Not Quite Morning Yet

by Bi John 4 Both

Copyright© 2010 by Bi John 4 Both

Romantic Sex Story: Waking up with with a woman that lactates, mutual masturbation, a romantic encounter

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Lactation   .

My hand is on your belly - feeling the slight move of it with the rhythms of your breathing -- the gentle sounds of the steady inhale and exhale of a woman at peace is so relaxing to my ear. The sun has not even awaken, but my eyes are open and peering into the darkness. I raise my head a little to see the cool digital light of the clock on your side of the bed - and it says 3:22am - it is still so early.

I move my hands to your hip that holds the sheet as a canopy over your body and mine. I feel your feet on my skin, as my legs echo the bend of yours. I love the nakedness of your body next to mine, it is so inviting - I love it when you sleep naked next to me, it is like a signal to me that you want me, that you crave me, that you are willing to be open to me -- but my hand gets restless there on your hip - so it goes back to your stomach - wanting to go to unsafe places. I don't want to wake you yet - I am not ready to dive in off the island of your slumber into those wakeful erotic moments that we could have if I would just caress you like I am thinking of doing.

But it is the thinking of doing so that stirs my body - it makes me hard. My staff starts getting stiffer, it is as if it is a runner stretching before the race, or a swimmer crouching on the diving block before splashing in the water - before diving in. Yes, it is my body that reacts to you - to your smell - to the heat of your body - to the way your hair moves and tickles my face as I keep my eyes shut and my hand starts it's caress. The softness under your breasts -- one of the softest places of your smooth, smooth skin.

I can't help but caress you - my hand wanders up - filling itself with your breast - the weight of it - the fullness of it - rounding out my hand - and my index finger like a bakers tablet is ready for my thumb rolling down and kneading your nipple. A woman's nipple is so much bigger then a man's - not more sensitive, but bigger, and maybe even tougher, being able to take the pinching better. I think of all that you have taught me about being with a woman, about the intimacy that we have shared, the guys I have been with it was not this intimate, the touches were not caresses, the moment was never this soft.

I do this- pinching and kneading - with a rhythm with a urgency - keeping the pressure a little more, but with a delivery that is as sensuous as the thought of loving you is to me. My finger gets to feel that little drop, almost like lubrication to that movement of my fingers, but I know it is a precious drop of your sweet milk leaking out for me. Leaking is not the right word though - more like being coaxed out by my manipulations, but it also teases me, my mouth salivates in a Pavlovian response, and my dick hardens ever more so.

You shift your body - I know I have awaken you slightly, I don't think you have opened your eyes yet - but I know you are in a surrender to my touch -- you roll onto your back, and I know you want to feel my mouth where my fingers have been - that it is as much a need for you to be suckled as it is for me to take what I can from your sweet breasts. On your back now I raise up slightly so my mouth can go straight to the swell of your breast - to envelop your nipple in my warm mouth, I can only imagine the feeling this gives you, but knowing how much I like it when you kiss and nibble at my nipples, I can imagine that it is just a little more intense for you as I latch on to you pulling with deep suckling at your nipple. Your body betrays how much you enjoy my mouth there as the small of your back lifts off the bed, your legs part in that inviting way, you are being penetrated in your mind, you are inviting - you are offering - you have become mine, with that intake of breath and the feeling of your nipple being swallowed.

My hand roams back over familiar territory back down to your womanly mound - as my fingers invade you. But again I chose my words badly because they do not invade - they are welcomed - your body has made the entrance not only easier with your wetness, but it almost beckons me on - to drive my fingers deeper. Your hand also comes up to the breast I am suckling on to massage it more - to caress it into my mouth to stimulate, I know that your breasts are becoming more full, more engorged with blood as the manipulations of my hand and mouth treat your body to this erotic awakening.

My fingers come out a little - circling around your bud of electric wild fire - teasing that switch that would rock you with orgasmic waves of raw feelings - your hand covers my hand making sure that I am slow and teasing in my touch, and I move my hand down - deferring your magic button to your touch as my fingers sink once again into the mysterious cavern that is your womanhood. My fingers simulating what my cock wants to do by sliding in and out - I feel your lips moving around my fingers as they are being stretched by the quickening circular motion of your fingers buzzing over your clit in that attempt to crest that wave that you are riding now. My hand inside you - filing you, your fingers on your clit and with my mouth firmly latched on and pulling your nipple deeply into my mouth your body is stimulated to the point that it all becomes a blur. I imagine that your eyes are still closed - but instead of seeing blackness, you see the shimmering colors moving as a kaleidoscope in front of you but that turning of those shapes and colors are increasing as your fingers increase the tempo that you are administering to yourself, aghhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh your mouth releases a noise that is not a word - not a communication but just part of that release of your body as your crest over that wave and feel your body almost spastic ally convulsing around my fingers that are inside of you - (I hold my fingers still, but deeply in you) your body is abandoned now - it is left to the feelings that are primal, that are not all together human, but animal. They are the lust released.

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