Dressing Room

by PixelZombie

Copyright© 2010 by PixelZombie

Erotica Sex Story: I have a passionate quickie in a dressing room while shopping with my girlfriend. The woman in the dressing room next door watches and the sales girl figures out what was happening.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"Honey, how does this skirt look on me?" Dee asked as she swung open the door to the dressing room and stepped out of the dressing area. She spun around in the waiting area, causing the dress lift off her legs, revealing her bare legs and ass. Dee rarely wore underwear and never missed a chance to "accidentally" expose herself in public, particularly when I was watching.

"I like this one better than the green one" I said as I stood from the small couch in the waiting area and approached her. "It's shorter," I said with a grin. "Turn around for me."

She made a half turn, looking at her backside in the mirror. "It is kinda short, huh?" she said with a coy smile.

"I like it. Bend over for me," I asked as I reached for the hem in the back, starting to lift the skirt up again.

"Get your mind out of the gutter," she said, brushing my hands away.

"No, look," I said, pushing her shoulders forward to get another glimpse of the clefts of where her thighs met her ass. "I can see your ass. Very hot!"

She bent forward; putting her hands on her knees and pushing her ass out in a Betty Page pose and looked back at herself in the mirror. In her reflection she could see the cleft of each cheek peaking out from under the skirt. "You like that, huh?" she asked, smiling seductively at me.


"Should I get it for you?"


"OK, I'll add it to the others" she replied teasingly as she stood upright and trotted back to the dressing room. I followed her and as she neared the dressing room door I caught her, grabbing her waist with both hands and pulled her close to me. As our bodies met I pressed myself into her so she could feel the growing bulge in my pants. "I guess you do like it," she said, grinding her ass into me with a giggle.

I remember moaning softly in her ear as my hands moved from her hips, sliding down her thighs. She felt so familiar, yet each time I touched her like this was like the first time exploring the lines of her body.

Pressing against her neck, I breathed heavily in her ear as I started to lift her skirt. As I began to hike her skirt up, she pressed her ass into me and rocked her head back into my shoulder, letting out a soft sigh as my lips finally met her neck. I kissed her lightly, starting at the base of her neck and working my way up to her ear, pausing to nibble her tiny earlobe before moving to her lips. She arched her back to meet my kiss. At first our tongues danced with each other, playfully touching before I pulled her in tightly, kissing her more forcefully.

CLANG! Dee jumped, startled by the sound of another dressing room door closing. "When we get home," she said, pulling away from me. "We'll leave in just a minute." Turning to open the dressing room door she said, "promise," winking at me.

As she pulled the door shut behind her I decided the wait to get home would be too long and pushed the door back open, slipping into the small dressing room behind her.

Her protests were quickly silenced as my mouth met hers, and I pushed her back against the dressing room wall. I kissed her deeply as my hands moved to the zipper at the back of her skirt.

In the dressing booth next door we could hear the rustling of a stranger's clothes as Dee's skirt fell to the floor. Nude from the waist down, she pressed into me, surrendering to my embrace. I grabbed her ass with one hand while softly stroking her hair with the other. As I pressed into her our combined weight against the dressing room partition made it creak loudly.

"Turn around," I commanded in a whispered tone. Without hesitation she slipped around within my embrace to face the dressing room wall. I placed one hand on the front of her hip, the other on her shoulder and, pulling her pelvis toward me I bent her forward. Off balance, Dee shifted her weight, placing her hands on the wall in front of her and leaned into it hard. As my hands began to trace the curves of her body, I kissed the back of her neck, working my way down her back to her ass.

On the other side of the wall we could hear the clatter of hangers where, inches from us another woman tried on clothes.

I continued to kiss her back, working my way lower and lower until I had to kneel behind her to continue. I felt her body tighten with excitement as I grabbed her ass cheeks in either hand. Finally she gasped loudly as my tongue found its way to her pussy and began to part her lips. She moaned as my tongue began to slip into her.

KNOCK KNOCK. "How are you doing in there?" we heard the sales girl from outside our booth.

Sensing Dee's frustration, I pressed my face into her ass harder, working my tongue in and out of her faster. The sudden change of rhythm forced a loud gasp from her.

"Uh ... ok," Dee responded with a quivering voice.

Unsure of Dee's response, the sales girl paused for what seemed an eternity before we heard her walk away.

CLANG! We heard the door to the dressing room next to us slam shut again as another woman entered.

"Baby, please stop," Dee whispered when she saw the toes of our new neighbor's shoes poke out from under the dressing room divider. She tried to straighten herself to make me stop, but I grabbed her legs and forced them further apart. The sudden shift in her body weight made her lose her balance again and she collapsed heavily against the wall with a grunt. With new access, I buried my tongue even deeper into her as I reached around to rub the piercing in the hood of her clit.

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