Newly Wed's Love Nest

by Yvonne

Copyright© 2010 by Yvonne

Erotica Sex Story: A young bride's downfall.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Slut Wife   .

Rob and Yvonne were so happy to at last have found a suitable house to rent. Their marriage was just a week off and they'd been beginning to despair at the possibility or finding something affordable.

Having looked all through the house, they locked the door and, hand in hand, wandered around to the back garden.

"Hello," a cheery voice called out.

They both turned to see the next door neighbour over the low dividing wall. He was a scrawny looking, bald headed man in about his sixties, he had a happy face and was smiling as he approached the low boundary wall which was just a couple of feet high and really only a marker rather than any sort of wall providing privacy.

"Are you moving in," he asked.

Rob introduced himself and Yvonne, and told the man, whose name was Tony, that they were about to be married and would be moving in after their two week honeymoon.

Tony immediately congratulated them on their forthcoming marriage, and offered to help with anything they wanted in regards to their house moving or collecting the mail, etc while they were away.

Rob took up this offer by asking if Tony would let the delivery men into the house the following day.

"Of course," Tony had helpfully agreed as Rob gave him the key.

Thanking Tony and saying goodbye, Rob and Yvonne wandered off, hand in hand, towards their car. "He seems like a nice old guy," Rob said, "it's good to have good neighbours."

Tony, after this brief encounter, had hidden himself behind some thick bushes and spent time gloating over Yvonne's short skirt which flounced around when she walked, and which came to about, half way up her lovely, young thighs. He leered lecherously at her lovely small breasts which bulged lasciviously beneath her tight little top.

"A brand new bride. Mm, I'd love to teach the little bitch all about her duties in bed," he lecherously grinned, "such a lovely, sweet and innocent looking little thing too, and obviously so very much in love. Ah, I'd like to fuck her and pervert that pure love of hers."

As soon as the happy young couple drove off, Tony himself went to his car and drove the short trip to the hardware store. "Hello," he said to the person serving, "I'd like a duplicate key cut to match this one please."

The following day, Tony was there to let the furniture delivery men into the neighbouring house, then, as soon as they were gone, he entered himself to check just what his sexy new neighbour had in the way of goods.

He took just a cursory look at the small amount of furniture, but when he noticed the baggage that looked as if it may contain personal things, he took much greater interest.

He opened the first trunk and quickly closed it up again when he saw that it was mainly linen and odds and ends.

The second case was much more interesting to him. "Aha," he gloated when he saw that it contained personal clothing.

He was very careful not to leave any sign that the contents had been disturbed. He carefully lifted each pair of Yvonne's sexy little panties out one at a time and studied them admiringly.

A couple of delicate little camisoles had him grinning and muttering filthy words as he then moved onto the sexy little, nylon half-slips, sexy lace topped stockings and lovely little lace trimmed bras.

Going back to Yvonne's panties he took his already hard cock out and began stroking himself until his cum began to dribble out. He lecherously smeared a small amount of his cum onto the gussets of all of the pairs of panties, then made sure to pack all of the underwear away so as to look undisturbed.

Tony spent some time looking through a couple of photo albums and paying particular attention to those photos of Yvonne at the beach in her tiny little bikini. He also found a number of most private love letters that the young couple had exchanged at various times. He read all of Yvonne's personal thoughts that she had recorded in her diary which was packed away at the bottom of the trunk.

Having checked out everything of interest, he took the photo albums back to his house and spent some time scanning the photos of Yvonne onto his computer.

Having done that, he went back into his neighbour's house, carefully packed everything away so that it looked untouched, and locked up the house.

Later that day, Rob arrived and thanked Tony profusely for letting the delivery men in and locking the house again.

"That's quite ok, that's what neighbours are for," Tony said cheerily as he handed the key back to Rob. "I hope that the delivery men left everything clean and tidy," Tony added. "I didn't like to go inside your house myself."

"You're too fastidious," Rob laughed. "You could have gone in if you'd wanted to."

