Wanda Wakes Up

by carniegirl

Copyright© 2010 by carniegirl

Erotica Sex Story: Wanda wakes to a new reality about herself and slips into a world of domination by the men in her life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   MaleDom   Interracial   Black Couple   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   .

"So that's it," Jacob said.

"What the hell do you mean that's it?"

"Just what I said, I'll come by after work tomorrow for my things."

"So you are just going to walk out on me and the kids?" I was furious.

"I'm not walking out on the kids, just you. Look Wanda, we have tried but it's just not working anymore."

"It's another woman right, someone who does the things I don't?"

"You know that was never an issue with me. It's just that we aren't going to make it. It's better to end it now than to keep putting it off."

"Jacob, we have been married for sixteen years. I'm almost forty. The time to have done this was when I still had a chance at starting over. Damn you. if you are so hell bent to go, then just go."


"And that's how it ended. All those years and he just walked away." I said it to the younger African American woman. Even though I had known her for two years, it was the first time we had a really personal conversation.

"Men can be such selfish bastards. At least Rodney isn't like that yet."

Rodney was her husband. He was also a tall good looking black man at least five years younger than me. I knew them from band concerts at my son's high school. Darren and Charlie both played in the band and were almost friends. The four of us had spent a great deal of time together, while waiting for the kids to set up before the concerts or clean up after.

"So," Layla said, "Let's go get some coffee while the kids make their noises." It wasn't anything new. We had gone out to coffee or lunch while they setup and practiced for the regional or state honors band. Both Layla's son and Charlie were talented it seemed.

"What about your husband?"

"Would you mind if he comes along. If he does, he will pay for the coffee. That's one of the things men are really good for, carrying the wallet. " jShe smiled and I got a chance to smile. There hadn't been many of those in the last 6 months... "Sure why not." I agreed.

Neither of us was familiar with the place, since it was an out of town regional band contest. Since the town was a lot smaller than our hometown, we settled for a Waffle House Restaurant just off the interstate. Being on a heavy traveled road, no one paid any attention to the black man with both a black and white woman in tow.

"So how long has it been, since you and the ex had sex?" Layla asked.

I was a little embarrassed, since her husband was smiling a rather predatory smile. "Well over 6 months," I replied.

"I assume that he was the last one?" Rodney asked.

"Yes," I admitted. Even though our conversation was low, I felt like everyone in the restaurant was hanging on my every word.

"Does that seem like a long time?" Layla asked.

"Well at the end we weren't sleeping together, and I was so depressed that I didn't care.

"How do you feel about it now? Are you ready to try again?" she asked.

"I honestly don't know whether I'm ready or not."

"You should really become active again. Not just to prove to yourself that you are still desirable, but it's good therapy to out do the bastard." Rodney suggested.

"That sounds reasonable," I admitted. I didn't really feel that it was necessary, but I also didn't feel that it was inappropriate. I was really pretty ambiguous about it

"Do you have anyone in mind?" Layla asked.

"No, I really haven't met anyone since the divorce. The kid keep me on the go all the time. When he is with Jacob, I'm working all weekend. Those long shoots back to back wear me out. At least I don't have to hire anyone to stay with him."

"Wanda, I don't want you to dismiss this out of hand. I want you to think about it. You seem really uptight about sex. How about you come with us for a night? Let us be there for you."

"I don't understand?"

"Come be with Rodney and me. We are all friends, so there won't be any pressure. You do just what you feel like doing. Rodney is very gentle and patient."

"I just don't know how I feel about that," It took me a few second to grasp what she was suggesting. I wasn't upset I was just confused.

To make matters even more confusing Rodney moved from his wife's side of the booth to sit beside me. I froze solid when I felt his hand on my knee. Since there would be a concert that night, I had worn a skirt, rather than my usual jeans.

I felt his large hand move ever so slowly up my leg. Every move added to the anticipation. I wanted to stop him, I really did. I just couldn't find the strength to make a scene. Layla just smiled as his hand moved under my skirt and up to my panties.

