Driving Aunt Sue

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2010 by dirty oedipus

Incest Sex Story: My sexy Aunt lost her licence and needed a driver, I was available to help.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Exhibitionism   .

I watched as she walked up from the ocean, her body glistening with little droplets of water, her eyes shining with pleasure, the beach was crowded with holiday makers many of them almost naked like her, some of them completely naked, but not one of them was as stunningly beautiful as her.

Her heavy breasts jiggled delightfully, the delicately pierced nipples catching many an eye, eyes that went from her breasts down to the tiny gold clitoral piercing that was clearly visible through the thin material of her tiny bikini panties,

She saw me watching and smiled, the smile became a giggle as I rolled over onto my stomach to hide my rapidly growing erection.

"We should go back to the hotel" she laughed as she sat down in front of me, cross legged so that her lovely little pussy was only inches from my face.


"Because that bulge in your shorts is rather obvious and I rather think I'd like to do something about it"

"Good idea" I laughed and we gathered up our things for the short walk back to the hotel.

We'd been here for just over a week and I understood why my Aunt came here regularly, there was hardly any crime here at all, the cheerful islanders did everything they could to make visitors welcome, the sun blazed down every day and only one law seemed to be enforced, which was that total nudity was not allowed in any bars or cafes, that didn't stop the local girls from wearing tiny scarf like dresses with nothing underneath, Aunt Sue had one too and I loved seeing her in it.

Let me explain our relationship, Aunt Sue is my mother's sister, they're identical twins, but while my mum up and got married at seventeen to my dad, Sue had always had a wild streak and had landed a job as personal assistant to the owner and managing director of a video distribution company, they soon became lovers and Sue married him on her twentieth birthday, she was twenty three when he was killed in a head on car crash, (along with a sixteen year old starlet) and my aunt became the sole owner of the company.

By then the company had progressed to producing it's own videos, mainly instructional or educational films, but her late husband's affair with the leggy young porn actress had set Sue thinking and it took her only a matter of weeks to set up another division within the company to produce high quality porn movies, she insisted on making only four a year claiming quite rightly that if the quality was high, the customers would want them and pay more for them,

She was proved right and after the fourth film the company was contracted (very lucratively) to a very high profile Dutch company to produce four films a year with guaranteed sales worldwide of over two hundred thousand pounds each!

Whilst driving back from a meeting with her Dutch partners she was involved in a minor traffic accident and given a breath test which proved positive, she was fined heavily and handed a two year driving ban.

I'd just left school at the time and was bumming around in a series of dead end jobs when she contacted me asking if I would be interested in driving for her until her ban was over.

I agreed like a shot of course and moved into her large home the following week, she worked incredibly hard from Monday till Friday but insisted on having the weekends to herself when she loved to relax and have a few drinks, by then my job had expanded into being more than just a driver, I loved to cook and in her words I made some fabulous creations which we often ate and enjoyed together, it was a Saturday evening and we'd just eaten some slow fried steak and onions in a spicy sauce of my own recipe when she announced that I would make some lucky girl a fine husband.

"No thanks" I laughed and my next words changed my life forever, "I'm paid very well to look after a gorgeously sexy lady, I'm not interested in second best"

"Wow" she smiled, "What a lovely thing to say"

"Well it's true you're absolutely gorgeous Sue"

Smiling at me, she stood up and lent to kiss me, her lips were just as full and soft as I'd dreamt about in my masturbation fantasies, it wasn't an aunt and nephew kiss but a full on cock stirring, open mouthed kiss.

"Gorgeous enough to take me to bed?" she breathed into my mouth.

The following morning I was shaving at the sink in my own bathroom when she slipped in behind me and asked if I was okay.

"Never better" I smiled at her reflection, "What about you?"

