A Personal Question

by WaywardOne

Copyright© 2010 by WaywardOne

Erotica Sex Story: The sex was good, but neither of them was really happy with the marriage. Unknown to either of them, her cousin had an idea for a way to spice things up. It involved asking a question.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cousins   Swinging   Oral Sex   .

Kevin and Linda were on their way down to Jim and Nancy's house again. It was a thirty mile trip each way, but they made it at least once a month because ... well, because of several reasons, mostly different reasons for each of them.

For Kevin, it was a chance to break out, in a small way, from the box he had let himself get trapped into when he married Linda. He hadn't really wanted to get married in the first place, but, damn, Linda was so fucking hot, and he was dying to be able to spend every night with her. He managed to seduce her after only half a dozen dates, and when he finally broke her down he discovered to his surprise that she was a virgin. She sure caught on quick, though. A month later he tried to get her to move in with him, but she wouldn't budge on that. No way was she going to live with a guy unless they were married. So, they were, before long. Much too soon, according to him.

Kevin wasn't really ready to give up his wild life, but Linda watched him like a private investigator, and fucking her twice a day was going to be all the fucking he was going to get. Not that it wasn't enough, and not that she wasn't good, but, shit, a guy likes a little variety. And Linda wouldn't let him even look at another gal. Well, except for Nancy. For some silly reason Linda seemed to think Nancy was "safe" and she just laughed when Kevin and Nancy flirted a bit right in front of their spouses. Oh, fucking jesus, would he ever love to ram it into Nancy. And he rather suspected she felt the same way about him.

Then there was Linda's personality. The fucking part was great, but when she wasn't cumming or sleeping she was bitching. It was enough to drive a guy to drink, but he couldn't even go there. Linda wouldn't allow a goddamn drop of anything in the house; not liquor, not beer, not even wine. She was a fucking Puritan. Well, except at Jim and Nancy's house. It made no sense, but when she was there she would drink. In fact they all drank, and usually got rather tipsy. Best of all, when Linda was drinking, she wasn't bitching. So, yeah, Kevin loved to go to Jim and Nancy's house.

Linda also loved to go there. Jim was a cousin she had grown up with, and they had always had a lot of fun together. They could tease each other and never get mad about it. She could relax around Jim, which was so different; she could never relax with Kevin.

Oh, she loved Kevin, of course, and the sex was fantastic - so fantastic she would put up with most anything to keep getting it - but she never felt really comfortable around him. And he could be mean. He yelled a lot, and used awful language. A few times he had even hit her. But he was never like that when they were at Jim and Nancy's house. There he was a gentleman, like he used to be when she fell in love with him.

She liked Nancy, too. Nancy always seemed so competent, and so good to Jim. So good for Jim. Linda had worried about Jim before he was married. He was running around with some rough guys, and didn't seem like the buddy she had grown up with. But Nancy brought him back in line. Yeah, she liked Nancy. She only hoped that Nancy could somehow be a good influence on Kevin as well.

There was something else she liked about going to Jim and Nancy's house, though she hated to admit it even to herself. She could let her guard down, and do things she wouldn't normally do. They were family, and if she let them talk her into having a little drink, it was all in the family. No one would ever know. It was really kind of nice to get a bit drunk, kind of different, a way to forget about the bad parts of being married to Kevin. The rest of them were all drinking, so she fit in better if she did, too. It made a perfect excuse to do something she was definitely getting to like, but wouldn't allow herself to do anywhere else. Yes, she was planning to really enjoy herself this evening at Jim and Nancy's house.

Kevin and Linda didn't talk during the drive down, both lost in their own reveries, but that changed the moment Jim opened the door.

"Hey, guys, great to see you!" Jim bubbled. "Come on in. We're going to have a great time tonight, I just know it. I'm SO glad you came!"

As he said this he grabbed Linda's hand and pulled her into the room, with Kevin following right behind. Once inside, Kevin looked around.

"Where's Nancy?" he asked. "If you're going to be dragging Linda around, then I should be able to drag Nancy around."

Jim laughed, and shoved Linda down onto the sofa. That made her giggle.

"Oh, she'll be here in a minute," Jim explained, "and when she gets here I promise I'll let you drag her around.