"No, no," Tony replied, "your house is your own private domain and I wouldn't want to appear to be nosey."

"What a nice old guy," Rob later on told Yvonne. "We're lucky to have a neighbour like him."

Soon, the young married couple returned from their honeymoon. Tony kept an eye out for any sign of his sexy, young neighbour, and perved on her from his window at every opportunity. At night he sat slowly masturbating as he looked over the photos of Yvonne which he had on his computer.

It was just two days after their return that Rob had to recommence work. This left Yvonne at home by herself as she had moved from another city and had not yet been able to find work locally.

Tony knew that he mustn't push himself too much onto his neighbours, he just called out "hello" if he happened to be working in his garden when he saw Yvonne, and only a couple of times in that first week, talked to her across their boundary wall.

He was happy that she seemed quite relaxed in talking to him, and was in two minds when she told him that he reminded her of her grandpa. He took some comfort though when she added that perhaps Tony wasn't quite that old.

Tony had, right at the start, hatched a plot that he was going to try out. He'd gone to the local charity shop and searched around for old magazines of the type that would appeal to a young girl like Yvonne. He'd bought a pile of these magazines, and had them ready to use just as soon as he thought the time was right.

It was towards the end of the second week, after he'd talked with his lovely, young neighbour for some time out in the garden, that he decided he should put his plan into action.

In chatting to her earlier on, Yvonne had indicated that she got a bit bored at home alone all of the time.

Tony, seizing on this opening, had told her that his daughter, (fictitious of course, ) had left lots of old magazines in the house, and he mentioned that he'd pass them on to Yvonne.

He now selected a few of the magazines that he'd bought, and next time he saw Yvonne hanging out some laundry, he went out with them and gave them to her, saying that there were heaps more if she wanted them.

Careful not to rush things, Tony, a couple of days later, passed on another few magazines, deciding that with the next lot he would "test the little bitch out."

It was a Monday morning and the magazines were ready in a small pile on Tony's kitchen table. There were half a dozen in all, but this time, towards the bottom of the pile, he had slipped in a porno magazine, one on the cover of which, was a lovely picture of two girls sucking on a big cock.

His nervous excitement grew continually as he kept watch out of his window, for a sight of Yvonne in the neighbouring house. Finally he saw her going out of her back door to put a bag of rubbish into the waste bin.

Tony picked up his pile of magazines and going outside, he called out in his usual friendly manner over the little, low boundary wall.

"Hello Tony," Yvonne said smilingly, having become accustomed to their friendly and innocent, little chats.

Tony passed the little pile of magazines to her, and, after a brief, friendly chat they each returned to their own homes.

"Fuck!" Tony muttered to himself when back in his kitchen, "if only this leads somewhere."

The couple of hours that he waited seemed like an eternity, but then he decided that it was long enough and he went out, stepped over the low dividing wall, and going to Yvonne's back door, he knocked with his knuckles.

In a moment Yvonne opened the door, and because of her easy, friendly manner, Tony assumed that she hadn't looked at the magazines nor found the porno book amongst them.

He now put on an act of great embarrassment as he explained to Yvonne that he thought that another magazine, one that must have gotten mixed in by mistake, might be in with the pile that he'd given her.

"What is it?" Yvonne asked quite innocently.

Tony put on a wonderful act of embarrassment. "Well, um ... this is so embarrassing ... it's ... well, um, something that you might find disgusting ... He then blurted out that it was a sex book with rather crude pictures.

Yvonne blushed noticeably when she heard this, and it was her turn to show embarrassment.

Tony told Yvonne that he would hate it if Rob should find her with it - "what would he think!" he exclaimed - "he would get the wrong idea completely, and all because of a simple mix up."

Tony then told Yvonne that if she could have a look and if the offending magazine was indeed there, if she could just bring it over and toss it onto his back step.

Yvonne with great embarrassment assured him that she would do that if she found the book.

Tony once more was all apologies, and with that they parted with Tony grinning to himself as he walked back across the garden towards to his own house.

