Naked in School - The Teachers' Day

by Terry

Copyright© 2010 by Terry

: It is now the teachers' turn to be in The Program.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Masturbation   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .


"Your attention, please. There will be a schedule change for Friday. All students will report to the auditorium instead of going to homeroom. There will be a very special announcement that you will not want to miss. Students that are in The Program this week will wear clothes on Friday. Thank you.


As requested, all the students at Wolf Creek Middle School filed into the auditorium. This was something that was unusual for assemblies. As they were filing in, they were checked in like they would in homeroom.

When it looked like all the students were there, Mrs. Cody came out on stage. The students quieted down. She made a few general announcements and then started to talk about the announcement.

"Thank you. I'm sure that you are all wondering what the announcement is that I informed you about yesterday. It has been decided that there will be an expansion of The Program." A collective groan went through the auditorium. Mrs. Cody smiled and then continued. "A few weeks ago, I went to the mall and while I was there, I meet a student and her mother who were shopping in the nude. The student made a very good point about The Program. I agreed with her and because of that conversation, I took the idea to the school board. After a very spirited debate, it was decided to expand The Program." Again, there was a collective groan that went through the students. Mrs. Cody smiled as she continued. "It isn't going to be that bad. Matter of fact, some of you might really enjoy it."

Two Weeks Earlier

At the monthly school board meeting, after the business part of the meeting, Mrs. Cody got up to speak. She told how she had been at the mall and one of her students asked why the students in school had to be in The Program. She said that the student thought that this was kind of a peep show for the teachers. The student thought that it could help The Program, if the teachers had to experience to some degree what the students had to go through.

After Mrs. Cody finished talking, the school board members reacted with some shock and surprise at her comments. Then, she said that it was her opinion that the teachers and the other staff at the district middle and highs schools should experience The Program. This caused more shock and surprise among the members.

Then Mrs. Cody really shocked the school board. To show that she thought that the teachers should take part in The Program, she took off the dress that she was wearing and stood in front of the board in the nude.

Mrs. Cody surprised the school board even more when she had some parents attend the meeting to speak about The Program. Rachael Hill was the first to speak and she was nude when she did it. She said that she wasn't sure that she approved of The Program, but her daughter had been in The Program for a day and that she enjoyed it. While she really didn't want to do it, she and Brandi had gone to the mall in the nude. She explained that she had been forced into going and at first, she really didn't like it, but as their shopping trip when on, she enjoyed it more and more. She thought that it had been a great bonding experience for them. She also had to agree with her daughter in that the teachers should experience The Program, so they have a better idea of what the students are going through.

After she was done, she wondered if the members of the board had even heard a word she said. She was standing in front of them, with her 38C boobies jiggling with every move she made, her bald pussy staring at them and her clit clip clearly visible between her slightly spread legs.

After Rachael was done, Rita Walker spoke. Rita had came to the meeting clothed, but when she saw that Rachael was nude, she took her clothes off. In the Walker family, nudity was very common. Rita told the school board that her son was one of the first students to be part of The Program in the high school and her daughter was one of the first in The Program in the middle school. At first, she wasn't sure how they would react to being in The Program, but she thought that both of handled it very well and the both of them became more confident. She told them that her son formed a very strong relationship with his girlfriend and she thought that nudity was a big factor in forming that relationship. She told them how they had gone to a school dance in the nude. She, like Rachael, thought that having the teachers take part in The Program was a good idea.

Betty Larson was the next speaker. She had a daughter who had been in The Program, but didn't handle it very well. It was so bad that she had to take her daughter out of school and home schooled her for a semester. The daughter went back to the high school and was able to fulfill her week in The Program. Betty said that she wasn't in favor of The Program. She thought that it was horrible to force students to be naked in school and submit to the groping and exposing themselves. However, if The Program was going to be in the schools, she thought that it would be a good idea for the teachers to experience The Program.

The last speaker was Frank Lasky. He was totally against The Program. He couldn't see any value in having students running around in the nude. When he had gotten the notification that the school would be running The Program, he pulled his two sons out of the public school and put them in private school. After he was done speaking, he left the meeting.

There were a few more speakers, some for and one against. It took about 45 minutes for the rest of the parents to speak. After they were done, the board left the meeting room to discuss the teachers taking part in The Program.

Sally went over to Rachael and thanked her for coming and speaking before the school board and doing it in the nude. Rachael said that it wasn't a problem, as she was enjoying being nude more and more.

