The Card Dare Game (Part I)

by John Salach

Copyright© 2010 by John Salach

Erotica Sex Story: Sophie hosts an explicit and erotic card game with three couples that leads to all sorts. This is part one containing the six dares, one for each character. This is an old story I wrote eighteen months back that is a marked departure from my usual style of story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Food   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

Chapter One

I have been dating Sophie for almost five years – ever since she arrived from Latvia and worked as an au-pair to my neighbour. At first, it was mere lustful attraction, and used to enjoy watching her sunbath topless in the garden from my first floor flat, but when I finally plucked up the courage to ask her on a date, it was the person who attracted me more. Three years ago, she got a job as a Housing Officer, helping to accommodate other Eastern Europeans in Britain and my several promotions meant we could afford a two-bedroom detached house together, just outside the town in a secluded little hamlet.

It was also about this time we met Annabelle and Miles when we were swinging. We were both 24 at the time, and they were a handful of years older, but were great fun and we started seeing them outside of the parties we were invited to. Annabelle was a teacher and Miles worked at a bank, but certainly did not fit into the stereotypes given to those professions. They, in turn a couple of years ago, introduced us to Wendy and Ralph, both of whom were younger and just finishing University. Wendy was the youngest sister of Annabelle's best friend from school, and had met in a weird situation at a party at the local swingers' club. Money was tight for them, and Miles had managed to wangle Ralph a job at his bank earning decent money for a 21-year-old.

Despite the age gaps, all six of us became good friends, and our sex, personal and work lives became increasingly entwined with each other. It was not uncommon to meet them on Wednesday for dinner, Thursday for sex, and Friday for a night-out! We also had a ritual where on our birthdays, the person whose birthday it was, set up some sort of activity for the group to do. On July 19th it was my Sophie's birthday and she had been planning this for weeks...

Now while Wendy arranged for a dinner and then a pornographic film for her 23rd, and Miles took us to a lap dancing club in the city, Sophie is a born nymphomaniac and wanted more. She wouldn't tell me what, but I knew she was planning something much bigger. All the guys were told to turn up in dinner jackets and the girls were ordered to wear evening dresses with no underwear, but we were all told to bring a spare change of clothes.

At just gone 6pm our guests arrived, and she dished up her meal – prawn cocktail, lasagne, a berry soufflé and then coffee before leading us into the main dining room. Six boxes, of varying size lay scattered around the lounge, each one with a playing card stapled to it. Sophie had also placed six shiny gold envelopes on the mantelpiece.

'Take a seat' she told us, before explaining the rules.

'Each box contains a dare, an activity that you must do, with three dares for us girls, and three dares for you boys. You pick a card, and that is the box you have. Afterwards, you pick another card from this pile which is the order in which you go in'

She passed three cards to me face down, and told me to pick one. It was a King of Clubs.

'Black King', I said holding it up and she slid a small shoe box, which was sealed shut across to me.

'And now pick from this pile'. I got a six

Miles went next and picked out the Black Queen and got an even smaller box. He then drew a four.

Lastly, Ralph got the Ace and received quite a big box – it used to house a printer – and pulled out number three.

Sophie then passed a different set of three cards to Wendy who selected a Queen and then the two of diamonds. She got an A4-sized box.

Annabelle selected the Red King and an Ace and passed her a huge box.

'It means you go first', Sophie told her gleefully, and gave her the biggest box of all. before revealing the last cards were the red Ace, and a five of diamonds.

'The King of Hearts?', Annabelle asked. 'Is this a bad one?'

'Open the box and read it out' Sophie replied smugly, taking a sip of wine

Annabelle opened her box, and took a piece of laminated card.

'It's a rhyme', she told us, and then began to read it out.

'So you chose the King of Hearts, And because of that we give this task. Open the box if you dare, Inside some rubber underwear. Go leave this room and put it on, We'll get the mats out while your gone. But when you return, we'll say go, And cover you from top to toe. In Beans and Custard, Jelly too, Multi-coloured gungy goo. No part of you is out of bounds, So you have to sit with dirty mounds For the rest of the game, while we all play, Your sticky mess won't go away, But refuse my task if you dare, There's something else in gold up there'

'Very creative', I told her, as Annabelle quickly re-read it and picked up a black rubber bra and briefs set from the top of the box.

