I'm a Woman

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2010 by hotwetnshaved

Sex Story: How I met my perfect man

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Anal Sex   .

I awoke to his lips on my neck and his lovely thick prick nudging against my bottom, I pressed myself back at him and moaned softly as he entered me, his rock hard erection filling my anus delightfully.

"Mmm perfect" I said softly and pushed myself back against him.

We moved together slowly, enjoying each other and enjoying the thought of no work for another whole week,

We'd been at the office Christmas party the previous night, booze was flowing, everyone was dancing and flirting, even the management team had let their hair down, I'd had a few dances, enjoyed a few kisses (but fended off even more from unwanted admirers) and I was just thinking about leaving when a voice in my ear asked if I would dance with him.

"Thank you" I smiled and moved into his arms, he danced well, better than me in fact and whatever his after shave was, it smelled great,

"Shall we have a drink?" he suggested after about four or five consecutive dances, I agreed heartily and we took them out onto the balcony overlooking the city of London.

"I don't think I've seen you here before" I said casually and he laughed, "No I'm usually out and about drumming up new business"

"Sounds interesting" I said truthfully, "I'd like to be in the sales team eventually"

"You should apply"

I laughed, "But I wouldn't know who to apply to"

Reaching into an inside pocket of his jacket, he pulled out a card and gave it to me,

"First day back after the holidays, come and see me"

I looked at the card which simply said,

"Frank Harwood" with a phone number,

"Oh" I said and felt very foolish, "You're Mister Harwood"

"I'm Frank" he smiled, "And you're Jenny"

"Yes" I said, "But how do you know my name?"

"Your name's Jennifer Handley, you're twenty three years old, you have a university degree in accountancy, you've been with the company for eighteen months and you're confidently expected to rise very quickly whilst in my employment"

"Wow, I'm impressed"

"Well I pride myself on spotting talent and you my dear Jenny have it, we have an excellent promotion system here, we monitor all our employee's performances, those who don't shape up are shipped out, those who do are rewarded with bonuses and rapid promotion, you've had a large bonus I take it?"

"Yes, yes I have, thank you, it was very generous"

"You earned it Jenny" he said, "But now let's enjoy the party"

We went back into the office that was being used as the bar and I became aware of odd looks from colleagues, jealous looks even,

"Can we dance again?" I asked and he grinned, "Sure I've not danced for ages"

He moved like a man of twenty rather than the forty five he was, he was reputed to work out every day and I for one believed it, I had the time of my life, we enjoyed a few slow dances during which he held me close,

"I'll get make up on your jacket" I said during one such dance, but he held me closer and said that it would come off at the cleaners.

It wasn't until we became aware that almost everyone else had left that we noticed the time,

"Oh God Jenny, I'm sorry, I've kept you late"

"I've enjoyed it Frank, thank you"

"No" he smiled, "Thank you, it's been my pleasure"

He called for a cab and asked if I'd like to go back to his place for a night cap,

"No strings" he smiled and his smile grew wider when I said that I'd love to.

His place as he called it was huge and he took great delight in showing me round, there were seven bedrooms, each with an en-suite, a library in which I noticed several first editions of Dickens, a kitchen which wouldn't have been out of place in a five star hotel and even a gymnasium.

"This is beautiful Frank" I said, "Absolutely gorgeous"

"Here" he smiled, "Grab a bottle and I'll show you my piece de resistance"

We each grabbed a bottle of champagne and I followed him through several rooms until he swung open a door, flicked a light switch and stood back proudly as I gaped in wonder and looked at a full size, fully heated swimming pool.

"Oh my God" I squealed, "Oh Frank, can I have a swim?"