Rita had came over to talk to Sally and Rachael. Sally also thanked Rita for coming to the meeting. To anyone seeing the scene, it would have seemed a little strange to see three mature women standing in a meeting room completely nude.

It was a first for Rachael to be in the nude with Rita. They had met a couple times before, but they had always been clothed. Rachael was impressed with how comfortable Rita was being nude in public.

It was getting kind of late and the board was still discussing the proposal, so both Rachael and Rita had to go. Sally thanked them again for coming to the meeting and speaking in front of the school board and doing it in the nude. Sally gave both of them a hug and Rachael and Rita also hugged. This was something that was a little strange for Rachael, as it had been a long time since she had hugged a girl when both of them were nude.

FRIDAY (continued)

"As I said, we are expanding The Program, but we are not putting more students into The Program, we are..." Mrs. Cody unbuttoned her dress and let it drop. The whole student body was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop. " ... putting the teachers into The Program."

The whole auditorium was quiet for a short time and then someone yelled, "Way to go, Mrs. C." Then the students started to clap and cheer.

Sally let the cheering go on for a few moments and then she asked them to be quiet. "Today and next Friday, half the teachers and the staff will be naked in school, except for the cafeteria and maintenance staff. The teachers at the High School will also be in The Program today and next Friday. They will follow some of the rules of The Program, but we had to change a few of the rules. One, there will be no Reasonable Requests. Two, if they want, the teachers can take relief, but they have to do it themselves. Three, the teachers will have to be in plain view of the students as much as possible. They can't sit behind a desk. They can sit on a chair or on their desk, but they had to have their legs, at least, slightly spread. Four, when the classes are changing, they have to be in the doorway or outside their class. The last rule is that teachers must answer two questions from their class. The questions can be about anything."

Sally saw a student, raising their hand. She asked them what did they want. The student asked if the teachers were going to spend a week in The Program. Sally said no, as this was to give them an idea of what it was like to be in The Program.

Sally explained more about the teachers being in The Program. It soon was time to go to class, so she dismissed the students.


The teachers were really shocked at the idea of them being in The Program. It had been decided that half the teachers would be in The Program this Friday and the other half the next Friday. The reason that they decided that it would be done this way, was so that the female teachers who were having their period would be excused from taking part this Friday and could do it the next Friday. The faculty was about 75% female.

The teachers who were not in The Program this week left the conference room and went back to their classes. The rest of the teachers took off their clothes and then headed to their classes. There was a lot of grumbling, but reluctantly, the teachers selected for The Program took their clothes off. After they were done taking off their clothes, the teachers, with embarrassed looks on their face, looked around. Most of the females were really embarrassed, but they looked at the males, most of whom, were sporting erections. The males were pretty embarrassed too, especially with their penises sticking straight up.

Sarah Hankinson
Sixth Grade Reading

Reading teacher, Sarah Hankinson sat at her desk, nervously looking at the clock. In just a couple of minutes, 25 sixth graders would be filing in and seeing her naked. She was really, really embarrassed. Except for her husband and doctors, no one had seen her naked in quite awhile. She wasn't in the best shape, but she thought that a decant shape. She didn't like that her breasts sagged, but her husband didn't care. She was glad that she kept her bush trimmed. She had thought about going bald, like some of the girls she had seen in The Program, but her husband liked some hair, so she had a nicely trimmed bush. She really didn't like the rule about having to answer questions from the students, as she had a feeling that the questions would be pretty graphic.

Seeing that it was almost time for the bell, she got up and walked to the door. She decided that she would stand outside the door like she normally did.

Riinngg. Riinngg, Riinngg.

It took a minute or so for the students to exit the auditorium and get to their classes. As Sarah stood by the door, the students started to enter her classroom. As they entered, all the students took a look at her.

The bell rang and Sarah closed the door and walked to her desk. "Settle down, class." As she looked around the class, she noticed that, for once, she had the complete attention of all the boys in the class. 'I can't believe that this is happening to me, ' thought Sarah.

"Okay, class. According to the rules of our day in The Program, the class can ask me two questions and they can be about anything. I will take one question from a boy and one from a girl." Looking around at the raised hands, she tried to figure out who would ask the least embarrassing question. Finally, she picked Jack, probably the most geekest boy in the class. "Jack, ask your question."

