The Lesbian and My Book

by Losgud

Copyright© 2010 by Losgud

Sex Story: You write books that will never see publication. Until you get noticed by your lesbian neighbor who works for a small press. You have a wife and she has a partner, and then the fun begins. Any real lesbian will declare the premise of this story total bunk. Well, duh, that's the very definition of fiction slash fantasy. To my loyal readers: I have to go on a small hiatus--read the endnote.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   .

It's a long story, but I wound up being in punk bands at an early age, and then I kept falling back into it, sporadically, as the decades flitted past.

I found myself facing the final show of what I was hoping was my final band. The band was having to dissolve because of near tragic health circumstances, so the night would be thick with compassion. There would be a merch table highlighting our brand new last album. Plus a lot of other stuff, so I decided to print up ten copies each of a couple of my books and make a little money for myself.

I'd learned how to upload stuff to this place where, for pretty cheap, they'd mail you back your book. And it would be as handsome a book as you designed. And all the crap that you'd written would look like real books. I had my vast decades-long oeuvre in boxes of typescripts and print-outs, basically hogging a 3-shelf thing up in my studio area. It's what I did, and a delight to behold. But it was nice to have it all quantified in actual volumes. Hogging barely half a shelf downstairs among the real books in the case.

I was satisfied.

And in a quick retrospect, I felt stupid for loading up my credit card to order more copies of all this crap. I spent several days in near panic-mode. Until the boxes arrived. Inside were so many copies of some of my pretty books.

As the night built, I noticed Nikki and her girlfriend in the audience. She'd lived a scramble of houses down from us for over a decade. I remembered back when she had a live-in man. We'd chatted walking dogs a few times in more recent years. Back when she was with a man, I referred to her as the unfriendly bitch. Nowadays, the rest of us on the block call her the most beautiful lesbian in the universe.

I wasn't that surprised to see them at the show--she was old friends with the singer from way back in the days. She also worked for Lilac Press, a local publisher of good repute. I'd learned that fact when a friend got a book of poems published. Yet another singer turned scribe. We'd gone to the reading, and there was Nikki, shilling some books, displaying her girl, Lisa.

Back in the present, I lost sight of them as the crowd swelled and it was time for us to play. We did ourselves total justice, and then some. It was a crowd totally stoked to be at the final show, so we certainly fed off the energy. Everyone quickly moved beyond the too-cool-to-move stance, dancing and thrashing a dozen deep from the stage. Camera flashes were blinding me, and nearly inducing an epileptic fit, even though I didn't have the disease. Among the flashes, like distinguishing planets from stars, I counted the constant lights of at least three digital video cameras. It was gratifying and exciting to know this night would enter the local lore as one of the best shows. With proof. We sealed that deal by choosing the perfect song for the encore: a fast chunky song where we pounded through the verse/chorus structure to hit the rave-up outro that just kept going and going. I was at the point where I was just playing feedback, and going about it enthusiastically. A little too much, perhaps. Suddenly my strap slipped off and my guitar jumped from my hands. It flew into the wall of dancers, drawing some blood, and rebounding to catch the neck against the stage edge. I watched the guitar explode into three distinct pieces.

It was a beautiful thing, how, as the guitar went on its journey, the sounds it made, bouncing here and there, totally fit in with the beat. Lying there completely broken, the guitar gave off the prettiest feedback ever. I let it linger after the song ended, finally going back to the amp to do the fade-out on that knob. I wasn't touching the guitar until all the electricity drained out.

It was as I was risking a multiple hernia hefting my amp off the stage that Nikki ran up to me, flapping one of my books in my face.

"Quit selling these," she insisted.

"What? Why?" I rested.

"Because Lilac Press is very interested in publishing it." Meaning she'd flipped through it pretty seriously.

"Show me the money," I laughed. "Until then, I'll choose to keep making a little coin on the side." Last I'd checked with the merch table, I was just breaking even on the books. Any further sales would be pure gravy, all couple bucks of it.

Nikki went out to her car and came back with a standard contract. I was surely flattered, but I just laughed. "I'm not signing anything tonight--tonight is for bathing in my rock star status!"

