a thrill to Sara who saw the possibility of getting what she wanted in the privacy of Katy's bedroom. So she accepted and after a few minutes they were sat in Katy's bed. Sara was worked up just by the idea that Katy maybe changed her mind and would play the game with her. But Katy began talking, ok girl bring that motivation chart again. OK let me help you set a few goals for your next week.


1) Not being Passive in class.


Nothing this week.


2) Not failing to deliver every single paper.

3) Dressing conservative at least half of the week.

4) Not forgetting every single day to get your books home for studying.

5) Not masturbate daily.


6) Get a B or more at least on a single test of the week.

Then Katy continued: OK here are the rules: if you fail to accomplish any of the goals I will punish you with 8 swats in your ass for each failed goal. If you fail just one objective then the swats are going to be with you wearing your jeans, if you fail 2 or more you will have to take off your jeans and if your fail all of them, then the swats are going to be on your naked behind.

Sara was very uncomfortable with the idea. All the goals were lower standards than she already accomplish and all were set in negative terms which made them appear as goals once you take the not word from them, but goals for moving in the opposite direction that she wanted to go. She expected to have at least an easy one that helped her get her thrill without losing anything important but every single rule was too hard when put in positive terms:

1. Being Passive in class.

2. Fail to deliver every single paper for the week

3. Dress not conservative at least half of the week.

4. Forgetting every single day to take her books home for studying.

5. Get Less than B on every single test of the week.

6. Masturbate daily.

- Well the objective number 6 was not that hard – Thought Sara who surprised herself by analyzing the possibilities. She knew she must stop right now, but instead she said:

- OK Katy thanks for being my supervisor. I need to go home.

When Sara arrived at her apartment she ran to her bedroom and started masturbating right there; she was so aroused, so hot of being treated like a stupid naughty girl by Katy. She quickly got naked and continued her session thinking about how would be to be punished for being closer to her "anti-me". She imagined herself failing all the points and getting 48 swats in her naked behind and came again and again. By Monday she had a sore pussy but the force of her fantasy had begun to wear off. Then Sara thought, "I think I can afford a bad week at school, everybody has one after all - She analyzed the situation further - being mid month the tests and papers of the week are not the most important for my monthly results, maybe I can still have very good grades for the month if I play my cards right. And after the punishment I will have material to masturbate for months and won't need another thrill. Then Sara pondered which points she should fail. In a first attempt, she picked the ones that would make the least damage, but after some thinking she decided to fail every one so she could have the spanking in her bare ass. After all she did not believe she could have another chance.

First Week.

The week passed very slowly for Sara. She was mortified of being quiet in class. She had not raised her hand a single time in class, even when most of the time she knew the answers. Worse was to keep her papers at home and saying dumb excuses with the hope that maybe teachers will let her deliver the papers next week and have at least some points. She even got a calculated C in each of three small tests of the week. She was falling behind a little because she had not taken any book home for a week and she had very little to time to catch with her readings at school. The worst part was to try do dress not conservative for 3 days in the week. Most of her clothes were jeans, pants and conservative blouses, but she searched the bottom of her closet and found some things. So she used a raged old jeans with a big hole bellow the back pocket and a small t-shirt on Wednesday, then a miniskirt and a white blouse on Thursday and on Friday a sleeveless shirt coupled with the same long mini skirt (The only one that she possessed). At the end of classes on Friday, Sara was very nervous and again approached Katy on her way home. When Katy saw her she said:

- So you come for a supervision session?

- Yes Katy.

- I think I would rather like you to call me Ms Carter. It is more appropriate for the supervisor position.

- Yes Ms Carter - Answered Sara who was a bit uncomfortable for having to give Katy that treatment, the treatment for an authority or superior.

They arrived to Katy's apartment and went straight to her room.

- Let's see how you did this week– said Katy – Take your last week objectives and put a check mark in every objective that you achieved and then write at the bottom how many you got and how many you fail.

Sara took the pen, it was worse to recognize that she failed every single easy objective than to actually fail them during the week. She felt humiliated, aroused and a bit repented, but she wanted her thrill now. She showed her results to Katy: Zero accomplishments and 6 failures. Her eyes were cast on the floor, she was so ashamed. Katy said

– my oh my, these are very disappointing results, you should paint a new bar this time at 65%, you are farther from your ideal now than the last week. I think the announced punishment is in order so you avoid this behavior in the future. OK take off your skirt and panties.

