The Rape of May

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2010 by Pappyok

Erotica Sex Story: Two strangers force their way into a young couple's home and rape the man’s wife in front of him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Romantic   Rape   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Size   .

May and I undressed and quickly got into bed. We cuddled each other, softly caressing each other's face, both of us looking forward to making love. She had already given me a passionate kiss after she came back into the bedroom from making sure our twelve month old baby daughter was settled. She let me know in no uncertain terms that she wanted me inside her and soon.

I had just started moving my attention down to her glorious soft round breasts, fondling and kissing them, when, of course, the door bell had to ring. Naturally we wondered who it could be, seeing that it was almost 9pm.

Although we were both only 25 years old, we had been married for seven years. Admittedly we had married young because of what turned out to be a false pregnancy, but by the same token, we had been an item since we were both 15 and very much in love. We wanted to marry.

Neither of us had ever had any sexual experience apart from with each other, but made up for this with frequent practice. We both enjoyed sex. We had been into heavy petting even before we were sixteen, enjoying mutual masturbation, although we had never been fully naked with each other.

When she fondled my penis, my trousers were undone, but still in place and a tissue was brought into play at the end. When I was fingering her sex, she would often remove her panties if she was wearing a skirt, but otherwise her clothes stayed on. Of course, her breasts were almost always uncovered when we were able to be alone and I had full access to kiss and suck and fondle her glorious globes. Her breasts were and still remain, one of my greatest pleasures in life.

We really got into oral sex when we were sixteen. In fact, my 16th birthday present from my darling May, at least the main one as far as I was concerned, was her taking my penis into her mouth and not letting go until I had given her my love. Not that the first time took very long; it felt so nice and I was so aroused that soon after she started sucking I exploded inside her pretty mouth.

With her birthday the following week, I decided that I should give her a similar present and she loved it. Couldn't get enough, she told me and I enjoyed doing it. Of course, it took a bit of trial and error until we learned the best ways to please each other, but that was half the fun. We had read a few Playboy and Penthouse magazines and gradually learned a few tricks; some we liked, some we quickly discarded.

Probably because we enjoyed mutual oral sex so much, neither of us felt much pressure to go to the next step and consummate our relationship. We were happy to leave this until we were a bit older.

We got engaged on her 18th birthday, but we were not really planning to get married until she turned 21. Both our parents approved of our plan and were happy for us to get engaged under those circumstances. But May decided to go on the Pill then, seeing we were now engaged, just to give us the flexibility. We had discussed how long we should wait, but we both felt when the right occasion arose we should be ready enjoy it.

But two weeks after she went on the Pill, May's parents went away for the night and I stayed over with her. As she was an only child, her parents were actually happy for me to be there, although assumed (how naïve) that we would sleep in separate rooms. We certainly made sure that both beds were used, but one was only for a few moments.

With all the oral sex and fingering that we had enjoyed on previous occasions, as well as that night, May didn't seem to suffer much when I entered her for the first time. But the second and third and fourth times we made love over that night and morning she didn't suffer at all. We were both hooked and figured that oral sex, while great, was on the back burner for a while.

Of course a few weeks later we found out that we should have waited for at least another few weeks before using the Pill alone to avoid pregnancy, so our wedding was quickly brought forward.

However, it turned out to be either a phantom pregnancy or she miscarried or something, because during our honeymoon we had to give up sex for four days – her period had arrived and she definitely wasn't pregnant.

Initially we were a bit upset and disappointed, but then quickly realised that gave us a chance to establish ourselves before starting a family, which we did five years later.

Neither of us regretted having to get married like that, however, because it just brought forward our plans and soon we were enjoying an active sex life as a married couple, which was much better than trying to get limited opportunities as a courting couple.

I was very lucky that May not only got her figure back quickly after the birth of our beautiful daughter, but she was also very keen to get our sex life back on track as well. For me that was no chore at all as she was an exceptionally gorgeous woman. Her 160 centimetre tall body was not only slim and curvaceous, but she also had delightful small round globes highlighted by long 'suck-me' nipples.

The piece de resistance, however, was her face, angelic, beautiful, serene; it was to die for, topped with long blonde hair and the most vivid blue eyes I have every seen. Further south, she had the tiniest wisp of curly, blond pubic hair and long, graceful and shapely legs.

Why she fell in love with me I could never work out, even if I was fit, 180 centimetres tall and reasonably slim. But where her face could launch a thousand ships, mine would be lucky to launch one paper boat in the bath tub.

