Entertaining a Foreign Guest

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2010 by Pappyok

Erotica Sex Story: An Australian man encourages his wife to date a visiting American serviceman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Size   .

I had left the front porch light on when I went to bed about half an hour ago. I was still awake and heard the car drive up our driveway and stop, the headlights turn off and the motor switched off. It must have been at least twenty minutes later before I heard the front door open, so I turned our bedside light on.

Jan came in looking a little dishevelled, but with a big smile on her face, even though there was no lipstick on her lush lips.

"Hello Grant, darling, you didn't have to wait up for me" she whispered, making sure she didn't wake our children.

"I didn't darling, I came to bed almost an hour ago, but hadn't fallen asleep. I just put the light on now for you" I replied, watching her as she removed her dress, revealing her sexy body just covered in a pair of very brief lacy panties that were her preferred covering if she wasn't wearing a g-string or even nothing at all under her dress.

"Did you have a good night though?" I added.

"Yes, he turned out to be 35 year old, tall dark and handsome, with the emphasis on dark. I guess he must be a full blooded African American, I think they like to be known as" she told me, then continued "he took me to a nice restaurant, ensured I ordered whatever I wanted and got a really nice bottle of white wine. We had a lovely long conversation over dinner, he was most interesting to talk to and I was able to tell him about Sydney and where to go, seeing he had only been in the country five days."

"So you enjoyed his company then?" I probed.

"Yes, he was a real gentleman, held my arm as we walked, opened the door for me and looked after me very well. It was a great first date" she responded.

"I take it from that there will be a second date then?" I asked.

"Well, yes, if you don't mind, darling. I had a great night out, so thanks so much for letting me go. Were the kids OK?" she asked belatedly, but I knew that wasn't a lack of love for them, just she seemed on a bit of a high, which wasn't surprising seeing that was the first time she had been out somewhere nice for seemingly ages.

"Exceptionally well behaved, although with you as their mother I guess that's not surprising. I had no trouble putting them to bed and I'm glad you got a nice night out and I'm very happy for you to have another one. You really deserve it. But how come you sat outside for so long, why didn't you invite him in?" I asked.

"Well I didn't want to disturb the kids at this late hour and I guess we sat and talked for a bit although he did kiss me goodnight. I hope you don't mind?" she told me shyly, smiling at me.

"Of course I don't, I just hope that you had a good night out, and if you enjoyed yourself, I assume you gave him a proper kiss" I told her glad she had enjoyed herself, but wondering if she had given him what she and I called a 'proper kiss' which usually involved tongue and breast fondling.

"At first he just kissed me briefly with a light thank you kiss on the lips, but as I had put my hands on his head and held him while he kissed me, he came back for a second and then a third kiss, each one more demanding than the first until, yes, he did put his in tongue in my mouth and I reciprocated. Was that alright?" she asked a little plaintively.

"Yes, but didn't he fondle those beautiful breasts?" I asked, sounding a little surprised.

"Only at the end, during our last kiss. He had a hand quite close to my breast and I moved suddenly so that his hand was on my breast outside my dress and I made no attempt to make him move it. He just gave me a quick squeeze as we separated from our embrace" she told me honestly, which was one thing we always were with each other. Not that either of us had ever had anything of a sexual nature to confess before. I'd been faithful to her since the day we started courting and I was extremely confident that she would be able to say the same thing.

"So I take it you enjoyed your goodnight kiss and cuddle then and are looking forward to more next week?" I asked with a soft smile on my face.

"Well yes, I guess I am, unless you would prefer I didn't kiss him goodnight" she replied.

"Don't be silly, darling, I am more than happy for you to kiss him goodnight and give him a cuddle, especially if he has given you a nice night out, providing of course that you enjoy it. But why don't you come here and let me make love to you. I'm all aroused from talking about him kissing and cuddling you" I told her.

Soon we were passionately making love and Jan seemed as aroused as I was, so I figured she must really have enjoyed her kiss and cuddle with Tom. As I kissed her sex, devoid of any pubic hair, which I loved, I could tell she was ready for me, aroused and wet, waiting to be penetrated. Naturally I didn't want to disappoint her, so I soon ensured that my throbbing erect penis was penetrating her.