As she required, Jack stood up to ask his question. "Mrs. Hankinson, when you give your husband a blowjob, do you swallow?"

'Gad, ' thought Sarah, 'if Jack asked that question, I wonder what the other boys would have asked.' She was going to scold Jack for asking that question, but the rules said that any question could be asked. "Jack, when I do give my husband a blowjob, sometimes I swallow and sometimes I don't. You may sit down." Jack did as he was requested.

"Okay, now one from a girl." Sarah picked Judy.

"Mrs. Hankinson, what is your favorite position for sex."

'This isn't too bad of a question.' "The Cowgirl, which is when the guy lays on his back and the girl straddles his crotch. It gives the girl more control over what happens." 'Well, that question wasn't too bad.'

Sarah sat on the desk and was going to start the class, when one of the boys raised his hand. "What is it, Jason."

"Mrs. Cody said that the teachers couldn't cross their legs and had to spread them a little."

"That's correct, Jason." Sarah uncrossed her legs and spread them a little. She was embarrassed to show her class what her husband and doctors would normally be the only ones to see it. It seemed that every boy was staring at her pussy. She could feel her pussy getting a little damp. 'I can't believe that I'm getting kind of turned on by this.' "Okay, class. Get your books out and turn to page 23. Who would like to read first?" A lot of hands went up and she said, "Jean, please read the first two paragraphs."

The rest of the class proceeded like a normal class. During the class, Sarah didn't have to move around all that much, so she just sat on the desk. When she would look at the students, it seemed like all the boys were staring at her, which made her just a little uncomfortable.

When the class was dismissed and the students left the class, Sarah thought, 'This is going to be a long, long day."

Roger Stone
Seventh Grade Social Studies

As required, Roger Stone stood outside his door as the classes changed. While he was sure that the students were checking him out as they walked by, but he didn't care. In observing the students who had been in The Program, he thought that the females were more embarrassed to see naked males than the other way around. The males loved the fact that they were able to see naked females.

Since this was the second period, Roger had kind gotten over the shock of being nude in school. When he got the news that he would be naked in school for the day, he wasn't thrilled with the idea, but after experiencing it for a period, it turned out not to be too bad and he now had an idea what the students were going through.

The students started to file into the classroom. By the time that the bell rang, all this students were in their seats. Looking around, the boys seemed a little embarrassed and the girls a little nervous with their teacher in front of them in the nude.

"Okay, class, before we get started, you are allowed to ask two questions of me."

Most of the students raised their hands. Looking around, Roger selected a cute redhead by the name of Joan.

Standing up, Joan asked, "Mr. Stone, how big are you?"

Roger knew what she was really asking, but decided to tease her. "I'm 6' 2" and I weigh 220."

"I didn't mean that, Mr. Stone," said Joan.

"What did you mean, Joan?"

"I meant, how big is your di ... coc ... I mean, how big is your penis?"

Roger smiled as he replied. "My di ... coc ... penis is about three inches when flaccid and around seven inches long and between four and five inches around when I have a hardon. Does that answer you question, Joan?"

Blushing a little bit, Joan said, "Yes, it does, Mr. Stone. Thank you."

Looking around again, Roger picked Gary. "What is your question?"

Gary thought for a few seconds and then said, "What is the wildest thing that you have done with a girl, I mean, sexually?"

"That is an easy one, Gary. I was in this classroom one day when a student came in, complaining about the grades that she had gotten. She asked what she could do to improve her grades. I told her and she said that she could do that. After talking a little bit more, I took her over to that very desk, bent her over, lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties and did her doggy style. After that, her grades got better."

After telling the story, the class was very quiet. Roger thought that they were trying to figure out who was the girl was.

"Wow, that is some story, Mr. Stone," said Gary. "Ah, thank you."

Roger smiled as he thought about the story he had just told. It was the truth, but he had left out one important detail. The female student that he had done on his desk was his wife. She was in college at the time. After discussing the grade she had gotten in class, they started to do some role-playing. His wife played the role of one of his students, who would do anything for a better grade. He decided that he should tell the class the rest of the story before the class was over.

Roger got the class going. Other than him being nude, it was a pretty normal class. As he walked around the room, there was something different, but he couldn't figure out what it was. As he walked up and down the rows, he did notice that the girls were staring at his penis. 'I guess that is fair. Sometimes, when guys are talking to girls, they seem to stare at the girls' breasts.'