Nevertheless, we were very much in love and even more happy when our planned daughter arrived on the scene. Fortunately our baby got her looks from her mother. Equally as fortunate she was a perfect baby, not only physically, but also in temperament. She fed easily and was happy to go to sleep when she was put down, equally happy in our arms or the baby bath.

As the doorbell rang for a second time, I quickly put my shorts on and went to the door and opened it, only for two men wearing balaclavas to push their way in, one grabbing me and threatening me with a knife.

"Who is it John?" May called out, but then cried out with alarm as I was pushed into the bedroom and she could see the two strangers holding a knife to my throat.

The second man quickly went to the bed and put his hand over her mouth and said "quiet, if you don't want your baby harmed you had better cooperate".

The second man then left the room, as the first man told me "do exactly as I tell you and your family won't get harmed, but resist and your baby may just end up horribly scared".

Then he pointed to a chair near the foot of our bed and told me "sit down on that chair and put your hands behind the back of it".

As soon as I had complied, worried for my daughter's safety, he took a roll of duct tape from his pocket and taped my arms to the back of the chair and then put a piece across my mouth.

Once I had been secured and was unable to move or talk, he walked to the head of the bed and leaned down to my wife, putting his mouth against her ear and whispered to her. She told me later that he had said "cooperate and no one will be harmed, resist and your baby will be the first to suffer. Do you understand?"

I saw her nod and then the man continued whispering to her "my friend and I are going to enjoy your beautiful body. Cooperate and you might even enjoy it, resist and not only will you get hurt, as we will have you one way or the other, but you know what will happen to your baby, don't you?"

Again I saw her nod, her eyes starting to water, as I guessed that he was threatening her and by this stage I suspected what they wanted. They didn't seem interested in stealing anything, but I just waited. After all, I couldn't do anything else. I felt so helpless, sitting there naked, because he had pulled my shorts off as I sat down and now I was unable to talk or move.

I realised that I had guessed right as I saw him slowly undressing, May's eyes glued to his body, watching, fearful, unable to move. In her case it was because of fear rather than physical restraint, but clearly not just fear for herself, but for our baby and even me, I guessed.

Soon he was naked and pulled the sheet and blanket off her, revealing her beautiful, naked body. Instinctively she moved one arm across her breasts and placed the hand of her other over her sex, trying to cover her shame.

But he just lay down beside her and again whispered in her ear. While she later told me everything he said to her, most of it I could guess from her reactions and what he did.

"You can shut your eyes if you like and pretend that I'm your husband, but I'm going to kiss you and if you don't return the kiss as if I was your lover then your baby will have a scar and if you still don't treat me as the lover you are desperate to make love to, there will be more and more scars and then we'll start on your husband as well. We'll save you for last, but we will have you.

"You understand don't you that I won't accept you just lying there not resisting? I want you responding and enjoying it, even if you are faking it, but if you pretend that you really do want me, then you might get a surprise and actually enjoy it. Are you going to do what I want?"

"Yes" I heard her croak in response to what I assumed was him asking her to cooperate.

"Then I want you to kiss me and do a good job of it".

I guessed that I was right in my assumption when I saw May hesitate after he finished whispering to her before she moved her face over to his and kissed him. As they rolled around a little, I could see it was not just a simple peck on the lips. His head withdrew for a moment, enabling me to see her mouth open and her tongue between her lips before his head came back for a second equally passionate kiss.

She put her arms around him as he brought one hand up to fondle one of her gorgeous breasts and I was close enough to see her nipple distending, growing hard from his manipulation. His mouth moved down to nibble and suck that breast as she held the back of his head with her hands, holding him against her breast.

She looked over at me with a sad expression on her face, clearly worried about what I might be thinking as she was so obviously cooperating and helping this stranger make love to her, while I was helpless, tied up and just watching.

I knew I should be enraged and even jealous, but I sought to reassure her, knowing that if she didn't cooperate it would go badly for us all, especially our lovely young daughter. I was worried that the second man was near our baby and could quickly carry out their threat if we didn't give them what they wanted.

I still felt confident that as they were hiding their identity by wearing balaclavas, if we cooperated, which really meant if May cooperated seeing that I was tied up and had no choice, then we would not be harmed. Most importantly, hopefully our daughter would not be harmed. That is, of course, other than the fact that May was probably going to be ravished by two strangers, but I was sure that she would rather suffer that than have our poor, defenceless baby daughter harmed.

