Two Married Couples

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2010 by Pappyok

Erotica Sex Story: Two married couples meet in a restaurant and end up having an unexpected sexual adventure

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Swinging   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

My wife and I were propping up the bar at our favourite restaurant. We often sat on a stool enjoying a drink or two after eating here, sometimes talking to the girl behind the bar, while sometimes to other customers.

Tonight was one of those latter nights. My wife was sitting on a stool next to another lady who must have been about the same age as my wife, who was 29 years old. I was leaning on the bar standing next to this lady enjoying an animated conversation, while her husband was standing the other side of my wife talking to her.

From what had been said, I guessed he must have been in his early forties, while I was only three years older than my wife. But I had to admit he looked at lot younger; probably because he was slim, fit and had a full head of dark curly hair. He actually looked quite handsome, although I figured he was at least three centimetres shorter than me.

I decided that it was time to introduce myself. "Hi. I'm Jeff, by the way".

She held out her hand which I took in mine as she replied "nice to meet you. My name's Betty. That's my husband, Dan."

I nodded to Dan, still holding her soft hand in mine as she made no effort to remove it, until I realised what I was doing, letting it go slowly as I said "and that's my wife, Alice."

The two girls smiled at each other and then Alice turned back to Dan and held out her hand, which her quickly took by the fingers and brought to his mouth, kissing the back of her hand softly, but like me, seemingly reluctant to release it and Alice didn't pull away either.

We continued our two separate conversations, the two girls with their backs to each other, facing the other girl's husband. I wasn't listening to what my wife and Dan were saying, but the conversation I was having with Betty kept skirting sexual innuendo and many of her comments had double meanings, which continually made us laugh.

Several times she reached out, talking with her hands and lightly grabbed my arm or my hand, but always let it go after holding it for a few moments. I guess I had put my hand on her shoulder a couple of times and once on her knee as well.

She was shorter than my wife by about eight centimetres I guessed, probably only about 158 or 159 centimetres tall, but very petite with small breasts, a tiny waist, but surprising long legs, quite visible under that short dress, as she sat on the stool. Towering over her as I stood beside her, being 180 centimetres tall, I was able to see down the front of her dress that fitted loosely and gaped a little allowing me to see that she wasn't wearing a bra and that she had long nipples. She was very pretty.

My wife was also slender but with medium B-cup firm breasts and as usual when she dressed up she wasn't wearing a bra either, though I doubted that Dan would be seeing as much as I was of his wife's breasts, even though I knew he could see a fair bit of cleavage the way she was sitting.

I was pleased that Alice seemed to be hitting it of with Dan, their conversation animated, with lots of laughing and, like Betty and I, touching of hands to arms and knees and shoulders. We had another round of drinks, the drinks being put on our separate tabs.

After a while, Betty suggested to me "why continue paying these prices for drinks? Why not come back to our place and we can share a bottle or two with some coffee and whatever?"

I wasn't certain what she meant by 'whatever' but she certainly had a twinkle in her eye when she said it. I looked at Alice, who had been included in the question and, as she saw I looked interested, she said "why not?"

"Good" said Dan "then it's settled. Why don't you come in my car Alice and then Betty can go with Jeff, that way no one will get lost."

Everyone thought that was a good suggestion, so we settled our separate bills and left the restaurant. Dan led Alice up the street to where they had parked, taking her arm, while I led Betty in the opposite direction to our car. Almost immediately, she took my hand as she continued chatting, a lot of what she said was still full of double innuendo.

I held the car door open for her and she seemed to make sure that I saw her lace panties as she got into the car somewhat awkwardly, with legs splayed, before I shut the door and got into the driver's seat.

"Do you often pick up strange women?" she said with a laugh, placing her hand on my knee as she said it.

I just smiled at her as I replied "I didn't realise you were strange or I would have picked up someone else".

She laughed and said "do you want to go back and find someone else?"

I declined her kind offer saying better the devil you know, so she laughed some more, patting my thigh even higher than before as if part of her laugh. I wondered just how far this would go, especially as there had been a couple of veiled references to wife swapping.

"You know my mate and I formed a wife swapping club a couple of years ago" I said, after one of her wife swapping references.

She looked at me with amazement, before saying "but I thought you had said you and your wife hadn't done any wife swapping?"

"Oh we haven't. The only problem with our wife swapping club is that the only members are him and me: no wives have joined yet" I told her with a big smile, which caused her to laugh and pat my thigh even higher.

"Maybe I could find you a wife that would like to join your club" she said, with what I was convinced was an invitation written on her face.

"How long have you and Dan been married?" I asked, avoiding where she seemed to be going.