One of the girls had a question, so he went to her desk. As he was helping her and while he didn't really mean to do it, he looked down her blouse. It had been unbuttoned a button or two more than it normally would be and he saw a lot of a pair of 14-year-old breasts. No nipple, but a lot of breast. Roger felt himself stiffening a little, but not a lot. Another girl asked for help and he saw a lot of another pair of 14-year-old breasts with a nipple. So that was what was going on. Some of the girls that were wearing button up tops had taken off their bras, so they give him a look at their tits. He was wondering if any of the girls had taken off their panties too. However, there really wasn't any way that he could check that out and if any of the girls had taken off their panties, there really wasn't a way that they could flash him.

Roger looked at the clock and saw that it was almost the end of the class. He got the class's attention and said, "When I told the story of having sex with a student on my desk, I left out one minor detail. The student was my wife. I had come in during the summer to do some work and she was going to college."

The class laughed and Gary said, "That's still a pretty good story, but I think we liked it better when we thought that it was one of your students."

"This happened a few years ago, before The Program was started. In spite of The Program now being in effect, sex between teachers and students, especially under-age students, is frowned upon." The bell rang. "Okay, class, see you tomorrow."

As the rest of the class was leaving, Dee came up to talk to Roger. She could stay because her next class was right next door. "Hi, Mr. Stone."

"Hi, Dee."

Dee took a good look at her nude teacher. "Looking good and I didn't have to sneak a peek."

"You aren't going to let me live that down, are you?" When Dee was in The Program and in Mr. Stone's class, he had tried to sneak peeks at her pussy while she was sitting at her desk in the front row and Dee had catch him trying.

"It's okay, really," said Dee, with a smile. "You were just being a guy." Both of them chuckled at her remark. "What do you think of The Program now that you have experienced it?"

"It isn't that bad. I'm still kind of embarrassed to be here naked. The first period I was really uncomfortable, but after two periods, it isn't all that bad. Of course, in the first period, girls weren't trying to get me hard."

"What do you mean by that?"

"As I was helping some of the girls, I noticed that they had taken off their bras and unbutton their blouses more than they should have. I saw a lot of 14-year-old boobies and even a couple nipples. It was nice, but it didn't get me hard."

Dee laughed and said, "If I wasn't wearing a pullover, I might have done the same time." Just then the warning bell rang. "I will talk to you later, Mr. Stone."

"Okay, Dee."

Elizabeth Stroud
Eight Grade English Class

Elizabeth Stroud was one of the older and most popular teachers in the middle school. It isn't often that a teacher is liked and respected as much as she was. It would be very difficult to find a student or staff member that didn't like her.

While it was required, Elizabeth's normal routine was to stand outside her door during class change. A lot of the students said 'hi' to her as they went by her door. Her students quickly entered the classroom and took their seats.

When the bell rang, Elizabeth entered the room and closed the door. She walked to her desk and sat on the corner. "Okay, let's get your questions out of the way, so we can get to our lesson." None of the students raised their hands.

"Come on. Someone must have a question for me." Again, no one raised their hands. "Can someone answer me why they don't want to ask me a question?"

A girl in the front row raised her hand. Elizabeth said, "Yes, Becky?"

"Mrs. Stroud, I think that I'm speaking for a lot of the students that we really, really like you. We feel that this is really embarrassing for you and I guess we just don't want to embarrass you any more."

"Do the rest of you feel the same way?" Looking around the class, she saw most of the student nodding their heads. "I know that I'm not that good looking, but I'm very comfortable with myself and while I'm not enjoying this, it isn't bothering me that much."

While Elizabeth had a pretty face, the rest of her was not very attractive. She was overweight, saggy breasts and had a very hairy pussy. She also had several scars; a c-section scar, a couple of other scars on her lower torso and a long open-heart surgery scar. "No one wants to ask me a question?" Again, no one in the class raised their hands. "Too bad. I just might surprise at what I have done. Okay, everyone get a piece of paper out. You have five minutes to write down a question for me. Make sure that is a good question or I will put you into The Program for a day. And make sure your name is on your paper."

The threat was kind of an empty one, as Elizabeth very infrequently ever gave detention and as far as anyone knew, she hadn't put anyone in The Program. However, the students did as they were asked, even though they knew that she wouldn't do anything to discipline them. It took a couple minutes for the students to think of a question, but everyone finished the assignment in time.

