Dealing With the Gossip

by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2010 by Prince von Vlox

Sex Story: Devlin found herself faced with all sorts of gossip about her activities. Here's how she dealt with the ones she heard in school.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Swinging   Group Sex   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

"How about it?" Devlin asked Danny. She ran her hand across his shoulders. "They'll only do it with another couple."

"Well..." Danny was sitting in one of the living room chairs. He'd been watching a couple doing it on the couch and stroking his cock. It was standing straight up and just begging for attention. She was half-tempted to provide it herself, but the whole point of coming to these parties was so they could have fun with other people.

"It's one of our private rules," Samantha said. She was a brunette with a thick cascade of hair hanging past her shoulders, and she had her arm around the waist of her husband Ted. Her naked body practically glowed, and she kept staring at Danny's rigid cock.

"Sure," Danny said. He got up, his cock bobbing in front of him. "Why not?"

Samantha smiled. "Good. We have a perfect mattress upstairs."

Ted put his hand on Devlin's bottom, squeezing it slightly. Devlin flashed him a smile, and when they went up the stairs she deliberately swayed back and forth a bit. Being naked at these parties saved time, and it let her tease guys a little, too.

The mattress Samantha had mentioned was in use. Robbin, a short blonde from Bloomington was lying on it while a guy ate her out. She was clutching her breasts, her mouth open as she thrashed from side to side, moaning.

"I'm not about to interrupt that," Devlin said. She recognized the man who was licking Robbin into a frenzy. He had done the same to her only an hour before. The memory warmed her, and she could feel a dampness on her thighs. Oh yes, she remembered that marvelous tongue.

"Do we want to use the mattress on the floor?" Danny asked. "It's not occupied."

Samantha tested it with her foot. "Oh, good. I was afraid it'd have a big wet spot. You guys don't know what that's like."

"Oh, I don't know," Danny said. "I like letting the woman ride me, and that means I get to lie on top of wet spot from time to time."

"Ride... ?" Samantha's eyes sparkled. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun together."

Devlin leaned into Ted's shoulder. "I like it any way I can get it," she murmured into his ear.

He didn't say anything, but gave her a quick kiss. After a few seconds she kissed him back, and then began working her way down his body. She'd seen his cock, but that never gave her an appreciation for what she was about to take as sucking it. Besides, what guy turned down a blow job, even just a partial one?

Danny and Samantha were sinking onto the mattress. His hands were roaming over her body, touching, caressing, and squeezing. She had hold of his cock and was jacking up and down on it.

After a minute or so of sucking Ted's cock, Devlin lifted it and began tonguing his balls. He made a noise somewhere deep in his throat, and then knelt beside her. His hands went to her breasts, fondling and kissing them.

Most guys made a comment about the size of her breasts. Ted didn't, but when Samantha lay down she saw why. Her breasts stuck up without much sag. Obviously she'd gotten her size from a surgeon. That gave her an idea.

"Suck 'em," she murmured. "They're all me."

That seemed to get through to him. Ted began sucking and playing with her boobs in earnest. She'd been brushing his cock—it hadn't really come up yet despite her sucking—and suddenly she had a monster in her hands. She couldn't get her fingers all of the way around it, and the helmet-shaped head felt as big as a baseball.

She lay down next to Samantha, and pushed Ted lower. He reluctantly left her boobs, trailed kisses over her tummy, and then burrowed between her legs.

Devlin gasped at the sudden touch. She grasped his head, holding him where he was. She could easily spend the rest of the night on the mattress, letting his agile tongue drive her out of her mind.

His hands crept up and engulfed her breasts, squeezing them. Devlin didn't care. She was swept up in the rush of feelings he was giving her. She knew with an absolute certainty that she was going to come; her only question was how many times. Even that thought vanished when he caught something just right and she clenched in a wild rush of feeling.

Her second climax followed the first, and then a third. This one made her clench around him, never wanting him to go. It rolled on and on, making her cry out.

"I think you're ready," Ted said. He'd rested his tongue on her tummy, letting her come down from the peak of her climax.