"And tickle her, too," he added as he dove down beside Linda and started tickling her ribs.

"Jim! Stop it!" Nancy screeched, but she was laughing so hard she could hardly get the words out, and Jim could tell she didn't mean it.

"I will stop it," he threatened, "if you don't let Kevin do everything to Nancy that I'm doing to you. Do you promise?"

"Oh, Jim, that's not fair!" she gasped. "I'm gonna get you back," she added, lunging toward him to tickle his chest.

"Oh no you don't," he told her, twisting her around so her back was to him and grabbing her arms.

"Let me go! Let me tickle you!"

"Nope, not 'til you promise. You have to promise that Nancy and Kevin can do everything we're doing."

Linda looked wildly around, and up at Kevin where he was still standing, watching with great interest what was going on. "Kevin! Save me! Help me!"

Kevin laughed. "Why should I do that? Until you promise, I don't get to have any fun with Nancy."

"You guys," Linda moaned, twisting helplessly in Jim's grip.

"All you have to do is promise," Jim whispered in her ear.

"All right, I promise."

At that he released her, and she twisted to start tickling him any way she could. Soon they were both screeching as they tickled each other.

"What's all the noise in here?" Nancy demanded as she came in the room.

Linda pulled guiltily away from Jim, and stood up. "He started it."

"Did not!" Jim said, standing up too.

"Did so!" Linda argued back, crossing her arms and glaring at him.

"Well," Kevin put in, seeing his chance, "whoever started it, I know who's going to end it." With that he grabbed Nancy and threw her down on the sofa.

"Kevin! Shame on you. What are you doing?"

"Just exactly what Jim told me to do," he roared, diving in to start tickling her in turn.

"Kevin! Stop it! Eeeech! STOP! HELP! Jim, make him stop."

But Jim was just standing there with a huge grin on his face. "Sorry, Nancy, but he's right. I told him to do everything to you that I did to Linda, and Linda also said he could." He turned to Linda and asked, "Didn't you?"

"Tickle him back," Linda ordered Nancy. "They tricked me into saying he could tickle you and you could tickle him. Now you have to get even."

That was all Nancy was waiting for, and soon she and Kevin were both screeching.

While their spouses were focused on each other, Jim leaned toward Linda and let his knuckle stroke up her cheek. "Hey, it's been a long time since we did that. I loved doing it with you."

Linda bit her lip and glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, then reached up and pulled his hand away from her cheek. "Yeah, I loved it too," she admitted. "But we can't let it go any further."

"When we were younger, we let it go a little further," he reminded her.

"No, Jim, don't go there. We weren't married then."

"True, but being with you was wonderful. I've never forgotten it."

"I haven't, either," she sighed. "I never will," she added.

By now Kevin and Nancy had stopped their horseplay and were sitting up on the sofa. "Hey, Linda, why so serious over there?" Kevin asked.

"Oh, nothing, we ... we were just reminiscing."

"Well, we're supposed to be having fun," Nancy told them, "not thinking sad thoughts about the past. Jim, how come we don't have anything to drink?"

"Oops, bad host," he confessed. "I'll take care of that immediately," and he disappeared into the kitchen.

"I know you said you couldn't get here in time for dinner," Nancy told Linda and Kevin, "but at least we can have some snacks, right?" She followed Jim through the kitchen door.

Kevin looked at Linda. "Are you OK?"

"Sure, I'm fine. Ummm, how about you? I guess Jim and I got a bit out of line."

"Didn't bother me a bit," he grinned. "Gave me a perfect chance to get a bit 'out of line' with Nancy. Did that bother you?"

Linda shook her head, realizing that she hadn't even noticed what he and Nancy were doing. Jim's words kept echoing in her mind: 'let it go a little further.' Oh, yes, there was a time when they let it go a little further, and it was fantastic. If only there would be a chance some time again to let it go a little further.

Jim came back in with the drinks, and Linda took one eagerly. She was going to need a drink tonight, maybe two or three.

Nancy was soon back with the snacks, and they all settled down to munch, and drink, and talk about inconsequentials. It wasn't very long before Linda's glass was empty, and the other three were running low. Jim jumped up, and asked, "How about another round?"

"No, I shouldn't," Linda demurred.