Time went on, and Tony began to be happy in the thought that Yvonne must be having a good look at the porno magazine before bringing it back. If she'd been shocked or disgusted, she probably would have come immediately and flung it over the fence.

Eventually, after some three quarters of an hour, he saw Yvonne through his window. She quickly hurried across the garden, lightly stepped over the wall, and had gone to the step and put the magazine down before fleeing back to her own house.

Tony had been quite right in his estimation of Yvonne's actions. She had been so very embarrassed when Tony had mentioned the porno magazine. She'd hurried back inside her house, but had immediately, and very eagerly, taken up the pile of magazines and shuffled through them until she came upon the magazine in question. She'd felt a rush of excitement when she'd seen the cover picture of the two girls sucking and licking at that wonderful, big, hard cock.

Yvonne had felt her lustful excitement rapidly rising as she turned the pages and saw cock after cock fucking girl's mouths and pussys. Her hand had groped at her own pussy and soon she was masturbating freely as she almost drooled over the wonderful pictures in the magazine.

Yvonne twice brought herself to a climax while fantasising about herself sucking all of the wonderful, big cocks in the pictures. She had then thought of the need to return the magazine to Tony. She was again seized with great embarrassment, and had dabbed cold water over her face so as to look not so flushed.

Running back from Tony's back door, she felt relief that he hadn't appeared. She now felt a longing to still be looking over those pictures, although she knew that she'd needed to return the magazine before her husband came home and found her with such crude material.

The next day, although he longed to find out what Yvonne's attitude towards him would be, Tony made himself scarce even though he saw his neighbour several times during the morning.

It was late in the day when, knowing that he couldn't stand be kept in suspense any longer, he spied Yvonne going outside to bring in her laundry.

Going outside and putting on a casual air, Tony cheerily called out to Yvonne who showed herself to be quite flustered and shy in talking to him after the business of the previous day with the porno magazine.

Tony again apologised about "yesterday's embarrassment".

"You didn't tell your husband I hope," he asked her, "he wouldn't have been too happy if he thought that I was intentionally giving you that sort of thing."

Yvonne, with continued embarrassment, assured him that she hadn't said a word to Rob about the incident.

"Anyhow," Tony said boldly, and determined to test Yvonne a little, "I suppose a young thing like yourself would probably like those sorts of pictures,"

Yvonne, already looking rather flustered, now blushed bright red, which Tony quickly realised could be interpreted in any way.

Yvonne stammered in absolute confusion, "no ... I don't." She was so embarrassed that she only wanted to get away, but in her mind she desperately did want to see more of those wonderful photos of lovely, lovely cocks that she had looked at the day before.

Tony knew that it would be best to not push things any further, so he casually said goodbye and they each turned away to go to their respective houses.

Tony couldn't really decide whether his scheme had been of any value or not, but he decided that, because Yvonne had not ignored him and cut him absolutely cold, perhaps there had been some value in the exercise.

On the following couple of days, Tony made a point of going away for the day just to put a little time between he and his neighbour. On the Friday morning however, he greeted Yvonne when he saw her that morning. She seemed a little embarrassed and reserved still, but Tony got her talking about Rob, and about their honeymoon away, and soon she was chatting in her former happy way.

Tony let her chatter away, just making a comment or asking a question here and there to keep her going. Finally, when she said that she should be doing things rather than standing around enjoying the sunshine, Tony knew that it was time that he push her back to where he wanted her.

"OK," he said, agreeing that it was very pleasant standing talking, but that he too had things that he should be doing. They'd just been talking about her husband's work, so it was natural that Tony should make a further comment concerning him. "You didn't tell Rob about that magazine did you," he once more asked.

"No, no, I didn't," Yvonne answered, lowering her eyes in embarrassment, although Tony thought that she didn't display the extreme shame that she'd formerly exhibited.

"I wouldn't want him to know, even if you both like to look at that sort of thing," Tony continued, determined to press ahead.

"No," Yvonne murmured.

"No you won't tell him?" Tony questioned.

