Janet's Game

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2010 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: She only does it once a year

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

Denver at Stock Show time is a very busy place, especially at all the motels and hotels close to the National Western complex and this suits me and my wife Janet just fine. Janet and I have a unique relationship - she loves to suck strange cock and I love to watch her and then fuck her. During Stock Show we will drive to one of the hotels and Janet will troll for a visitor and when she finds one she likes she will take him out to her car and then, with me hovering by to watch and step in if there is trouble, she will suck his cock until he cums. When her temporary lover goes back into the hotel we race home and try to fuck each other's brains out

Some nights, if the mood is right, she will do two or three guys and twice she has done four. She never has any trouble picking up guys as she is one very sexy looking lady and she always goes trolling in an outfit that screams out "I want a cock!" It's something that we only do one month (actually only twenty days) out of the year during the Stock show.

It got started, as most things do, as a result of something else. A friend of mine was visiting Denver during Stock Show and we had driven to the hotel where he was staying to have dinner and a few drinks with him. He and I were talking about old times, which had no interest for Janet, so when a guy asked her to dance I nodded an okay and told her to go and have fun. From time to time I would look away from my conversation with Harry and see her on the dance floor and then we would go back to talking. About two hours after we had gotten there I looked over at the dance floor to see a guy walking Janet out one of the doors that led to the parking lot. More curious than alarmed I excused myself and got up to follow them. I watched him lead Janet out to a pick up truck with a camper shell on the back and then I saw both of them climb in the back of the truck. I walked over to see what was going on and was lucky enough to find a small gap in the camper curtains that let me see inside.

From the way Janet was giggling I knew she'd had quite a bit to drink and I knew that when she gets in that condition she can be quite a flirt. The guy pulled her to him and kissed her and she made a feeble (very feeble) attempt to push him away and then they were necking. I started to go to the back and pull open the door and then I stopped - I wondered just how far Janet would go before she stopped the guy. As far as I knew she had never fucked around on me and I guess curiosity just got the best of me. I stood peeping through the gap in the curtains as the guy's hands wandered to Janet's tits and she made no move to push him away. Next he slid a hand up her skirt, but she very firmly pushed it away. Another minute or two and he tried again and again she stopped him. One hand went back to her tits and the other hauled his cock out of his pants and then he took one of Janet's hands and put it on his exposed dick.

Janet broke the kiss and looked down at the cock in her hand and said, "Ooh, that's a nice one" and she started to jack him off while she went back to kissing him. He tried to get his hands up her skirt again and again she pushed him away. She broke the kiss and said:

"I'm not going to let you fuck me so you might as well stop trying. My husband is the only one who gets my pussy. Just settle for the hand job, okay?"

They went back to kissing and Janet continued to jack him off. After another minute or so he took his hands off of her tits and put them on her head and began to push down. Janet broke the kiss, looked at him and then said, "Okay, I guess I can do that" and she bent over and took his cock in her mouth.

My cock was rock hard by that time and I stood there looking through the gap in the curtains torn between wanting to go in there and fuck her while she was sucking his cock and staying where I was to see what would happen next. Janet had pulled down his pants far enough so that she could play with his balls while she sucked him. She took her mouth off of him long enough to say:

"Let me know when you are going to cum. I'm going to swallow it all, but I need to be ready."

I almost came in my pants when she said that because I knew what it meant. She did the same thing to me whenever she sucked my cock. As soon as I told her I was going to cum she would shove a finger in my ass and I'd go off like a shotgun. It was a couple of minutes more before he told her, "Here it comes baby" and I saw him stiffen as her finger went into his asshole and then I saw the cum gushing out of the corners of her mouth. The guy must have been storing it up for months. True to her word Janet sucked him dry and then licked his dick clean.

"A little saltier than my husbands, but it still tasted good. Speaking of my hubby, we better get back inside before he misses me." I hurried back into the hotel telling my aching cock to be patient and hang on just a little longer, that he'd be getting his soon.

Later that night when Janet and I got in the car to go home she said, "You didn't rip the camper door off its hinges so it must have turned you on."

"What?" I asked.

"I saw you follow us out into the parking lot. All he was going to do was show me some Indian jewelry that he had for sale, but I saw you following and when you didn't knock on the back door I decided to see how far you would let me go before riding to the rescue."

At that point I started laughing, "I was watching just to see how far you would go."

Janet looked at me and asked, "Is your dick hard?" and I told her that it was. "You want to do it here or wait until we get home?"

"Both" I said.

That night had turned us both on so much that we decided to do it again and we did it three more times during that stock show. We decided that we only wanted to do it occasionally to add spice to our sex lives and we made the decision to only do it during the Stock Show. That way it would only be out-of-towners that were involved and it gave us eleven months to build up anticipation. A typical night started out with Janet dressing up in one of her sexy outfits and then we would drive in separate cars to the hotel of her choice. We try not to use the same ones all the time because we don't want to become known as regulars. We park our cars next to each other and then I go in and get a seat at the bar where I can see the entire room. Janet gives me a five-minute head start and then she comes in and sits down at a table and waits to get hit on.

Usually it happens before the waitress can get Janet her first drink. She will let several guys come on to her until she finds the one she wants and then I watch as she drinks and dances with her prey until she decides the time is right to take him out into the parking lot. Once they get into her car I move up to where I can watch and be close enough to move in if the guy try's to make her do what she doesn't want to. It's only happened twice in four years and we have worked out a scenario to use when it does. As soon as I see her struggling I run up to the car and yell:

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