Golden Slumbers

by Harddaysknight

Copyright© 2010 by Harddaysknight

Humor Story: Man uses hypnosis to control his wife. Does any man ever really control his wife?

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I was sitting in my recliner reading People Magazine, when Lana, my wife of twenty four years strolled into the living room and plunked down on the sofa to watch TV. I was so wrapped up in reading about the "Sexiest Man Alive" I failed to hear her speak to me.

"Will, I'm talking to you," stated Lana with a tone that meant she expected me to listen, so I put my magazine down. "Now that Jeff and Tina are both in college, we need to concentrate on us. We've both been neglecting our diets and exercise and have probably each gained five pounds or more in the past couple of months. We just can't allow this trend to continue."

I looked at Lana and had to smile. If she had gained any weight, it sure seemed to agree with her. I had the best looking wife in the county, even after being married for so long. I had never seen a woman to rival her in any way. She was medium height and her tits were slightly larger now than when we got married. She had almost no wrinkles, and she still turned heads. At the age of forty six, she was sexier than ever.

"Aww, Sweetheart. You look great and I'm no slouch. We hardly weigh any more than we did when we were first married. I don't see any reason to worry about it. You're still sexy as hell," I soothed.

"Will, you're twenty pounds heavier than you were on our wedding day and I'm, well, a few pounds over my perfect weight as well. I think I have a solution for our lack of enthusiasm about getting back into shape. My cousin Mary told me about a guy her friend knows. He uses hypnotism to plant suggestions in people. He helps people stop smoking, reduce stress, or even lose weight. We have an appointment to see him next Saturday afternoon," revealed Lana.

I considered this revelation as I sipped my beer. Lana had a degree in chemistry and worked in research at a large pharmaceutical company. Sure, she had a very good salary and great benefits. True, she was a walking wet dream and a great mother. All that said, I was still the one that made all the major decisions and she always deferred to me. I was the local high school gym teacher and had learned long ago the advantage of running a tight ship. I knew Lana was testing the waters, hoping I would go along with her crazy scheme. I considered the situation.

Hypnotism was similar to voodoo. It only works on the weak minded people that want to believe. I could watch this guy swing a watch back and forth for hours without it having any effect on me. Lana, on the other hand, was not the sharpest tool in the shed, especially for being a chemist. It might work on her, and I could fake it. That way I could humor her and pretend to diet and exercise while she busted her ass and to get into better shape, and stopped harping on me.

"Okay, Lana. I'm game. Let's do it. I may weigh a little more than I used to, but you know very well that it's all muscle. That and perhaps some retained water, but I'll do it so you have some company in this effort," I told her magnanimously.

Next thing I knew, she was sitting in my lap, rubbing her incredible chest against mine and kissing my neck. I smiled to myself as once again I had demonstrated how important it is for the husband to be in control of the marriage. Lana was always happy with any concession I made to her. It kept her in line and provided us with a very happy marriage.

Saturday afternoon saw us in Dimock, sitting in a double wide, drinking a coke, and listening to a wizened little toothless, gray haired guy named Tim explain how he would put us under hypnosis and then make the suggestion that we would truly want to make a serious effort to improve our diet as well as exercise more. I couldn't help but think he should try it in the mirror and convince himself to get his shit together, but I held my tongue. I wanted Lana to feel comfortable and that I was a willing participant.

Instead of swinging a watch back and forth, he instructed us to watch a swirling thing he had on his coffee table as he counted backward from a hundred. I pretended to concentrate on the strange object as he slowly counted. Like most married men, I had mastered the art of looking interested in something while thinking about other things. My mind wandered to the World Series and how badly the Phillies had choked in the play-offs to allow the Giants to win the pennant. They needed to get a relief pitcher, and that damn Cliff Lee back. I just hoped the Texans would kick some Giant ass.

"Mr. Stone?" asked the little guy. "Could I ask you a question or two?"

I looked quickly at Lana and I could easily see that she was zoned out. My suspicions were confirmed. Lana was an easy target for the guy. He was probably aware he had no effect on me, so I didn't even bother pretending.

"I guess you can tell your efforts had didn't faze me at all, but I'll be happy to listen to any questions you have," I promised.

"Well, hypnotism does not work on strong minded individuals like yourself, but your wife is in a trance right now. My question is about your sex life. For an extra twenty bucks, I could make some suggestions to your wife that would make her more willing to, shall I say, experiment more sexually. I could even give you a certain word or phrase you could use to make her responsive to your desires whenever you use it. Would that interest you, Mr. Stone?"

I had to chuckle at the guy. One thing I knew was how to take care of business around the old bed! Lana sure as hell never had any complaints. How could this presumptuous little prick think he could ever help me? Hell, I could write a book on how to please women. Why the hell would I waste twenty bucks?