She was still wound up, but felt loose and relaxed, too. She was riding out the last of her climax, and at the moment was in favor of anything he might want to do. Where had he been all of these times she'd come to parties like this?

Ted nudged Devlin's legs farther apart, dropped a couple of kisses on her breasts, and then bent over, his cock rubbing the insides of bar thighs.

"Oh God, put it in!" His tongue was forgotten. His cock felt like a warm log as he rubbed it up and down her sensitive skin.

He fit the head into her entrance, and pushed. She was wet enough that most of his length slid into her. He felt huge, but in the last two years she'd learned that every guy felt big going in, and then her body would adjust. But Ted seemed bigger than most. It wasn't his length, but this girth. He seemed to touch every sensitive nerve in her channel as he slid in.

When he seemed to be all the way in—she could feel his balls against her bottom—she drew him down for a kiss. He did that, but then moved so he could suck her nipples. That sent a jagged bolt of feeling right through her, and made his cock move in interesting ways.

"More," she got out. She was so close, and he was doing nothing to ease up on the feelings.

She felt him grin, and he began to move. After the first thrust she wrapped her legs around him and squeezed her tummy muscles. It was his turn to gasp, and he sped up slightly. Guys had told her how good that felt. They didn't realize it made the guy feel even bigger.

After a few thrusts they began to move in unison. She tried to look between them to see his cock. She could see the base of it as he pulled back, but that was all. Once, just once, she'd like to see one as it entered her. Until then she'd just have to imagine it.

He began to shorten his thrusts, driving into her a little harder and faster. She clutched him, feeling herself riding up, trying to pull him deeper into her. Everything was gone, just the growing tension deep inside her, and that cock, that marvelous cock that was sliding in her channel, pushing her higher and higher.

She came again, a long shuddering release that made her cry out. That seemed to spur him, and he reared, trying to drive all of the way through her, and then tensing as his own feelings proved too much.

He jerked and quivered through his own climax, and then they slumped together, breathing hard and grinning at each other. Finally, as they caught their breath, they turned to watch Samantha and Danny.

She was on her back with her legs hooked on his bottom. She had arched up into him, and her face and chest were red. Her fingers were white as she dug into Danny's side. He was thrusting away like a berserk jackhammer, the slap of his belly against the back of her legs almost a continuous noise. Devlin recognized his expression: he was just on the edge of coming, and barely holding on. She stole her hand across and squeezed his bottom.

That did it. Danny made a noise, plunged deep into Samantha, and held still. Devlin could picture it, having been on the receiving end so many times. His cock would be erupting, jet after jet of sperm bathing Samantha's insides until he finally ran down.

After a bit Ted leaned over and kissed his wife. "You look happy."

"He was better than anyone I had at Lifestyles in Las Vegas." She caressed Danny. "Where've you been?"

Danny chuckled. "You're welcome."

Devlin would have said something, but she was suddenly aware that Ted's cock was growing. He really hadn't slipped out of her like most guys did, and she was kind of grateful for that. She loved the feel of a man inside her, and one of the things she didn't like about sex, especially at a party, was that the guys would pull out soon after they'd come. At least Ted was different.

This time they did it doggy style. She groaned her way through a climax. He'd gotten so incredibly deep she thought he was trying to come in her mouth from the other end. Danny was long enough that she could feel his come hit her cervix, and apparently Samantha discovered that. Both women came at the same time, holding hands as they peaked, and it was right in time with the guys climaxing.

They spent the rest of the evening together, pausing from time to time to suck, lick, or screw. Devlin was used to getting with different men—the month before she'd had sex with 16 different men over a two-night period in honor of her sixteenth birthday—but for some reason having sex with someone else just didn't seem like a good idea. That was all right, Ted did his best to make up for all of the men she normally would have had.

She felt all warm and squishy when she pulled on enough of a dress to be minimally decent. She'd taken a shower, but that couldn't erase how her body felt, or that some of his leavings were leaking out of her.