"Her panties are wet," he said to his wife in a whisper. He acted as though I wasn't even there.

'You can't let her sit around in wet panties," she said it calmly and quietly.

I didn't resist as he hooked his finger in the crotch and then pulled them to my knees. First he ran a finger up and down my slit. I was soaked, so it was easy for him to move along the groove. My breathing was labored and I was choking back serious moans.

"That's enough Rodney, let her think about it now."

"Do you still need to think about it Wanda?" he asked.

I managed to choke out, "We can't do this."

"Well not tonight for sure," Rodney said with a wolfish grin. Then he bent and whispered in my ear. "We are going to love fucking you Wanda. We both love white women. Now give me your panties..." He saw the look of doubt in my eyes so he added. "I want them to remember this moment, and you want me to have them, so give them to me now."

I moved my legs under the table to slip them to the floor. It took some contorting, but I managed, with a foot to raise my panties t high enough to reach them with my hand. I slipped the wet cloth to Rodney under the table. Inside his large hand they were invisible as he slipped them into the pocket of his suit coat.

Later at the concert we sat together. Looking back, they seemed to be protecting me or at least trying to keep me isolated. The concert was held in a real theater in the county's consolidated high school's facility. The theater was much larger than necessary for the crowd of parents who had gathered to hear their children play. Where we chose to sit was not totally isolated, by any means, but there were no other parents crowded around us either. When the lights went down, Rodney took my hand and placed over his penis. I was more than a little afraid that I could be seen, so I tried to move my hand away, but he held it in place. At the same time Layla seemed to sense what was going on and put her hand on my thigh as if to reassure me. Since I was sandwiched between them I felt safe. I left my hand on his penis during the performance. He had an erection for what seemed like the entire concert. I have to admit even now that it was exciting. At the time it was an even larger turn on. Sitting there with my hand on his penis and my panties in his pocket made the concert fly by. I enjoyed it more than any of the other concert I had attended. Since it was a regional honors band the music was exceptional, but the feeling of Rodney's penis was even better.

I saw my son Charlie after the concert and told him our van was in the parking lot. I had clipped the orange pennant attached to a short wire onto the driver's side window. It was easy to install and made finding the van in a large parking lot at least possible To me all the mommy vans looked pretty much alike. A generic white van is how I described it to my clients and friends alike.

While I waited in the van for Charlie to say his goodbyes, Layla approached the van. She stood outside and said, "Please think about it Wanda. We both want you in our lives, but it has to be your decision. Don't let Rodney overwhelm you. Do it because you want to."

"I know Rodney is a man and this is what men do, but why you Layla? You don't seem to be gay."

"Rodney and I grew up poor, we aren't poor any more. I don't ever want to be poor again. If this is all it takes to keep him happy, then it is something I can live with. If he makes you feel better about yourself, you should go for it. Honestly Wanda, I do want you in our lives. I trust you not to take Rodney away. I can't say that about every white woman we meet."

"So you have done this before?"

"Yes twice. They tend to be very short affairs. I try to make sure it never get to the point that it threatens our marriage. I don't allow any nasty love triangle issues." She stopped there to looked me in the eye then add, "You do understand don't you?'

"You are saying, he can have all the sex he wants, but with no love involved."

"Exactly, think about it. I'll be in touch." She smiled warmly then walked away.

Charlie was excited and yakked it up for the first twenty minutes, then he fell silent. I knew that he was tired. Even a fifteen year old boy wears down after a while. Sometimes they seem to have all the energy in the world, but even they run out of steam eventually.

After Charlie finished his chattering I slipped into remembering how Rodney's fingers had felt on my body. I even remembered how his penis had felt in my hand. It was wicked, the things I had allowed him to do to me. Equally wicked were the things I had wanted to do for him. The problem for me was that I felt so good, I could not feel guilty enough. Not just the sexy play, but also the feeling of being wanted were a complete turn ons for me. That feeling of being desired might have been the really addictive part of it.