'So if I don't do this task, I have to do the one in the gold envelope?' Annabelle asked.

'Yes', said Sophie. 'When we've all been'

'And if I do, I don't have to do one?'

'Not unless we all do our dares OK, then we all get another one'

'So I have to put to these on', she asked, a little perplexed. 'And only these?'

'Yes', Sophie replied.

'Right, OK. I'll be back in a minute' she said and ran out of the room. Sophie and Wendy, who were nearest to Annabelle's seat unpacked the rest of the box and pulled out a huge translucent shower curtain which covered most the wooden floor.

Annabelle returned a few moments later, her slight frame and long black hair exhibiting the black shiny underwear perfectly. Her 36C breasts were straining at the rubber material while her legs were well-toned and hairless.

'On the mat?', she asked Sophie, as a tub of beans was passed to Miles, her husband and I got the custard in a plastic squeezy bottle. Ralph and Wendy got an ice-cream tub of psychedelic gunge each while Sophie lined up several mini jellies in front of her discarding the cartons which they came in.

'Ready?', Sophie asked, as Annabelle knelt down in the middle of the mat. Annabelle smiled at her and nodded.

'Go on, do you worst' she taunted her as Sophie squashed a jelly in her long black hair.

'Euuuggggghhhhhh' Annabelle called out and got another one slipped in between her right breasts and the tight rubber bra, and then a third in between her thighs.

As the rest of us started laughing, Sophie rubbed a fourth one into her face, and then lifted her arm and pushed one into her armpit before squeezing it back into position. Annabelle giggled as Sophie walked behind her and dropped the jelly into the waistband of the rubber knickers and into the crack of her arse before pushing the knickers in to squeeze the jelly.

Annabelle drew breath sharply.

'It's all sticky', Annabelle exclaimed, before Miles approached her with his tub of beans and generously filled up another one of her bras, before squeezing it and watching squashed beans fly all over her. I could see Miles had a rock hard erection, I was feeling really turned on.

I was glad I had such a big bottle of custard, as I began unceremoniously covering her is the viscous white gunge. First of all I squirted her tummy and chest, filled up her arse crack, before taking advantage of her panties, and filled her pants. Using my hands I eased it round so that all of her genitals would have been covered.

'Mind where your hands go' she warned me, jelly dripping over her face.

I was getting really aroused now, so I kept rubbing the gunge, and she licked her lips. Under the pretense of squeezing more out, I was vigourously massaging her slit through the rubber pants and custard, and she eyed me longingly.

With no more custard left, I let Ralph and Wendy finish her off.

Ralph and Wendy each undid their lids and tipped their neon pink, green, blue and yellow goo all over the 30-year-old so that it cascaded over her body, and covered just about every part of your body. A large puddle had emerged underneath her and she shifted awkwardly.

Sophie passed her a towel. 'For your face only', she warned her, and Annabelle shifted her rubber knickers awkwardly. 'It tickles' she told us slightly breathlessly.

Chapter Two

Wendy tentatively sipped her drink and eyed her orange foolscap file with the red Queen stapled to the front. She gingerly, opened it and took out the first laminated card, reading it in rhyme as Annabelle had done earlier:

'Here you find the Queen of Hearts, Eight questions is all I want to ask, The truth is all we want to know, Your inner soul you have to show, Some of these we might have guessed, But mysteries are all the rest, So help us out and let us see, Inside your sordid memory, But answer no to any card, Your punishment will be hard'

She put the front card on the floor and then picked out a large stack of laminated A5 questions on yellow paper.

'Do you want to read them?', she asked Sophie.

'I'll do it', Annabelle said, her neon blue arm reaching for the cards.

'We know you masturbate with sex toys, but how often do you use them when nobody is there?'

Wendy bit her lip, and went slightly red. 'A couple of times a week', she said meekly.

Annabelle turned over to the next card. 'Which person sitting in this room, other than your partner do you most want to fuck?'

We all giggled at this, as the alcohol took effect, and Wendy went bright pink. She gulped her wine smiling.