"Oh, come on, two aren't going to hurt you. Kevin, Nancy, you'd both like refills, wouldn't you? I know I would."

"Well, maybe one more," Linda said, trying to sound as if she didn't really want it.

After delivering the fresh drinks, Jim announced, "I had this idea for a fun game for tonight. How about if we play Hearts?"

"Well, sure, I guess," Kevin agreed a bit reluctantly. "But when you said a fun game, I thought maybe..."

"Don't worry," Jim laughed. "I've got a little twist in mind, but you'll have to wait and see what it is."

"OK," Kevin grinned. "I'm all ears."

They sat around the dining table which, without any leaves, was a nice sized circle for the game. Kevin and Jim sat opposite each other, with the gals halfway between them, each on her husband's left side. Jim gave the deck to his wife to shuffle for the first hand.

Everyone kept wondering what Jim's little twist was going to be, but he didn't say a word, and they played the first hand. Going around the table, it was Kevin's turn to deal next, and he gave Jim a questioning look, but Jim motioned him to go ahead and deal. By the third hand, Linda seemed to have forgotten about the 'little twist' and immediately collected the cards, shuffled, and dealt.

After that it was Jim's turn to deal, and he started shuffling, but then stopped and looked at Linda. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Linda seemed startled. "I don't know. How personal?"

"No, I take that back. I'm going to let you off the hook," Jim apologized. "At least for now," he added. Then he turned to his wife.

"Nancy, I'm going to ask YOU a personal question instead, and you have to promise to tell the truth."

Nancy gave him a long look, then glanced quickly at Linda, quickly at Kevin, and brought her gaze back to Jim. "Well," she finally replied, "I guess, but don't embarrass me too much."

"This shouldn't be too bad," Jim assured her. "Imagine that you are talking to some guy, not me, and you look around and see that the two of you are alone. He sees you do that, and looks around himself. Then he leans close to you and whispers, 'Can I give you a kiss?' Let's assume you really like this guy; in fact you're quite attracted to him. Let's also assume you know I'm somewhere far away. The question is, how would you respond to him?"

"Oh, my! I know what I should say, but you made me promise to tell the truth, and that makes it hard. I guess ... I guess maybe I'd say ... maybe I'd say..." Nancy put her hands up to her face, and peeked out at Jim through her fingers. "Don't hate me for this, please, and it's never happened, so I'm not sure, but maybe I'd say, 'What kind of a kiss do you mean?' Oh! I'm so embarrassed!"

"It's OK, I kinda thought you might say that. So, let's say he tells you, 'I don't mean a passionate kiss, or anything, but I do mean a kiss on your lips, and not just a peck. More like a tender kiss, and not too long.' So, how would you respond to that?"

"I think ... oh, I'm so ashamed, but I think ... I think I'd step up to him, put my arms on his shoulders, look him in the eye, and ask, 'You promise, you'll never tell a soul?' And I think he would nod, and I would pull him closer to me and start kissing him."

"Woo, hoo!" Kevin burst out, "That is so hot!"

Nancy turned to Kevin, blushing furiously. "How did you find out? He promised not to tell."

"Easy," Kevin laughed, "I was the other guy."

"Not if you want to stay married to me, you weren't," Linda sputtered.

Jim laughed uproariously, and after a bit the others joined in, rather tentatively.

"OK," Jim announced, "question time is over for now, let's play another hand."

Curiously, all four of them were somewhat subdued during that hand. Jim's words held a promise of more to come.

Sure enough, at the end of that hand, when it was Nancy's turn to deal, she was just starting to shuffle when Jim asked her, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh!" Nancy gasped. "You mean I'm supposed to ask a question?"

"That's right," Jim grinned.

"All right, then," Nancy decided, putting down the deck and crossing her arms. "Turn about is fair play. I'll ask YOU a question."

"Fire away," Jim told her, nodding.

Nancy sat thinking with her arms crossed for a moment, then started, "You're out in a park riding your bicycle, and you come up behind a gal who looks familiar, and you realize its someone you know, and someone you think is really sexy. You call out to her, and stop and get off the bike when you catch up to her. She seems really pleased to see you, and you start talking. After a bit she admits she was thinking about you, and was wondering if she might see you in the park. But then she goes on, 'I had this really weird fantasy about what might happen if I did see you.' She stops for a minute, looks around and sees that no one is anywhere in sight. Then she says, 'I was imagining that we were kissing.' After that she steps up close to you and whispers, 'Would you like to kiss me?' So, Jim, how would you respond?"