The tension built all the way home. When I got home it was difficult, but I forced myself to wait until Charlie was asleep. After I was reasonably sure he wouldn't wander by my door, I removed my vibrator from the night stand and began to masturbate. As massaged my nipples, I thought of Rodney's hands on me. My hand quickly became his hands in my mind. His hands

I woke up early the next morning. I got Charlie fed and ready for his dad to pick up. It was difficult, but I managed to do it without touching myself. During all those years of marriage, I had never been so turned on as I had been with Layla and Rodney. I went back to bed after Charlie's dad left. I woke up two hours later with the memory of a dream that both frightened me and turned me on. I used my finger to quickly masturbate to orgasm. Again I imagined that it was Rodney fingering me so deeply. When I orgasmed, it was so hard I was afraid that it might shake me off the bed.

I was so exhausted that I barely made it out of bed at all. I managed to make it into the shower where the water tended to remind me how much I needed to wash off. It was difficult but I finished the shower without masturbating again. I shook my head at the thought of doing it again. I knew that something very basic about me had changed. I just didn't know what it was. Even the considering of having sex with Rodney and possibly his wife was way out of my comfort zone. Even so I thrilled with every ring of the phone. At the end of the day nothing happened. I was very disappointed.

Charlie had always been a well behaved child. It was the only thing that made it possible for me to work from home. If he had been a discipline problem, I could never have devoted so much time to my business. Actually it was my father's business. When my husband divorced me, dad used it as an excuse to turn the business over to me completely. After mom died, dad's heart just wasn't in the family business. I had to prod him to kept him involved. He was more and more willing to just leave everything to me. After my divorce, he just gave it to me officially. He did agree to come in and work for me, if I needed help. So far I had asked for his help only twice during the six months I had run the business. Large high profile weddings went easier with two photographers. I didn't have that many but I was working to increase that kind of business.

Sunday night I slept fitfully. There is a rule every woman knows. If you are not sexually active, the need decreases as time passes. However when you become active again, the need returns with a vengeance. Insatiable is almost too mild a word for the feelings I had after that out of town trip.

When Layla called Monday just after lunch, I was a bundle of nerves. "So how have you been?" she asked.

"You don't really want to know," I replied.

"Oh, I have a pretty good idea. All hot and bothered I'm sure."

"Yes, I can't believe how turned on I have been."

"Please just use words that are down to earth. You have been horny. Rodney can do that to a woman better than anyone I have ever known."

"Yes he can," I agreed. I was chaffing a little from her admonishment about my choice of words

"So have you decided what day you would like to continue our little adventure?"

"Well it would have to be a weekday," I suggested.

"Oh we completely agree. So just pick a day when you aren't busy."

"I have appointments on Wednesday and Friday so tomorrow or Thursday would work best." She had rightly assumed that I was going to go along with whatever they had in mind for me.

"Then come to our house tomorrow at 10 AM. Wear a skirt and sweater and no underwear at all. Do you understand?"

"Yes I understand," I replied. Since her tone had changed dramatically, I wasn't sure exactly what else to say.

"Good, we will be expecting you."

The rest of the day passed rather quickly to my surprise. I had expected it to drag along with me anticipating the next day. Instead I spoke with two clients and three potential clients. With all the brushfires stamped out, I fixed dinner for Charlie on time for a change.

We watched TV together, as we usually did. With him it was cop shows and shows with attractive teen aged kids. I suffered through both just so we could have some family time together. Not having custody of him on the weekends was both a blessing and a curse. I missed a lot of quality time, but I didn't have to worry about him while I worked either. His dad was a prick to me, but he had always been a good father.

I did have a problem drifting off to sleep that night. I was so on edge that I even heard the tick tock of my wall clock. I hadn't heard that sound since the first week I had owned it. I tossed and turned for over an hour. I was trying to imagine what I the next day would be like. I finally relived Saturday night at the band competition. My hands and fingers played the part of Rodney, and I orgasmed enough to wet the bed before I could sleep.

