Mike's Fantasy

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2010 by Pappyok

Erotica Sex Story: Written at the request of a reader, it is his fantasy of watching his wife taken forceably by a large, well hung black man with a little extra added in by the author

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Fiction   Wife Watching   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Size   .

The main story has been written at the request of a reader who suggested the basic plot outline. I took the liberty of cobbling together some of the nicer comments from a few strange people who actually seemed to enjoy reading my stories and gave me positive feedback. Hope those people don't mind their quotes being taken out of context. Sorry, Meg, for attributing them all to you!!!


Meg had been reading a number of adult stories on the internet. After all, with her husband away all week and not due home for two more days and with both her children now teenagers, she needed something to stimulate her. Oh sure, she loved her children, but they weren't the best company for a mature, sexy woman. She needed an outlet for her built up sexual tension.

She had fallen in love with one author in particular, Pappyok, or at least with his stories anyway. For all she knew, the man could be a raving rat bag and ugly as all sin. But she thought he wrote so beautifully and sexily and loved reading them, enjoying the naughty thrill and tingle that they caused in her.

In fact, she ended up in quite a state after reading them and had to go to the toilet for a bit of privacy afterwards. She didn't think it would be appropriate for her kids to see her giving herself some manual relief.

She decided that she loved the 'couples' one the most as this was something she fantasized about doing with her husband, although she knew there would be no chance of it ever happening.

If the truth be known, she was not sure if she would be as adventurous as she would like to think even if the opportunity ever arose.

As she was contemplating the stories, she thought to herself that her two children were about the age of the young people in the stories she had just read and made her wonder what they might be getting up to. "Maybe they aren't as innocent about these matters as I think" she told herself.

She knew that she did a lot of fantasizing, but didn't write anything down, considering herself to be a bit selfish and spoilt in this regard. After all, she thought "I allow myself to get aroused reading the thoughts of others but don't contribute anything myself." She felt just a little bit ashamed of this, but didn't really want to broadcast her feelings to the world.

In fact, she knew she was terrified that her family might come across the web sites by accident and realise what she had been visiting. She didn't want them to know how much she loved reading them and especially about getting that naughty thrill and tingle that they caused in her.

She gave herself manual relief, pulling hard on the nipple of one of her rather large and slightly drooping breasts with one hand while the other hand rubbed her erect little nub and moved up and down between her nether lips.

As she did, she reflected just how very erotic she had found Pappyok's stories, even the rape one which originally she wasn't going to read. But she had found it both very arousing and even a little bit humorous so got past the rape connotation.

After she regained her composure and had cleaned up a little, she went back out to the lounge room, where her two kids had just finished watching a movie. After exchanging a few words with them, they said goodnight to her, kissed her with a brief peck on the cheek and went upstairs to their bedrooms, leaving her downstairs alone and still unfulfilled.

Meg didn't want to go to bed just yet, so she decided to read just one more story before she went to bed. She found that Pappyok had just posted another short story, 'Mike's Fantasy" and settled down to read it before she retired for the night to sleep alone again.

Mike And Ann

Mike had been married to Ann for 25 years now, since she completed her masters degree at the slightly older than normal age of 27. It had taken a few extra years as she was attending part time while working to put herself through college. Now the time taken for her education was proving its worth as she was doing well as a financial analyst for a large brokerage firm on the west coast.

Their only son, their pride and joy, was now an engaged adult no longer living with them, so they were empty nesters, able to enjoy life to the full. This was something that Mike had looked forward to, although Ann probably missed having her son living with them.

Although Ann was now 52 years old, she certainly didn't look it, even though her hair was almost pure white-grey. She liked to joke that her hair color was his fault, from all the stress he had caused her. She liked to keep her hair very short though, as she found that much easier to look after. Ann needed to wear glasses in front of her beautiful brown eyes, but this only added to her allure.

Despite her middle age, which she refused to accept herself as being, Mike thought she had nice legs. She was about 5'4 and 125 lbs and her breasts were 36c. He loved the way her near perfect nipples stood out about 1/4 inch, when she got truly excited. He sometimes wished that she didn't dress so very conservatively, though, imagining her gorgeous legs and beautiful nipples being just a little bit more exposed to other men's gazes.