"That's easy," Jim growled, "I'd grab her and start kissing."

"You cad!"

"So who's talking?"

Kevin and Linda both burst out laughing at that, and shortly thereafter Nancy dealt the next hand. But everyone knew what was going to happen when the hand was over and it was Kevin's turn to deal.

Kevin gathered the cards, but didn't even start to shuffle. Turning to Linda, he said, "Jim let you off the hook a while ago, but I'm not going to be so nice."

"No, Kevin, please," she begged.

"Sorry, fair's fair. They had to tell the truth, so do you. Now, let's see, here. You go to a friend's house and knock on her door. Her boyfriend opens the door. You ask if she is there, and he says she went to get some groceries, but she'll be right back. He invites you to come in and wait, but you don't think that's a good idea, because he's a real hunk, and you're afraid you might let him get away with something. So you back away from the door, but just then it starts to pour. You yelp, 'Oh, no, ' and he grabs your hand and says, 'Hurry up, come inside before you're drenched.' After he pulls you inside he looks at your wet hair and blouse, shakes his head, and says, 'Let me get you a towel.'

"You stand there shivering until he comes back with a big towel that he wraps around you, and a smaller one that he uses to try to dry your hair. He tells you to come sit on the sofa, and pulls you down to sit beside him. You talk for a while, and gradually warm up. After a bit, he looks deep into your eyes and says, 'I want to kiss you. May I?' How do you respond?"

"Oh, that's easy," Linda laughs. "I just tell him we can't, because his girlfriend could walk in any minute."

Kevin nodded. "But then he tells you he was stretching the truth when you got there. She really just left, and won't be back for at least an hour. He admits that he said she was coming right back just because he wanted to have a chance to spend a little time with you. And now he's super happy, because the only reason you wouldn't kiss him was because you thought you might be interrupted. 'Please, ' he asks again, 'may I?'"

Linda sighed, "I guess I'd have to say yes, then," she admitted.

All three of the others clapped to approve her decision, and Kevin dealt the next hand. Linda, for one, was determined to get even and was thinking more about the question she would ask Kevin than she was about the game. She ended up with the queen of spades and four hearts, but then it was her turn to deal.

"Kevin," she said, "you run into an old girlfriend, and she says, 'Oh, I'm glad to see you! I found some CDs you left at my place. Could you come with me right now and pick them up?' You figure that sounds innocent enough, since you know she has a new boyfriend, so you follow her in your car to her place. She lets you in, and sure enough, she does have a stack of your CDs. She hands them to you, but the two of you start talking about old times. You keep thinking of some of the really hot things you did together, and you realize you still think she's incredibly sexy. You're afraid you might end up cheating on me, so you tell her you really have to leave. She says, 'OK, but how about one last kiss for old times sake.' What do you do?"

"Damn! I grab her and give her a really passionate kiss."

"That's what I figured," Linda responded angrily.

"Hey, cool it," Jim put in. "Don't forget what you just told him you would do."

"Yeah, well I didn't say I would kiss the guy passionately!"

"And you didn't say you wouldn't, either," Jim pointed out. "Remember, when I asked Nancy, she made sure it wasn't going to be a passionate kiss before she agreed to do it. Let's face it, Linda. You asked the question to get even with Kevin, and he answered to get even with you."

"Maybe, but I think he went too far. I'll bet after that passionate kiss he ended up fucking her."

"And I think," Kevin told her emphatically, "you got to kissing that hunk of yours really passionately, and he ended up fucking you."

"OK," Jim put in, "I think you guys need to cool down a bit. How about another round of drinks?"

"Sure," said Kevin, liking the way this was going.

"Whatever," Linda answered, thinking to herself that she really needed another drink.

"Get me one, too, Honey," Nancy requested.

Jim soon came back with the drinks, and they all took a couple of minutes to sip and mellow out. Then Jim turned to Linda, smiled, and reminded her it was her turn to deal.

After that hand Jim pulled the cards together, then turned back to Linda. "Let's talk a little more about that guy you were kissing at your girlfriend's house. I don't agree with Kevin. I don't think you let him fuck you."