Still, I thought, better that she be raped and not suffer any physical harm than all three of us be maimed or worse be killed, so I willed her to cooperate. I tried to smile at her with my eyes, lovingly, reassuringly, but not certain that she understood my smile. Fortunately, she seemed to realise I wasn't smiling at her because she was being raped, but rather she received the comfort and support I hoped she would, recognising that I wasn't blaming her for cooperating.

The stranger moved back to kiss her again and he rolled her on top of him as their lips were locked in a long and passionate kiss. One of his hands wandered gently down her back until it was able to fondle one of those beautiful round firm cheeks of her bottom. I could see his hand gently squeezing her, something I knew she loved and then his fingers trailed down her cleft, teasing the entrance to her bottom before coming back to squeeze the other cheek, caressing it and then wandering right up until his hand was resting on her shoulder.

He rolled her over onto her back and started kissing her breasts, as she held his head to her with both hands. I could see both nipples responding to his treatment, which fortunately seemed gentle, almost loving, so at least I felt he meant her no physical harm. He just wanted something he shouldn't be having - sex with her.

Slowly he moved one hand down over her flat tummy and ran his fingers through the tiny amount of pubic hair she retained. It was just a narrow V of sparse blonde curly hair. She liked to keep the lips of her sex void of any hair as she knew that I much preferred to lick her hairless sex.

Soon, though, he had cupped her mound with his hand and then ran his fingers along each of her vaginal lips, moving them back and forth until he dipped into her sex, then came up towards her small hard nub. He rapidly rubbed her sensitive clitoris. I knew just how responsive she would be to that sort of treatment and I wasn't wrong as I could hear her breathing deepen and it wasn't long before she was crying with pleasure, her rape momentarily forgotten and I was pleased. Pleased that even though I knew she didn't want this to happen at least she wasn't suffering. She even seemed to be getting a little pleasure from it.

I realised though that most of what she was doing was play acting, going along with her captor's demands, pretending for his benefit so that she was protecting our daughter and probably me as well. But I could tell that she had actually experienced an orgasm in the last moments, because I knew just how sensitive she was and somehow the stranger was hitting exactly the right buttons.

He brought his mouth down to lick her sex and suck on her clitoris and she opened her legs even wider to facilitate access to her secret place. As she spread her legs, she brought her hands down onto the back of his head, pulling him even harder and closer into her sex, as if trying to take his head right inside her vagina.

Her head rolled from side to side as she got more and more aroused from what he was doing to her, her mouth open and her breathing deep and noisy. She moaned again, lifting her thighs into his mouth as once more she must have experienced waves of pleasure rolling over her body, centring on her sex.

As the orgasm finished, I saw her glance back at me and could sense that she was saying sorry with her eyes and her facial expression, sorry that she was enjoying it, but she had to do this to protect us all. If she tried to resist the pleasure by being wooden and non-receptive, I realised the rapist would regard that as not co-operating. But by acting and pretending and co-operating, it was hard not to respond if the treatment was just right, as it seemed to be.

I tried to indicate with my eyes, with my smile, with my whole demeanour that I didn't blame her; that I was happy she was saving us and that I sincerely hoped that she was not suffering. Indeed, I realised that I didn't mind how much she enjoyed it, in fact hoped that she was actually getting pleasure from the rape, because her sacrifice shouldn't go unrewarded and I was so helpless. I was the one who should have been protecting her. Wasn't that the role of a man throughout history?

Once her trembling had ceased, the stranger sensed that she was coming down from a high and moved back up to kiss her on the mouth again. I could see their tongues intertwining as their mouths were wide open, pulling apart and coming back together again. She still had her hands on the back of his head holding him tightly against her, as his hand went back to fondle her breast yet again.

His lips moved around her face as he rained fairy kisses all over her, from her eye lids to her chin, from cheek to cheek and from ear lobe to ear lobe. Then he was once more whispering in her ear and I guessed that he was telling her how good she was, because I knew that she was just that, but he was probably also telling her what he was about to do to her. Certainly she opened her legs even wider as he moved between them and she moved her hand down to grasp and fondle briefly his penis until it was hard and erect. Then she guided it between her vaginal lips, helping him to plunge into the inner depths of her sex.