I woke early to get Charlie off to school, but unlike most days I did not return to bed. I was far too excited to sleep. I prepared breakfast for myself, then took a very long hot shower. I tried to think how I would act. It was useless because I had no idea what would happen. The time finally just passed with me staring at the clock. I slipped into a black skirt and white sweater. I did not put on either bra or panties. I felt very exposed as I left the house. I guessed that it was the reaction they expected.

I was very nervous while walking to the front door of the white house in the upper middle class neighborhood. It seems Layla and her husband were pretty well off. No wonder she was willing to overlook his infidelity. At least if she was there to make sure it didn't get to be romance.

Layla answered the door in a robe. I could tell she was naked underneath or as least close to it. The robe was made of very thin white silk. The robe in contrast to her black skin was striking. Layla was a well taken care of woman. Even almost naked she had class. For sure a damn site more class than I had.

"Come in Wanda, Rodney is waiting for us in the playroom downstairs."

I followed Layla down the stairs to the basement. I don't know what I had expected, but it was a simple game room. A place where the children might gather to watch TV or play video games. It had an over stuffed sofa and two matching chairs. There were ottomans in front of the sofa as well as the chairs. It looked like just a big family den.

The different was Rodney was sitting in one of the large chairs reading the paper. He was also naked. Something that was hard to miss. I had held his penis but I had never seen it. His penis was much longer than my husband's as well as somewhat larger in diameter. It was mostly the length that was fearsome, though the thickness was frightening as well.

Rodney did not speak to me. Layla went over to stand close and facing him. I was left to watch as he put his hands on her shoulders. She dropped to her knees and looked at into his eyes. She also lifted his penis to her mouth. She first kissed the head of it, then opened her mouth and move her head forward to capture it. All the time she never took her eyes off his. It was obvious from the movement of her cheeks that she was creating a vacuum with her mouth then releasing it only to do it again and again. There was a look of euphoric pleasure on Rodney's face as he smiled down on her.

"Do you enjoy watching Layla worship Daddy's cock?" he said never breaking his eye contact with her.

I didn't even need to think. I could feel the heat and pressure building within me. "Yes it is a beautiful sight." I replied in a squeaky voice.

"Layla share with our new friend," he demanded. Layla somehow move back. Her chin was covered in saliva and his lubricant as she turned to smile at me. She held his penis out to me.

"I have never done that." I said it honestly and they both recognized that I was telling the truth.

"But you will do it for Daddy, won't you?" Rodney asked.

"Yes," I replied simply as I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. I wanted to know how it felt in my mouth and how it felt to make him smile at me, as he had smiled for Layla.

"First kiss the head of his cock," Layla whispered to me.

I placed my lips to the head of his penis. "Now taste the thin cum from his cock. Does that feel good?"

I pulled back then said, "God yes so sexy."

"Open your mouth and suck Daddy's cock inside.' I created a vacuum with my mouth, then moved forward slightly allowing his penis into my mouth. I felt it move across my tongue creating an ever so slight itch. Even the small sensation was magnified a hundred times as his smooth penis moved across my rough tongue.

"Let me help you," Layla said putting s hand on either side of my head. She guided my head as I stroked his penis with my mouth. "Isn't that better?" Layla asked.

I couldn't answer my mouth was full of his penis. Since I had the slow movement of my head under control, Layla removed her hands. She lowered them then reach around to massaged my breast and pinch my nipples. Her actions shot waves of new sensations through me. I had been massaged like it before but never by a woman's hands.

Layla spoke and I heard but knew it wasn't for me. "She is so turned of for you Daddy. Your little girl is a natural cocksucker. " I was looking up at him and saw him smile and nod his head in agreement. I was trilled by her words and his agreement. I had never thought I would enjoy a penis in my mouth but I was thrilled. It was probably the whole of the parts that did it.

"Take Daddy's big black cock deeper baby," Layla whispered in my ear. I tried but I gagged. "Relax baby and take Daddy's cock deep." I gagged again. "Just relax and do it again," Layla demanded. I did it over and over at her urging until I no longer gagged. She had to help me by holding my head again but I finally got past the gag reflex.