"Thank you," Linda responded. "I'm glad I've got somebody on my side."

"But now we need to find out what really did happen," Jim went on. "We know you were kissing, and it was probably a very nice kiss. I mean, after all, he'd been really nice to you. He wrapped a big towel around you, and he helped dry your hair. You were cold and wet, and now you're warm and dry, and he is a real hunk, and you are sitting next to him on the sofa, kissing. It's not a passionate kiss, at least not yet, but it is a very long tender kiss. You're thinking he cares so much about making you comfortable, and you like him so much. You know he wants more, and you want to thank him somehow. How do you do it?"

With courage from the bottle, Linda felt like she could really let it all hang out.

"I ... I reach for his hand, and I slip it up under the big towel and ... and I put his hand on my chest."

"On your chest where your bra is?"


"You do know that after that he's just going to want more."

"I know, but I wanted him to touch me, and I'll tell him that's as far as we can go."

"And if he says, 'At least touch me, too, down here, ' and looks at his crotch?"

"I'll say no, I mustn't do that, but then I'll kiss him passionately."

"That's probably not a good idea. He's going to start pawing your tits through your blouse, and pinching your nipples, and his tongue will be trying to press between your lips."

"Ohhh! I'll let him pinch me, and I'll let his tongue inside my mouth, and I'll play with it with my tongue, but I won't touch him, not down there, and when he tries to unbutton my blouse I'll pull away and say I have to leave."

"Well, then," Jim decides, "I guess it's time for me to deal."

Linda was feeling a more than a little flustered from the grilling Jim had given her, and once again wasn't concentrating on the game. This time she collected nine hearts. At least Jim got the Queen, so she bested him that hand.

Nancy was up next and she didn't need any reminder of what was expected. She turned immediately to Kevin.

"About that old girlfriend," she asked him, "you said you kissed her passionately. Is that all you did?"

"Oh, no," Kevin grinned.

"So you did fuck her, like Linda said."

"Did not."

"Why do I find that hard to believe? I think she was rubbing against you while you kissed, first her boobs against your chest, and then her crotch against your thigh, spreading her legs enough that she could press her pussy against it as she rubbed up and down, up and down. And that means her hip must have been rubbing against your ... you know. Are you going to sit there and tell me that didn't have you on fire?"

"Oh, shit yes, I was on fire. I was dying to fuck her. But I was also remembering I was married, and I didn't want to fuck that up."

"But you just told us you did more than kiss her. So give."

"Look, maybe you don't understand how it is with a guy. I was so fucking horny I was about to blow. If I didn't stop her from rubbing my cock like that I was going to go off in my pants. I had to get my cock away from her, and I had to make her come. That was my only hope for getting away. So I got down on my knees and started kissing her boobs. It wasn't long before she ripped her blouse off and said, 'More, more!' So I started biting her bra and rubbing my hand up and down her pussy."

Kevin stopped his story long enough to give Linda a frightened look. Then he turned back to Nancy. "I mean, I was rubbing her pants, where her pussy was. Well, that was all it took. She screamed and then collapsed to the floor."

"So," Nancy continued her grilling, "you crawled over on top of her for the next step, right?"

"No, I stood up, picked up my CDs, and walked out the door."

"I hope nobody saw your hard-on," Nancy giggled. "Let me guess. You drove home like a fiend, grabbed Linda and threw her on the sofa, then fucked her like crazy, pretending she was your old girlfriend."

"Uh, actually, I went down to the car, and once I was locked inside I ripped out a handkerchief, jerked my zipper down, and started jacking off. It didn't take long, and after I was done I threw the handkerchief away, because no matter how carefully I tried to wad it up, the cum kept oozing out."

He paused, but added, "Then I went home and fucked Linda like crazy."

"OK," Nancy laughed, "I'm glad we got that straightened out." Then she went ahead to shuffle and deal the next hand.

Kevin was horny as hell, and the truth was when he and Nancy were spinning out their story it was her that he imagined he was doing it with. He wanted another hot imaginary session with her, and he knew his chance was coming as soon as this hand was over. When it ended he was ready with his story, and turned to look at her.

