You're Under Arrest

by maryjane

Copyright© 2010 by maryjane

Incest Sex Story: Police interrupt the taping of a porn video.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Prostitution   .

Author's Note: The story you are about to read is fiction. In real life, intelligent people use condoms.


I can imagine that I must have looked somewhat 'used' as I stood naked in the middle of the room. Fresh cum was sprinkled in my red hair and more of it was oozing out of my pussy.

Tom, Dick and Harry sat naked on the floor, their backs against the wall. Their three cocks were shriveled up, not unusual considering the circumstances. No, I didn't remember their real names. They were just guys that the cameraman had brought up to the apartment to fuck me. I know that he didn't pay them anything, not that I think that he should have. Unless he owed them money, they would have paid him. After all, they were getting their rocks off on me without having to buy me any drinks. I was kind of sure that I had fucked Tom twice before; the other two were new strangers.

All three guys had their hands bound behind them, with those plastic thingys that police use when they don't have enough handcuffs. Sitting next to the three, also 'cuffed', was the cameraman, barefoot and shirtless but still wearing jeans. He wasn't going to be in the film. He and I would do our fucking after the other guys had gone, as we had been doing for years.

My name is Trina, short for Katrina, which sometimes causes people to call me Kate or Katie. You don't need to know the cameraman's name, but I call him John, so that the other people won't know who he really is. Which is that he's my Daddy!

The lady cop (Detective Ball, so I thought of her as Lucy) was still holding her Glock but it was no longer pointed at anyone. For some reason, she had sent her partner looking through the apartment for a sheet or something to cover me up. I say 'for some reason' because she wouldn't take her eyes off of me, especially my wet, bald snatch. I was pretty sure that she was a dyke, but hell, I'm game for anything.

The partner (Detective Theodore, so I thought of him as Teddy) came back with a long heavy coat to hide my nakedness. It being July in New York City, my opinion of his intelligence went down a notch or two. But what can you expect from a guy who takes an honest job?

"How old are you, kid?" Lucy asked me.

Instinctively I wanted to lie to her. But common sense told me that lies don't work with a cop who can easily learn the truth. And besides, I wasn't a criminal, I was a victim, of statutory rape at least.

"Fifteen," I said.

"Hey guys," my Daddy said to the two cops, "can't we work something out?"

Lucy looked at the three naked men and then spoke to Teddy. "Take these three, get their names and addresses and throw them the fuck out of here."

One at a time, Teddy cut off the plastic cuffs that bound their hands. While they dressed, he took each wallet and wrote down their names and addresses from the driver's licenses. Then he took out all the cash before returning each wallet. Based on my age, he had no fear that any of the men would report him and Lucy.

As Sherlock Holmes is reputed to have said, 'The game's afoot.'


Mom was a very good looking woman - from whom I get my looks, thank you - who worked as a receptionist in the New York office of a major insurance company. One day about four years earlier she took the 'D' train to work but never came home. Our first word from her came in a nine o'clock phone call saying that she was moving to California with one of the big executives of the company. We soon found out that she had cleaned out her closet and taken all of her jewelry.

I never learned why she left us. I don't know if she ever told Daddy. It might have been that she was taken by the guy's good looks, or maybe he had a ton of money. For sure it was not because of his cock, because nobody but nobody has a better cock than Daddy and he definitely knows how to use it.

There is another way to look at it though. She may have left because Daddy's expertise with his cock came from other women while he was still married to Mom. Let me rephrase that: Daddy would fuck anything with an opening instead of a cock and he didn't make any attempt to hide that fact from Mom.

Was Daddy devastated? He didn't act that way. For all I knew, he might have been happy to be free. But he still had me to worry about and to take care of. Daddy was kind of a seat of the pants type character, going from one job to another, one scam to another.

As for taking care of me, within a month of Mom's leaving, Daddy had taken all three of my cherries – counting my mouth as first – and I no longer needed my own bed for sleeping. And the weird part of it, no, make that the best part of it, was that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure, my ass hurt for a while, but the whole scene made me feel like a grownup, like a real sexy woman. I was doing something that my friends at school could only whisper about, wonder about, dream about. I knew, without ever having to do it, that my pussy could get a boy to do anything for me, could –and later did - get a teacher to give me the highest grades with the least effort.

And Daddy, skirting the law as always, soon had me helping to support the family by 'entertaining' his friends and acquaintances in my bed. And after the first friend raved to him how fantastic I was in bed, Daddy began to insist that they allow him to videotape them fucking me. That was in addition to the money that they were paying him, of course.