She gave a little huff. That miffed me a bit. "I'm tired, I'm trying to load-out, and it's not like you don't live like, what? four, five houses down? We can talk all you want later, even tomorrow, though maybe sometime after lunch."

Mary, my wife, assisting with the transfer of my stuff to our car, witnessed the exchange with a wry smile. We finished filling the backseat, and then she said, "You certainly bumped that bitch off her well-worn comfort path."

I shrugged.

"I think she's sweet on you!"

"Shut up."

Packed up, I was ready to go home. But we both wanted to stay for the band in the final death slot. The night ends with you playing for ten of your stalwart friends, so bless you those who stay until the bitter end.

The music wasn't as engaging as I really wanted, so I kept slipping out for cigarettes. Mary kept on my heels. Remarkably, Nikki kept running into us, whether we were out front, one the sidewalk, or out back, in what passed for a biergarten. Bumping her hip against mine as she made her way through the not-that-crowded crowd, always turning to give a coy little wave. As her girlfriend stared daggers at us all. While my wife smirked in return.

I had another beer, and then I wanted another one, persuading my wife to have another as well. We were out back as the place emptied from the other end. The extra beer worked its trick--we were nuzzling and giggling and Mary was stealing drags from my cigarettes she didn't smoke anymore.

Like a vapor, Nikki materialized out back to join us. She watched us, nibbling one another's necks. She sort of cleared her throat. I paid her little attention--Mary kept on making me want to fuck her. No encouragement was really necessary; we just needed to get the car back in front of our house first.

Nikki got embarrassed and started babbling about how some of them were heading out over to another bar and blah de fuckin' blah. Her girlfriend found her and rescued her, guiding her away to said bar.

"Who wants to go to another bar?" I asked Mary.

"Certainly not us," my wife declared, showing her teeth.

We cleared out. No sooner were we in the car then Mary was rubbing the front of my pants. "What are you doing?" I sputtered.

"That's obvious: rubbing your hard-on." My wife smiled so sweetly as she continued doing so. I hadn't even done up my seat belt when she was undoing my pants belt. "That girl, that Nikki, is so hot for you--even dull old you noticed!"


"Wooing women with words, you've always been good at that. You have to know she likes you.

She had me out and in her hands. She bent down to kiss the plum head of my cock with her split plum lips. She spat on me, and it was so sexy. And then her wet tongue tailed out. And made everything very special.

"I don't mind sharing us with her," she whispered. "In fact, it gets me kind of horny. I want to."

"Because of them? Because of her?"

"No. Because of you, and you only."

We were playing in fantasyland, which was where she sometimes spun us. Nikki was a way cute gal, but I knew the only thing we'd be sharing would be quick hellos maybe four months from now when we all happened to cross paths in the alleys while walking our dogs.

And then my cock disappeared. Mary's mouth was all over me. The gear shifter didn't get in the way. I was getting this tremendous blow-job while stuck in Park. I hadn't even started the car; we were just sitting in it. I'd put the key in the ignition, but then I'd gotten distracted.

Mary must've gotten a dusting of sexy dust. It'd been months since our last blow-job. And she went at it like she'd been missing it bad.

All I knew was that we were still at the curb. I still hadn't managed to start the car. Shadows of guys carrying instruments to further cars kept flashing past the windows as my wife made me come in her mouth.

She kept me in there as I melted, getting every last drop. When she let me go, she still hovered, doing this thing she sometimes does. She took several long swallows, and then she huffed a couple breaths in and out, deeply and quickly. The exhales were aimed directly at my softness, and sort of tickled! But the real purpose was to dry her lips. "Let me dry that baby off." She used her dry lips to squeegee my flaccid shaft. It was a very effective technique, but then it started feeling better than effective. Though I'd just come, I started feeling affected again.

"Oh my goodness! Mary, you better stop doing that, or you'll be doing it all over again."

My wife sat up in her seat looking so smug. She gave my crotch some safe breathing time, then tucked me back in my pants. "I think I want to take this one home with me, if you don't mind."

"Mind? I have no mind. You just blew my mind."