"Yes," Yvonne now murmured.

"No and yes," Tony chuckled, "you have me completely confused, and he gave a laugh which seemed to ease the tension with Yvonne.

"No I didn't tell him, and no I won't tell him," Yvonne said, suddenly looking up and smiling slightly.

"Aha, now I know," Tony laughed, and Yvonne gave a giggle.

"It's not that you shouldn't enjoy looking at that sort of thing," Tony continued, "but Rob might get jealous if he knew that you were looking at other men in those sorts of situations."

Yvonne now suddenly became shamefully embarrassed again, and just murmured some reply before saying goodbye and hurrying into her house.

Tony was uncertain how to proceed, but went home pleased that Yvonne was at least showing less embarrassment, and she had indeed told him that she wouldn't mention the matter to her husband.

Yvonne, for her part, had great feelings of guilt when Rob was fucking her that evening - guilt that she had a secret from him, and guilt that she'd so much enjoyed looking at the lewd pictures in the magazine.

The succeeding days, being the weekend with Rob at home, Tony once more made himself scarce in order to give the impression that Yvonne didn't see much of him.

By Monday morning he was decided that he should keep the pressure on his sexy, young neighbour and offer her more porno magazines.With that determination in mind, he selected two magazines that had a delicious array of sluts being fucked and sucking cock, but at this stage he made sure that all pictures in the books were strictly one on on, rather than any threesome or gangbanging scenes.

Sometime later, seeing the opportunity, he slipped the two magazines into a plastic bag and went out to where Yvonne was busy at some activity.

"Hi Yvonne," he called across the intervening lawn.

"Hello Tony," Yvonne replied in friendly tones as she looked up from her work.

"I've only got a minute," Tony said, stepping over the wall and pretending to be in some haste. "I realised that you would have enjoyed looking at that magazine I inadvertently gave you last week. Here's a couple more for you, but make sure that you return them before Rob gets home. Just leave them on my back verandah if I'm not about; I could be a bit late. Must rush now, I'm already running late, Bye."

Tony had rattled this off without a breath as he'd thrust the magazines into Yvonne's hands, and had then hurried back to his house, not giving Yvonne a chance to say anything, and thus assuaging the embarrassment that she began to experience.

Yvonne's embarrassment had risen rapidly as she heard Tony's words, but he had been in such a hurry, and had thrust the bag into her hands so rapidly that she had no time for her shame to take hold. Now she was thrilled - more of those gorgeous men to look at. Her hands trembled as she held the magazines and hurried inside.

Going into the bedroom she tipped up the bag and the two glossy magazines slid out to show lovely, wonderful pictures of men with their lovely, big, hard, erect, magnificent cocks fucking mouth and pussy.

Yvonne's hand immediately went to her pussy, lifting her skirt and slipping beneath her panties. She gloated over the pictures, slowly turning the pages, sometimes going back to compare some gorgeous cock with another on later pages.

For an hour or more Yvonne went back and forth through the magazines. She fantasised about being fucked, both pussy and mouth, by all of those wonderful cocks. It wasn't until she realised that her husband would soon be home, and that she needed to do a number of things, before she thought to return the magazines to her neighbour. It was then that she began to experience feelings of shame, but it must be said that these feelings were very much dampened down by the lustfulness which she was still experiencing.

Adjusting her skirt and smoothing her hair, Yvonne lightly skipped across the lawn, over the low wall, and dashed to the verandah of the adjacent house. She dropped the bag with the two magazines onto the verandah, and dashed lightly back to her own house, thankful that she'd not encountered Tony.

It wasn't much later that Tony arrived back home, and, going straight to the back verandah, he smiled as he picked up the magazines and entered his house. Once inside, Tony carefully leafed through the pages of the magazines. Scattered through the pages he had left a dozen or so tiny little pieces of black cotton thread, and now, searching carefully, he found only one, which indicated that Yvonne must have indeed spent time going through the pages.

Tony was pleased the way the day had gone. His method of delivering the magazines had worked wonderfully well, and to celebrate, he opened a bottle of his best wine.