'I don't know ... Michael'

I can't deny I was a little surprised, and Sophie shot me a sly look.

'Why would you like to fuck them?' Annabelle read out.

'He's the youngest.' Wendy blurted out, and then continued 'And I like it when he goes down on me'. I was being to feel very aroused again and Sophie looked at me suspiciously! It was true, I had gone down on her many times and we both enjoyed it.

'Who do you fantasize about when having sex?'

'I don't' Wendy said, a bit too quickly and looked round at us.

'Well, I don't', she added and took another sip of her wine.

'What is your favourite fantasy?'

'Ummmmm... ', Wendy looked thoughtful and shook her head a couple of times. 'I 'spose it's being trapped on a desert island with a whole tribe of men– all of whom, are just really horny.

' ... and... ?' Annabelle asked.

'I get fucked repeatedly' Wendy replied. 'Can I get some more wine?' she asked Sophie who passed her a bottle.

'List all the men you have screwed in the last year' Annabelle asked her.

'Fucking hell! Michael, Miles and Ralph obviously. A charming guy called Simon, the little ginger bloke in Partners, Adam the secretary, those guys on their eighteenth party from down the road... '

'What 18-year-olds?', Ralph asked, looking slightly worried.

'Your brothers friends, remember? You passed out after taking that blonde girl out to the conservatory.'

'Oh, that one!' Ralph exclaimed. 'It was more than a year ago, wasn't it?'

'Maybe, I'm not sure. Anyway them, and the checkout guy from the Supermarket who turned up at Partners and Santa Claus'

'Santa Claus?', Annabelle asked in surprise.

'I don't think it was the real Santa Claus, but he turned up at Partners' Christmas Party and asked me if I'd been a bad girl, and then punished me.' Wendy answered.

'I think he was an impostor', I told her, 'Because I didn't see any reindeer in the car park'

Wendy smiled at me and drank some more wine. 'He gave me a fantastic present, it was this long', she said her hands about two foot apart.

'Moving swiftly on... ' Annabelle interjected, 'what is your most embarrassing moment?'

'Being thrown out of a cinema when I was seventeen for giving my boyfriend a BJ, and then being barred'

'Last one, how much would you charge, if you were a prostitute?'

Wendy giggled. 'Well, as much as I could get away with'

'What's the lowest?' Annabelle asked her.

'I dunno, twenty-five quid I suppose' Wendy replied airily, plucking a number from the air. 'Unless he was really good-looking or a really good screw, then I'd do it cheaper'

'That wasn't too hard', Wendy added, clearly not referring to the front of my trousers. 'I thought they'd all be far worse than that'.

Sophie replied, 'Well you can't have them all really filthy, but from memory, I think my one is the hardest. Sods law eh?'

Chapter Three

Ralph, having enjoyed seeing his girlfriend bare her soul, was feeling more confident about his large box which was waiting to be opened.

'Well open it', Wendy told him. 'I've done my one, it's your turn now.' Ralph slowly opened and it and took out another laminated card. He began reading.

'The Ace you picked, I have for thee,
Not one task;- you have three.
The first we say you may not like,
We're going to clean your dirty pipe.
Loads of water, in it flows,
Try to take it in one go.
Two quarts of water, if you can,
You should take it like a man.
Rubber shorts on, if you please,
They are tight, big big squeeze.
Don't forget your trousers too,
Jacket, tie and your shoes.
With these on, you have to run,
Round the garden, three times done.
Sixty seconds it should take,
Do try hard, don't be late.
Buttocks clenched, you must not poo,
You must save it for the loo.
And At the end, when you're done,
End of garden, the lights are on.
From the footpath, you're in view,
Now you can go for your poo,
The trench has been dug, just for it,
You must cover it in shit.
When your finished, do get clean,
For shit on you is just obscene.
But turn me down if you think,
You really can't control your stink.
Or maybe if you are not that bold,
Or you're scared of the cold
There could be something far less vile
That we have set for your trial.
But maybe we have set a dare,
Thats even tougher, so beware.
Reject this task, if you choose,
But gold awaits you if do'

'Fucking hell Sophie', a voice said from under an avalanche of slime. 'That's tough'. Annabelle was busy wiping her eyes

'It's his choice. Does he want to pass up that dare, or do it'

'So, you're going to give me an enema, make me get dressed with rubber underpants, run round the garden and then take a dump at the end of the garden' Ralph asked.