"This dress is going directly into the wash," she told Danny as they got in his car. "I can't let my mother smell it."

"We should party with them again," Danny said. "She doesn't have your tummy muscles, but she's strong enough down there."

"Have you and Sue been to Lifestyles?"

"Back before the accident," he said. "You'd like it. During the day there are seminars and discussion panels—"

"Samantha said there are some practical workshops, too." They had talked about it during their shower, and Samantha had gotten really excited about the one using the dildo that both vibrated and undulated.

"There are those," Danny said, "and then in the evening you get busy with people that you've met. When Sue and I attended, we partied with different people each night." He chuckled. "I was so tired I slept on the plane coming back, and that never happens."

"You? Sleeping on a plane? Boy, you must have been wiped."

"I think it was three days before Sue said she could bear to wear underwear again. It wasn't that she was sore, or anything, though she said that sometimes happened. It was just the thought of not having any on that got her excited." He grinned at Devlin. "I'd get home, and she'd be so worked up that we wouldn't even make it to the bedroom."

"Sounds like I'd enjoy myself," Devlin said. She sighed. "I don't think I'd be able to persuade my mother to let me go."

"And I wouldn't go without Sue." He sighed. "Someday..."

When they got to Danny and Sue's, Devlin checked in the mirror. There was a definite wet spot where she'd been sitting. She spent a lot of time babysitting Danny and Sue's daughter, and she kept some warm-ups in a closet. Sue was understanding as Devlin put the dress in the hamper to be washed.

"Your mother would ... I don't think 'fit' would be a good description." She rolled her wheelchair back into the kitchen. "Let's not find out."

"Danny was telling me about Lifestyles in Las Vegas." Devlin eased into a chair at the kitchen table. "What can you tell me about it?"

"Thinking of going?"

"I wish. I know that's not going to happen, though."

Sue nodded. "Well..."

She had just finished her description, especially of some of the nightly activities, when there was a knock on the door. Devlin smiled when she saw her mother.

"Let me get my books and I'll be ready." The fiction was that she spent the evenings doing homework and looking after Danny and Sue's baby. Sometimes she did that, but on weekend nights she occupied herself with other activities. As long as her mother continued to believe she was just babysitting, she was fine.

Her mother shared some gossip from work, but it was late, and after a cup of cocoa, Devlin went to bed. She was slowly losing that liquid feel to her body, but she was still a little charged up from the evening. She wondered if married life would be like tonight, with several hours of lovemaking. Probably not, from the stories she'd overheard at the parties, at least after the first year.

The next day, as she did a few chores, she got to thinking. Almost every woman at the parties was approaching middle age. And it was obvious to even the most casual observer that they like sex a whole lot more than the average woman Devlin had seen on TV or overheard in the supermarket. She really thought the average woman would enjoy sex, if she wasn't taught to not like it. She knew her generation probably had a healthier attitude about it than her mother's, or her grandmother's for that matter. For one thing, every girl she knew, with one or two exceptions, masturbated and got off. The subject was almost an embarrassment for older women. It was as if they were ashamed of their bodies, and doubly so at the idea that they could obtain their own pleasure from it.

She was still thinking about that on Monday. When P.E. rolled around—not her favorite subject—she really wasn't paying too much attention to things. They played volleyball, which was kind of fun in a way, and then were sent to the showers. She knew she was sweaty, and a shower was a necessity, but that didn't mean she had to like it. There was never enough time to shower properly, or at least as she liked to.

The locker room had a communal shower for girls. But between the steam and the spray you could almost be alone. She took the opportunity to run her hands all over her body, feeling the heft of her breasts, and remembering how Ted had fastened on them. Samantha had trimmed her pubic hair down to a little strip in line with her slit, what some girls called a 'landing strip', and Devlin wondered if she should. Certainly you didn't do it if nobody would see it, and if women twice her age were doing that, then maybe she should, just to blend in.

She was just starting to get dressed when she overheard a voice from the next row, a girl named Noel that she had a couple of classes with. " ... how embarrassed I am? How would you feel if you found out your parents were not only having sex, but had gone to Las Vegas to some sort of convention where that's all they did."