She cried out with what could only have been pleasure as he plunged and plunged his hard and erect penis all the way inside her before withdrawing all but the head and then plunging again. Her legs wrapped around him with her heels hard on his bottom, trying to draw him deeper inside her. I imagined what a wonderful feeling the stranger must be experiencing because I knew just how good it felt to be penetrating her inner depths; the way her muscles would contract and welcome me inside.

The stranger seemed in no hurry though, as his movements were slow and deliberate, as if trying to make this rape last. I couldn't blame him for that as I could image the pleasure he must be feeling from being inside that delicious, warm vagina, which always felt so hot and comfortable.

Suddenly he put his legs outside hers and rolled her over so that she was on top. Once there, she lifted her shoulders up and then fed her breasts one at a time into his mouth so that he could suck and nibble; something I knew she loved to experience.

His hands came up and gently pushed her shoulders, making her sit straight up on top of him. She brought her knees up so that she was sitting on him with her legs forward, spread wide apart and I knew he was looking into her sex, seeing his rigid penis penetrating inside, thinking what a wonderful sight that must be for him.

But then he picked up one leg and brought it across his body, then turned her around so that she was facing his feet. Now, especially as he brought her back down onto his chest, I could see what he had just been looking at and I was extremely aroused by the sight of his fairly significant erection thrusting into her wide open sex. Especially, just after he murmured something in her ear, she spread her legs wide apart and brought her knees up toward her chest.

I guessed, correctly I found out later, that he had asked her to show me exactly what he was doing to her and to spread her legs so that her sex was wide open. His hands had come around her body and grasped each breast, rolling her nipples and pulling them. She moaned partially from the mild pain that would have been inflicted but also, I was certain, from the pleasure she was feeling.

Once more she looked towards me, staring into my eyes. Her sad expression was gone, but clearly she was still a bit worried about what I must be thinking. I was sure that she would be scared that I thought she was being wanton, allowing him to get so much pleasure from her while at the same time she was clearly enjoying it. I tried to convey understanding back to her, difficult just using one's eyes and facial expressions, seeing my mouth was firmly taped closed, but I was trying to make her feel assured, comforted and most of all, loved.

I saw her eyes momentarily close and her head roll slightly as she must have experienced another wave of pleasure from what he was doing to her. His tongue was in her ear, flicking, licking, while one hand had crept down between her legs and was manipulating her clitoris. No wonder she was so highly aroused. This guy seemed to know how to make a woman feel pleasure. For that, at least, I was grateful.

He rolled her over onto her side, still behind her, thrusting harder and deeper into her vagina. He lifted her top leg over his legs and the hand that had been playing with her clitoris was pulling at the lips of her sex, not hurting I didn't think, but opening her up even more. She must have sensed that I could see right inside her, as his fingers went into her, along side his hard penis, and she would have been correct. In fact, I found it extremely erotic and realised that my penis was engorged, becoming tumescent, as I got more and more aroused from what I was seeing.

His hand grasped her top leg behind her knee as he sought greater leverage to enable him to pound into her body. I could see him approaching his conclusion as his legs straightened and his mouth opened wide, groaning as his penis throbbed his climax inside her, but he kept thrusting a few more times until she too moaned and sighed, having reached yet another orgasm from his attentions.

As he withdrew from her, I could see the evidence of his culmination at the mouth of her vagina and on the outer lips. She kept her legs apart, as if making sure I could see what had been done to her, making no effort to close them or hide the evidence from me.

Immediately after the stranger got off the bed, the other man, who had been standing in the doorway watching, came into the room and undressed. I would have gasped if I hadn't been gagged, but May certainly did as she saw what was hanging between his legs once he had undressed. His penis was erect, obviously aroused from watching his partner-in-crime. It had to be at least 20 centimetres long and probably somewhere between 5 and 6 centimetres in diameter. I had never seen a bigger penis before, it was like some we'd seen in the few blue movies that May and I had watched on the odd occasion.

We had found watching pornography once in a while quite stimulating, and had even laughed about a couple of the actors we had seen with their more than adequate equipment, not knowing whether to be feeling sorry for or jealous of the actress who was to receive their massive weapons. We never thought that we would see one close up; much less that May would have to have one inside her. But clearly that was what was about to happen.

May whimpered as the second man came up to her and kissed her, before placing his erection between her lips, forcing her to open her mouth wide and take at least some of it inside. I could see her tongue as it tried to lick around the massive head, trying to prevent it going too far into her mouth.