When I was comfortable with his cock hitting the back of my throat, Layla returned to holding my breasts and kissing my shoulders. She had long since opened the top buttons and pushed the sweater from my shoulders. It was wadded around my waist.

"Straighten your back," she demanded. "Don't ever slump like that again." I did as she demanded. "Now spread your legs." I did that as well. "This is the positions you will assume, whenever and where ever you are, when Daddy puts his hands on your shoulders. Layla pulled my head off Rodney's penis with a hand in my hair. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Layla I understand."

"You will answer me yes Ma'am."

"Yes Ma'am." It was silly but I was in no position to argue. I was an emotional wreck. The only emotion I felt was pure lust.

"Do you love Daddy's cock?"

"Oh yes," I answered. She pulled my hair hard. "Yes Ma'am I replied without thinking.

"Say it."

"I love Daddy's cock," I replied quietly.

"What do you want bitch?" she said.

"I want Daddy's cock."

"Where do you want it?"

"I want his Daddy's cock everywhere."

"Where do you want it when you are in this position?"

"I want Daddy's cock in my mouth," I replied and meant it.

Layla lifted his cock to my lips. "Kiss it, then you can have it in your cunt mouth." she said in an unemotional voice.

I kissed his cock lovingly as I looked into his eyes. I sucked it deep into my mouth and to the back of my throat. It was still a little uncomfortable. but it was also thrilling to see what it did to his eyes. His eyes almost rolled back into his head, when the head of his cock reached the tight part of my throat.

Layla was behind me again. She reached around me to lift my skirt. When she touched the tip of my slightly protruding clit, I shuddered more than enough for her to notice.

"She is a hot little cunt," Layla said to her husband. I was looking up an saw him nod happily. Layla continued to rub my clit until I orgsmed with a mind numbing intensity. "Oh my the cunt came while sucking Daddy's cock."

I felt his cock stuck in my throat while my body jerked in orgasmic convulsions. He had to have felt the effect it had on me. I was sagging badly when Layla admonished me to straighten my back. It was a pure struggle but I managed to finish the orgasm holding myself up straight. I was sure there would be a stain on the carpet.

When I was almost finished Layla pulled me off his cock and asked, "Do you love Daddy's big black cock now?"

"God yes," I replied honestly.

"So you are his white cocksucker?"


"Call me Ma'am and say it. Say I am Daddy's white cocksucker."

"I am Daddy's white cocksucker, Ma'am."

"Daddy made you cum do you need to make him cum now?"

"Yes Ma'am I need to make Daddy cum." I said it and I meant it. I had a deep need to make him cum.

"Do you need to have him cum in your white cock sucking mouth?"

"I need for Daddy to cum in my white cock sucking mouth."

"Then wrap your hand around the base of his cock and fuck his cock with your worthless mouth whore."

I did just that. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and stroked it while I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I move my head up and own on his cock driving it deep into my tight throat. All the while Layla was massaging my breast and tweaking my clit. When I felt Daddy thrust for the first time I knew he was about to cum in my mouth. Somehow Layla also knew she began to rub my clit faster. When Daddy's cum hit my throat I thought I was going to drown. At the same time I began to orgasm and I just didn't care if I did drown. It was all too much for me. I got lost in my own orgasm.

When I came back to reality I was in Layla's arms. She was rocking me gently back and forth. "It's okay baby, you just had your first black cock orgasm. It won't be so terrifying next time." She paused a long few seconds giving me time to note that Rodney was gone. "Daddy loved what you did for him. Daddy loves you."

"I'm glad," I replied honestly.

"Good, you are going to make a wonderful black cock slut."

"That sounds so awful." I managed to say.

"Yes but it feels so wonderful," she replied. "Doesn't it."

"Yes I feel wonderful right now."

She turned my face to her breast. I knew what she wanted. "Honestly I'm not bi."

"I know but you have to do this for Daddy.":

"Alright," I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Her breasts were larger and softer than mine. Her nipple was dark brown and large. My own nipples were large since i had breast fed Charlie. I sucked on it then dropped my hand to her thigh.