"Okay!" I answered quickly as I reached into my back pocket for my wallet. "Exactly how will this work, anyway?"

"I will simply give your wife a word that, when uttered, will cause her to be very susceptible to any sexual suggestion she may receive. I will have her remove it from her mind after the sex act is complete so you needn't worry about her going to work in a very horny state if you should neglect to cancel the suggestion. Understand it will not make your wife do anything that she would never consider normally, but it will allow her to overcome any inhibitions she may have that prevent her from performing certain sexual acts."

"You've got a deal. This could be a lot of fun. I bet you're quite popular with married couples, aren't you, Tim. How about every time I say "baseball", Lana becomes my sex slave?" I suggested.

"That's a rather common word to trigger such a response, Mr. Stone. May I suggest something a bit more unusual, just to be on the safe side?" replied Tim.

"Yeah, you're right. I don't want a word everyone will be using when the World Series starts. I have it, Tim. I want her to respond when I say "Tasmania"! That's a word I never hear in normal conversation. Let's use that one," I insisted with some glee.

Half an hour later, Lana and I were driving by numerous natural gas wells as we left Dimock behind. I was wondering if I had wasted twenty dollars since my sex life was already a ten out of a possible ten. What the hell could I do to improve it?

"I'm afraid we wasted our time, Will," stated Lana quietly. "The guy was an obvious quack. He couldn't hypnotize a person already in a comma. I hope you aren't upset with me for suggesting we try this."

"No problem, Lana," I replied smugly as I thought back to how totally she had been under the hypnotic spell without even realizing it. "It was interesting and we can always say we tried. Who knows, just the experience may make us try harder to exercise and follow a better diet."

I had promised Tim that I would go through the motions of trying to improve my lifestyle so Lana would be happier and he would appear to have had some success. I agreed to that in return for his suggestions to make Lana my little personal slut, along with the twenty, of course. Tim even gave Lana the suggestion to make a strong effort to improve her diet and exercise more; since that was the reason we had gone to see him in the first place. I found it amusing that she didn't realize that she had been in a trance. She was a wonderful wife but a bit naïve at times.

We stopped on the way home so Lana could shop for some fruits and vegetables as well as a lot of stuff I never even heard of before. This was the down side to the "better living through eating crap" plan we had embarked upon. I was pleasantly surprised at how good dinner tasted that evening and how filling it actually was. Maybe this would be one diet of Lana's that didn't make me ill.

We watched a romantic movie on TV after dinner. Before the news came on, Lana slid onto my lap and whispered in my ear.

"Hey, Stud! How about meeting me in the bedroom for a workout? You'll be glad to lose weight with my exercise program," she promised.

Normally I like to watch the news, but I started thinking about how I might be enjoy making Lana my little sex slave. I was in bed naked within a minute. I was ready when Lana slid into bed.

"Lana, I was just thinking about Tasmania and all the animals that lived there," I began. "I was thinking that you'd want to give me a blowjob. How about it?"

Where the hell did that come from? I really had to work on my delivery! I couldn't just blurt out that I wanted a blowjob! To my surprise and great pleasure, Lana slide down and took Willie into her mouth. I couldn't get over how great it felt. We had tried things like this right after we were married but Lana never seemed to enjoy it very much, so I never pushed it. Now I was getting my knob polished to perfection!

I warned her that I was about to cum, but she never let up! I began to think I should send Tim another hundred bucks as Lana never missed a beat and even lovingly cleaned my cock with her tongue. Soon Little Willie was ready for more action, so I rolled over and slid into a very wet Lana. I made her cum twice before my cock erupted inside her. That night, she slept in my arms for the first time in years.

Sunday morning Lana wanted to take a walk. I knew I had to play along so she would start thinking the hypnotist accomplished his task, especially since it would soon be obvious to her that she was obsessed about getting into shape. When we left the house, I had no intention of walking five miles, but Lana insisted and I was feeling so close to her after our love making, I couldn't refuse her anything.

After our walk, I watched a couple football games, but only had one beer, which I thought was doing pretty good. Lana read the Sunday paper and chatted on the phone with her mom. That evening we had some kind of fish chopped up on a salad for dinner. I am not much of a fish lover, but I felt I had to give it a try. I was surprised at how good it was, as well as how filling a salad could be.

It was halftime of the Sunday night football game when Lana sashayed into the room in a little transparent negligee and dropped into my lap, just like the previous night. She rubbed her barely covered tits around my chest for a few minutes.

"Hey, Stud! How about meeting me in the bedroom?" she asked in a husky voice.

Two minutes later I was once again in bed naked and waiting for Lana to emerge from the bathroom. My erection twitched when she opened the bathroom door and I could see that she had shaved her pussy. She posed for me a minute or two before sliding next to me under the sheets.