"Then shut up and drive! Because you have no idea."

"No idea about what?"

"How soaking wet I am for you right now." Never a shy one, my wife grabbed my far hand and thrust it between her thighs, cupping my hand against her mons.

Mary was wearing these sort of dancer pants, rather clinging thin so soft black cotton. Which she'd worn no doubt because she knew I called them her great ass! pants.

I'd expected to feel her heat, a rise in the humidity. I was shocked by the tactile wetness on my fingertips. She'd soaked through her pants. "Damn, girl, good thing these pants are black."

"My pussy started dripping the minute you stepped onstage. Then I had to fend off that hussy! And now I'm ready to go home and satisfy my man way better than any other cunt possibly could. While you blow my mind."

"Okay! But I need both hands to drive."

She released me with the sweet little giggle that made me fall in love with her in the first place. I made a grand show of sweeping my freed fingers under my nose. They didn't just reek of pussy; they were sticky with the sauce.

We chilled out the drive back, letting ourselves calm down. After all, we had the whole rest of the night ahead of us. In our nest, just the two of us, not out in some strange bar with a pair of psycho lesbians!

Back home, the fridge was hardly empty, so we had a couple more. After the second, Mary called it a night. After such an excellent blow-job, I was ready and willing to enslave myself to my wife once again.

She was in the bathroom for a long while, getting set for bed. Just thinking of her in there, I started getting hard again. I was ready for another beer, but first I really needed to pee, but then that took forever. I had it in my mind that I wanted to use the toilet, instead of pissing off the back deck. By the time that happened, I was exhausted. I had absolutely no interest in another beer. I was happy to shrug off the remainder of the night. I peed in the pot and brushed my teeth, following my wife to bed.

By the time I followed her into bed, Mary was firmly established on her side, facing away from my side. In a shorty sleep tee and panties. As though settling all her concentration on falling asleep.

That was bullshit. Fucking supine posturing! I yanked her bits of clothing out of the way, then sank into the wettest I'd ever known Mary. Orgasms galore, of course, quickly followed. That was called solving the equation.

The funny thing was that we ran into Nikki and Lisa just after dinner the following evening. And it wasn't in the alleys with the dogs. They were standing as a pair, dogless, knocking on our front door. We answered, the pair of us, curious.

"Hey!" I said, "Nice to see you two so soon. What's up?"

Nikki sort of gave her hips an extra cant, and I saw how that wasn't lost on Mary.

Nikki sort of beamed. "We'd like to invite you guys over for dinner and drinks tomorrow night. If tomorrow doesn't work, maybe the next night, or something." She looked at me. "I have a contract I'd like you to sign, and celebrate."



Mary spoke up. "I'd be more than happy to not have to cook tomorrow night."

We all laughed, and thus it was settled.

Afterwards we were sitting on the couch watching t.v. Mary was almost annoying, how she kept kissing on me about the good news. But then she started getting drowsy and the t.v. started getting boring. I prodded her enough to get her to stir and get first shot at the bathroom, the last detour on the way to the bedroom. I killed the time waiting for my time shutting down and locking up the rest of the house for the night.

By then, the bathroom was free for me to pee and brush my teeth. Mary was always fast to sleep, though a first fifteen minutes of silence were crucial to the process for her, so I shed my clanking clothes before leaving the bathroom. When I entered the bedroom, Mary was under the covers, on her side, facing away from the middle of the bed, giving off the slow deep breaths I hoped wouldn't turn into snores.

She'd left the overhead on, as well as my bedside lamp.

After the lights were out I was content to lie on my side, turned away, nuzzling my butt against hers, thinking thoughts to help me drift off to sleep. Some of it involved some sexy thoughts. But that was just to get the blood flow out of my brain so it'd shut up and shut down and let me fall asleep. Mary was already turned away and dead to the world.

Or so I thought. She shifted sides, absently slinging an arm over my hip. Where that hand quickly slid down and grabbed my undecided me. Underlining the decision. Pulling my sleepy self on top of her not-so-sleepy self.

