The Blind Date

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: What was really going on?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .


I can't believe that I'm doing this. How did I let Nancy talk me into a blind date with one of her friends? I'm old enough to know better. Oh well, here we are. Just push the doorbell and let's get it over with. Better push it again. I am at the right address aren't I? Were is that piece of paper that I wrote it down on. Yes, I'm at the right place. Try the bell again. Hmm, maybe the bell doesn't work - try knocking. Okay. Once more with the knocking and then I'm outta here and home to watch the Bronco's kick th ... Well hello there and what a surprise. This lady doesn't need a blind date; she is a living wet dream. That's a face to die for, and those tits, world class if ever I saw - oh god! She's wearing nylons and high heels. Did Nancy tell her what a turn on they are for me? No, with those legs she probably always wears them. The again, what if Nancy did tell her and she doesn't usually wear them; could she have dressed to deliberately turn me on? No, that doesn't make sense. She could walk outside and just stand on the porch and the guys would line up. God, is she hot looking. She doesn't look as if she is too disappointed in what she sees - this may work out well after all. Oh oh. Is that a wedding ring I see on her finger? Yes it is! What the fuck has Nancy got me into this time. Whatever it is, I'm not backing away from this woman - ring or not.

So far so good. She seems to like my choice of restaurant and the wine I selected. I can't believe how easy it is to talk to her. Normally I'm at a loss for words when I'm around women. What is this Goddess doing here with me anyway? What about her husband? Why on Earth did she want a blind date with me? What did she and Nancy talk about? This whole thing doesn't make sense! Unless - unless she wants something that I have. The one thing that I do best and that Nancy loves the most is eating pussy. Could that be it? Could Nancy have told her that I love to eat pussy and that I'm good at it? Could it be that this sexy lady's husband won't eat her pussy and she wants a tongue in her cunt? Let's test the water here and see what happens. Start with a little knee contact under the table. Oh ho. She returned pressure and she is still smiling - it's a good sign. We need to finish dinner and move on to a place where we can be a little more "accidentally intimate."

Good! The dance floor is crowded and I can push my cock into her leg. If I get a negative response I can blame it on the crowd. The crowd doesn't get the blame for the hard cock though - she gets all the credit for that. She's got to know that I've had an aching cock ever since she opened her front door. Here comes a nice slow dance, this should tell the tale. God is she a nice armful and she smells so good. A couple of steps, now turn right into her and push your cock into her thigh. No negative reaction. Pull back, but stay close. Another little spin to the right and move into her again, now withdraw slowly - lordy lordy lordy, she's following and holding contact. She's pushing into my cock and she is still smiling. Lower your hand slowly, cup her ass and pull her to you. Damn! I think I know what we both want so let's just go ahead and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Talk about mixed emotions. Dancing with her is the most erotic thing, except for sex, that I've ever done. I don't want the music to end, but on the other hand I've got to do something about this stiff cock of mine. She has me at the boiling point and I haven't even kissed her yet. Lord, I hope I don't end up at home beating my meat. Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time. It's closing time and they are hustling to get everybody out. Here we are - the moment of truth - open the car door, turn toward her, lean forward and kiss her on the lips. She returns the pressure and the tip of her tongue flicks out just a bit. Break it off slowly and then help her into the car. I'm beginning to think I was right on the money when I guessed that Nancy told her about my fondness for eating pussy. Whoa Bob! When you jump to conclusions you are usually wrong. Just get in the car and get her home and see what happens. But what if her husband is there? No, she wouldn't be doing this if he were around, would she?

What's this? She is sliding across the seat to be next to me. Ten minutes! I don't believe we sat in the car and necked like teenagers for ten whole minutes. Her tongue sends shivers through my whole body every time she slips it into my mouth and there is no objection to my hands roaming all over her body.