Jan was eighteen when I started dating her, she had just finished college. I was four years older and had just finished university. Three years later we were married and during the next two and a half years she had born me a daughter and son. We both wanted to have our children while we were young, even though it meant we would struggle financially for a while.

Fortunately, at least for us although obviously not for her aunt, Jan's maiden aunt died and left us a small three bed-roomed house in an older suburb of Sydney. This enabled us to live on just my wage while Jan was a full time mum, something we both wanted and had agreed from the time we were married, at least until both our children had started primary school.

Now at 25, with our youngest just having had his second birthday, Jan still looked like she was too young to have two children. Being slim and athletic, very keen on attending the gym, she had quickly regained her figure each time after giving birth. And it was a figure worth regaining too. She was not overly tall, but beautifully proportioned with lovely medium sized firm breasts, that even after two children rarely required the wearing of a bra, except when exercising, of course. Her face was genuinely pretty, flanked with short auburn hair that I loved to run my fingers through. I was always proud to walk by her side.

She was also a particularly sexy woman and really enjoyed making love to me, very vocal and physical in her orgasms and not afraid to try different things. We both enjoyed oral sex and even occasional anal sex, with a vibrator thrown in infrequently as well. She was happy to show off her body, because she knew what a thrill that gave me, often wearing skimpy attire in public that let others see what they were missing out on, but mainly when we were not in our own neighbourhood.

Sometimes, when we went to a shopping mall away from where we lived, I would walk well behind her, catching the admiring glances and comments as she went up an escalator or bent over. These were the times when she was not wearing any panties or just a lacy g-string. On these occasions, she wouldn't wear a bra either and wore a dress that allowed frequent glimpses of her glorious globes.

Our sex on those nights would invariably be extra intense, extremely passionate, with frequent orgasms for her and a massive climax for me. It would not be unusual for me to even manage a second one.

One of the guys from the service club I belonged to had rung me on the Wednesday telling me he had a real problem. The club had arranged to provide dates for a group of visiting US servicemen who were in town for a month, for this Friday evening, just a couple of days after they arrived in Australia. It was simply meant to be a dinner date or the movies, just providing a bit of company for those who didn't want to go out on the town, bar crawling or visiting strip clubs and the like.

This afternoon, one of the girls had pulled out and he wanted to know if I knew any girls who could go out for a dinner date at the last moment. I thought for a while and then said "I'll ring you back in ten minutes. I think I've got the perfect girl for you."

Then I rang my darling wife and asked her how would she like to go out for dinner on Friday night to a real nice restaurant.

"But who will baby sit at this last minute and how can we afford it?" she asked with concern.

"I'll baby sit" I told her.

"So who's taking me out to dinner then and who's paying?" she asked understandably mystified.

I explained the situation, assuring her that her date would be paying for the privilege of her company. I told her I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to get out for a nice night out, assuring her it would be safe and that I'd happily look after our two little darlings. A little timidly she accepted, so I rang my friend back and told him the arrangements.

She was to be picked up by one of the organisers and then introduced to her date at the headquarters in town and the date would bring her home afterwards.

As I woke up and saw my delightful wife sleeping peacefully beside me looking extremely desirable I thought back to last night and was pleased that she had enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the house and have a nice time. We knew it would only be for a few short years, but since the children had been born, opportunities to go out had been few and far between, especially for her. I had work to go to and occasional work functions to attend, plus my monthly club meeting, but Jan had rarely got out for any social activities, assuming shopping didn't count as a social activity.

I thought about her in the arms of Sam, being kissed and realised that I didn't feel at all jealous or worried, just pleased that she had enjoyed herself and if anything a little aroused at the idea. I was hoping that she would be able to enjoy next Friday as well.

Jan must have sensed that I was staring at her gorgeous body, because she opened her eyes and smiled at me, so I bent down and kissed her gently, just as the first of the children walked in demanding mummy. Sex in the morning was a real rarity, but Jan made sure that we didn't miss out at night, whenever possible.

But it turned out that it was just as well we had enjoyed a passionate session last night, because that night she was wearing sensible cottontail panties to bed – a sure sign that sex was off the agenda for the next four days.

Friday arrived and in between looking after our two darlings, I watched Jan getting dressed, not that there was much to that, because, apart from her very brief lacy panties that were almost see through and a delightful dress that was above the knee and low cut at the front with thin shoulder straps and almost no back, the only other thing she wore was her shoes.