Yvonne on the other hand, almost felt herself blush when her husband arrived home, and later on, when they were fucking, she was tormented by guilt, and vowed that she'd not do that again.

Tony had minimal contact with his neighbour over the next few days. It wasn't by choice. He found he had business matters to attend to, then he had a need to be out of town. He was frustrated by these interruptions, but, after several days of not seeing Yvonne, he considered that it was probably a good thing in the long run.

It was Friday before he was free to once more pursue Yvonne. He selected a single magazine from his extensive collection, and slipped it in a plastic bag.

He went out, placing the bag on the small boundary fence, just across from Yvonne's back door, then got a selection of gardening tools from his shed, and went right down to the back of his garden, away from the house.

He'd planned exactly how he was going to approach this new test to see how far Yvonne would go, and now he began work while awaiting his deliciously, sexy prey.

It was quite a while before Yvonne appeared, and Tony was getting hot and tired. He'd constantly kept an eye on the neighbouring house, and now saw Yvonne come out and go into her garden.

He worked on for a minute or two, then seeing his neighbour picking an armful of flowers, he straightened up and, leaning on his shovel, called out a greeting.

"Hi Tony," Yvonne smiled, "gosh, look at the amount that you've dug. It must be hard work."

Tony replied that it was, but said that he wanted to get it all done so as to plant seedlings. He went back to work digging the soil, then, as if he'd almost forgotten, he straightened up and called as Yvonne continued with her flower collection, "by the way Yvonne, there's another magazine I left on the wall for you. Just toss it on the verandah when you're finished with it." He then immediately went back to his work with his back half turned towards where Yvonne stood.

The ploy of not giving her a chance to say anything, had worked well with Yvonne on the previous occasion, and now Tony used it again, this time with the test that she had to actually go and take up the magazine herself.

Tony didn't dare look in case he scared her from picking up the porno mag, if that was indeed what she would now do. Instead, he kept working and digging diligently for some further half an hour before again straightening up and stretching his tired back. He banged the soil from the shovel, then gathered up the other implements and made his way to the garden shed, then walked back up to his house, swivelling his eyes across to see if the magazine was gone.

"Yes, yes, yes," he triumphantly muttered to himself, "the dirty little slut couldn't resist."

Glancing at the clock, Tony prepared his lunch and felt in a great humour at his latest little triumph.

Time went on and it was almost two hours later when he glimpsed Yvonne hurrying from her house in the direction of his own back verandah. In one hand she held the magazine as she nervously kept glancing around her.

It only took a second before she was dancing back across the lawn, over the small wall, and skipping up the stairs of her house.

"You dirty, little, fucking slut," Tony laughed sneeringly inside his kitchen as he saw her disappear inside her back door. The fucking slut must have been really getting herself off over those pics, and he laughed out loud, a low, evil, exultant chuckle.

Once more it was the weekend and Tony had time to take his time in considering exactly how he should proceed. Things were easy now compared with his first uncertain actions. That was three lots of porn now, and the last time she even went over to the fence and picked up the magazine herself - there had been no thrusting it into her hand then - she had really wanted to have it.

He spent lots of time selecting Yvonne's next display of pornography, and eventually, having made his selection, he noted several pics that he was determined to mention to her when he gave it over.

The time came on the Monday morning when he spotted Yvonne. He picked up the magazine, not covered and hidden inside a bag, but open for her to see.

Going outside and calling out to her, he laughingly told her that she was lucky to have such a supply of porno magazines at hand. He watched as she blushed profusely, but then he continued to tell her that he had heaps and heaps of them, and there was no reason why she shouldn't have the chance to enjoy them all. He passed the magazine across, holding it flat so that they could both see the picture of the girl on the cover, spread eagled and being fucked.

Tony was feeling incredible as he did and said all that he'd planned. His cock was as hard as rock in his pants, and he wondered if Yvonne might notice. He was getting bolder by the minute. Yvonne, even though she looked so incredibly embarrassed and uncomfortable, had taken the magazine when he'd offered it, and was constantly lowering her eyes in humiliation, though then looking back to Tony's gaze as if hypnotically attracted to his look.