"My god," I gasped, as she guided my stiffness inside her. "You rang?" she whispered. She was my god, my goddess, her ready and receiving wetness enveloping me. It was a feast I could never deny.

I expected to wake up for some raucous morning follow-up sex. But by the time I woke up, Mary was long out of bed, buzzing to get some things done around the house, but lovingly with a second pot of coffee ready for my awakening. The house was a mess. She set to mopping the bare floors while I wound up vacuuming the furry ones. There was lunch, and then we worked together in the garden.

For dinner, we dressed up and strolled down the street at the appointed hour.

It was strange, being so warmly welcomed into a house we'd never set foot in before, even though it was just a few down the block from ours. We stood around, not quite awkwardly, the four of us clutching and sipping from stemware loaded with wine. Eventually Nikki produced a contract stating terms favorable enough for me to be eager to sign. In the meantime, Lisa went off to the kitchen to finish the dinner preparations.

When we sat down before plates, it was an incredibly delicious dinner, complete with another pour of wine. We were all just pushed back from the table well sated, when suddenly Nikki and Lisa were bounding out of their chairs and ushering us back into the livingroom, spacing us on the sofa before they went back and cleared most of the table, disappearing into the kitchen for the longest time.

So long I glanced at my wife and shrugged. "They're really nice and it was a great dinner, but it's just about a book, and now things are starting to seem kind of weird to me. How about you?"

Mary started with a smile, but it turned into a smirk. She raised an eyebrow at me.

"What?" I responded.

She giggled. "If you haven't figured it out by now, no way am I spoiling the surprise."

"What surprise? Learning that we're being socially rude--" I started standing up, "c'mon, shouldn't we maybe be helping by finishing clearing the table?"

Mary pulled me back down. "We're the guests! I guarantee they're in the kitchen having a little girl-talk. You'll just have to wait."

"Wait for what?"

"Here's a hint," my wife sniggered, "as if it's anything new and unnoticed by others: someone thinks you're cute."

I didn't know what to say back, so it was a good thing when Nikki and Lisa re-entered the room. Or so I thought. They paused in the doorway. Nikki stayed there while Lisa crossed the room over to Mary's end of the couch, where she sat nestled in the corner. Lisa came to sit on that arm of the couch, the tiny spreading of her cute little ass just inches from my wife's face. All I knew was I'd smelled it through denim a time or two myself.

"Yes?" my wife looked up.

I was lounging on my side of the couch well away from that arm. Then Nikki moved into the room. She squirmed down like a wedge between me and my arm of the couch.

Lisa reached down to Mary and brushed a fallen lock of hair back behind her ear. I watched my wife shudder deliciously in response. "Nikki was wondering if you'd be willing to share your lovely husband."

My wife, pragmatic as always, answered, "Why doesn't she ask me herself?" Then she spoke to me. "See? I told you someone thinks you're cute."

Nikki rose up, rising on her hand gripped at my groin, hoisting herself on my own fucking petard.

"Please?" she gave the sweetest bleat of all time.

My wife gave a little laugh. "Don't they look so cute together?" she spoke up to Lisa. "How unfortunate for you that she still craves cock. But, meanwhile, what'll we do to kill time while our respective mates copulate?"

Lisa answered in such a sultry tone it added to my erection. "Whatever you want to do would be wonderful, I'm sure." I mean, I was getting even harder just hearing the words addressed to my wife. Nikki got busy rubbing the evidence through my pants.

Lisa was a little girl, and it was an easy and comfortable slide when she slipped off the couch arm and into my wife's lap. Nikki and I watched as Lisa respected the tentative, exploring, slowly growing nature of Mary's lips in return. It was one hot spectacle to observe. It made Nikki shoot up from the couch, swing a leg over and settle back down straddling me. I had no objections. My hands grabbed that nice wide ass. Nikki gasped as I used the leverage to pull our crotches grindingly close. I certainly didn't have to worry about my wife seeing what I was doing, until she broke their kiss long enough to shoot me a grin. Our kisses began more like piranhas from rival schools first meeting, then mating. My hands were soon feeling how she wasn't wearing a brassiere. I barely had to finger the hem of her shirt before she was tearing it over her head, thrusting her tits in my face. And most wonderful tits they were. They certainly had me sucking on 'em real fast.