'And then then take a quick shower if you need to. We'll amuse ourselves while you're gone!' Sophie added.

Wendy started giggling, the wine really starting to take effect. 'He's always refused to do any sort of anal. He'll chicken'

'No I won't' Ralph replied.

'So you'll let us fill your arse with water'

'Hihmmmmnnnn' Ralph snorted. 'I'm thinking'

'It's really mean', I told Sophie.

'Well it is the Ace – its supposed to be the hardest'. I was grateful that my card was merely the King!

'I'll do it' Ralph told us, and Sophie told him to unpack the box, which contained a well-used enema bag, tubing, a brand new tip, the Vaseline, red rubber shorts and a sports stopwatch. Sophie took the equipment and applied a generous amount of Vaseline to the tip and clicked everything together.

'Where do you want me?' Ralph asked.

'Bottomless, clothes in a pile, on the kitchen lino with my old towels down', she told him, and he began getting undressed.

We all migrated to the kitchen to watch Ralph, which Annabelle having to clean her feet on the old towel so she didn't mess up the entire house as she walked.

Ralph lay in the foetal position, his milky white skin and almost hairless body oozing vulnerability.

'Can I do it?' asked Wendy.

'Don't you think you've had a bit too much wine?' Miles replied and reluctantly she let Sophie fill the bag with water and then gently inse/home/johnrt the tip into Ralph's anus.

He gasped, and bit his bottom lip and his sphincter grasped the nozzle tightly. Slowly she turned the nozzle on the pipe and water began to flow into Ralph's rectum.

I could see he was sporting a huge erection as the water pressed ever more on his prostate.

'How much more?' he cried when the red bag was just under half full.

'Not much longer' Sophie told him and began massaging his stomach, touching his cock every so often.

Ralph's buttocks began to clench around the tip and he was groaning in discomfort.

'Empty' Sophie called out as the last drop entered Ralph through his backdoor entrance. He opened his eyes and gulped, and she removed the tip.

Slowly he got up, a bit disorientated. He pulled his shirt down and stepped into the rubber underwear which Sophie had bought. It was a big squeeze and he only just managed to pull it over his hips. Quickly he got into his trousers, and shoes.

'Come on, let's get this over with before I crap myself'

'You have to run to that tree and back three times', she told him, pointing to a tree about fifteen to twenty metres away. This was quite easy to run in less than 20 seconds when your digestive system is not full of water but a lot more problematic for Ralph. Sophie passed Wendy the watch, and she said 'Go'

I felt pangs of sympathy for Ralph as he stumbled down the end of the garden, pausing a couple of times to clench buttocks and hold his stomach. He did the first run in 19 seconds, and the second in 21!

'This will be close', I told Wendy, who was counting down from ten as her fiance tried desperately to reach the patio doors for the third time before Wendy finished counting. He was groaning more and more, and reached it just as Wendy said 'one'.

'Fifty nine seconds', she said disappointed.

'Where's this trench?', he asked Sophie urgently.

'On the other side of the shed', she called as Ralph began hurriedly hobbling up the garden grasping his stomach even more than before. I walked up the garden with Annabelle and Miles and saw him just reach the trench in time and hike down his trousers and underwear.

This was right underneath the light from our shed, which lit up the bottom end of the garden, and especially the trench, which was dug to flow down into the wooded area behind our garden. However, there was only a flimsy fence, and anyone walking through the wood – a well-used cut-through would see Ralph, lit up like a Christmas tree – with his trousers round his ankles and crapping in our garden.

Ralph was spraying brown liquid and chunks of fecal matter into the trench. He was breathing out slowly, his eyes shut, clearly relieved to be rid of the water in his bowels.

'I'm going to have that shower', he told us after a minute of silence. 'I feel dirty, and after removing his trousers, shoes and underwear, I led him back down the path and into the shower.

Chapter Four

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