"No not that way," she said pushing down on my shoulders. I tried to resist but she was actually quite strong. I finally allowed her to force my head between her legs. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it. Then I licked it up and own and side to side. I also licked her vulva up and down between sessions with her clit. She finally came in a bone grinding orgasm.

A few moments later when she was again calm she said, "Get your clothes on Wanda."

She led me to the front door. "At exactly 6 PM call this number." she said that as she handed me a card. Say thank you Daddy and wait for his instructions." I turned to the door and left.

It was a miracle that I got home alive. I drove in a pink fog. I had heard comments like that from other women but had never put much stock in them. But somehow Rodney and Layla had gotten everything I had to give. I was totally empty of any conscious thought.

When I got home the feeling began to wear off. At least enough to force me into the bathroom where I tried to throw up. Nothing happened, so I gargled with a strong antiseptic mouthwash three times. None of that prevented me from masturbating to a mind blowing orgasm. I did it while I took my second shower of the day. I was rendered almost helpless again by the orgasm brought on by the memory of Rodney's cock in my mouth. Yes I began to think of it as his cock not his penis.

I dressed in jeans and a different sweater. That time I wore all my normal underwear, a plain pair of bikini panties and the usual padded push up bra. I never thought of it as anything but a little vanity. I looked better in a scoop necked sweater with a little more cleavage. Nature didn't give me a perfect body, so I tried to help myself a little.

I tried hard to work that afternoon. I even managed to edit about half the number of images I would have on a normal day. I was still at it when Charlie called.

"Mom there is a basketball game this afternoon, can I stay and watch?"

"Charlie, I have an appointment with a client this evening you know that."

"If I can get a ride home, can I stay?"

"If it is with an adult not a student," I replied as a compromise.

After he hung up I went back to work on the images from a portrait shoot from the week before. Charlie called back to tell me that a friend's parents were willing to drive him home. With Charlie taken care of for a while, I dug into my work even farther. At six I called the number as i promised. Rodney was expecting me to call.

"Thank you Daddy," I said as I had been instructed to do.

"Did you think of Daddy's cock when you got home this morning."

"Yes I remembered how it felt in me."

"That should have been, yes Daddy, I remember how your cock felt in my mouth and I fucked myself, shouldn't it?" he said.

"Yes Daddy I remember how you felt in my mouth and I couldn't help fucking myself till I came."

"That's better. Now go on line and order a long black dildo. That will be daddy's cock, when I can't be with you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy, I understand."

"Would you like to worship my cock now?"

"God yes, I am so turned on," I was speaking the truth. I would have dropped to my knees if he had been in the room.

"Keep that thought, we will be together sooner than you think."

Ten minutes later the door bell rang. If it was my potential clients they were over a half hour early. When I opened the door I was shocked but my heart raced. It was Rodney standing on my stoop.

"Well do I come in or do you suck my cock on the porch?"

"Come in please, come in."

Once inside he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me to my knees. "Take what you want baby girl," he said.

"Yes Daddy," I replied as i reached for his zipper. I pulled the zipper down and then struggled to free his cock. Once i had his cock free of his trousers I kissed the head as Layla had instructed me, then I sucked it into my mouth. I looked into his eyes as I pushed my head forward driving his cock into my throat. Even after a morning of practice I gagged the first few strokes. Even so i stayed with it.

"Take your tits out when you suck me," he demanded in a harsh voice. I managed to lift my sweater and work my breasts out without losing his cock. As soon as he could see my breasts I began stroking his cock with my mouth.

"Open your jeans and put your hands inside your panties. I want you to cum with my cock in your mouth." I did as he instructed and I came within a few minutes. He knew when I came from the way I sucked on his cock. "Yes cum for your black daddy you white cocksucker."

Moments later I felt him stiffen as he drove his cock even deeper into my throat as he came. I swallowed as fast as I could, even so I choked, some of his cum slipped from my mouth and landed on my sweater.

I was still on my knees looking up at him when he asked, "Where is Charlie?"

"I thought you knew he is at the basketball game at school. He is going to get a ride home with Darren."

"I had no idea. Layla handles all that."