Ann always trims down where it matters, but doesn't shave around her sex. Never-the-less, Mike found that she got wet very easily. In fact, they both seemed to love getting her that way as often as possible. They had even tried phone sex on a number of occasions although not recently, he remembered, recognizing that the novelty had probably worn off this activity for them.

The 'giant king' was Ann's favourite sex toy; a clear shaft 9 inches long that rotated and had a little elephant that vibrated and hit her clit when fully inserted. Mike loved to get her into the bedroom and ensure the 'giant king' was buried deep inside her, stretching her vagina wide open. He would often imagine that this was a giant penis attached to a very large black man as it thrust in and out of her.

Mike loved the special way she always moaned and climaxed extremely hard before mounting him and riding him until he spurted his conclusion as far inside her as he could get (although that was not as deep as that 'giant king' was able to plunge, he realized).

There was no doubt in Mike's mind that he loved her as much today as he did on the day he married her. But that didn't stop him having fantasies about her, in particular seeing her being used by another man.

Over the years they had enjoyed a good and regular sex life. Despite the pressures of work, probably assisted by there now just being the two of them at home, they enjoyed making love to each other several times a week. He was always happy to try different positions and use toys and other sexual aids in their lovemaking. But they remained faithful to each other and had never been involved in any wife swapping, nor had there been any third parties.

Never-the-less, like quite a number of married men according to what Mike had read on the internet, his favourite fantasy was to think of a huge black man developing a fancy for his wife and taking her without her consent while he was forced him to watch it happen. He appreciated that the chance of this ever happening, though, was extremely remote.

But that didn't stop him from dreaming and speculating about what might happen one day, if only...

The Fantasy

Mike and Ann attended yet another one of her work gatherings. Because neither of them drank very much, in fact rarely anything more than a glass or two of wine or perhaps a martini during a whole evening, they often noticed a few others get just a bit too much booze on board and let their inhibitions go. It was not unusual for the action to sometimes get just a little risqué at parties they attended.

As this particular night progressed, Mike noticed that one of her clients, a tall, good looking man, started flirting with her. Twice he asked her to dance but she declined as neither she nor Mike was very keen on dancing. This didn't stop the man from making sexual advances to Ann, as he stood beside her. At this point, Mike was standing some yards away talking to another husband of one of the workers, but he could see that the client put his arm casually around her shoulders and then held her quite close as they stood there. In fact, one of his large hands slipped slowly down her back and onto her bottom where he tried to cup one cheek. Immediately Ann moved his hand off her bottom, but it wasn't long before once more he had placed it on her back and was slowly sliding it back down to her bottom.

Once again, Ann moved his hand off, but clearly didn't seem to want to upset him; Mike was aware that the man was, after all, a big client of Ann's, although that shouldn't have given him the green light to sexually harass her. This appeared to happen several times, until Ann seemed to give up the fight and he noticed after a while she was standing very close to her client and one of his hands was firmly clutching her bottom.

Mike suddenly realized that, rather than being upset or jealous, he could feel his penis reacting, getting hard and uncomfortable inside his trousers. He looked around to make sure no one was watching before carefully adjusting it so that it was less visible and removed the pressure of his clothing.

When Ann came back to where Mike was standing, the client following her. But she turned and said goodnight to the client, telling him that she had to go home now, as the baby sitter couldn't stay too late tonight. She took Mike's hand and led him out to where their car was parked.

"I'm sorry darling, I couldn't stop him from getting a little too forward, and so I made up that we had to go home to relieve the baby sitter" Ann said contritely as he opened the car door for her.

Mike laughed at the implication of their grown son living with his fiancée needing a baby sitter. He would be horrified.

He simply took her into his arms and kissed her, before telling her "don't be silly darling, you didn't do anything wrong. In fact, I'm sorry to admit it, but I got a little turned on watching you. Can't you tell?"

As he said this, he pulled their thighs hard against each other, with his erection pressing into her.

