Don't Push the Button

by King Wesley

Copyright© 2010 by King Wesley

Mind Control Sex Story: Susan wakes up in a padded cell. She has only one instruction...

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Size   Body Modification   Big Breasts   .

When Susan came to, she was still wearing the long red dress from the party. The last thing she could remember was going out onto the hotel balcony due to the effects of one glass of champagne too many and now she was trapped in a padded room with no doors or windows. Susan's mind regained clarity almost instantly after awaking and her first instinct was to feel around the walls, searching for a way out whilst screaming out for help. Help however, never came.

Susan was continuing to pound and beat on the cell's padded walls when she heard a whirring noise come from behind one of the pads. She stared at the wall in hope and anticipation that salvation may lay behind it, but it was not to be the case. The false pad slid behind another to reveal a small monitor screen and a big red button, not dissimilar from what one may have used on a daytime quiz show.

Susan stared at all three with mixed emotions of shock, confusion and dread. The button most of all caught her attention as its very presence felt like it was for the purpose of activating something. Thus, during this time of panic, anything that held even a remote possibility of being a catalyst for escape was to be welcomed. Susan ran a hand over the button's surface, contemplating giving it an experimental push. She could feel her hand ready to apply the final pressure to activate whatever the button may activate, when the screen monitor suddenly flashed up in huge red letters, the phrase:


This was followed by a digital timer appearing on screen just below the instruction, which began to count down from twenty minutes. Needless to say, Susan's hand immediately retracted itself from the button. She didn't know whether it was a good idea to follow the orders of whom Susan assumed could only be her captor, but as it seemed that she had twenty minutes to come up with a game plan for escape, she decided it was best not to rush a decision.

The thought occurred that if one of the panels in this room were false, there was a possibility that more were. Maybe she could track down a door or air vent through which to escape. Susan returned to the walls to feeling for clues but was soon stopped in her tracks by a burning sensation sweeping over her skin. Her dress felt like it was on fire and she fell to the ground, ripping her dress apart in desperation to get it away from her skin.

A few seconds of thrashing later and Susan's dress was a pile of shredded fabric with an underwear clad Susan, lying flat on her back beside it, trying to get her breath back. She looked up at the countdown which had just passed the nineteen minute mark and tried to regain her thoughts once more. Susan was adamant that the path to escape lay hidden behind the padded walls and got back to her feet.

Almost immediately though, she was back on the ground as once again her skin turned to fire, although in a more concentrated locale than before. Like her dress before it, Susan's bra now felt like it had been heated to a million degrees. Susan fought and struggled with the clasp to release her breasts from their fiery torment. Finally, the bra came off and found itself discarded next to the remains of Susan's dress, but this did not end the ordeal. Even without the bra her breasts still burned and Susan grabbed at them in desperation. To her relief, this seemed to help. The touch of her hands seemed to soothe the burning sensations and Susan made sure to rub her hands over every square inch of skin.

As the clocked ticked past seventeen minutes, Susan continued to grope and massage her breasts. Every time she stopped even for a second, the burning returned and her nipples especially would feel like they had turned to lava. At sixteen minutes, Susan was so dedicated to suppressing the fire that she hadn't even noticed how big her breasts were becoming. With every few seconds that passed, her chest swelled by an extra couple of centimetres and furthermore, the touch of her hands began to feel better and better.

By the time the clock had hit fifteen minutes, the sensations in Susan's breasts were beginning to spark a different kind of fire. She hungrily grabbed and pinched at her new gigantic mounds when the fire began to relocate in her crotch. Seconds later, Susan's panties joined the rest of her clothes in the pile as she assigned one of her hands to deal with the burning in her already wet crotch.

The touch of her hand felt so good caressing and running her smooth pussy that he had almost completely forgotten she was a prisoner just like she had completely forgotten that she hadn't been shaved down there ten minutes earlier. However, then the monitor caught her eye with its instructions and the timer and Susan realised what was happening to her. She forced herself to leave herself alone and prepared for the onslaught of burning but it did not come. Instead she found herself feeling incredibly hungry.

As the clock hit fourteen minutes the hunger engulfed Susan. Her mouth felt dry and ached for something to fill it. Almost on cue something dropped from the ceiling through a previously covered panel and Susan ceased upon it. It was not food though, it was a vibrator. Susan threw it to one corner in disgust but immediately after her hunger seemed to intensify. Susan's mouth was desperate to feel something inside of it and she reluctantly made her way over to the vibrator. She could feel herself salivating as she took the device in her hand and moved it up to her lips.

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