Bravely, she remained with her legs apart, waiting as the man knelt between them and ever so slowly inserted it into her vagina. Fortunately, he didn't try to ram it straight into her, allowing her to try and become accustomed to his massive girth as he slowly slid it further and further inside her.

She knew that resistance was not only dangerous for the three of us, but inevitably would cause her a lot of pain and discomfort. She quickly recognised that even more so with this man she needed not only to cooperate but try and get him to be gentle and not rip her apart. Luckily he seemed to know that if he wanted sexual pleasure, he could only get it by allowing the girl, in this case my wife, to relax and slowly open up to him.

It seemed to take ages, but finally he was deep inside her. I could see the concentration on her face as she willed her body to relax and accept the invasion, trying to ensure that she was not ripped open by this huge penis.

He decided that the best way to proceed was to let her make the running, so rolled over, bringing her onto top of him, allowing her to sit up and slowly impale herself. I could see the lips of her sex stretching to accommodate him and as she opened her legs wide I could see that she had taken half of it inside her, but she knew that she had to take more and probably all of it if she was to make him happy. That was her goal, clearly, as she recognised that if she made him happy they would almost certainly then leave us all unharmed. At least that is what I'm sure we were both hoping would happen.

I felt even guiltier as I realised how aroused I was, actually getting sexual pleasure from watching close up what was happening to my darling wife. May looked across at me again and I'm sure she could see I was getting aroused, especially when she glanced down between my legs and saw what was happening there. I just hoped that she would forgive me for getting pleasure from her being raped, because that was what was happening I realised.

The rapist's hands wandered down her back until both were on her bottom, a cheek in each hand, gently squeezing and caressing. He spread her cheeks further apart and I could see her puckered entrance opening up.

Swiftly, he moved one hand back to his mouth, moistened a finger with his saliva and just as quickly brought it back to her bottom, teasing the entrance to her anus and then slowly inserting the finger until it was completely inside her bottom.

This was something we had done to each other occasionally, even getting two fingers inside, although we had never actually taken the next logical step to indulge in anal sex. I had to confess that it was something I wanted to do, but hesitated, not wanting to upset my darling May, who had shown no desire or predilection to do so.

She responded to this double invasion of her body by making it a triple invasion, as she moved her face down to his and kissed him, accepting his tongue into her mouth. I could see her shoulders moving as she rubbed her sensitive nipples on his chest at the same time.

I figured that May must be grateful that this man was treating her so carefully, tenderly, almost lovingly, trying to ensure that she enjoyed what he was doing to her. She would have realised that it would have been so easy for him to take her roughly, violently and done her physical harm. Instead, he was doing his best to give her pleasure. For this I was certainly grateful.

As their kiss ended, I heard her moan. But it wasn't from pain or terror or fear. I recognised the sound she was making having been fortunate to hear it frequently when we made love. She was clearly experiencing waves of pleasure and excitement washing over her body. I knew from what she had told me on previous occasions that the sensations seemed to start at her extremities and move inwards towards her sexual centre, getting stronger and more concentrated as they got closer and closer to her sex.

Now he withdrew his finger from her bottom and rolled her once more so that she was on her back and he was lying between her legs, which he drew up over his shoulders. This opened her wide up and he was able to drive his massive weapon deep into her vagina. She groaned, probably with both pleasure and pain, as he thrust harder with long strokes, his huge erection almost withdrawing from her and then slamming back as far inside her as he could.

He continued this for an extraordinary amount of time, or at least it seemed that way to me, thinking my poor darling must really be suffering now. Soon she was screaming out, trying to muffle the sound into his neck, but it wasn't from pain, I could tell. She must have experienced a massive orgasm and as he continued thrusting into her, I could hear her moaning "yes, yes, yes, oh yes, it feels so good."

By this stage I didn't know whether to be jealous or happy for her. But one thing I knew; I was massively turned on. And it was very obvious because my penis was now rigid. Erect. Sticking straight up into the air and throbbing. I wanted relief. I couldn't believe just how much sexual pleasure I was experiencing. I knew it was wrong, but my body betrayed me.

Then it was his turn, as the rapist arched his back and cried out his pleasure, his orgasm lasting for ever as he spurted his culmination so deep in my darling's vagina. He collapsed on top of her and told her how good that had been, as she brought her hands around him, stoking his back and head, assisting him to kiss her as they gentled each other before drawing apart.

Suddenly, the first rapist spoke to his companion.