For the first few months, Daddy only used the videotapes as background erotica for our own fucking. Then it popped into his mind, like an idea balloon in a comic strip, that he could market the DVDs to men who got turned on by pictures of guys fucking little girls. And while my tits were coming in quite nicely, thank you, there was no doubt to any viewer that I was still a little girl. The guys buying those movies, plus the men actually doing the fucking, faced major prison time for making those videos or just owning them.

But it is well known that an erect cock, in addition to having no conscience, also has no brains.

That first DVD that we sold had just me and one guy. It started out with me sitting on my bed, with my legs spread, my hands holding my bare tits toward the camera. All I had on was a pair of lace bikini panties. Let me ask you something. Do you think it's easy for a twelve year old girl, which I was by then, going into that big place in the Mall to buy fuck-me underwear and paying with hundred dollar bills? The clerks, all women, always stared at me and whispered about me. I had to make believe that I didn't know that they were thinking about whether the man with me was my Daddy or my pimp. Maybe some of them guessed that he was both.

It was even crazier when I went into one of those fuck-toy stores for underwear or toys. There the sales clerks were skuzzy men, surely wondering if I was some girl trying to get them to do or say something illegal so that Daddy would identify himself as a cop and arrest them. Daddy a cop? Ha ha ha!

Anyway, there I was, sitting there like the whore I was, when the camera swings around to show the guy walking into the bedroom. He was already naked, obviously. I say obviously because nobody wants to waste jerk off time looking at a guy take off his clothes. His cock was already mouth-ready stiff. He walked up to the bed and stood by my head. I leaned over and took his meat in hand. My tongue flicked out and began to lick his crown.

Now here's the hard part for the actors in a one on one movie. We didn't want to film two different cums because the guy's recovery time would waste time. So I had to blow him, which you can't fake, but not get him so hot that he'd shoot off before the fuck part – or the anal part, if that's what he had paid for. We wanted to give the viewer as much as we could before the crowning wet shot cum all over my face, and then get rid of the guy so that we could do another film with another guy.

Back then, early in my career, the only man I would take anally was my Daddy, and that was only off-camera in bed at night. Ultimately, he and some of my co-stars convinced me that taking it up the ass would make the videos more successful. But that was only when we moved up to two guys and me.

In the early one-on-one films, they would tell me, during the blow job scene, that they were getting close. Daddy edited those voice parts out of the final film, so it looked like the guy just naturally switched from my mouth to my pussy. The slight amount of pubic hair I had down there, a light brown peach fuzz, only accentuated the fact that the guy was fucking a little girl. Ooh, money, money, money!

One of the things that Daddy taught me, coupled of course with a nasty reference to my Mom, was how to and what kind of noises to make when I was on camera and how to fake an orgasm. That last I didn't use too much, because most of them were real. Maybe I exaggerate, but all a guy had to do was to touch my snatch and I was ready to pop.

In some of the early films – later on it became mandatory – the guy would be willing to go down on me. That was not the norm, since the guy was actually a paying customer. But if he did, the fact that he was carpet munching a young girl was always a plus. In those cases, I actually had to hold myself back or I'd be screaming and squirting instantly, but anyone who likes to watch cunnilingus – or do it – likes it to last.

All the early films ended when the guy was fucking my pussy, straight on or doggy – Daddy got some great close-ups of cocks inside me – and the guy would then pull out and wash my face with his cream. Sometimes he'd get me in the eye, which supposedly was a great turn on for buyers of the DVDs.

When filming for the day was finished, I couldn't wait to hop into bed with Daddy. He and I slept together every night, except when he was out boffing some bimbo that he had picked up in some bar. I loved his cock as I loved every cock that he brought home. I couldn't get enough of it and Daddy supplied plenty of them for the films that we shot. Alas, if I may steal someone else's line, 'into each life some blood must flow'.

No matter how you phrase it, whether the curse, or time of the month, or got the rag on, that comparatively small amount of the red stuff really can fuck up one's sex life. The problem is mostly with the male of the species. Sure, Moms tell their daughters that sex during her period is yucky, but most girls don't really care. But a guy may learn about that same yucky from their fathers or brothers or most likely, from friends at school who have no idea what pussy tastes like. So during that time, Daddy has more difficulty getting guys willing to fuck a bloody pussy, much less willing to eat one.