I quickly ascertained what kind of girl Nikki was. I would've been quite content with her as a girl who loved having her tits sucked because that was what boys, thus girls, loved to do. Nikki was the kind of girl who loved having her breasts mauled because the sensations made her squirm even further below. Pants were definitely getting in our way.

"Perhaps we should all now adjourn to the bedroom," Lisa stated in a still strained fake jolly voice. Mary certainly stood up, winking down at me. The plan made sense to me, but Nikki held me pinned to the sofa by her kisses. By her limbs wrapping around me, her hands on the back of my head, holding my lips against her. As the tongues went crazy.

Nikki may have discovered that she was a lesbian. But that didn't explain why she was kissing me like a girl frantic for cock. Her bare boobs were held in my squeezing palms. She was so content to ignore Lisa and hold me against her, kissing in the corner of the couch, dry humping in our pants. I reached down and started squeezing her breasts like my hands were insatiable demons of palpitation.

That didn't work, and I didn't want to keep our lovers waiting anymore, so my fingers moved like spiders down over her ribs. I tickled her off the couch. And then the four of us moved into a group hug, and a groping one at that. We moved as one, a palpitating organism down the hall to the king-sized bed. No doubt to some palpitating orgasms.

Once in the room, Mary and Lisa became like Nikki's acolytes. They pulled her away from me, and slowly started taking off the rest of her clothes. Standing there baring her breasts, Nikki saw my face as I fell in love.

The girls had the girl down to just her scant panties--light turquoise imprinted with small red roses, the petals definitely melting in the heat. Then they forced her down on the turned down bed, finally yanking off her panties and letting me see her wanting cunt.

Nikki lay there naked, spread, waiting. Suddenly I was treated to the lovely sight of Mary and Lisa leaning down to start sucking on Nikki's tits, in tandem. From what I could see, she seemed to really like having both her nipples standing up like a pair of oil barrels.

My wife kept coyly glancing at me as she suckled. These were the hottest glances in the universe. And then, in seeming unison, Mary and Lisa quit sucking tit long enough to pull off their own shirts and skim down to panties. Lisa was fast fondling my wife. "God, girl, you have gorgeous boobs. Nikki--look at these beauties."

I watched, mesmerized, as Mary fed her breasts to a very appreciative Lisa. My wife watched me getting her tits sucked by another woman. She knew I was liking what I was seeing almost as much as she was liking what she was feeling. Then she let the girls dangle down to Nikki's mouth, where they were even further appreciated.

Mary did have absolutely succulent breasts. That was a total bonus when she let me slip her the ring--I was now married to the hottest tits in the universe.

After letting Mary dip low to Nikki, Lisa kept her on her own level. Her hand slinking down to my wife's crotch. Her voice going so sultry I about came in my pants. "Why are we still wearing panties?"

Mary barked out a laugh and then tumbled backwards, rolling so her lovely ass was in the air, her long legs were pointing to heaven. She kept her hips rolling a bit, enough to yank up her panties, kicking them up past her feet towards the ceiling.

She rolled back up for good and grinned at Lisa. "You mean, why are you still wearing panties?" Lisa promptly lost hers as well.

I stood there in a bedroom with three naked girls lolling in bed, and not one had moved to touch my clothes, much less remove them. Unencumber me from the material world. I realized I was being left to my own devices. Well, I knew how to take off my own clothes, but I didn't have the focus going yet.

Freed of clothing, and after the initial distractions, Lisa began alternating her lips from her assigned breast to the lips of her lover. Mary, meanwhile, started traveling south.

I was astonished, and totally hard as I watched Nikki spread her legs as Mary's tongue approached her cunt. She looked back at me. "Why are you still wearing clothes? Why don't you get naked too and come join me in licking this delicious little pussy?"

Well, why not indeed! She was indeed deliriously delicious. My tongue lovingly joined Mary's lapping up the mess we made of Nikki, twice. But then Mary rose up. She grabbed my ass and tried to tug me forward, moving my body up over Nikki's. "Get on up there," she laughed, spanking my ass, "give the girl the dick she's been craving."