"Tell me afterwards, what you think of the threesome pics with the girl getting the two guys at the same time," he was telling her. "There's something incredibly sexy about a girl with more than one guy working on her," he continued.

Yvonne was in such a state of confusion, embarrassment, shame, humiliation, shock ... you name it, that she couldn't say anything. Tony on the other hand, was getting so worked up that he could say anything. He didn't get the chance however, as Yvonne, just wanting to get away, suddenly murmured a hardly audible "thanks," and almost ran back indoors.

Tony also went back into his house, and after masturbating, began to rue his uncontrolled eagerness, and wondered if he'd ruined all of his prior efforts.

In fact he needn't have worried because inside her own house, Yvonne had almost in a frenzy, flipped through the pages of the magazine to the pictures of the girl being fucked by the two men at once.

While Tony had very quickly brought himself to a climax, Yvonne took her time, slowly stimulating herself with her fingers and sometimes with a nicely shaped cosmetics bottle that she often used for that purpose, all of the time driving herself inexorably to the point of being totally consumed by sensationally lustful feelings.

She imagined herself later on telling Tony how she'd masturbated, how she'd imagined being with those two men, and of having all sorts of wantonly lewd and brazen discussions with her old, but so sexy neighbour.

In truth, she afterwards disregarded all of those lustful thoughts, and wondered if she would be game to say anything at all.

Even though Tony considered that he might have pushed things too far, he was intent on carrying through this latest test that he'd devised for his lovely, young neighbour. He therefore went outside and began to prepare an outdoor chair for repainting, making a point of positioning himself where Yvonne could not avoid him.

Yvonne's lustful delights lasted much longer than Tony's had done. He was outside waiting for almost two hours before he saw Yvonne appear clutching the magazine.

Seeing Tony there, she immediately retreated back inside, unable to brazen out her embarrassment.

Tony became uncertain whether he was in fact doing the right thing by expecting her to bring the porno back to him rather than to leave it on the verandah as she had done before. He kept working at the chair for some time longer, and had almost made up his mind that he should pack up and leave Yvonne to deliver the magazine as she had previously.

In the meantime, Yvonne had, once safely back inside her house, begun again to look through the magazine, and soon began to once more become very sexually stimulated. She was still lustfully examining the magazine when she suddenly realised that her husband would be arriving home very soon.

Grabbing up the magazine, she hurried outside to where Tony had finally decided to pack up and to leave Yvonne to deliver the magazine onto his verandah as she previously had.

Now, seeing Yvonne hurrying across the lawn towards him, Tony was thrilled.

"There you are," Yvonne said as she hurriedly handed the magazine across. She had gained a certain amount of self assurance from the very sexy feelings that were once more stirring her lust.

"How did you like it," Tony said, grinning broadly.

"It's so naughty," Yvonne unashamedly responded with a coy look.

Tony was absolutely thrilled by this somewhat unexpected development. "What did you think of the threesome pics," he excitedly asked.

It was true that Yvonne was feeling very sexy once more, and her embarrassment had been slightly, although not completely, stifled. She now, however, in having Tony ask her outright about the magazine, felt a further surge of lust at her present situation of discussing pornography with her neighbour, and as her mind pictured once more those very wicked photos of the girl with the two lovely men.

"They were beautiful," Yvonne replied in a sexy and dreamy tone and attitude.

This delightful discussion might have gone further, but Yvonne remembering once more that her husband would very soon be arriving home, said, in a voice not at all showing embarrassment, "I must go Tony. Rob will be home at any time now. Thank you for the lovely magazine." And with that she hurried back to her house and disappeared inside.

Tony was delighted by this brief meeting and exchange of words - words ever so brief, but so full of promise. He packed up his work, took the magazine, and went inside to gloat over the lewd, filthy pictures in the knowledge that his lovely young neighbour had been looking at those very same sights.

