In the Red Parlor

by PennLady

Copyright© 2010 by PennLady

Erotica Sex Story: Sadie is introduced to sex in a most eye-opening way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

"But I'm not sure," she said.

"You'll enjoy it, my dear," he told her. "You told me you were curious."

Her face turned crimson. "I am, I just ... I just never thought I would."

"You will," he said, "although you'll watch first. Now, come inside."

Sadie let Gerard lead her into the red parlor, which was in the rear of the house. She shivered slightly, both from the chill and from nervousness. Was she really about to see this? Gerard had said she could watch as another woman, one of the servants was ... fucked in front of her.

Sadie blushed at even thinking the word. She wanted to know, she wanted to see. But she'd always been told how naughty it was, how dirty. Gerard had laughed at that, told her she'd been the victim of small-minded people, and he would show her that fucking and all the related activities could be quite fun.

He gently nudged the small of her back and she took an unsteady step into the room. She saw furniture and other things she didn't recognize, nor could she guess at the purpose.

"Now," said Gerard, "you will sit here. Take off your robe."

"What?" Sadie squeaked.

"Don't worry, Sadie, no one will know. Nothing leaves this room. Now, off." With shaking hands, Sadie undid the tie of her robe and let it fall from her shoulders. Gerard picked it up and hung it on a hook.

"Ah, sir, you're here. She's lovely."

Sadie gasped at the voice and moved to cover herself. Gerard took her hands and held them to her sides.

"Hello, Madam Anne. Yes, she's lovely, isn't she?"

Madame Ann was dressed in a short, silk red robe. She came over to Sadie, looked at Gerard. He nodded and Sadie jumped when the woman touched her breasts.

At Gerard's direction, she was wearing a corset, but little else. Her breasts were supported but bare, and her nipples were hard and tight. She gasped as Madame Anne rolled a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, giving a gentle pull at the same time. Then Anne's hand moved down between her legs.

Sadie moved to close her legs, but Gerard had somehow maneuvered his leg between hers, and Anne had unobstructed access to Sadie's pussy.

"She's ... anxious, Gerard," Anne said with a teasing voice. Sadie's eyes widened as the woman's fingers slid along the folds between her legs. "She's quite wet."

Another finger joined Anne's, thicker and rougher, as Gerard felt for himself. "You're right, Anne. Shall we proceed?"

"Of course." Anne left and Sadie stared, surprised to find she was missing the fingers.

Anne clapped and another girl came in. She was completely naked and Sadie stared. The girl's blonde hair was tied back, making her seem even more naked. Her breasts weren't as large as Sadie's, but the dark pink nipples sat atop lighter pink circles. Sadie wondered what they felt like, and what the girl felt like between her legs.

"Come, Sadie." Gerard sat down and as Sadie looked for her place, he moved her in front of him. "Spread your legs, now." With his help, she did and found herself straddling his lap, her back to his front.

"But, but I can't..." she whispered. With her legs wide like this, she imagined everyone could see her private parts. No, she reminded herself as she tried to even out her breathing, my pussy.

"You can, Sadie. You'll see." Gerard held her in place. His arms came around and cupped her breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers as Madame Anne had done. Sadie was surprised to find she wished one hand would go between her legs.

"Go on, Anne." Gerard continued to touch Sadie.

Anne nodded and then gestured to the blonde girl, who went do a door, opened it, and brought in a naked man.

"That," said Gerard as he continued to tease Sadie's nipples, "is a man's cock when he's excited. Do you know what he does with it, Sadie?"

She nodded. The man was huge, and so was his cock. She couldn't imagine it fitting inside anyone's body.

Before she could think anything else, the girl went to her knees and put the man's cock in her mouth. Sadie gaped. The girl slid her head forward and back, hiding and revealing the man's thick, hard shaft. Occasionally she would let it slip out of her mouth and then she would run her tongue along the length.

The girl continued to do this as the man groaned in pleasure and Madame Anne adjusted the girl's position so that she was now back on her feet but bent at the waist. Sadie watched as Anne began to rub the girl between the legs, remembering how it had felt. She gasped when Gerard's finger went between her own legs, moving in time with Anne's.

"She's right. You are anxious."

After a moment, Madame Anne stopped and tapped the girl's shoulder. The girl rose, then sat on a chair, her legs spread and her pussy open wide to Sadie's view. The man came next to her, knelt down, and to Sadie's surprise, began to lick and suck at the girls' nipples.

"We'll do that to you later," Gerard promised. Sadie couldn't speak.

Madame Anne came to the other side of the girl, with something in her hand. Sadie wondered what it was called, but the purpose was clear as Anne slid the item into the girl's pussy. Sadie almost winced, but the girl made a moan that was clearly one of pleasure and raised her hips to meet Anne's thrusts.

"Just like this," Gerard said, and Sadie cried out softly as his finger slid into her pussy, again moving in time with Anne. Every so often, he would brush some part of her that seemed extra sensitive, and she felt a warmth coiling in her body.

Anne stood up, taking the thing out of the girl's pussy, and the man moved in front of her. Gerard told Sadie to look up, and she did, finding the ceiling mirror just in time to see the nameless man push his cock into the girl's pussy, taking the place of Anne's toy. Sadie couldn't help but wonder how that felt.

"Your turn, Sadie." She hadn't realized what Gerard had done until she felt something hard and hot between her legs and knew it had to be his cock.

"I don't ... I don't know..." she tried to say, but then Gerard thrust up and she went still, filled to bursting. She felt as though she'd been split, although it felt wonderful at the same time. Gerard grabbed her hips and raised her up and brought her back down and she couldn't think.

The blonde girl was gasping and crying out as the man between her legs continued to fuck her, thrusting his hips back and forth in a steady rhythm.

Sadie realized that Madame Anne was staring straight at her and was helpless to do anything but stare back as Gerard continued to thrust in and out, faster than the other man. When Madame Anne began to walk over, Sadie's mouth went dry.

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