"You thought Charlie would be here?"

"I didn't know and I didn't care. He is going to find out sooner or later that you are a cocksucker for black Daddies. Why not now and save the worry about how he will find out."

"I see well in that case I can't do this any more," I replied sternly.

"Take some time and think about it. You still have my number."

After he had gone, I showered and changed my clothes yet again. I barely finished when my client came. I was a lot more calm than I expected to be. Once I got my mind off Rodney and onto business, I calmed down.

The meeting went well. I sent her home with a contract and information on how to arrange payment, should she decide to book me for her wedding. I banged around the net until Charlie got home. When he finally showed up around eight, I made him dinner, then sent him to work on his homework.

After he left I visited the website Rodney had mentioned. I found pages of penis replicas. I remembered Rodney's cock well. It took me several minutes to find the right size and color. The thing was not cheap but it looked exactly like Rodney's cock. Even though I didn't want to see him again, I still had wildly erotic memories of the day. I had never cum so hard or so often in my life.

Charlie was asleep in his room when I went to bed. I tried to shut my mind down, but I just couldn't drift off to sleep. Rodney and Layla repeatedly came to visit me in the twilight time between being awake and asleep. Before I knew it I was reliving the day. I could feel and taste Rodney's cock in my mouth. I suppose because it was new to me, it all stuck in my mind.

I pushed the blanket off and moved my hand over my breast. I pulled on my hard nipple and remembered how Layla had done it. I tried to remember the feel of her hands. It didn't take long to recapture the feeling. I remembered the feel of Rodney's cock in my mouth. I found my clit just as Layla had done. I could almost feel cock in my mouth when I put my finger on my clit and began to massage it. I was ten seconds from an orgasm when I heard a noise at the door. I looked over to see Charlie watching me as I came with teeth clenched trying to cut off the scream.

"I heard noises and thought something might be wrong," Charlie said before he fled from the doorway. I had no idea how much he had seen. I would have gone after him except that I was still shaking. I also decided that I had no idea what to say to him.

I lay in bed amazed at how many times I had orgasmed in one day. I was also more than a little shocked in all the different things I had done. A week ago if anyone had told me, I would have laughed at them. Now I was not only a cocksucker, but I was a cocksucker for a black man. I had also licked and sucked a woman for the very first time. Neither had been my idea, but I didn't refuse either of them. Finally I had masturbated while my fifteen year old son watched. I should have locked the damn door, I thought. If there are no accidents, maybe deep in my brain resided a part of me that was pure whore. I fell asleep from exhaustion while still searching for answers.

When the alarm sounded the next morning. I tried to ignore it. I had more reason than usual. I had an ache in my heart and in my jaw. I also had to face Charlie. It was going to be difficult. He hadn't just seen me almost naked, he had seen me orgasm. He had joined a very select club, not many men had seen that. Actually not many men, only one woman, and now one teen aged boy had seen that. I struggled from the bed, then went the bathroom for a shower. I brushed my teeth even more carefully than usual. I also gargled twice. My jaw hurt every time I opened my mouth. Yes Rodney was large and it must have been more of a strain than I thought at the time. My throat also hurt every time I swallowed. I was sure the soft tissue was bruised but probably nothing more.

I was dressed when I opened Charlie's door. "It's time to get up Charlie. What do you want for breakfast." I had decided not to mention last night unless he did.

"Can I have pancakes?" he asked.

"Pancakes and bacon it is." While Charlie got dressed, I went down to cook. Pancakes are a pain, but I felt that I owed it to him. I had a mix but there was still all that stirring and standing over the stove for a long period of time. Even so it wasn't too much, if last night would just quietly go away.

Charlie was quiet over breakfast and he looked at my breasts a lot, even so he didn't mention the night before and neither did I. I let out a huge sigh and my heart seemed to begin beating again after he left for the school bus.

I stayed turned on all day, but I managed to work. I found that I could be jumping out of my skin aroused and still concentrate. It was a good thing, because I had no idea how to get off the endorphin high I was riding.

