Way Way Out - Book 3 of the Tufts Family Saga

by Doc Tufferson

Copyright© 2010 by Doc Tufferson

Science Fiction Story: The Tufts Family grows larger and stronger as they head more than 30,000 light years – Way, Way Out - from Earth. As they learn about their own powers and take on challenges from both humans and the Confed races they are opening gateways to vast adventures. You will struggle if you haven’t read books one and two. Ellie Tufts insisted on perfection thus challenging the author and slowing the development of this story. Editing by Mulligan which was required to satisfy Ellie.

Tags: Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Space  

This is Book 3 in the adventure and the story won't make sense unless you've read Books one and two. You'll find them on SOL in the Swarm Universe or at the SOL Doc Tufferson Author site.

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