Sara trembled but complied. That is what she came for after all. Then Katy continued

- Now put your skirt in the edge of the bed and then bend over it, be sure that your pussy is over your skirt, I don't want you to wet my bed.

Sara blushed; she was more ashamed than any day of her life and thought that Katy was right; she hoped she did not stain her white skirt too much.

When Sara was in position, Katy said, OK girl now tell me why you need to be punished and beg for it:

Sara said: Please punish me because I fail my objectives of this week.

Katy smiled at Sara's self humiliation but she wanted more and said in a very serious tone:

- You don't get it, if you do not understand your mistakes what is the point of the punishment. Let me give you a hint. Remember what is at the left margin of your chart and what is at the right. Your problem is that today you are closer to the first and farther from the last than a week ago.

Sara understood what Katy wanted her to say, she was getting hotter by the moment and replied

- Please punish me for being more a dumb slut and less a successful woman than the last week. I need your punishment so I do not turn into a complete bimbo by the end of the semester.

Sara almost came from the humiliation alone; she was so ashamed of her "progress". Then the punishment begin, this time with a ping pong racquet, because Katy said that she did not wanted her brush stained with Sara's juices. Katy made the spanking last for 20 minutes for the 48 swats and at the end she had landed a few swats between Sara's legs. By then Sara was breathing shortly and was very hot. Her ass was on fire and completely red. She needed to go home to masturbate. She stood up and took her panties to start dressing. But Katy had other ideas and said. – We have not finished yet girl. Put your clothes in the bed and go to that corner and stand facing the wall, and don't touch your ass; I will set your objectives for this week and I hope this time you'll make a better effort to accomplish them. When Sara turned to face the wall, Katy was openly smiling and continued saying: We will keep last week objectives, some unchanged, and some with lower metrics, then add a few more. Here is the fixed list of objectives for the next week:


1) Not being Passive in class.

2) Not being distracted in class.


3) Not learning bad behaviors by reading erotic stories at this site (... ).

4) Not practicing applying makeup.


5) Not failing to deliver every single paper.

6) Not wear a miniskirt at least one day.

7) Wear underwear everyday.

8) Take my books home for studying at least one day.

9) Read at school at least once to keep up with my reading assignments.

10) Not masturbate at least one morning before class and after shower avoiding to wash my hands after doing it.

11) Not smearing my juices all over my face everyday.

12) Not flirter with every boy at school.


1) Get a C or more at least on a single test of the week.

Sara was hotter after hearing the list, she wanted to go home right now but she could not avoid asking:

- What would be the punishment?

- Same as before. But if you fail every objective which a I hope you don't. I will whip you with a leather belt. And you will have to be naked and with your hands tied around your neck during the whipping, the objective setting session, and for one extra hour.

Sara was dismissed. She rapidly dressed. Her skirt was wet and stained with her juices. But she quickly said good bye, grabbed her things and went to her apartment. Once there she undressed again and masturbated more times than she can remember. The weekend passed in a blur. She mostly masturbated and ate. By Sunday afternoon she took a look to the new list and translated the usual way:

1. Being Passive in class.

2. Being distracted in class.

3. Read erotic stories

4. Practice wearing makup.

5. Fail to deliver every single paper.

6. Wear a miniskirt every day.

7. Forget underwear at least one day of the week.

8. Forgetting every single day to get your books home for studying.

9. Do not Read at school to keep up with my reading assignments.

10. Masturbate every morning before class and after shower without washing my hands.

11. Smear my juices all over my face once a week.

12. Flirter with every boy at school.

13. Get less than a C on every single test of the week.

Sara masturbated again reading the list and dreaming with the new punishment. Of course she did not plan to do it again. It would be too costly. The points 1,2,5,8,9 were a recipe for academic disaster. If she did that she would accomplish point 13 automatically and maybe fail some subjects in the monthly grades. The teachers had a very positive image of her in the first weeks but were taking some distance from her now seeing her passiveness, if she did not deliver the papers of last and this week she will lost her credibility and it would be very hard to recover when she stop playing. The other points were not so hard (well except point 6 when combined with point 7). She decided to shop some miniskirts on Sunday and use them during the week. Of course she did not plan to continue the game. She just wanted to use the miniskirts and maybe fail some of the non academic goals and get a spanking in her panties next week.