Wednesday ended with me in the shower rubbing my clit until I exploded into yet another orgasm. It wasn't quite as intense but it was still a release. Release yes, but not complete relief,, for that I needed Rodney. I knew it, but I couldn't allow his craziness to jeopardize my life. From the fiasco the night before It appeared that I didn't need him to do that. It seemed I could handle that all by myself.

I almost called Rodney before I went to bed, but I resisted. I didn't know if I could continue to resist or not. Sleep was hard coming but I did manage to drift off. I dreamed that I awoke and looked up to see Charlie standing in my door. The memory of that stayed with me, even after I awoke the next mornings. I wasn't sure that it was a dream, but I did my own son wasn't going to stalk me.

Thursday passed pretty much like Wednesday. I was still trying to come down from the high I had experienced on Tuesday. It had been a day of nothing but hormonal overload all day long. My emotions were finally beginning to even out. I was still turned on and would have been on my knees in a second, if I had run into Rodney. Even so I didn't want to go looking for him.

When I sent Charlie off for school on Friday, it was with his backpack filled with clean underwear. Charlie spent almost all the weekends with his dad. Jacob picked him up after school on Friday, and dropped him off at school on Monday. It was our arrangement. I didn't like Charlie being away from home so long, but a deal was a deal. It also allowed me to shoot weddings Friday nights, Saturday nights, and even Sunday nights. I did not book any work other nights. Mostly on Friday and Sundays, it was family portraits. Saturday had always been the big wedding days. Even for my Father, who had started the business almost thirty years before.

I had nothing to shoot that Friday night, which was usually the case, so I planned to edit photos from a recent wedding. When Charlie was home I kept on my jeans and top until I went to bed. On Weekends, if my dad didn't come up, I put on my sleep tee shirt much earlier. It was usual for me to be In my sleep tee while sitting around working on images or maybe watching TV.

It was almost nine when the doorbell rang. I slipped on a robe before I went to the door. I looked out the window of the door and saw Rodney. I shouldn't have felt my heart race but I did. I didn't even think about it I just opened the door.

"Hello," I said as the door opened.

"That should be hello Daddy," he replied smiling.

"Hello Daddy," I was right back in the same place I had been when he showed up at my door the last time. He had his hands on my shoulders but he didn't push down. He used them to turn me around so that I was standing with my back to him.

He reached around me to cover each of my breasts with a hand. He put his lips against my ear and whispered. "You have small tits don't you bitch?"

"Yes I have small tits Daddy," I replied.

"Are they aching for Daddy's touch?"

"Oh yes they ache for you Daddy," I replied. He squeezed them and pulled my nipples hard while he kissed and licked my neck and ear. Without warning I felt his hand grab me between my legs hard. "Do you like to have me feel your cunt?"

"Yes Daddy I love it."

"Say it right," he demanded/

"Yes Daddy, I love you to to feel my cunt." I was so high on hormones by that time I would have said or done anything. I felt him roughly manipulate my clit. I was on fire even though it hurt some as well.

"Take off your panties whore." I removed my panties quickly leaving me only in the long tee shirt and robe. He bent me forward, Then forced his large cock inside me. I was tight on his cock partly because he was larger than my ex but also because I hadn't had sex for over six months. There was some pain as he entered me.

"God you are a tight bitch. You must have been fucking a midget."

"No one as big as you Daddy," I replied.

"Do you like Daddy's big cock in your cunt."

"God yes, I love the feel of your cock in me," I replied. When he began to stroke me the pain stopped but there was still a burning sensation as he stretched me. It felt so good I moaned and tears ran down my cheeks.

"Are you going to stop all this bullshit and behave?"

"Yes Daddy I will behave." I meant it when I said it. I could not think of anything except how good his cock felt in me. It filed me and it massaged me inside. I was having a hard time thinking.

"Do you want Daddy to cum in you?"

"Yes I want to make Daddy cum in me."

"Then move your ass back and forth for me. You fuck me." I began to move on his cock. It was like a pole inside me. I just slid up and down on it. Each movement took me closer to a huge orgasm.

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