Intrigued, Devlin threw on her jeans and drifted over, ostensibly brushing her hair if anyone wondered. She cocked her head, trying to pick up everything.

"I got home before they did Saturday night, and my mother just reeked of sex, and so did Dad, but they were different smells. It's as if they didn't have sex with each other."

"Do you think they did?"

"I asked Mom the next morning, and she didn't deny it. She and Dad spent the evening with another couple, a Danny and Devlin."

Devlin felt a bolt of fear shoot through her. She hastily returned to her locker, her mind whirling. Word would get all over school. The gossips would have a field day. They'd ask questions that she couldn't possibly answer, and...

"Well it can't be our Devlin," the other voice said. "She hardly ever dates, and she spends the weekends caring for some woman who was crippled in an auto accident."

"Well Devlin isn't a very common name."

"Neither is Noel, and yet there are two other girls with that name here in school."

"True." Noel sounded grudging, but then her voice picked up. "Still, you've got a point. Our Devlin is 16, and from what Mom said, the other women at these things are her age and older."

"A whole party devoted to doing it? That sort of sounds like what college life is supposed to be like."

"Yeah, I know. Kind of weird in a way, and kind of sick. I know my parents did it Saturday night after I went to bed. I could hear them. I could hear my Mom moaning and calling my Dad's name. She was using the F-word, and going on, 'Harder Ted, harder!' There was a lot more."

"I heard my older sister saying the same thing to her boyfriend one night," the other girl said. How can guys get any harder than they are? I don't understand that."

"I'm sure we'll find out. Kevin Miller wants me to go out with him, and you know the reputation he has."

"Just be careful. The story is that he's knocked up a couple of girls."

"I intend to keep my legs glued together," Noel said. "If he wants any action he can squeeze my boobs, but that's it."

"You should get him to squeeze our Devlin's boobs," the other voice said. "She's big enough..." She came around the corner just as Devlin finished putting on her shoes. The girl was Petal, a long-haired, self-professed flower child who favored vests over granny-style dresses and wire-rimmed glasses. "Oh, hi Devlin."

Devlin gave her a sour look. "You don't know what it's like with these things. Guys forget there's a girl attached to them. I remember last year hearing one boy brag that he'd gotten to dance with them. He didn't say anything about me!"

"I didn't realize—"

"And shopping; do you know I have to buy the next size larger and get it tailored? I probably spend twice as much for my clothes as any other girl here in school."

"Calm down, Devlin," Noel said, coming around the corner. "She gets worked up about this, and I can't blame her. She didn't ask for a chest this big, it sort of happened."

Devlin nodded, and visibly calmed down. "Sorry," she said. "I just so tired of being treated as a thing. My aunt is big-bosomed, and she said it's something I'll have to get used to, unless I get them reduced."

"Reduced?" Petal looked shocked. It was well known around school that Petal thought people should have cosmetic surgery only when they had to, not to enhance their looks.

"Yeah. Cu them in half. That way I'd only be a large B cup, about like a lot of girls."

Petal shook her head. "I'd think twice before I tried that," she said. "I'm no great shakes in the bosom department, but you have what you have."

"Easy for you to say," Noel said. "Anyway, forget about it. Surgery like that isn't cheap. It's easier to make them bigger. That's what my mother did. She was about my size, disappeared one day for what I thought was a visit to my aunt's, and came back almost as big as you are, Devlin."

Devlin nodded. She and Danny had had sex with Noel's parents. She put a smile on her lips, and kept it there as Noel went on about something else. There were so many things she wanted to say, but couldn't. How Ted's dick was thicker in the middle than it was at either end. How Samantha' had shaved her pubic hair down to a little patch just above her cleft. How Ted could come three times in one night, and then apparently go home and do it for a fourth time. How Samantha liked to dip her fingers down to her sex and bring up drops and gobs of come, which she then proceeded to lick from her fingers. How warm Ted's body was when he was fucking someone, and how his tongue absolutely tormented her nipples unmercifully to the point where she thought they were going to come on their own.