Elizabeth collected the papers and looked through them. As she looked at the questions, she would answer some of them. "Helen, yes I have, many times ... Ted, last week ... Oh, here is a good question from Becky." Looking at her, Elizabeth could see that Becky was blushing. "Becky's question is 'what is my favorite sex toy. The sex toy that I have which is my favorite is a rabbit vibrator." Looking around, she could tell that no one knew what a rabbit vibrator. "The rabbit is like a regular dildo shaped vibrator, but with another probe that has a V shaped tip. When the vibrator is inserted, the V shaped tip surrounds the clit. It really gives the clit a good workout. However, my favorite sex toy is the Sybian vibrator."

"What is a Sybian?" asked Becky.

"It is an industrial strength vibrator that you sit on. You can either use a clit vibrator or a dildo. Either way, you will have an orgasm like you have never experienced. Girls, if you ever get a chance to ride a Sybian, do it. It is a ride of a lifetime."

After giving the class a moment to calm down, Elizabeth went back to the questions. "Here is one that will show you that I have been a wild child. Dave's question is 'have you ever been involved in a threesome?'. Yes, I have. Some with a guy and another girl, some with two guys and a couple with just girls and a strap-on. I even did a gangbang with 8 guys. Boy, was I sore after that for awhile." Elizabeth could tell that the class was kind of shocked at what she had just revealed to the class. After waiting a few moments, Elizabeth started the class and it was the normal routine for the rest of the class.

Jennifer Rovang
Seventh Grade History

Student teacher Jennifer Rovang had to pee. According to the rules, she had to use the boys' room, which was something that she really didn't want to do, but she really had to go. Jennifer was in her last semester of college. While she was aware that this district had The Program in operation, she didn't think that she would have to be nude in school. The announcement before school was quite a shock to her.

As she approached the opening, as there were no doors to the restrooms, a couple of boys came out. She passed them and then they followed her back into the restroom. As she entered the actual restroom area, there were a couple guys peeing in the urinals. There were stalls, but one toilet was completely in the open. A sign over it said that this toilet was for The Program participants. She sat down and started to relax so she could pee. There were about five boys gathering around to watch her pee. Before she started, one of the boys asked if she would spread her legs. Like in class, teachers were suppose to keep their legs spread, so she did. If took longer than normal, but Jennifer finally started to pee. Jennifer was so embarrassed that she couldn't look at the boys, but she knew that the boys were staring at her. She had peed with a male in the bathroom, but none of them were directly staring at her while she peed.

It took about 20 seconds for Jennifer to empty her bladder. After she was done, she got some toilet paper and wiped herself. After she was done and the boys stepped away, Jennifer stood up, flushed and went to the sink to wash her hands. As she was washing her hands, she took a quick look at a couple of boys at the urinals. She caught a glimpse of their penises, but didn't get a good look. A couple of the boys that were watching her thanked her and then they left the restroom. Jennifer followed them out and went to her class.

Linda Tanner
Eighth Grade Math Class

Linda Tanner stood by the door during the class change. She had been embarrassed before, but never like today. It wasn't the nudity that was bothering her, it was just being naked in a place not of her choosing. She had gone to topless and nude beaches a couple times, which didn't bother her that much, because the beaches were in areas where no one knew her. There was something else that she was embarrassed about. It was something that she thought she would control who would see it and when.

As the students filed in, she knew that the boys were staring at her. Any other time, it wouldn't have bothered her. She knew that she was very pretty. She had shoulder length blonde hair, perky breasts, a 36C-27-34 figure and with a bush that everyone could tell that she was a natural blonde. Her bush wasn't too thick, so it wasn't too hard to see her slit.

What was really bothering her was the fact that people who she didn't and wouldn't want to see something personal were seeing it. She had to explain it to the classes that she had so far, but she was dreading having to explain it again.

After the students filed in and took their seats, Linda closed the door and walked to her desk. She tried to walk slowly, as her breasts would jiggle anytime they weren't in a bra. As required, she sat on the edge of the desk, with her legs spread. "Okay, class. Settle down." The class quieted down quickly. Taking a deep breath, Linda said, "Okay, you have two questions to ask." Most of the class quickly raised their hands. Linda decided that boys would ask the most embarrassing questions, so she decided that she would call on a boy first. "Okay, Steve."

Steve stood up, which was required in her classes, and said, "Have you ever committed incest and would you explain what happened."

'Good god. These kids probably have spent every minute today thinking up the most embarrassing questions.' Linda said, "No, I haven't, but I had thought about it a couple of times."