"Looks like you weren't the only one to enjoy that mate. Look at the erection on her husband. Perhaps we should watch them perform".

"Good idea. Right fella, don't do anything stupid, because my mate will be at your baby in a second. Just go and use that erection with your wife" as he proceeded to tear the tape off me, first off my face and then the restraint binding my arms to the chair.

I realised that I had no option, if I didn't want our daughter harmed and after what my darling May had undergone, I didn't think it much of a sacrifice to make love to her for their pleasure. Especially, I recognised, not when I wanted her so badly.

"I'm sorry my darling, I couldn't stop them and I couldn't help myself being aroused. Please forgive me. I love you so much and I'm so proud of the way you saved your family" I whispered to her as I knelt between her legs and slid my erection easily into her slippery, wet and very open sex.

May just put her arms around me and held me tight, whispering she was sorry for enjoying it, telling me how much she loved me and asking me to forgive her, which I quickly dismissed, telling her there was nothing to forgive her for. I was the one who should be sorry and I just hoped that she did get some pleasure from what she had been forced to do.

In the meantime, my penis was throbbing as I plunged in and out of her sex, while she wrapped her arms and legs around me drawing me close to her. I couldn't believe how good she felt. Her vagina was not only wide open from the last rapist, but it was slippery and sticky and warm. It felt incredibly good being inside there.

Neither of us cared that two strangers were watching; we just wanted each other so badly: May because she felt a bit guilty and wanted to show her love for me; me, while of course being madly in love with her, because of how aroused I had become watching what had just happened.

Because we were both so aroused, we were quickly enjoying orgasms. I could feel May squeezing me with her muscles as she contracted into her delicious experience and soon I was spurting my conclusion into her.

We kissed and cuddled for a moment and then I withdrew from her, but she just lay there on her back, her legs wide apart and the evidence of what we had just done clearly visible at the mouth of her sex. She lay there almost wantonly, without shame and I realised she was letting the two strangers know that if they wanted her body again she was available. She wanted them to know that they didn't have to hurt either of us or more importantly our baby daughter. She would give them what they wanted; willingly. She would make sure they had their pleasure.

I was in awe of her, of what she was silently offering to ensure that none of us were harmed. At least now, though, she knew that I wasn't blaming her for both cooperating and even enjoying what was done to her. She knew that not only did I love her even more, but I had also received some pleasure from watching her and I think in some ways, she actually wanted to give me more pleasure as well.

Without being told, I went back to the chair and sat down, facing my wife who was still lying on her back with her legs spread wide apart, her sex lips open, waiting, prepared to welcome in whoever wanted or needed to violate her body. She looked unbelievably sexy.

"Do I need to restrain you again or are you going to cooperate too?" the first rapist asked me.

"We'll cooperate" I replied, adding "you don't have to hurt any of us, we'll do whatever you want".

He turned to my wife and asked her "is that right? You'll do whatever we want?"

"Yes' she responded quietly, almost whispered, no doubt feeling a mixture of shame and fear, but also, I thought, probably some desire as well, as she knew the pleasure she had already experienced from them. Then she added "providing you promise that when you have finished and have had all the pleasure you want, that you won't harm any of us and you'll leave us alone".

"That's fair enough, providing you cooperate and do as you just promised" he told her.

"I will and I know my husband will cooperate too. I promise I'll act as if you are my lover. That's what you want isn't it?" May stated huskily, her voice slightly quivering, although I didn't know whether it was in anticipation of pleasure or fear of pain and degradation.

"Sounds good to me, so where do you keep your sex toys?" the first rapist asked turning to me.

After hesitating for a moment, I pointed to the bedside drawer, as a sign of good faith. Not that we had many toys, just a vibrator and a tube of lubricant, which we used occasionally. May enjoyed me sometimes, but not often, using it on her clitoris while I was inside her vagina. A few times, especially since the birth of our child, we had enjoyed having both the vibrator and my penis inside her vagina for a few minutes, while other times I would use it inside her after I had climaxed to give her an additional orgasm.

Consequently, because I was co-operating too, I wasn't restrained or gagged. I was left sitting close to the bed where I could see everything, but conscious of the fact that the second man was in the doorway, able to get to our baby daughter long before I would be able to do anything if I moved suddenly or threateningly.

He picked the vibrator up, spread a little lubricant on it and slowly inserted it into her vagina. May was obviously still aroused from what she had already experienced, so he was able to easily slide the lubricated vibrator into her sex. He turned it on and moved it slowly inside her, while bending to her face and kissing her.