Second Week

But as drug addicts know, once you have scaled to a stronger drug, you don't get satisfaction from a soft one. Sara's mind told her that this week could have a durable effect in her grades and in the way teachers see her in the future but decided that one more week won't really affect her possibilities to reach her goals in the long run. At the end of the next week of course Sara had failed every single point. She was so fucked up. The week was like hell for Sara. Her teachers were very upset at her for failing to deliver the promised delayed papers as well as the ones due during the week. They were rapidly changing their image of Sara from a good student to a very lazy one. The teachers began to pop questions at the always distracted Sara and she failed to answer most of them, sometimes to the laughter of her classmates because the right answer was said by the teacher minutes before. Sara was mortified; she was used to be the smartest and now she seemed the dumbest. She was getting suspicious looks at the first class when she arrived smelling of sex. Sara tried to dismiss the looks and think it was for something else, but on Wednesday when she smeared her juices in her face she was in for a new humiliation when the girl that normally sit next to her stood up and change her place making a gesture that something smelt bad. She was wearing makeup and dressing in miniskirts everyday to assist classes now, so she was getting more attention from the males. She was now smiling a lot to them trying to flirt but she was so inexperienced at that. Finally on Friday she came to class without underwear and had to bear a new humiliation because nobody wanted her on their English team. Of course every test she had was under C and she even got an E the lowest grade of any test in the semester for any student.

At the end of the day she was almost crying. She looked for Katy and she said.

-What's up girl, ready for some supervision? - Sara meekly nodded.

At Katy's apartment she made Sara grade herself and the result was an obvious 0-13.

Katy looked angry and told Sara.

- OK, looks like you are a complete failure again. Take out your clothes and put them on the bed.

Sara complied trembling a bit. She started to feel inferior now, to feel that she really deserved the punishment this time. Katy gave Sara what looked like a dog collar with a couple of d-rings and ordered her to put it on the neck. Then Katy tied each of Sara's wrists to a d-ring. By then Sara was shaking and visible aroused.

- So what do you have to say to me Sara? Katy was enjoying the moment.

- Please Ms Carter, Punish me for behaving so bad this week that I now I am closer to be a dumb slut and farther from being a smart professional woman than a week ago.

Then Katy took a narrow belt and started whipping Sara's ass, legs and back; after 5 minutes Sara butt, tights and back were bright red and she was crying openly partly because of the pain, partly for the shame and partly for what she lost during the week. The punishment continued for 20 more minutes. At the end Katy made Sara go to the corner and face it. Sara was a mess: her face was all smeared by the makeup and tears, her hair was plastered because of the sweat and she was still crying while Katy read the rules for the new week.


1) Not being Passive in class.

2) Not being distracted in class.


3) Not failing to deliver every single paper.

4) Wear a miniskirt longer than 12" at least one day.

5) Wear underwear at least one day.

6) Get your books home for studying at least one day.

7) Read at school at least once to keep up with my reading assignments.

8) Not masturbate in school at least one day forgetting to wash my hands after that.

9) Not flashing my pussy to a guy at least one day.

10) Not wearing a top that shows my navel everyday.


11) Not be the worse student in at least one test.

12) Not have sex with a partner.

13) Not expend my rent money in laser removal of pubic hair.

Sara wanted to go home and masturbate, hearing the humiliating new list only made her hornier. But Katy remembered her that she would expend an extra hour in the corner as part of her punishment. Then Katy left the room and probably the apartment. Sara tried to masturbate rubbing her legs and even brushing her body against the wall but she did not dare to left the corner and she did not get to cum of course. It seemed like years for her but one hour later Katy returned and said:

OK girl. I forgot to tell you the punishment if you fail again. It would be as the first time if you only fail some of the points; if you fail all of them I think a sexual humiliation may have the effect of scare you: If you fail, I will punish you same as today but you will be fucking yourself on a dildo fixed on the floor as I whip you. And as an extra rule, if you fail the three achievements I will also film your punishment. Of course I hope that the fear of facing this humiliating punishment will make you try harder next week.