"Who did you think of committing incest with?"

"Sorry, Steve. I answered your question." Looking around the class, Linda said, "I will answer Steve's question, but that will be your second question. If you want me to answer it, raise your hand." No one did. 'Damn, ' thought Linda. "Okay, Tiffany, your question."

Tiffany stood up and said, "Could you explain about your tattoo?"

This was the question that she was dreading, but she quickly answered Tiffany's question, just like she had done in a couple of her other classes. "When I went to college, I wasn't a virgin, but I had never had any real experience being with a girl. In my junior year, I fell in love with my sorority roommate and she fell in love with me. At that point, I thought that I was a lesbian. For the two years that we were in college and in the sorority together, we're lovers. One night in our senior year, after we had been drinking and I haven't had a drink since then, we thought that we would show our commitment to each other, so we made lip prints and got tattoo of each others lip prints right above our pussies. I thought we would be together forever, but after graduation, due to different jobs and being in different areas, we drifted apart." Stopping for a few seconds, Linda got a dreamy look on her face and then continued, "I had thought about trying to get rid of the tattoo, but it has pleasant memories attached to it and my lovers really like it."

Linda finished telling her story and the entire class was quiet. Tiffany broke the silence by saying, "Wow, Miss Tanner, that is a very romantic story. Have you ever been in touch with your girlfriend since college?"

"Yes, a couple times, but we have both moved on and the spark wasn't there. I did attend her wedding and she has a great husband and was planning a family. I guess we weren't really lesbians, but LUGs." Looking around and seeing the looks on their faces, she explained, "Lesbians until graduation." After a few seconds, Linda said, "Okay, let's get to work."

The rest of the class was a normal class.

Frank Tufpf
Fifth and Sixth Grade Gym Class

Gym classes at Wolf Creek Middle School were double periods. In this gym period, there were three classes of fifth graders and two of sixth graders, so there was about 120 students in the class and five naked teachers, two male and three females. The class was designed so that a group of students were in the first period and then, for the second period, they were joined by another group of students. After the first group finished their second period, the second group would be joined by another group. This seemed to work out pretty well.

Since it was such large class, the teachers didn't do the two questions routine. They got right into the class. First, they had every one do two laps of the gym. After the laps, the teachers split the students into groups, one doing more laps, one doing gymnastics and one doing exercises.

The school district decided that they would put a lot of emphasis on physical education. The school expected every student to work and work hard in P.E. No one was excused from gym unless they had a very good excuse. If they were excused, they would have to make the class sometime. Even the athletes were not excused from gym. The teachers made sure that the kids worked up a real sweat.

Even though the students complained a lot, most of them enjoyed the strenuous class. It probably had something to do with the theory that you feel better after you exercise. Toward the end of the class, if you looked closely, you could see the back of their T-shirts soaked with sweat.

The class was intense, so the students didn't really noticed the naked teachers in the class. Finally, it was time for the showers. Since everyone worked up a sweat, everyone would take a shower, in spite of it being required.

The school required that one of the teachers make sure that everyone took a shower. For this period, it was Frank Tufpf's turn to make sure the students took their showers. This was something that Frank was looking forward to, but also dreading. It wasn't every day that a male was able to view girls in one of their private domains.

Frank walked into the girls' locker room and immediately saw girls dressed, in their underwear, topfree and naked. Willing against it as much as he could, Frank felt himself starting to get hard. He made his way to the entrance to the shower area. While he kind of knew what to expect, when he got to the shower area, he still was shocked at the sight of 25 naked 11-, 12- and 13-year-old girls.

Being an older school, the showers were gang showers. There weren't enough showerheads for all the girls to shower at one time, so the girls, who got undressed the quickest and got into the showers first, got most of the hot water. The rest of the girls had to stand at the entrance to wait their turn. Both the girls in the shower and the girls waiting kept looking at Frank and his hardon and whispered and giggled, which made him really uncomfortable. Normally, he wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen naked and having a hardon. However, to have one in front of young girls was very embarrassing, especially since most of them probably had never seen an adult erection.

Frank was kind of surprised when a couple of the younger girls started to say, in a sing song voice, "Mr. T has a hardon ... Mr. T. has a hardon" and laughing.