"Ten years, would you believe? I was married when I was only eighteen and he was 35 years old. He really swept me off my feet; he was and still is rather debonair. The fact that he was filthy rich didn't hurt either, but that wasn't the main reason, I've got to say. Sex with him has always been good, but he does like a bit of variety occasionally" she told me, rather honestly for someone you've just met I thought. But then I thought perhaps she's just letting me know that they like to swing.

"So do you like variety too?" I asked, although not certain whether we were talking about variety in positions and method or partners.

"Variety is the spice of life" she told me continuing to talk in riddles and double meanings, but then asked "how long have you and Alice been married?"

"Eight years; we married when she turned 21" I told her.

In between our exchange of conversation, she gave me driving directions, patting my thigh quite high when it was time to turn. I figured if she went any higher she'd be patting my penis. The close attention of her thighs, the view I had of her tiny breasts and our conversation already had my penis somewhat turgid and uncomfortable. I longed to be able to use my hand to move it as it was becoming uncomfortable in my pants, probably slightly discernable by now I figured.

As if reading my mind, she offered "perhaps I should adjust that penis of yours, it looks quite uncomfortable".

I quickly moved my hand down and with a quick movement of my hand and bottom, had my semi erect penis laying much more comfortably along my groin, albeit, making it even more visible.

"That looks better" she said but then patted it gently, with a slight rubbing motion, making it even harder, which only caused her to laugh at my embarrassment.

Fortunately, just then we were arriving at their place, so she directed me to park on their driveway in front of their very large house, or perhaps I should call it a mansion.

"Looks like we've beaten the slow coach home" she said as she quickly got out of the car and opened the front door, turned the lights on and urged me to follow her in. As soon as I stepped inside, she turned around suddenly to close the door and of course made sure she bumped into me, chest to chest.

"Oops, sorry, not really" she said softly as she reached up and kissed me lightly on the lips, her arms around me with her hands on my bottom, holding me close to her. I decided to be a gentleman and not reject her, so took advantage of the absence of our spouses to return her kiss with interest and put my arms around her.

Betty made sure her tongue was deep in my mouth and pressed her tiny breasts against me firmly and then, as our kiss continued, she brought one hand up to stroke my face, rubbing it gently and fondly. Then she startled me by taking one of my hands from behind her and placing it on her breast, saying "good things come in small parcels, so these must be very good".

After I had squeezed her breast a couple of times, she took hold of my hand again and slid it under her blouse so that I could fondle her bare breast and, more enjoyably, tease her rapidly distending nipple, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. She obviously enjoyed that, because she moaned softly and deeply in her throat.

I didn't know what my wife was doing right now, but I hoped she would be a while, because I realised that I was enjoying what Betty was doing to me and encouraging me to do to her, especially when she slid her hand down to once more grasp my penis and squeeze it gently, rubbing it up and down outside my pants.

But then we saw the headlights turn into the driveway, so Betty unhurriedly let me go, gave me an extra kiss and, taking me by the hand, led me into the lounge room, to one of the two two-seaters and pulled me down onto the lounge with her, still holding my hand.

"Where have you been, darling? Not trying to have your wicked way with the poor innocent girl, I hope?" Betty asked her husband as he led Alice into the lounge room, also holding her hand.

I could tell my wife was just a little mystified as to what was happening. I'm certain that she hadn't twigged that Dan and Betty like to engage in wife swapping. I realised that I didn't know for sure, but judging by the way Betty had come onto me, I figured that my guess was a safe bet.

That thought made me think. It was one thing to enjoy a bit of a kiss and cuddle with another woman, but how did I feel if my wife wanted to do the same. As I mulled it over, I told myself I would be quite happy for Alice to do just that with Dan – have a kiss and a cuddle. Trouble was though; I still wasn't prepared to think about what might happen after we had engaged in mutual snogging.

Alice blushed at Betty's implications, but Dan attempted to rescue her by saying "would you believe I was so distracted by Alice's charm and beauty that I took a wrong turn?"

Of course that only made Alice blush even more, but Betty merely added fuel to the fire, saying "I could believe that Alice's beauty would turn you into the bedroom."

Fortunately that at least made everyone laugh and Alice seemed to relax, although I was surprised that she hadn't let Dan's hand go, or more likely he hadn't let hers go. But he led her to the other two-seater and they sat down close together.

Then Dan decided it was time to play host, so he called out as he got back up and went to the bar "French champagne good for everyone?"

Not that my wife had tried it more than twice and then only a small glass on a couple of special occasions, but she quickly indicated that it was fine with her and so did Betty and I.

The first bottle didn't seem to last long as first Dan and then Betty proposed toasts that required drinking and Dan seemed to be encouraging Alice to enjoy the special bottle. Then Dan decided to open another, which, to my surprise, Alice readily encouraged. I was convinced the fine bubbly was going straight to her head.