"Mmmh, someone certainly did seem to enjoy what happened to me didn't they? Did you really like watching another man molest your bride?" she asked gently.

"You know I did. It's always been one of my fantasies to watch you with another man" he softly whispered into her ear.

But before she had a chance to reply, suddenly both Ann and Mike felt hoods being pulled down over their heads and Mike was bundled into the back seat of their car and held tightly by someone, while Ann was similarly pushed into the front passenger seat.

"Don't either of you speak and make sure you co-operate and then you won't get hurt. We saw you teasing and flirting with that man back at the party so decided to teach you a little lesson" the man in the back seat who was holding Mike with an iron-like grip, said gruffly to Ann.

She whimpered and begged "please don't hurt us, please, I didn't mean to do anything wrong. I'm sorry."

"Quiet. Didn't I just tell you not to speak?" the man repeated as he lightly clipped her across the back of her head.

Meanwhile, the other man had picked up Mike's car keys when he dropped them as the hood was pulled over his head. He proceeded to drive them a short distance to a rather dingy motel. After making sure no one was watching the two men bundled the married couple into a motel room, threatening them again about making a sound. Naturally, neither Mike nor Ann knew where they where.

Mike was quickly tied to a chair and the hood removed, but immediately replaced by a gag. He could neither move nor make a sound. Then they undressed him as well, so that he was sitting in the nude watching what they were about to do to his wife.

"Don't forget, don't make a sound other than moaning in pleasure, or not only will you be hurt, but that tiny little penis of your husband will be lying on the floor by itself" the larger of the two men told Ann.

Mike shuddered as this was said. He could see the two men were both rather tall black men, one with particularly wide shoulders. He looked rather mean and Mike quickly recognized that anything but complete co-operation with them would quickly lead to physical violence, which he would be totally helpless to prevent. He just hoped that Ann would not try to fight them.

Never-the-less, as the larger man holding Ann tried to kiss her, she ducked her head and desperately attempted to fend him off. Her actions were futile, of course, as the man simply held her a little harder, causing her to moan with pain, before he brought her lips back to his and forced his tongue into her mouth. At the same time, his hands were pawing her breasts, squeezing them through her clothing.

After forcing several deep kisses on her, he pulled back and whispered to her "do you want me to rip your clothes off, or will you take them off by yourself? At least that way you'll have something to wear home when we've had our way with you."

Mike could hear what the man had said to his wife and wondered what she would do. He couldn't speak or help her in any way; he was trussed up too securely. He definitely didn't want her hurt and knew that secretly he hoped that she would cooperate and undress, but Ann was too scared to move.

"Last chance before I rip them all off" he told her menacingly.

Crying, sobbing, scared; Ann recognized that she was going to be naked either way and it would be better if her clothes weren't torn to shreds. So slowly, with her head bent down so that she didn't have to look at anyone, she started to undress.

Once she was fully stripped, the man pushed her roughly back onto the bed and drove his long fingers in her pussy. She let out a quiet groan as he rudely thrust his fingers inside, but she quickly found that her body was betraying her and she felt the growing dampness down below facilitating his entry into her. She glanced back to her husband, almost apologetically, only to recognize he was watching her with obvious lust on his face.

Ann remembered what Mike had been saying just as they were being kidnapped and could now tell that he hadn't been kidding when he told her he wanted to see her used by another man. Although she was certain he didn't mean like this, at least she felt that he would not be holding this against her when it was, hopefully, all over.

Ann still didn't surrender easily as the large man molested her breasts with one hand and his mouth while the other hand continued driving his long fingers deep into her vagina. But as he continued his assault on her, Mike could see that she was resisting less and less.

Finally, the man stood up and took his shirt and then his pants off revealing for the first time his enormous erection, which looked very angry and very ready for action. Mike watched with a mixture of horror and arousal as the huge penis slowly drove into her.

All the while, Ann begged the man to stop as she groaned in pain from the unaccustomed intrusion into her secret place, but after five minutes or so of his thrusting fully into her, Mike could hear her first groans and cries of pain and horror change into moans of pleasure that indicated that her body at least was accepting and enjoying what was happening to her.

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