The Rape of May Again

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2010 by Pappyok

Erotica Sex Story: May was raped by two men while her husband was forced to watch, but the young couple ended up enjoying it, so the husband facilitates the two men being with May again. But is it rape? The author does not condone rape or physical violence.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Size   .

May and I woke early the next morning and I heard her moan as she rolled over.

"Are you alright?" I asked, concerned about what she had been forced to experience last night (see The Rape of May).

"Just a bit sore, especially my bottom" she replied softly, embarrassed by what had caused her soreness.

"I'm sorry sweetheart. I know I should have stopped it somehow and certainly I should not have enjoyed it like I did" I told her contritely.

"Please don't be upset darling. I told you last night that I was very happy that you enjoyed it and I meant it when I said that I enjoyed it too at the end. I also meant it when I told you that if they came back again they wouldn't really have to rape me unless you changed your mind" she whispered softly.

I took her into my arms and cuddled her, stroking her hair as I told her again and again just how much I loved her. What's more, I remembered just how much I had been aroused by what had happened and how I had enjoyed anal sex for the first time with my darling wife. No wonder she was sore, I thought, as I remembered how much sex she had endured (or was that enjoyed?).

Over the next few weeks our sex life seemed even better than it had been and we got to enjoy anal sex again, both agreeing that it was nice to do occasionally but it would never replace the real thing.

Still, it became very clear to us both that we hadn't suffered from our 'ordeal' although we both agreed that we would not like to experience a violent rape; no one should. We tried to treat the night as if it was something we wanted to do in the first place.

We didn't often talk about it, but sometimes when we were both very aroused and enjoying passionate sex, one or both of us would say something that reminded us of the experience. May even made the odd reference to wondering if we'd ever have to do it again, implying, though, that she really meant get to do it again, not have to.

By this stage I had lost all feelings of guilt about not being able to prevent it from happening, as I became more and more aware that after the initial fright and concern, my darling wife had actually enjoyed the experience and I knew that I certainly had. A number of times I almost suggested we find someone else to share our bed one night, but could never quite bring myself to say it out aloud.

I started reading about threesomes and foursomes and even two couples, though it wasn't that I particularly wanted to have sex with another woman. As weird as it might sound to many, I knew that I enjoyed watching and participating with my lovely wife. Sure, the possibility of watching her with another woman had some appeal, but I suppose because of what had been forced upon us, I become more and more obsessed with the thought of sharing my darling May with another man.

One night, about two months after our (May's) rape experience, I took May from behind with her encouragement, driving my erection deep into her bottom, and then picked up a big dildo I had prepared with lubrication and gradually slipped it deeper and deeper into her vagina.

May moaned and cried out for more; she wanted it deeper, faster, harder; she cried out in passion and orgasmed, telling me just how wonderful it had felt. To me it not only felt incredible, but also brought back vivid memories of the night May was raped. Incredibly, May said the same thing after I had exploded deep inside her anus, bluntly telling me just how much she had enjoyed it and subtly telling me she wished the two guys would come back and do her again.

But I was still too concerned about what might happen to our relationship if I took the next step. Will I, should I, could I? I didn't know what to do.

It was almost three months later when I went to the beach one day by myself. I was doing a one day training course for work and at lunch time, because it was a glorious summer's day, I walked a couple of blocks from the training room to the beach. I'd taken my bathers along with me that day as I hoped to get a quick swim in.

The beach looked delightful as only Sydney beaches do. The sand was soft and yellow, the sea green with white capped waves and the sky blue and cloudless. There was no wind to disrupt the beauty of the day; the temperature was perfect and the water beckoned, warm and inviting.

I enjoyed a quick plunge, caught a few waves, body surfing, and then returned to the beach, planning to catch a few rays of the sun to add to my tan, while I watched the gorgeous girls around me.

As I walked along the beach to pick a spot to lie down, I enjoyed glancing at the many nubile nymphs sunbathing topless without a care in the world. I was glad my income didn't depend on the amount of material the girls were wearing in their very skimpy bikini bottoms.

Then I noticed two guys in extremely brief bathers (budgie smugglers I think they are called here, but virtually just a thong). I suddenly saw a small birthmark on the back of one guy's thigh that was identical to what I had seen on that eventful night when May was raped. Next, I realised that the other guy's penis was clearly very large, scarcely contained in his brief costume as he lay on his back. Furthermore, they were both about the right height and build. I came to the conclusion that these two must have been the two guys who had raped May.

I walked over to them and leaning down close to them, quietly asked "have you had the opportunity to enjoy any married women lately in front of their husband?"