Do I want to come in? I want to cum in you. I want you to fuck my brains out! I want you to spend the next month trying to fuck me to death. Of course I want to come in, but my mind is screaming "Where is your husband." Some very passionate kisses and I need to use the bathroom. Check out the medicine cabinet - shit! - No doubt now that there is a man of the house somewhere, but where? Forget it. Think now! This is where you always blow it. One wrong move - one wrong word - and you'll be out of here so fast it will make your head swim. When you go back to the living room be slow, take your time, no need to rush. Ready? Be cool now. Okay, here we go.

Well, so much for making a wrong move. This is the first time in my life that I've walked into a room and found my date finger fucking herself. What a sight! Garter belt, nylons, high heels and a smile - nothing else. Legs wide apart, eyes looking right into mine as she slowly parts the lips of her pussy and slides a finger slowly inside. The pace of her fingers is slow so let that be your clue. Undress slowly. Take your time. As much as you want to rush over there and fall on her, don't do it. First your jacket, next the tie followed by the shirt. Step out of your shoes. Why is there no 'cool' way to take off your socks? Unbuckle your belt and let the trousers fall. Step out of them, peel of your briefs and let your pounding cock spring free.

Now what? Let her actions be your guide. Sit in the chair opposite and as you watch her slowly work her fingers in and out of her pussy start stroking your cock, Slowly now - match her speed. I'm surprised I haven't shot into the ceiling by now. Stroke it slowly. Is she watching my face or my hands? Raise your eyes and look at her - she's watching your hands. Her fingers are moving a little faster so increase your speed to match. Another minute or so and I'm going to have to do something or I'm going to spill all over her carpet. She's stopped fingering herself. What should I do? Better keep stroking my cock till I see what she does next.

She is getting up and coming over to me. She kneels down in front of me and watches me beat my meat. She is breathing hard and reaching out with her right hand. Oh god, she's cupping my balls, kneading them gently. That's it! I'm going to lose it. I can't hold it any longer. She is leaning forward, bending her head and kissing the head of my dick. There it goes. Oh Christ - my first spurt hit her on the lips and now she has cum running down her chin. She is going to be pissed at me now. Maybe not! She takes hold of my cock and holds it so my cum splashes all over her tits all the while looking into my eyes. She is bending forward and taking my cock in her mouth - God does that feel good.

Reach down, take her head in both hands and pull her off your cock. Raise her up and look into her face. God is she sexy looking with my cum on her lips and chin as she looks in my eyes with an expression of - what? Lust? Expectation? Or is it a look of doubt? Does she think I'll get up and leave now that I've shot my wad? Pull her forward and gently kiss her. Pull back, look deep into her eyes and then lean forward and kiss her again, not so gently this time and put some tongue into it. Damn - can this woman kiss. Keep kissing her, move your hands to those fabulous tits and slowly massage your cum into her skin. Tweak the nipples gently, boy are they hard. Her hands are working on my cock now; I wonder how long it will take her to get me hard again. Ease her down onto the floor. Break off the kiss, nibble on her cheek, kiss the tip of her nose, now the eyes, back to the mouth. Hold the kiss; trail your right hand slowly down to her pussy. Her legs are open so slowly, very slowly, start to work your fingers in - wow - must have hit a switch there - she arches up and drives her tongue as deep into my mouth as she can. Work the fingers in and out of her pussy. Keep the hand working as you break off the kiss.

What's that? Up near the top of the bookshelf - a little red light! Damn, she has a video camera taping this. What's going on here? Could it be that her husband is one of those guys who likes to watch his wife with other guys? It would explain a lot. Is the camera connected to a TV in another room? Is he here watching, or is the tape for him to view later when he gets home? No matter, I'm not backing off from her now. Keep the hands working while you lower your mouth to her left breast. Bathe it with your tongue; tease the nipple, kiss, nibble and lick. Suck the nipple gently, use your tongue and suck ever so gently. Keep those fingers going in her pussy - damn is she wet. You're doing something right, she's arching her back and pushing up at your hand.

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