Lisa reached down to pinch Nikki's nipples. "Promised you some cock, baby. And you know I'll never let you down. Enjoy!"

Mary even guided the head of me into Nikki's slippery vortex. With that, there was nothing in the world but the two of us fucking. Cooed and coaxed on at first by our lovers, their fingers trailing sparks across our bodies.

But then all that went away. Nikki and I gave a glance over as our girls rolled into a 69. It was certainly hot to watch, but then it was a distraction. We decided to focus on other things. Like me giving Nikki a dose of nice hard cock.

Lisa and Mary really got going, slurping out three orgasms apiece. Nikki kept pace with that scorecard, but in the end they were done and I was still going. I was getting pretty close, but I kept slowing down and putting it off, despite her squirming hips. Nikki was so hot to fuck, and I wanted to sear this one time into my memory for good.

Lisa was almost shocked. "He's still going? Don't boys usually make their mess, like, real fast?"

My wife leaned in and gave her a long slow kiss. "You have no idea. I married me the most amazing cock on the planet. One taste, I made sure we walked down the aisle."

Alas, I was down to the wire, especially once my wife snuck a hand down to start fondling my nuts. Some of Nikki's fingers joined Mary's, and that was enough for me. Nikki started making kittenish sounds and moving kind of frantic. Nikki held me tighter, hand and cunt, as I made my mess deep inside her. Groaning, moaning, and stuttering like an absolute retard. And then collapsing into her embrace. It took her awhile to release me. When I did roll off to her side, she kept her legs spread in exclamation.

I thought, with that, the parade was over. But then Mary brightly announced, "I want my husband's come back." She had her face between Nikki's startled thighs that fast. That was my wife. When she was decided, watch out. Nikki was barely breathing, and then Lisa got so hot she sat on her face, giving her some Pussy CPR. Before long they twisted around some more, so Lisa could lick out Mary.

I just watched, very slowly getting aroused again. I was getting hot from just the savings. I knew the Internet enough to know I should've been paying good money for what I was viewing.

Harvesting the energy created by such daisy chains could power entire cities! Watching it unfold certainly powered me right back up. I walked around on my knees just poking at the girls as they played.

They ignored me, continuing their symphony to the end. I nearly fainted from the explosion of smells, the three pussies reaching resolution at once. It was like ammonia and bleach being mixed--it about knocked me out.

But then Nikki was grabbing my still stiff dick and jabbering, "We wanna watch you fuck your wife, we wanna watch you fuck your wife."

Mary lay on her back, thighs splayed, waiting for me. There was, really, nothing I liked better, and she knew that. The flip-side I knew just as true. My eyes took her in, and my cock as always followed. That's half why we married, because we fuck so good. The other half being when we're not fucking, we love hanging out, living together in holy matrimony. Figuring out something for dinner.

The girls started getting all sexy with each other while watching us. I knew what my wife liked, and what she liked best. And when to shake things up. I don't think I was alone in thinking it was hotter being watched. We could hear, and smell the girls enjoying the show. Which made us enjoy giving the show all the more.

After giving Mary two huge orgasms, I was ready for my own end. Instead, she finished her after-cuddling and pushed me off. My cock was left standing proudly up into the bare air. "Go fuck Nikki some more," she giggled, slapping it away. "Go give her a second dose."

And then that exact tableau unfolded. This time, our spouses lay on either side of our coupling, simply watching. Well, they were both touching, but just their own damn selves. Talk about the sexy spotlight. I managed to work Nikki into another lather.

We were both enjoying my cock sliding in and out of her hole. It seemed to be the most natural motion on the planet. My hands roamed like planets in orbit, groping her breasts, then shifting down to grasp at her southern hemispheres, before shifting back up again, per the calendar, to her boobs again.

Nikki collapsed first--I just joined her. Nearly instantaneously, mind you.

While my wife took furious notes.

Not that she at all needed to. We just applied ourselves more. The sex in the weeks after was absolutely ferocious. Boy and girl, we were animals in constant attack mode.