Katy untied Sara who by then was very tired, but before she could dress Katy said:

- Before you dress set your new score on the motivation chart. I think you should put it on 49%. Surely you agree with me that you are now closer to be a dumb slut than an achieved woman.

- Yes Ms Carter. I am sorry - Said Sara meekly while she painted the bar as instructed. It was an ominous reminder of how low she had fallen.

Third week

Finally Katy ordered Sara to dress and leave, which she did immediately. She was so horny that barely made it home. She dropped her skirt just entering the apartment. She masturbated again and again during that evening and night. Then she cried until she fall sleep. On Saturday she was resolved to go to school and pick up her books to start caching up with her reading and papers, but then she decided to masturbate just one more time. You know she deserve to get some pleasure in return for all that she had lost in the past couple of weeks. She took the list and translated it:

1. Being Passive in class.

2. Being distracted in class.

3. Fail to deliver every single paper.

4. Wear miniskirts no longer than 12" everyday.

5. Forget to wear underwear everyday.

6. Forget every single day to get your books home for studying.

7. Do not read at school to keep up with my reading assignments.

8. Masturbate in school everyday forgetting to wash my hands after that.

9. Flash my pussy to a guy everyday.

10. Wear a top that shows my navel one day.

11. Be the worse student in every test.

12. Expend my rent money in laser removal of pubic hair.

13. Have sex with a partner.

Then she masturbated fantasizing about accomplishing the entire list and being punished in the humiliating way that Katy described while every detail was recorded on video for further embarrassment. Even after masturbating she was so worked up that she decided to read the newspaper before going to college to pick her books. She was browsing the news but she quickly got bored; it seems that now she was not as interested in all the actual affairs as she was a few weeks ago. But she still needed to distract her thoughts from the punishments and all that stuff so she began browsing the advertisements. Then she found an ad: "Tailor: Skirt or pant hems for $8 a piece". It was a store in the mall near her apartment, she marked the ad. Then continued reading until she found "Laser hair removal in one session: Bikini area and armpits for $950.00" this business was also on the same mall. Sara shivered; it was more than she pays for rent. She could not avoid getting back to think about Katy's list. She bathed and dressed with underwear, jeans and a blouse and marched to college.

Sara did not have a car, she didn't want to contribute to pollution and global warming, and after all she really didn't need one, with her apartment being a few blocks from the college campus and being a small town with good public transportation.

She was half a block away from her apartment, when she hesitated, and then almost in a daze she returned to her apartment and picked up her 5 miniskirts and put them in a bag. She will get them shortened she thought, that would be a fun part to fulfill and won't harm anybody. She still would go to pick her books later and won't comply with any other points of the list. She arrived to the mall main entrance. She took the bag that contained the skirts and walked to local c-10 where the tailor was. She informed the female clerk that she wanted the hem raised of every skirt to make them 12" long. The clerk gave her a funny look and said, don't you want that I mark one so you can test how high it will go on you? Maybe it would be too short and that will be costly to fix if you do it for the 5 skirts. Sara blushed; she had not put much thought on how she was going to look, she just wanted the skirts at the length ordered by the list. She said

– N ... no, it is no problem, I want them that long.

- OK – said the clerk – but please sign this order and write at the bottom that you ordered them that way and is your own risk if at the end they are too short to wear.

This was more humiliating that Sara had thought. She wrote the message, signed the slip and gave the clerk the $40 of the job. The clerk informed:

-They will be ready in a couple of hours.

Sara quickly left the store, she felt so ashamed. She decided to walk around a bit to recover her senses prior to going to the university. She turned at one aisle and the she saw it "Laser Depilation Clinic". She grew nervous as she walked to the store. She did not planned to do anything there but as she had to kill some time, she thought it would be exciting to ask some questions there as a potential customer.

- Hi - the female clerk cheerfully greeted her.

- Hi – said Sara shyly.

Seeing Sara's shyness, the clerk having seen similar girls in the past, imagined that she wanted something in her bikini area. She used her skills to try to reassure her potential customer and help her feel comfortable:

- You maybe come for the ad, don't you?

- What ad? Asked Sara nervously as if she was caught in her game.

The clerk saw the hesitation and decided to act to stop her potential client of freaking out. This kind of customer needs a push; otherwise they run away and do not get the courage to return in weeks and maybe months. She approached Sara and used a soft professional voice to go straight to the point:

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