There was instant look of shock and recognition, followed by fear and concern very visible on their faces.

"What makes you think it was us that did whatever you're talking about?" the well hung guy asked, his voice slightly breaking.

"Apart from the fact that I recognised your bodies, with that thing you have hanging between your legs, and your mate's birthmark, I'd recognise you two anywhere" I said with a laugh.

"But don't worry" I quickly added "my wife and I ended up actually enjoying the experience. You taught us a lot. Believe it or not my wife, May, is sort of hoping it might happen again, but you wouldn't have to tie me up the next time. I'll happily participate with you in pleasuring her."

"Don't think I'd be game to go to your place, mate; not that I'm admitting that I've been there before. You could be setting us up" the older man replied.

I thought for a moment and had a sudden inspiration. Perhaps I could surprise my darling wife, but still leave her in a position where she could still make the decision and back out if she wasn't comfortable.

"How would it be if you two got a room at a good hotel in the city and we all met up in the bar? You could invite May and I to join you for a drink, and then offer to shout us dinner. You should both try and have a dance with her and then see if we can get her to come back to your room. Once you are there, I'm sure you'll know what to do" I eagerly suggested to them.

There was a pregnant pause as the two guys looked at each other, obviously considering my proposal. Finally one of them said "sounds doable. How about you give me your phone number and we'll ring you to confirm a date and place. When were you thinking about this occurring?"

"How about Friday week? I'll have to organise a babysitter and work out an excuse to take May out. We don't get out very often, because as you know we have a young child" I told them, remembering that it was the threat to harm our daughter that initially got May to cooperate with them.

Once we had agreed on the probable date, I got changed and returned to my training session, but I had difficulty concentrating during the afternoon lectures as my mind kept wandering to what had happened to May on that fateful night and how aroused I had been. I was anticipating seeing again that large penis thrusting in and out of my darling wife and being inside her bottom as the other man used her vagina. I had trouble adjusting my rather turgid member in the lecture, trying not to draw attention to my condition.

I didn't say anything about the possible arrangement to May, although when we made love that night I brought the subject of the rape up during a period of high arousal for both of us and May seemed very turned on by remembering what had been done to her and how much I had enjoyed watching. She even asked me to get the dildo and use that in our lovemaking as well. I didn't hesitate, quickly grabbing it from the drawer next to the bed, lubricating it and then used it to bring May to a peak of ecstasy.

A couple of days later my phone rang and a voice I recognised asked if Friday was still on and when I confirmed he told me where to meet them. I asked for and got his phone number so that I could call if there was any problems between now and then.

I suggested to May that we get a babysitter for next Friday and go out for a couple of drinks, dinner and dancing as it had been such a long time since we had been out for a date. She was a little worried about leaving our darling daughter with a babysitter and also concerned about whether we could afford a night out, but I reassured her on both counts, telling her she deserved it.

"But what will I wear?" May asked, as she agreed to go out with me.

"What about that slinky little cocktail dress you got for your going away outfit. I'm sure you will still fit into that and you looked so sexy in it" I suggested.

May went and tried it on and came out of the bedroom to show me saying "I think my breasts are a little bigger now and this bra doesn't suit the dress".

I managed to persuade her to take the bra off and she looked sensational, with a fair bit of her breasts and a lot of cleavage exposed and her nipples were rather obvious as they poked into the delicate dress, which worried her. But I kept reassuring her that she looked beautiful and that I would be so proud to be seen out with her looking like that. In fact I was rather turned on by just how good she looked and was very keen to get her out of it and into bed so that I could demonstrate just how sexy she was.

I helped her get out of the dress and showed her just how much her outfit had turned me on and she responded readily.

Friday rolled around eventually, but to me the time just seemed to drag. I kept trying to restrain my enthusiasm and excitement, determined not give May any idea of what I had planned. Yes, I was worried about whether I was doing the right thing, but at least realised that May would have every opportunity to say no and walk away from what might happen. I had, however, convinced myself that she wanted this too.

We walked into a fairly crowded bar, managing to get a small booth that was vacant, but as we sat down two young men came up and asked if we minded if they joined us as there weren't many spare seats. They even indicated very politely that they were happy to buy us drinks, which must have decided May. She turned to me and seeing my slight nod of approval, she told them they were welcome to join us.

"My name is Stan and this is Fred. What would you like to drink? Are you happy to share a bottle of champagne? My treat" he asked, as he introduced them to us and I quickly told them our names, as if we had never met.