"Nancy, you know that guy you were talking to before? Well, he called you up a few days later, and said, 'we need to talk.' You agreed, and said, 'OK, let's talk right now.' He wasn't buying that, though, and explained that for the kind of talking the two of you needed to do he needed to be able to look you in the eye so he could tell what you were feeling, and he thought you needed to do that, too, to know what he was feeling. So you suggested meeting in a restaurant or something, but he said, 'Are you crazy? There is no way we can have this talk out in the open where people could listen in.'

"He let that hang there for a while, waiting for you to respond, but you didn't say anything. You knew he wanted to come to your place, but you didn't dare let him do that. The silence was getting too long, so you rather frantically said, 'Maybe we could meet in a store parking lot, and I could get in your car and we could drive someplace.' He said that would be OK, and told you to meet him in twenty minutes at the Red Lobster close to your house."

"So, Nancy, will you meet him there?"

"What happens if I don't?"

"You need to talk as much as he does. If it doesn't happen this time it's going to happen later. And meanwhile, you're going to be thinking about him day and night. Every time Jim leaves for work you'll think of your guy, and imagine he's coming to your house to spend time with you. Every time Jim crawls in bed with you at night you're going to imagine he's that guy. You really, really, need to have that talk."

"OK, I'll meet him."

"Good girl. You park next to him and slide over into his car. He smiles, leans over, and gives you a quick kiss. You kiss him back, not quite so quick. 'I know where we can go, ' he says, and starts driving. You see which way he is headed, and say in panic, 'No, not your house.' He glances at you quickly and says, 'Of course not, if I took you into my house I don't either of us could control ourselves.' But he's still driving straight toward it. He pulls up into his driveway, pushes a button, and the garage door opens. He says, 'I promise, we're not going in.' But then he drives in, and the garage door closes behind you. Are you scared?"

"A little," Nancy whispers.

"He knows you will be, so he gives you a kiss to reassure you. But it needs to be a longer kiss to do the job. You do know that, don't you?"


"After a bit the garage door light goes off, and it's quite dark. But he's holding you close and you are kissing. Are you afraid?"


Kevin was using a low hypnotic voice, and it was working. "It's a comfortable kind of dark. A dark that means you don't need to be ashamed or embarrassed, no matter what you do, no matter where he touches you, no matter what might happen to your clothes. He is touching you now, isn't he? Where is he touching you?"

"He's touching my boobs. Oh, it feels so good when he touches my boobs."

"Do you want to touch him, too?"

"Uh huh."

"Where do you want to touch him?"

"Between his legs."

"You mean you want to rub his cock?"


"Say it, then."

"I want to rub his cock. I want to rub his cock!"

"Are you rubbing it through his pants?"

"Yes, yes, I'm rubbing it. I'm rubbing it through his pants."

"He stops you for a moment and unzips his pants. Do you want to touch him?"

"Yes, I want to touch him!"

"He wants to touch you, too. He wants to touch your tits. He's starting to unbutton your blouse."

"I want him to touch my tits. I help him with my blouse. He whispers, 'Your bra, too, ' and I unhook it. Then I grab his cock again and start pumping it hard."

"Oh, dear, he's been playing with your tits, but now he leans down with his mouth close to them. What do you think he wants to do?"

"I think he wants to suck my tits! Please, suck my tits! Oh, yes! So good! So good! Oh, no, I think he's almost there. He's going to come!"

"Do you want him to come?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I want to make him come. Yes! He's coming!!"

Kevin gave her a few moments to compose herself. "You came when he did, didn't you?"

"Oh, yes. Oh yes, I did."

"Do you want him to fuck you now?"

"No, no, we mustn't. I mean, yes, I want it, but no, we have to stop."

"OK, you put your clothes back on while he tries to clean himself up. Then he drives you back to your car. You start to slide out of his seat, but he puts a hand on your arm. He asks, 'You do want to see me again, don't you?'"

"YES!! YES, I DO!" Nancy almost screams.

"But before that happens," Kevin announced, "I guess it's time for me to deal the next hand."