It was a few weeks after all that that Mary let me know that the girls had invited us over for another dinner party. My book was out and apparently doing way better than expected. Nikki surely needed to talk to me about driving endless hours to distant cities to give stupid readings to tiny huddles of old losers in crummy little indie bookstores. I figured if she started talking about all that old crap, I'd just plug the dyke.

We did the dinner and drinks. We chatted and never did the conversation turn to literature and books. Eyes kept darting across the table, because we were all thinking of something else, the same thing, the thing that had happened before.

Mary was the first one to stand up from the table. "Let's leave the dishes for later. Why don't we go play in the big bed again?" The rest of us all squirmed in our seats.

Lisa leapt from her chair and danced over to my wife, ushering them off to the bedroom. Mary went willingly, with a wink over her shoulder.

Which left Nikki and I seated at a table full of dirty dishes, conversationless. She looked at me. "So, the thing we did before, do you want to do it again?"

I gave Nikki a sultry gaze. "But of course."

"Should we go join them?"

"Let's give them a head-start. So they'll be too involved to really notice when we join them in the bed. That way, it'll be like we're in the bed all alone."

We cleared the table. I rinsed off the dishes and then Nikki placed them in the dishwasher. Done, she dried her hands on a dish towel, and then grabbed the back of my head, pulling me down to a serious make-out session.

Then she gasped, "Let's go join them!"

I nodded my head like a bobble head hit a pot hole, agreeing, "Right now? right!!"

We pranced and danced down the hall to the bedroom, grab-assing all the way. Lisa and Mary noticed enough to both look up from an intense 69 with matching sugar-glazed grins. But then they went away again. Nikki and I slowly undressed one another. I placed my hands on her bared breasts, but she pushed my arms away. We were making out like crazy when I pushed her panties down past her waist to flutter to the floor. I groped a hand down, expecting my finger would breach her cleft and reveal her wetness.

Nikki pushed that arm away just as fast, but not before my finger had found her open, flush, and drenched. She grabbed my erection and pulled me towards her, as she backed up to the bed. Nikki got a desperado's voice. "I don't need no stinkin' foreplay."

I had no objection to just sinking right in. Nor did Nikki. She looked so beautiful splayed out below me. My cock sheathed in her cunt. Making her cute little mewling sounds. I lowered down to cover her. I grabbed her left thigh, draping her knee over my shoulder, as I took her from an adjusted angle.

My lips were right at her turned ear. "I think someone has a little secret," I whispered. "I'd love to help make it and keep it a very satisfied secret."

The girls were all making sexy girl sounds. The chorus began to sound like a competition. My vote, naturally, was that the girl getting cock would win. I managed to hold back enough that Nikki was the last girl crowing.

And her secret wasn't all that much of a secret. A cock exploding inside her sent her into an orgasm so intense our girls stopped their stuff to watch.

"Told you he was good," my wife glowed, before returning to Lisa's pussy.

It was really early afternoon when someone was knocking on the front door. I was way back in the kitchen, finishing off a little lunch. I was happy to drop the napkin when I saw it was Nikki on my porch.

I didn't know what to expect. I went all generic. "Hey, girl, great to see you! To what do I owe this pleasure? So, what's up? Selling raffle tickets to a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner or something?"

We were both grinning, delightedly. "Maybe I got you a box of those girl scout cookies you like so much," she parried back.

She palmed me on the chest, moving me backwards as she crossed the threshold. She smiled up at my eyes, and that stunned me, swept me under her spell. Nikki was wearing a girly little blouse of such a thin fabric it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. When my eyes lowered further, they luxuriated in the sight of a little floral print skirt that barely covered her panties.

"Like what you see?"

That said, she stepped further in, pushing me with her very body, boldly and bossy but all business, kicking the door closed behind her. She was very cheery. "I want to read more and hear more and see more. I'm thinking about something, but first I want proof."

First I played her some stuff, then I remembered to play host. I offered her up the beverage list. Nikki went off-list, asking for a beer not long after lunch. I didn't think ... but then I checked. And discovered. In my fridge were two bottles of very good Mexican beer. They'd been hiding in the door shelves, disguised amongst the condiments.