There were other things, but instead she just smiled. Her head was spinning, but only a little. She'd had sex with Noel's parents. She'd fucked the girl's father. She'd seen her mother take the cock of a man her mother had known for maybe five minutes, sucking him, and then riding him with her ankles hooked behind his butt. And she'd heard Danny's comment that that same woman had muscles that milked Danny's cock when she came.

That night, after her mother had left for work, Devlin carried her books and homework over to Sue and Danny's. She wanted to tell him what she'd learned at school, but first came dinner, then homework. Any talk, and other activities, could wait until later.

Danny had already gone upstairs by the time Devlin finished all but a paper for English Lit. She was about to follow him when there was a knock at the door, and Mrs. Witherspoon, the town gossip, called a cheerful "Hi!"

Devlin felt her heart sink. Every town had a Mrs. Witherspoon, but Toluca seemed blessed with one of the nosiest. Still, this would help allay any rumors that might go around. Sue rolled over to the door and let the woman in.

"Just thought I'd pop in and say hello," Mrs. Witherspoon said. She had a cherry pie in her hand. "and I brought you this, fresh baked." She pointedly looked at the books Devlin had in front of her at the dining room table.

"If you need Daniel," Sue said, "I believe he's upstairs putting our daughter to bed. It's his turn."

"Ah, good to get men involved in that sort of thing."

"Care to do my homework for me?" Devlin asked. "Then I could park myself in front of the TV."

Mrs. Witherspoon shook her narrow head and laughed. "Sorry, no. I gave up homework the day I graduated from school."

She chatted a few more minutes, but broke it off when Danny came downstairs. He settled in his easy chair and took out some papers from the bank where he worked.

That seemed to satisfy Mrs. Witherspoon. She talked briefly with Sue, and took her leave. Devlin, not trusting the woman, waited a full 30 minutes before getting up and going down the hall toward the bathroom. It also took her to the back stairs, which most people didn't know about. She checked the baby, and then went to Sue and Danny's bedroom. She undressed down to her underwear, and then waited. A couple of minute later Danny came up the stairs.

"I think we're safe," he said. He began unbuttoning his shirt. Devlin undid his pants, played with his cock briefly through his shorts, and then let him help with her bra.

"Something happened at school today that surprised me," she said, "but it can wait a little bit."

He squeezed her breasts, and then stepped out of his shorts. She slid out of her panties, then bent over and began sucking his cock. They'd been doing this every day since she was 14, and she hadn't tired of it yet. She wondered if it was possible to get tired of sex.

When he was hard, and she was wet courtesy of his mouth, he nestled in between her legs. "Now for one of your favorite parts of sex." His cock found her entrance and slid in.

"I have news for you," Devlin said as he began to move, "all parts of sex are my favorites."

"Yeah, but you like some parts more than others."

He began to swivel his hips, making him feel bigger. After a bit she began to heave back up at him. That made it feel as if every thrust came from a different angle. He'd started doing that after one of the parties they attended, and she found she liked it.

She began to gasp in time with his thrusts. Her whole body had come alive. This was what she loved about doing it, had loved ever since she had first started when she was 13. Doing it every night like this made her feel special and very womanly.

Danny began to speed up. Devlin knew right away what that meant. She used her tummy muscles to squeeze him as often as she could. She'd taken ballet since she was six, and the exercise had really toned and strengthened her muscles, especially down there. She loved the way it made a guy feel, bigger, thicker, and sometimes longer. And she absolutely loved the extra friction it caused, making her feel smaller than normal.

She knew Danny was going to come, he was as reliable as a clock that way, but from the way she felt she knew she was either going to get there at the same time, or be right behind him. She wanted that. Her climaxes were always so much better when she had them while Danny was having his.

Just the thought of that seemed to spur something deep inside. She could feel herself climbing that hot slope toward her completion. Danny must have sensed it—after all of this time he should have—and it kicked him into overdrive.

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