Linda gulped down the rest of her drink. She couldn't believe how horny she was from listening to Kevin and Nancy tell their story. Even hornier than she had been when Jim told his story to her. But after this hand it was going to be her turn to tell someone a story, and she wanted it to be Jim, and she wanted to get him as horny as she was. Nancy's lame story about him meeting a gal in the park wouldn't do. He needed to meet her in a super hot atmosphere, and before long she had her story ready. As soon as the hand was over she turned to Jim.

"Nancy went to visit her parents, and she told you she was going to stay there for a week. She told you to think about her every night, and to save yourself for when she got back. She said she hoped the two of you could fuck all night the night she got back. But after two days you were so horny you couldn't stand it any longer. You drug out an X-rated movie you had hidden, and you jacked off while you watched it. You came twice while you were watching it, then you watched it again and you came a third time.

"You were hoping that would satisfy you for a while, but it just made things worse. You were going crazy needing to fuck, and at the same time, spending every night alone at home, you were going crazy with boredom. You finally decided you had to get out and have some fun. You knew you couldn't fuck, but maybe you could at least get a little drunk. So you went to a nightclub, and guess who you saw there? It was the gal from the park. Her face lit up the minute she saw you, and she asked you to dance with her. You did, didn't you?"

"You're damn right I did."

"Yeah, well there was a problem, though. She wanted to dance real close, and she was rubbing against you. She was rubbing her whole body against you, and she could feel everything you had. What did you have, Jim, down between your legs, while she was rubbing against you?"

"Oh, fuck! I had a hard-on to end all hard-ons!"

"Yeah, that's what she's especially rubbing against, and finally she says, 'I want more of that. Can we go somewhere?' And you tell her you do too, but then you tell her you promised your wife you wouldn't fuck anybody while she was away from home. So she says, 'Oh you poor thing. You must be going crazy. At least let me do something to help, even if we can't fuck.' And she talks you into taking her out to your car. Tell us, Jim, what happens when you get to your car?"

"Oh, you know what's going to happen. We climb into the back seat, and she starts sucking my cock, and it only takes about thirty seconds before I'm squirting cream down her throat."

"So, I guess that helped, but did it make you feel a little guilty?"

"Hell, no, just happy, unbelievably happy, and then grateful, and I couldn't thank her enough. But then she says, 'I know a way you could thank me, without fucking me, ' and I knew what she was thinking of and I wanted to do it. So I started kissing my way up her legs, and she pulled her skirt up so I kept going, and soon I was licking and kissing her pussy through her panties. She asked me to take them off, and lifted her ass to help me. Well, the second I started sucking her clit she started screaming. I let her calm down a bit, then sucked again, and she screamed again. Man, was she ever hot."

"Wow, I'll bet after that nothing could keep you from fucking."

"You'd think so, and in fact I was hard as a board again, and my cock was jerking up and down. But I kept telling myself I mustn't do it, and instead of fucking her I just turned end for end. I rammed it down her throat again, and rammed my fingers into her cunt. Soon I was fucking her at both ends, and she was fucking me right back. We both came at the same time, and did we ever come hard."

"So, was that all?"

"Yeah, that was all. We were both limp as a dishrag when it was over, and it took us a long time to get up the strength to get dressed again. Once we did, we gave each other a quick kiss, and she headed back into the nightclub. I climbed into the front of the car and drove home. After that night I had no trouble waiting for Nancy to get back."

Linda just nodded, afraid to even try to speak, picked up the cards, shuffled them and dealt. She knew that Jim would be dealing next, and that first he would be telling a story. She knew that story would be about her. She was dying to hear that story.

For Linda that hand seemed to drag on forever, but finally it was over, and Jim collected the cards. He hadn't even said a word yet, and Linda was already about to explode.

Finally Jim turned to Linda and said, "I happened to be in your neighborhood one day, and I dropped by your place. You were home, but Kevin was at work. You weren't sure you should invite me in, but I told you I wasn't going to rape you or anything. I said, 'We've known each other for twenty five years, and we'll probably be friends for the rest of our lives.' So you let me in, and we started talking. We talked about some of the things we've done in the past. I reminded you of the time we started making out together, and you told me you would never forget it. Then I reached for your hand, and said, 'I want you to sit on my lap, the way you did that day, ' and I started pulling you toward me."

At that point Jim did reach for Linda's hand and started pulling her over to his chair. "Please sit on my lap," he urged her.