"Of course" he laughed, "I'll get us some costumes" and he strode quickly down to the far end to where I presumed the changing rooms were situated,

I was just stepping out of my panties when he returned carrying two costumes and two robes,

"I won't tell if you don't" I laughed and tossed him my panties before diving in cleanly, I swam a length underwater before surfacing just in time to see him standing naked on the rim, his cock fully upright and threatening,

"You're mad" he laughed and dived in to join me, we met in the middle and no words were spoken or needed as I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs round his waist and kissed him hungrily, I was suddenly very horny and open, his cock needed no guidance, I think it knew where it was needed,

I heard myself making funny little noises as he entered me, his big hands cupped my buttocks and pulled me onto him as we attacked each other's mouth, he was strong, very strong and a skillful lover, at first he moved gently fucking me slowly as he back pedaled towards the shallow end where his feet could find purchase, my nipples ached against his hairy chest and I was whimpering as the iron bar inside me moved faster and faster,

"Frank" I moaned into his mouth, "Fuck me Frank, oh God yes fuck me, fuck me"

Gone was the demure little accountant who dressed conservatively, who never took a day off and who never made a mistake, in her place was a woman, a naked sex crazed woman who could think of nothing else but the penis inside her.

I felt his fingers between my legs, one caressing my nether hole,

"Yes" I hissed and he jammed it upwards, I screamed and let the waves of pleasure engulf me as he grunted and came,

I felt spurt after spurt of his seed jetting into me while all I could do was to cling to him sobbing with the sheer force of my orgasm.

"You'll have to drain the pool now" I said softly as we drifted apart and I watched the tendrils of semen escaping me and floating away,

"Tomorrow" he smiled, "But for now tell me you'll stay"

"I'll stay" I laughed as we pulled ourselves out, "But no strings, promise?"

"No strings"

"You're insatiable" I whispered the following morning as he sodomized me gently in the huge bed we'd made love in the night before,

"And you're beautiful" he said into my ear, "Beautiful and sexy"

"You're not so bad yourself Frank" and I squealed as he flicked his tongue into my ear,

"I think I'm in love with your bottom"

I wiggled it and he groaned in my ear,

"That's so fucking sexy Jenny"

"I think my bottom quite likes your willy" I giggled, "And I've never heard you swear before, it made me shudder"

"I wanted to last night" he said and pinched a nipple making me gasp, "I wanted to tell you how much I liked eating you"

"Tell me now then Frank"

"Your cunt was beautiful" he started to move faster, faster and deeper, "I would eat it all day, every day"

"I like my cunt too Frank, I like playing with it and I loved having your tongue in it"

"Oh God yes, say that again Jenny" his cock was sawing in and out of my anus like a piston,

"My cunt Frank, my hot, wet and juicy little cunt"

"Jenny" he hissed, "OH FUCK I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG"

I was in a delirium of lust, he gripped my hips and held himself perfectly still while his cock jerked and jetted his load into my clutching anus, I was whimpering, sobbing and jerking as I felt each spurt.

Even as we lay still just enjoying the afterglow of great sex, I was trembling, he reached for me and pulled me over into his embrace, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny" he crooned and stroked my hair, "What are we going to do with you?"

"If I can have a quick shower, I'll be gone soon"

"Where to?" he sounded surprised,

"Well home I suppose and there are a few last minute things I need for Christmas dinner"

"Have you got guests coming?"

"No, I'll be by myself, just me pigging out and getting drunk"

We got up and he showed me the bathroom and then calmly stepped into the shower with me,

"Jenny" he said as he began soaping me, "I was hoping you might like to spend Christmas with a poor lonely old man"

"I'm going to" I said, "My Grandpa's in a hospice, I'm going to see him after dinner, it'll probably be his last Christmas"

"Oh Jenny, I'm sorry"

"Don't be, he's not, he's eighty seven and tired"

"I could take you"

"You can take me on one condition"

"Which is?"

"One, I cook Christmas dinner for us both at my house and two, you come in and say hello to him, he always says I don't have any friends"

"That's two conditions"

"I'm a woman!"

"You certainly are" he laughed, "All right it's a deal, but what about your parents?"

"We've not spoken for over three years"

"Oh dear, that's sad, why ever not?"

"I had an affair with a close family friend and they objected"

"Why, was he married?" he was soaping my breasts, taking great care that my nipples were clean when I answered,

"Yes Frank SHE was married to my brother"

I actually saw his cock jerk in front of me and I giggled at his embarrassment,

"We're modern girls Frank" I laughed and took his cock in my hands, "And my brother thought it was sexy, he was cool with it"

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