But think about it, guys. You get a paper cut on your finger, what do you do? You suck on it until the blood stops. Blood is blood whether it comes from a finger or a snatch, it tastes the same, except for the sweet aroma of pussy. And for sure your cock won't mind. If your finger was bleeding, would that stop you from choking your chicken?

What are you afraid of? That you'll get blood on your lips and chin and forget to wash your face before you go walking down the block? Trust me on this, guys, I've done it and I love it. Still, there are some guys who just don't have the guts to do it, and that cuts down on co-stars during those few days. And for that Daddy would put some of his bimbos to work.

Unlike the guys, they wouldn't pay him for the pleasure, nor would they let themselves be filmed for free. So the operating expenses would increase on those days but we'd have different stuff to sell. The girls didn't mind going down on me then, nor did they mind being filmed with traces of blood on their faces. The favorite scene – hey, word did get back to us – was the one where the bimbo would use her teeth to pull the tampon out of me and then replace it with her face. Once in a while we'd get lucky and Daddy's current chippie would have her period at the same time as me. Yummy!


My three co-stars arrived one after the other. I wore a sheer pink teddy that didn't come near to covering my naked snatch. Each one handed money to Daddy without taking his eyes off of my damp box. Daddy introduced each of them to me. We shook hands and then touched cheeks, blowing air kisses past each others' ears.

They stripped in the front room as Daddy gave them the opening stage directions. I removed my teddy and threw it onto my shoulder as I walked to the bedroom. Their eyes burned me as they stared at my shaking ass. Not only was I accustomed to men looking at me that way, I truly loved it.

Scene One was the usual. I knelt on a pillow beside the bed. I must tell you, I fucking hate the idea of kneeling in front of any man other than my Daddy but after all, I am a 'movie star' and the 'Director' and I make a lot of money if I follow his directions. So I smile and let the pricks enjoy their feelings of superiority.

The idea of the opening is to show the size of each cock that I'm going to be servicing. Even the average sized weapons look big on camera when my small hand is holding them. My job was to suck one while jerking off the other two. I had to be on my knees for the camera to get all three in the scene at the same time. I would suck a guy for no more than a minute, usually about thirty seconds. Then I would change cocks and keep repeating the process.

The camera would stop when the guys changed places so that the finished product would look as if I never came up for air. The camera also showed the two guys being jerked off each with a hand on one of my tits. Damn, it gave me such a feeling of power knowing that three men needed my hands and mouth for relief. I wondered briefly what my friends in school would think or say if they knew what I was doing for grown men. I think they'd be jealous.

As I mentioned before, the usual drill was to keep a guy from shooting off until the very end so that we could bring in another guy for a new film. In the case of a triple header, that was going to be the only film of the day and so we could afford to give them the down time to rejuvenate their cum supply.

Therefore, Scene One was scheduled to end with three wet shots. When Tom signaled that he couldn't hold out any longer, I backed his cock out of me and hold it about two or three inches from my face. Then he took his own tool in hand. I know, you'd think that a girl jerking off a man would be hotter than him doing it himself, but that's show business. My mouth opened up, my tongue stuck out and I put on my best anticipation face. Tom had good control and managed to shoot all of his cum straight in, nothing on my face. When his shooting finished, I put all of his juice on my tongue and the camera zoomed in on his mouth sucking cum out of mine.

The Dick and Harry followed in turn. Dick actually splashed quite a bit on my face and nose and hair but that was deliberately done, for the pleasure of the viewer. After all, the customer is always right. Again, through the magic of cut and paste, or splicing as we call it in the trade, we made it look as though the three of them were cumming in my mouth or on my face almost simultaneously.

After the cocks du jour had a chance to come back to life, we moved on to Scene Two. This was not so much a tribute to any fucking slash sucking but more a tribute to the way Daddy handled a camera, the way he was able to frame to show me and the three pigs all together.

Yes, I called them pigs, though of course not to their faces. I don't deny that Daddy could also be said to fit in that category, but after all, he is my Daddy and so therefore he is perfect in my mind. But the other three, the ones in the film, were guys who thought nothing of taking advantage of a little girl, from age twelve to fifteen, using her body, my body, in every conceivable and perverted way. Sure, my anal opening was off limits to all but Daddy, yet we occasionally let one of the customers do some buggery.

So it wasn't only these three guys, these Tom, Dick and Harrys, but every one of the fucks who came into our home with cash in their filthy hands and hard cocks inside their pants. I could have been a blow-up doll for all the emotion they put into using me to get their rocks off. They all made me feel like such shit that I sometimes wanted to follow them home and ask their wives and daughters if they did the same things to them that they did to me.

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