Once May had smiled her acceptance to the bubbly offer, he went off to buy the bottle while Fred sat down next to May in the booth and we all started chatting. At this stage May hadn't realised that these were the two men that had raped her, albeit that she had ended up enjoying it.

Soon we were sipping away at our champagne and chatting enthusiastically. I was happy to see May seeming to really enjoy their company, convinced that at this stage she didn't realise the significance of the two men.

As the second bottle of champagne that Fred had bought was emptied, Stan suggested that May and I join them for dinner as they had a reservation in the rather posh dinning room here at the hotel. Again he told May that they would shout because they were enjoying our company so much, but especially hers, and were here to celebrate their recent success.

"Is that all right with you, sweetheart?" May asked me, her eyes already showing the effects of four or five glasses of bubbly.

I readily agreed and the four of us got up and went into the dinning room, where we were quickly seated and very posh looking menus were distributed.

"There are no prices on my menu" May said plaintively, obviously concerned about our ability to pay in the expensive looking restaurant.

"Don't worry, May" Stan told her gently, "as we told you, Fred and I are celebrating a big business deal tonight so this is on us. We are just glad to have your company."

There was a dance floor in the corner of the restaurant with a three piece combo playing slow, soft dance music. Once we had ordered, Stan invited May to dance with him, so she turned to me seeking my approval, which I indicated by nodding and standing up to help her to her feet.

I watched with pride and pleasure as I saw her gracefully dance with him. He held her close as they moved rhythmically to the slow music. She had always been a good dancer and she was certainly a pleasure to watch.

After a couple of brackets, Stan brought her back to our table just as our first course was delivered to the table. May thanked him for the dance and smiled at me, checking that I wasn't upset with her, but my beaming smile soon put her at rest.

Once we had enjoyed our starter and another glass of wine, it was Fred's turn to invite her to 'trip the light fantastic', as he put it – explaining that this was an old fashioned term for enjoying a dance.

They also looked good together as they glided around the dance floor, dancing cheek to cheek. Whenever she was facing our table, I could see the flushed and excited smile on her face as she was clearly enjoying the opportunity to embrace the music and seemed also to enjoy the attentions of the two strangers. By the time she returned to our table I could see how much she had enjoyed the dance; her face flushed and her breathing fast and deep.

But May didn't sit down when Fred brought her back to the table. She reached out her hand to me and told me it was my turn, so I quickly stood up and walked hand-in-hand with her to the dance floor.

Taking her in my arms and holding her as close as I could as we glided around the floor, I whispered in her ear how beautiful she looked on the dance floor and how happy and proud I was of her.

I could sense that May wanted to ask me something, but I forestalled her, as I noticed our main course being delivered to our table and we walked back to join the other two and enjoy a glass of an excellent red wine with our meal.

The band had taken a break just after we sat down, but just as we were finishing our main course, they started up again, so once again it was Stan's turn to ask May for a dance. This time she didn't hesitate; thanking him and standing up. She allowed him to take her hand and lead her to the dance floor.

Once again I was able to watch with pleasure as she danced close to him, her arms around his neck and her face resting against his cheek. By the time she was back at our table, just as desert arrived, I could see how flushed she was and could sense that she was somewhat aroused from the close contact.

As soon as we had eaten our last course and consumed the sticky wine that Stan had ordered, Fred asked her for a second dance and once again she didn't hesitate, standing up and taking his hand as he led her to the floor.

I knew that Fred was the one with the oversized penis and I could tell that May was discovering that as well, as he pushed his groin hard against her, holding her very close and moving slowly with the music. I had noticed that there was a definite bulge at the front of his trousers when he stood up and I bet myself that it would be even more obvious by the time they got back to the table.

That was one bet I won easily.

Just as they got back, Stan suggested that we all adjourn to his room for a nightcap before calling it a night.

"Just let me have one more dance with my wonderful husband" May told them softly, almost embarrassed.

As I held her close and told her how much I loved her and how beautiful she was, May whispered "we know them, don't we sweetheart?"

"What do you mean?" I replied nervously.

"Did you set this up for me darling" she whispered again before adding "they are the ones who gave us both so much pleasure aren't they?"

After pausing for a moment, I admitted that they were and that it was up to her, but it would make me very happy if she wanted to join them upstairs, but only if she promised to enjoy whatever happened and telling her that we could leave the moment she was uncomfortable.

"Thank you sweetheart. I'm happy to go upstairs and see what happens, but only as long as you promise to tell me the moment that you want to go home. I love you so much and would never do anything that might jeopardise that" she told me huskily.

Both men stood up as we returned to the table. Stan had already settled the bill, so merely asked "are you ready for a night cap?"

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