Almost as if she was hypnotized, Linda slid off her chair and let Jim support her as she slid onto his lap. Linda sighed, and turned her head to face him.

Staring intensely into her eyes, he whispered, "I want you to give me a kiss."

Linda collapsed against him, letting her lips part slightly as they homed in on his. The kiss started with desire, and climbed through urgency to passion to wild abandon.

"Hey!" Nancy interrupted, slapping Jim's arm. "I think that's more than enough."

Jim and Linda separated, and Jim replied, "Sorry, I guess we got carried away. Linda, tell Nancy you're sorry."

"Oh, Nancy, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to let that happen. Can you ever forgive me?"

"I don't know," Nancy said a bit sullenly, "I'll think about it."

"What about me?" Kevin piped up. "You were nearly fucking my wife," he accused Jim, "and you," he looked at Linda with disgust, "are nothing but a slut."

"No, Kevin, I love you, I really do. You'll never know how sorry I am. I promise, it'll never happen again."

"Yeah, man," Jim added, "we were totally out of line. Buddies don't do that to each other, and I really messed up this time."

Kevin turned to Nancy. "Whatta ya think, Babe, should we forgive them, or should we get even?"

"Maybe a little of both," Nancy growled. "Deal the cards for your stupid game, Jim, and after the hand is over I'm gonna ask Kevin a question. You two," she added, looking meaningfully back and forth between Linda and Jim, "may never forget this night."

As they found out a few minutes later, Nancy's question went like this: "I call you up at work one day and tell you I'm in town. I also tell you I'm at a friend's house, and there's nobody here but me. I ask you if there is any way you can get away from work and come see me. Can you?"

"Damn right I can!"

"Good, I'll be waiting for you. And, Kevin, I'll just be wearing my bra and panties when you get here. Hurry!"

With that, she stood up and started unbuttoning her blouse. Kevin was staring bug-eyed, and Jim was swallowing hard. Linda had her hand over her mouth and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. But seething as she was with passion, she was ready for anything. She was dying to show Jim her bra and her tits, and so while she was watching Nancy she was imagining that she was unbuttoning her own blouse.

Nancy tossed her blouse onto the floor and started unbuttoning her pants. All three of the others gasped. Kevin's gasp turned into a long groan as Nancy slipped her pants down, exposing her panties. She let her pants drop to the floor, and asked Kevin, "Are you almost here?"

"OH, FUCK YES, I'M HERE!" he shouted, rubbing his cock through his pants.

"Good. Then I'm going to sit on your lap." The way she did that was to spread her legs and straddle him, and bring her mouth up to his. "How about a real kiss?"

Talk about instant fireworks. She wound her arms around his neck and they started the wettest, wildest, kiss imaginable. He grabbed her ass and slammed it against his crotch. She started humping against his hard-on, which freed his hands, so he grabbed two handfuls of bra while ramming his tongue down her throat. She tore her mouth away from his and leaned back to increase the pressure between his cock and her pussy.

"I WANT IT!" she screamed. "I want it. I want it now!"

"Hey, whoa!" Jim yelled, grabbing her arm and trying to pull her off Kevin's lap. She yanked her arm free and wrapped it around Kevin's neck again. Jim grabbed her around the waist and pulled with all his might.

"Nooo," she moaned as he forced her to slip away from Kevin. Finally he had her back in her own chair, and was standing between the two of them.

"Put your clothes back on," he demanded.

Nancy was shivering with passion, but she finally complied.

Meanwhile, Linda hadn't lifted a finger to separate the two near-lovers. Everything that Nancy did she had imagined herself doing the same way, but on Jim's lap instead of Kevin's. She, too, was shivering with passion.

"I think," Jim announced, "we've played enough games tonight." He got three groans in response. "I think it's time for Linda and Kevin to go home." More groans. "Come on, snap to it!" Woodenly they all got up and wandered into the living room.

When they got there, Jim reached out both his hands for Linda's, and held them as he looked into her eyes. "Thank you, Linda, for a most ... enjoyable evening." Then he pulled her closer, and their lips met. She shook her hands free from his, wrapped her arms around his neck, and escalated the kiss almost instantly to the wild abandon stage.

Seeing what their spouses were doing, Nancy and Kevin grabbed each other and resumed their interrupted build-up to sex.

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