May reached up and held his head to hers, as she returned his kiss as passionately as she could. She was determined to keep her side of the bargain. Her legs were parted as wide as she could make them, with her knees slightly bent to give him maximum access to her sex and, I was convinced, to make sure I could see everything that was happening to her.

After their kiss was completed, he trailed his kisses down her chest, ensuring that both breasts were lavished with kisses and her nipples sucked, before he concentrated on her centre of sexual pleasure. One hand continued to move the vibrator in and out like an artificial penis, while with his other hand and mouth he manipulated her clitoris, sucking, biting, licking, rubbing until she cried out how good it was, begging him not to stop and exploded into orgasm.

He reached for the tube of lubricant again and she must have realised what was about to happen, but didn't say or do anything other than continue enjoying what her was doing with the vibrator and his mouth.

I was fairly certain I could guess what he was going to do next, though and soon was proved right, as he squeezed a little lubricant on her puckered entrance and his middle two fingers. Then he slowly inserted these two fingers into her anus. This didn't hurt her, I knew, as I had done something similar on rare occasions.

She was relaxed, I could tell, enjoying the sensations of his fingers in her bottom and the vibrator in her vagina, while he continued sucking her clitoris. He seemed to keep this up for ages and I could see the arousal on May's face, her mouth open, slightly panting as her eyes glazed over and she experienced the umpteenth orgasm for the evening.

Once she wound down from her rather visible and noisy culmination, the stranger withdrew both the vibrator and his fingers then, after placing another squeeze of lubricant on the vibrator, placed it at the entrance to her bottom.

By this stage she must have known that she was about to experience something she had never done before. Her virgin bottom was about to be penetrated by the vibrator and I made a mental guess that it would be followed at some stage by his penis. I knew I should have said something, but felt that, in view of what we had committed to, I couldn't.

I could only watch, hoping that May at least received pleasure from whatever they did to her, while realising that I would reluctantly enjoy it too. At least in the weeks or months to come, providing she didn't end up traumatised by the whole experience, I might even get to enjoy anal sex with her.

All May did was relax her muscles as best she could trying to open herself to receive the assault on her virgin bottom. She too had guessed what was about to happen to her, but also realised that she had agreed in advance and so couldn't really complain about it. Even if she did, she knew she risked harm to her family she loved so much and would do anything to protect.

May glanced at me as the vibrator was slowly slid into her. Fortunately, from a combination of her arousal, her cooperation, the fingers she had just had inside her and all the lubricant, it slid reasonably easily into her and didn't cause her too much pain. However, at least he did move it slowly, allowing her to become accustomed to the foreign invasion with each centimetre he gained inside her.

As she looked at me, she could see my mouth was open and I was staring at what was being done to her, clearly aroused and turned on by it. I looked up in time to catch her glance and she smiled at me, moved her lips as if blowing me a kiss and her eyes sought my approval.

As best I could, I reassured her, mouthed 'I love you', not wanting to speak and give legitimacy to what the rapists were doing to her, then blew her a return kiss. My eyes and mouth were smiling back at her. She could tell I was actually enjoying watching, she told me later, so she relaxed even more, determined to get as much pleasure as she could from the experience. She was also determined that I would benefit at some later stage, because she knew that this was something I would like to do to her and now that the barrier had been broken, she and I would be able to experience and hopefully both enjoy in the future.

Once the vibrator was buried deep inside her anus, the rapist turned his attention back to her sex, using his mouth on her clitoris and the fingers of his other hand inside her vagina. Once again, after several minutes of this triple assault on her body, she climaxed noisily, the orgasm clearly visible from her physical reaction.

This was the signal for the stranger to remove his mouth and finger from her sex and leave the vibrator unattended in her bottom as he moved up to place his tumid penis at her mouth. May was no stranger to licking and sucking my penis, although rarely to completion these days, rather as a prelude to making love. She brought her hands up, one to fondle his testicles, rolling them gently, while the other hand encircled the base of his penis and after licking up and down the entire length, she guided it into her mouth, sucking vociferously.

He had no intention of wasting his seed in her mouth, however, so that as soon as he was rock hard, he withdrew from her mouth and knelt between her legs. While she had relinquished her grasp of his testicles, she didn't let go of his erect penis, guiding it between her vaginal lips and happily assisted it to slide all the way into her vagina.

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