"I was wondering if they played football in Tasmania," I began, before once again I wondered why the hell I couldn't be a little smoother in my transition into the master of my very own sex slave. "I think it's time I ate that cute little bare kitty, don't you?"

For her answer, Lana swung over my head and plunked her already wet sex right on my face. We had never actually done this before. Sure, I had tried eating her pussy a few times on our honeymoon, but it just wasn't all that tasty or as much fun as pounding it with my cock, so I never really got into it. I soon discovered what I had been missing for the last twenty-some years! I made Lana orgasm so hard she almost suffocated me as her thighs squeezed my head like a vise. She rolled off me and I was on and in her as soon as her back hit the bed. She came on my third stroke and it seemed like she came again on every stroke thereafter. Luckily for her, I was cranked pretty tightly my self and deployed the troops in less than a minute. Once again, Lana fell asleep in my arms.

The next morning was a work day. I usually crawled out of bed at seven and left for work just before eight. I struggled to look at the clock as Lana kept shaking me. It was 4:45! I had to wonder what was wrong.

"Come on, Will! It's time to get up. We can get a few miles in before work. We don't need some quack hypnotist to keep us motivated. Let's go!" urged Lana.

So this was the downside to having a personal sex slave? I decided it was a price I had agreed to pay so I quickly climbed out of bed and put on my walking clothes. We were back home and showering by seven. I would have had plenty of time to get to work if Lana had not started in telling me what a stud I had been the previous night. I then decided to mention to Lana that people often showered together in Tasmania so they could clean each other as well as manually stimulate their partner. She had me spraying the shower wall within minutes! She required more time and effort on my part, but I was up to the challenge.

On the way to work, I drove right by Dunkin Doughnuts. That was unusual for me, unless I knew that I'd be going near the Krispy Crème place for some reason. I was determined to live up to my end of the agreement with Tim, since his efforts on my behalf were working so well.

I had more sex that week than in the previous six months. Whenever I had a break in my gym classes, I would daydream about what a guy should do with a sex slave when he went to bed. Lana had no idea that I was controlling her, but she really seemed to be enjoying the results! I was a benevolent master. Every night found her sitting on my lap while I was trying to watch ESPN. Pretty soon she would be nibbling on my ear and telling me what an incredible lover I was and that I was her stud. I knew she was hinting that she wanted me to take her to bed and show her who the hell her master was, even if she didn't fully understand her new found sexuality.

I had her doing all sort of things she would have refused just a couple weeks prior. Friday night I explained that in Tasmania, women loved anal sex. I hardly had the words out before she magically produced what appeared to be an industrial size tube of KY Jelly and was smearing it on my erection, before greasing up her little sphincter. I was pretty damn gentle for a sex slave master, I thought. Lana seemed to respond quite well as she had two orgasms before I finished my ride. She never would have allowed me entry a short time ago, but once again I demonstrated just what a considerate, but imaginative lover I was. I knew that was something we would be doing again.

Things went along pretty well for us. Lana seemed to get over her empty nest syndrome and we rediscovered each other. I had started doing sit ups and other exercises with the kids in my Gym classes. I had already dropped an inch around my waistline. Lana was firming up nicely and it was all I could do not to laugh when she ridiculed Tim and his failed hypnosis attempt, and then brag about how well we were doing without him. She had no idea she had been given suggestion while in a hypnotic trance and I was simply keeping my agreement with Tim to at least humor Lana and encourage her.

One Saturday afternoon, a few weeks after our session with Tim, Lana and I were cuddling a little during halftime of the Notre Dame game. Lana was purring in my ear and doing everything possible to lure me into the bedroom for some afternoon delight.

"You know you want some of Miss Kitty," she whispered seductively. 'Let's go to bed and you can show her what a big stud you really are."

It occurred to me that it was time to ramp up the foreplay. Sure, I could take Lana into the bedroom and give her a few orgasms, but why settle? The journey could as much fun as reaching the destination. I decided to push things a little.

"I was reading that in Tasmania, men like their women to go out to dinner dressed as sexily as possible," I explained to Lana as I struggled to keep a straight face. "Men have their women to wear something revealing to show off their breasts and legs. They don't allow their ladies to wear bras and they have to wear a thong if they wear any underwear at all. Let's get dressed and go out to a nice place for dinner so I can show you off."

I showered and put on a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt. Then I dug out a suit jacket that seemed to match and slid that on. I studied myself in the mirror and had to admit I looked pretty damn good. I decided to go downstairs and watch the football game while I waited for Lana. When I reached the living room, Lana was standing by the door waiting for me. I could hardly believe my eyes!

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