As the second bottle neared completion, I noticed that Dan had his arm loosely around Alice's shoulder and she was leaning into him. Mind you, she had probably noticed that Betty was sitting extremely close to me and her hand frequently touched my thigh rather high up for a new social friend.

Dan decided that we should switch to champagne cocktails. Whether this a was so that he could use cheaper bubbly or make the drinks a lot stronger I wasn't certain, but the extra alcohol seemed to have its affect, especially on Alice who had become a little more outgoing and definitely more friendly than I was used to. Not that I was objecting, seeing I had my arm around Betty and she had her head on my shoulder.

"Dan, why don't you show Alice around the house while Jeff helps me make us all some supper?" Betty suggested.

It seemed a strange division of labour, but I wasn't about to complain, and neither did Alice as Dan took her hand and lead her upstairs.

Betty took me into the kitchen, got some bread, butter and cheese out, got me buttering the bread while she put the griller and kettle on and soon the Welsh rarebit was cooking away and so was I. She had moved into my arms and was kissing me passionately.

"I hope your wife likes our bedroom, I'll show you the spare room later" she said suggestively, although by this stage there was nothing really left to be imagined. I was rather turned on by her attentions, especially when she opened her blouse and showed me those delicious tiny breasts, which she invited me to suck on. Her nipple was rigid and distended by the time I had sucked and scraped my teeth on both. Who wanted Welsh rarebit when they could have these delightful breasts to nibble on, I thought?

The whistling of the jug boiling interrupted our sexual play, unfortunately and she covered her breast back up while she made a plunger of coffee, got the food from under the griller, cut the slices into thin slivers, found cups, saucers and plates and put it all onto a tray.

"Do either of you take sugar or milk?" she asked, and when I declined she asked me to help her carry the tray into the lounge room.

"Supper's ready" Betty called out loudly to the other two who were still upstairs.

A couple of minutes later, Alice and Dan came down the stairs. I thought she looked a little dishevelled, her lipstick smudged and her blouse slightly askew. As she sat down, she looked at me, blushed again and smiled shyly. I realised that she had probably been enjoying Dan's attentions at least to the same level as I had just been enjoying Betty's.

Dan made us another, stronger, dryer cocktail to have with the coffee and Welsh rarebit, not that any of us were really hungry, but it did help soak up a little of the alcohol that we had imbibed already.

When we had finished our supper and the latest cocktail Dan had given us, Betty said "I haven't shown you the rest of the house yet Jeff, just the kitchen".

She stood up and offered me her hand and then led me upstairs, straight into the spare room, then immediately told me "you've had too much to drink, so you may as well sleep here tonight, hopefully with me".

Betty came into my arms again and kissed me passionately, quickly undoing her blouse again so I could suck and nibble on those delightful tiny breasts. As I was bent over, sucking on one, her hand came down and undid my fly, reaching into my trousers and grasped my rapidly growing penis. She fondled it for a few moments as I continued to suck and kiss her breast, and then she pulled away from my mouth as she knelt down and took my now rigid penis into her mouth and sucked it.

She pushed me back, forcing me to sit on the bed, as she undid my trousers and pulled them down. Immediately my penis was taken back into her mouth while her hands fondled my testicles and the base of my penis.

Her mouth slid up and down my erection, as she took more and more of it into her mouth, while her fingers and hands continued doing magic things to me. One of her fingers joined my penis in her mouth for a few moments, but suddenly I experienced it being driven deep inside my anus.

I groaned from the sharp, brief pain but then she took me even deeper into her mouth and her finger thrust into my bottom in synchronised movements. All too soon I was telling her I was about to climax, but she just held me deeper inside her mouth, letting me explode into her. She sucked and licked for a few moments and then stood up and kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself in her mouth.

"I expect you to repay the favour later" she said, adding, "we better go down and see what the other two are doing, but let's go down quietly".

We quickly rearranged our clothing and made our way silently down the stairs and I could see Dan kissing Alice, his hand cupping her breast on the outside as we descended down the stairs.

Betty was still holding my hand as we came down and I gently coughed. Immediately Alice pulled back from the kiss, but Dan still had his arm around her and his hand on her breast.

"Let's have a dance" Betty suggested, turning the light even lower and putting some soft music on. She took me into her arms and we swayed slowly around, dancing cheek to cheek and very close. I had my hand on her bottom and was holding her hard against my groin.

Alice had got up with Dan and was dancing equally close. I could see his hand fondling her bottom as her face was resting against his. He had managed to get his hand back onto her breast I noticed and soon was inside her gaping dress as he had undone a couple of buttons.

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