Frank really didn't care that they were doing that and that they were doing was against the rules of The Program. "Girls, teasing someone in The Program is against the rules. Even though I'm in The Program, it doesn't prevent me from putting students into The Program." Fifth and sixth graders normally weren't in The Program, but a few had been placed in The Program because of breaking the rules of The Program.

That shut the girls up and they said, "Sorry, Mr. T."

As required, the girls who had finished their shower walked past Frank and gave him their name, so he could mark it off on his chart. As a girl left the showers, another girl would take her place.

As he watched the girls in the shower, he noticed a couple of the older girls whispering to each other. Then, these girls started to wash each other, which got Frank more excited. Then, they hugged and started to kiss each other and they were kissing, not as friends, but as lovers. The sight of two nubile, naked and soap covered 13-year-olds kissing and hugging was too much for Frank and he climaxed. Frank was really, really embarrassed that he had shot his wad in front of the girls. If he would have looked around, he would have noticed the shocked looks on the faces of the girls who saw him climax.

The two girls who were hugging, rinsed off and exited the shower. As they walked by Frank, they had to repeat their name to get Frank out of this trance. The girls smiled as they gave their name and left the shower area. After about ten minutes, all the girls were out of the shower area, Frank was relaxed enough that he could pee like he always had to after he climaxed. He walked over to the toilets and saw the one that was to be used by The Program participants. As he stood in front of the toilet and started to pee, he thought that some of the girls would watch him, but none did. As he checked on the girls, he saw that most of them had dressed and left the locker room.

As he walked out into the gym, he was thinking, 'Gad, I came in front of little girls. My wife is not going to be happy about this when she finds out.' A couple of the girls in the class knew his wife and he was sure that they would tell her about what happened. He knew that his wife wouldn't be happy that he saw all those girls naked, but what had happened was out of his control.


Normally, teachers would eat their lunch at their desk or when the weather was nice, eat outside, but today, the teachers' lunchroom was full. The clothed teachers wanted to talk to the naked teachers to find out what it was like to be naked in front of students and some to check out the naked teachers.

Some of the teachers, mainly the female teachers, who could now let their emotions out, were almost in tears and almost all the nude teachers were complaining about their unexpected placement into The Program.

"This is sooo embarrassing. I can't believe that Sally suggested this," said Sarah. "I have only been naked in front of some family members and doctors, but so far today, over a hundred of my students have seen me naked. Even though I know that it is happening, I can't believe that it is happening."

Several of the other nude teachers agreed with Sarah, but Frank said, "How about what happened to me. I was in the girls' shower room, when two of the girls started hugging and kissing. I climaxed right in front of about 20 girls, most of them who probably had never seen a naked man. I was and still am pretty embarrassed about that."

One of the clothed male teachers asked, "Who were the girls?"

Frank just glared at the teacher and continued. "You know, we have it a lot easier than some of the student who are in The Program. We are a lot older than our students are and we have been in embarrassing situations before, so we have any idea how to handle them. Imagine that you are a 13-year-old boy or girl and you are called to the office. A few minutes later, you are walking out of the office wearing just your shoes and socks. For most of the students, that has to be a very traumatic experience, considering most of them probably haven't been naked in front of a member of the opposite sex."

As she walked to the coffeepot, Elizabeth said, "Frank is right. I don't like this and I'm embarrassed to be seen naked, but believe it or not, this is not the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me. I survived those experiences and I will get through this. Like Frank, I do feel bad for the students, especially the younger ones are or will be in The Program. The students will survive too, but it may take some time for them to recover."

Linda agreed with both Elizabeth and Frank. "I think that you guys are right. This is embarrassing, but it will be over soon. I have put a couple kids in The Program and now, I might think a little bit more before I do it. I don't know if I really agree with the ideals of The Program, but I have heard some positive things about it."

Just then, Sally walked into the Teachers' Lounge. As she walked in, from the expressions on the face of the teachers, she could tell that they weren't happy with her. Matter of fact, if looks could kill, Sally would be a smoking pile of ash. Walking over to the coffeepot and pouring herself a cup, Sally said, "Well, I guess I'm not the most popular person in the room right now."

It seemed like all the teachers in the room started talking at once. Sally couldn't really understand what they were saying, but the tone was 'what in the hell were you thinking?'. The room finally quieted down and Linda took on the role of spokesperson.

"Sally, what were you thinking when you suggested this. Most of us can't believe that you could suggest this," said Linda. "You should have asked us for our opinion before doing this. This is sooooo embarrassing."

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