The next day, Tony approached Yvonne as soon as he saw her emptying mail from her letter box. "Do you want some more porn," he asked straight out after they'd exchanged a few words.

Yvonne blushed, but lowering her eyes, said softly, "yes please."

Tony made her wait while he went into his house to get the magazine that he'd already selected for her.

"Look at this," he gloatingly said when he came back armed with the magazine and opened the pages to show the lewd, obscene pictures.

"Gosh," was all that Yvonne could say in her embarrassment.

"Bring it over to me when you've finished with it," Tony told her.

Yvonne kept the magazine all of the day, continually going back to it to lust and marvel at it's wonderful pictures.

Eventually, late in the afternoon, she took the magazine up, walked across the lawn to Tony's back door, and called in a sweet voice, "Tony, are you there?"

Tony immediately came to the door, smiling broadly.

Yvonne handed the magazine over saying "thanks."

"Did you like that one?" Tony grinned.

"They're so bad aren't they," Yvonne said evasively.

"Do they make you want to be bad?" Tony asked, lecherously.

"Oh," Yvonne exclaimed with a giggle and feeling scandalised, "you're so naughty Tony."

"I've got some sex aids that I should give you with these mag's," Tony said, his lust beginning to drive what he was saying, rather than his common sense.

"Oh Tony!" Yvonne gasped in horror. "You're so terrible," and then, but not before she thanked him again for the magazine, she made her escape back to her own house.

Tony did in fact have a collection of sex aids, but had not really thought of giving them to Yvonne. It really had been his lust talking when he'd mentioned them. He now, however, decided that he would actually supply her with one or two and see what happened.

He spent some time deciding upon which things to give to his neighbour, finally deciding on a long, pink, flexible, rubbery dildo that was moulded in the exact likeness of a huge cock.

The following morning he awoke early and couldn't get back to sleep as his brain had immediately begun thinking of Yvonne fucking herself with his long, cock-like dildo.

He waited impatiently and finally, seeing Yvonne's shape moving behind the curtains of her window, slipped the dildo, along with a new tube of K-y lube, into a plastic bag, and went and knocked on his neighbour's door.

Yvonne seemed surprised to see him, but he told her that he had a heap of business letters to write, and thought that he'd give her something before he got stuck into the task. He handed her a fresh magazine and then lifted the bag and said, "and here's some fun things for you."

Yvonne's face flushed bright red when it occurred to her what the "fun things" might actually be. She didn't want to further embarrass herself by looking in the bag or of making any acknowledgement of what they were, so she simply said, "thanks Tony," and left it at that.

On closing the door, it took Yvonne a fraction of a second to check the contents of the bag. "Oh my God," she exclaimed as she reached in and took out the large, fat, pink, rubbery, cock-like dildo, "he really has."

This new development made Yvonne's lust rise in her without her even looking at the magazine. She took everything into her bedroom, opened the magazine at a wonderfully lewd picture, slid her pants down, squeezed a good amount of the lube onto both her pussy and the large dildo, and, laying back on the bed with her legs spread and her knees up, she inserted the dildo and slowly, slowly slid it right up into her wet, slippery pussy and began fucking herself while slowly browsing through the magazine.

Gazing admiringly at the gorgeous big, hard cocks in the pictures, she imagined being fucked by them. Then she began to think of how outrageous it had been of Tony to have given her this lovely dildo. It made her feel even more lustful as she thought of her old neighbour thinking of her using his dildo on herself. She began to go over everything that had happened - first of all the magazine being inadvertently mixed up amongst the others, then Tony deciding that, just because she was young, she must like looking at the pictures, and then more magazines, and now this.

Slowly the realisation came upon her that it hadn't been an accident at all when the porno got mixed up with the magazines. The more she thought about it the more she believed that it had all been a very carefully laid plan by Tony, to get her to this point.

This realisation didn't upset her or turn her off, rather, it excited her more, even though she realised that she had been so naive and gullible.