"Fabulous" she said softly and took the razor from me, "Sit down and let me shave you"

Turning round I sat on the stool my erection jutting up obscenely as if saluting her nudity,

"Very nice" she smiled as she sat down on it slowly, "Oh yes, very, very nice indeed"

I began making my cock jerk inside her causing her to writhe with pleasure as she wielded the razor somewhat clumsily,

"Danny for God's sake, I'll cut your throat if you don't behave"

"At least I'll die happy" I laughed and gripped her hips ramming myself upwards savagely, she squealed and dropped the razor as she wrapped her arms around my neck,

She squealed again as I stood up cupping her buttocks and began to walk towards her room, every step brought a squeal from her mouth, her legs were clamped tightly round my waist, I let go of her fabulous little backside, her own body weight forcing her down onto my prick,

"DANNY" she squealed, "I'M COMING"

She bounced and writhed, she screamed and bit my neck and when we fell onto her bed, she clutched at me her nails ripping the flesh on my back, she was still trembling from her orgasm, her big blue eyes wide open and staring into mine,

"You're an animal" she hissed through clenched teeth and thrust herself up at me,

"A fucking animal"

"I'll stop if you like"

"Don't you fucking dare, I'm gonna come again"

I mashed my mouth down on hers and jerked as she bit my lip, pulling back, I held the dome of my cock just inside her puffy cunt lips for a second, she knew what was coming and gasped out,


As hard as I could I rammed myself forward, she screamed and dug her nails into my back,

"Yes, oh fucking hell yes"

She was sobbing now, clinging to me as we rutted and squeezing me with her legs.

"Danny I'm coming again, fuck me, yes oh God fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEE"

I felt my cock erupting inside her and held myself rigid enjoying feeling her internal muscles milking me, she snaked an arm round my neck and drew me down to her mouth.

This time her kiss was gentle, her mouth warm and soft, we were still joined at the groin as she said softly,

"Twice last night and twice again this morning, you're something else, did you know that?"

"It's easy when I'm with someone as beautiful and sexy as you" I smiled and kissed her again.

We slept then and it was lunch time before we awoke still in each other's arms,

"You're hard again" she smiled and I felt her hand gripping me,

"I told you Sue, it's your fault, everything about you says sex"

"Let's go out for lunch" she suggested, "You can tell me over a drink or three what you'd like to do to me afterwards"

"Good idea where can we go that will serve me a meal from between your legs?"

"Stop it" she laughed, "Or we'll never get out of bed today"

We showered together and she went to get dressed leaving me to finish my shave and then go to my own room to get dressed.

She looked stunning in a little black dress that fastened at the throat completely covering her wonderful breasts and most of her legs, I usually preferred a woman to show some flesh, but somehow it was perfect and she laughed when I told her so,

"Thank you kind sir" she smiled and hooked an arm through mine.

The pub was only a five minute walk away and we were both known there, the waiter ushered us to a table and took our drinks order whilst we perused the menu,

"Your mum and dad came here with me once" she told me over drinks, "But your dad said the prices were ridiculous" she giggled then and added, "I've never brought them here since then"

"Yeah, he's very careful with money" I agreed, "He said that what you're paying me is monstrous"

"It's a good job he doesn't know about the perks then" she laughed, "He'd probably have a heart attack"

"Talking about perks" I smiled, "When did you get your piercings done?"

"Last year in Amsterdam, do you like them?"

"I'm not sure, I think I might need to study them a bit closer first"

"Sounds interesting" she said softly, "Would you like to study them after lunch?"

"Definitely, especially the one in your panties"

"What makes you think I'm wearing panties?"

I laughed and nearly choked on my drink,

"Aren't you?"

She shook her head and smiled at me,

"Just stockings and a dab of Chanel number nine"

"Jesus!" I exclaimed, "Stockings?"

"And a suspender belt" she said quietly, "A very sexy, very lacy one"

The waiter took our orders then and we ordered more wine,

"How would you like to accompany me on holiday?"

"I've only worked for you for a month!" I exclaimed, but she hushed me with a gesture,

"I think we've moved on a bit from the employer employee relationship don't you?"

"Just a tad" I smiled thinking of her sitting there without any underwear,

"Besides" she added, "I might need a driver over there"

"Over where?"

"Oh it's just a little island deep in the Indian ocean, but it's gorgeous, you'll love it"

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