I brought one back out to Nikki, then immediately had to return it to the kitchen: the cap wasn't twist-off. We wound up sharing the damn beer, slaking yet wetting our respective thirsts. I disappeared upstairs just long enough to fetch down a volume she hadn't read.

Nikki flipped through it, slowly, landing between random pages and staying for a few. "Do you write stories?" was her first response.

I came bounding back downstairs with one of the collections. She gave it a glance, and then stood up. "What else are you hiding upstairs?"

She was past me and into the kitchen before I managed to stand. I entered the kitchen to find Nikki rummaging in my fridge. She emerged victorious. "You can try hiding your last beer between the bottles of Worcester and soy sauces, but that hoodoo don't work on me." As exclamation point, she popped the cap on the edge of the table, and preceded me to the staircase.

Upstairs she saw the bookcase of my crap, but then she was stunned by everything else. Upstairs was a half-story, the ceiling high enough in the middle but then sloping down either side. The area was made all the more claustrophobic by all the canvases I had stacked out against the low walls.

Nikki started flipping, then turned away exasperated. She flung her arms in the air, landing them like little parachutes, like little blossoms. "On top of it all," she stood, arms akimbo but her hands at her waist held in fists, "you're a totally obscure but brilliant painter."

"I just do this shit," I sort of shrugged. Nikki returned from her forays and walked right up against me. She got way too close, her body bumping up against mine, like a boat in the tide rubbing against the dock.

"I've decided," she announced.

"You've decided what?"

Nikki got a wide toothy smile going. "I'll explain later." Her hands swept around my upper lower back. My hands went to her shoulders, but then she moved them to the spread of her lovely ass, wrapped cotton tight. I had no complaints. Except that my hands kept wanting to migrate around her hips and up to her breasts. My hands' motions up and down left buffalo trails all up and down her sides. She shivered with every journey.

She started hunching her groin against mine, lewdly, then stopping with a laugh. "When a girl does that, it means she wants some kissing."

So I gave that girl some kissing. Kisses ending in gasps for air, scrambled words. "Don't Lisa, tell." "The Mary, same." My fingers began hinting at clothing removal. Abruptly she took a step back away from me. She kind of looked around, her eyes settling on a puffy old bed comforter living a new life as a dust cover

Nikki grabbed it by the edge, pulling it off the stacks of paintings, laying it dust-side-down on the nasty carpet well behind her. Then she stayed back there, facing me. She unbuttoned, unzipped and then shed her tight skirt. She made the point of stepping out of the puddle of it at her feet. She kicked off her flats, and then yanked up and flung away her top, baring her braless breasts.

I stayed where I stood, but I was naked in seconds. Then I started covering the ground, my erection bobbing in front of me like a friendly tour guide.

As I approached, I declared, "Looks like my Sweet Pussy Detector is pointing straight at you--wonder why?"

"Probably because it's giving you true readings, I would suspect." With that, she stepped onto the clean side of the comforter, lowering herself then onto her back. She yanked down her own damn panties. That out of the way, she could--and did!--spread her legs and show me her all.

Her cuntlips were swollen, and drenched with her arousal. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to touch her first, before I licked her, but then she was pulling me fully atop her. Lining me up.

"I'm so beyond foreplay," she groaned, "in case you didn't notice."

How could I not notice? I was just lining up for penetration, seeing how the old comforter directly beneath her was already dark with her damp.

I started off slow, just sort of nudging her flower. But then I got impatient. Once I'd parted her gates, I made a long show of slipping all the way inside her.

At the apex, Nikki succumbed to a voluptuous orgasm. I felt so proud. Just by sticking it in!

Nikki recovered, and explained. "Make no mistake: I'm a secure lesbian in a committed relationship. And though I have been with guys, I'm done with guys, but I know enough about guys to really appreciate you."

I was fucking, so I was barely listening. I absorbed her words through osmosis. She wasn't telling me anything new. The only thing I loved more than women was making them feel good. How could your butt possibly be too big when I want to fuck it so bad?--or something along that line.

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