Tony wants me to fuck myself with his dildo, she thought, and she delighted all the more in the sensation of it as she worked it about in her slippery, wet pussy.

This realisation of the truth came upon Yvonne in two different aspects; on the one hand she understood that Tony had really set her up in this way. The other thing that occurred to her was: she had never thought of Tony as having any sexual designs on her, other than perhaps looking her over all of the time. This latter was probably due to the fact that Tony was some three times her own age ... She now knew this to be false, and that he really did desire her and was doing this in order to groom her for ... her mind reeled ... for goodness knows what!

She now, as she dildo fucked herself, began to think of Tony fucking her and what it would be like. He was so much older, but look at the way he had pushed her into what she was now doing. Perhaps it would be nice. She began to get more and more excited and worked up the more she thought along these lines.

She realised she was panting hard. Her pussy felt sensational. She let the magazine drop and moved one hand to stimulate herself with her finger while still fucking herself with the dildo.

"Ahhhhhh," she began to moan as the delicious, well known feelings of approaching orgasm began to fill her every sense.

On and on. Now gasping and heaving her body about on the bed, arching her back and pumping her hips frantically as she reached the peak of her climax.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she moaned and groaned and gasped. The sensations were too much, too wonderful, too lovely, so fabulously gorgeous that she couldn't stand any more.

She fell back panting and gasping. Feeling wonderful.

"Ooooooo," she shuddered as she slowly slid the cock-like dildo from her pussy. She looked at it, all greasy and slimy with the lube and her own bodily juices.

A wicked thought filled her mind. "Oh my God, would I be so brazen," she giggled out loud to herself.

She slipped the greasy, slimy dildo back into the plastic bag, then, dressing herself and taking up the bag and magazine separately, she left the house, and, heart beating excitedly, ran to Tony's back door. She placed the magazine on the door step, hung the bag on the door knob, knocked as firmly as she could on the wood panelling of the door, and then fled in a panic of nervous excitement back to her own house.

Safely inside her house she stood with her back to the door. Panting and with heart racing, she exclaimed, "oh God, what a thing to do," then she laughed a sexy, cheeky laugh. She quickly went to her kitchen window and was just in time to see Tony's door closing; the magazine and bag gone!

Yvonne's lust had not subsided by any means. She thrilled at what she had just done, and once more she went back to the bedroom and played about while imagining fantastic thoughts.

Tony had been having a cup of coffee and pondering over a crossword puzzle. "Hmm, seven letters, unnatural sexual practise, fourth letter 'g'. Of all words I should know this one," he thought, but the word continued to elude him.

A firm rap on the back door roused him although his mind remained occupied with his puzzle.

Opening the door, there was a rustle of the plastic bag and a light thump as it fell and landed on top of the magazine.

"Aha!" Tony exclaimed with a grin as he bent to pick the items up, at the same time glancing about for any sign of Yvonne.

He closed the door and held the bag open to peer in.

"F-u-c-k-i-n-g H-e-l-l," he exclaimed in a long, slow, drawn out way as he looked with amazement at the glistening dildo.

He could not believe it and muttered that, "the fucking bitch is having me on."

Lifting the dildo and sniffing it told him different though. Of course there was the smell of the lube, but unmistakably there was another scent as well, the scent of Yvonne's cunt.

The way the lube and slime covered the cock-dildo also showed how it had been used. The very back end had nothing on it, while from the tip upwards along its length was more just slimy rather than greasy with the lube. Then there was a real "tide mark" where the lube had been pushed up into a wave of grease that marked the furthest extent that the cock had travelled up into Yvonne's cunt. After that point the lube was still thickly smeared as it was when Yvonne first applied it with the tip of her finger.

"You fucking filthy little slut." Tony marvelled.

He kept smelling the scent of Yvonne's sex fluids and slid his finger over the sliminess of the dildo. He took a ruler and measured just how far she'd had it up her cunt - just on seven inches.

"This little bitch is so fucking hot," Tony gloated as he selected another dildo and a short porno dvd.

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