She had finished putting her makeup on and her hair was simple but nice, when the door bell rang. I opened it and Sam introduced himself, thanking me for letting my wife go to dinner with him and telling me how much he had enjoyed her company last week. I thought he looked just a little nervous as he said this, but I shook his hand, inviting him in and told him how pleased I was that he was able to give my wife such a pleasant evening.

"We don't get out much because of these two" I told him as I introduced our daughter and son. Jan then came out of the bedroom and I was pleased to see that she greeted him with a quick peck on the lips, which startled him a little, not expecting her to kiss him in front of her husband. She kissed the children goodnight, giving them a cuddle and telling them to be good for daddy. Then it was my turn, but my kiss was a little bit more passionate than the other three kisses she had just given.

"Have a great night and make sure you enjoy yourself, darling" I told her.

"Thanks, I'll try and I'm sure that Sam will make sure I enjoy myself, won't you, Sam" she said smiling at him.

He readily agreed and then she took his hand as they walked out to the car. I watched as he helped her into the car, showing proper concern, but I bet he enjoyed the brief glimpse of her inner thighs and lace panties as she got in. She liked flashing, especially when she knew I was watching. She turned to me and smiled, knowing I had seen her flashing, waving as Sam drove off.

It was almost an hour later than last week when the car drove into our drive way. They must have both got out straight away as I heard two car doors shut and then two people walking onto the front porch. There was a slight pause, presumably as they kissed goodnight, but soon the front door opened and Jan came in. I immediately turned the light on for her as she came into the bedroom.

"Hello darling that was a quick goodnight you gave him. Did you have a nice evening?" I asked almost concerned that she hadn't from the quickness of their parting.

"Hello Grant dear, yes it was wonderful. We went to a dinner dance at a rather nice restaurant and not only is Sam a good dancer, but he enjoys dancing, so we were on the floor half the night, when we weren't eating and drinking" she gushed, clearly happy with her date.

"So why such as quick goodnight kiss for him if he gave you such a lovely evening?" I probed.

"Well we had already spent at least half an hour parked by the river. That's why we are so late, sorry" she told me.

"Don't be sorry, just as long as you enjoyed yourself. Is he a good dancer? Does he hold you nice and close and glide around the floor?" I wanted to know.

"Yes, yes and yes. I really enjoyed my night and thanks so much for letting me. He held me real close on the slow numbers, just like you like to do, pressing his body against my breasts and thighs, his leg moving between my thighs as we danced. It was rather sexy, I must admit and I guess I was just a little aroused before he parked by the river. But I have to confess that he made me even more aroused while we were there, darling. I hope you won't get too mad if I tell you what we did" she pleaded.

"You know I won't get mad, if you tell me you enjoyed whatever you did, I'll just be happy and glad for you, but I hope you will tell me every little thing so I can enjoy it too, through you" I told her.

"Well it started out with him putting his arm around me and we just watched the very pleasant view for a while as he told me how much he enjoyed my company and how lovely I was and that he found me so attractive. He even told me that if I wasn't married, he would have liked to get serious with me" she told me softly, her eyes glazing momentarily, as she remembered and I could tell she was enjoying relaying these wonderful compliments he had given her.

"Can't argue with that, he obviously has good taste" I told her and she smiled back at me.

"I put my head on his shoulders and told him thanks and that I rather fancied him as well and that he had been wonderful company, which was true" she said.

"Yes, so go on" I impatiently asked, wanting to know what had happened.

"Well, he put his hands either side of my face and gave me a lovely soft, almost loving kiss, that as it lingered on became more passionate. I put my arms around him and held him close. He moved his arms so that one was around me and the other slid under my gaping dress and onto my breast, fondling and rolling my nipple. You know what a turn on it is for me when you roll my nipple between your thumb and forefinger, which is what he was doing and by now I was quite aroused, so didn't resist when he pulled the shoulder strap down my arm, revealing my breast and he brought his mouth to it kissing at first then gently sucking and then scraping his teeth along my sensitive nipple.

"I cried out telling him it felt so good and to keep going, so with the arm he had behind me he pulled the zip down at the back of my dress and then pulled the other strap off my shoulder so that the top of my dress was in my lap. I let him take both arms out of the dress so I was naked from the waist up.

"Then he got real serious about sucking and manipulating my breasts. It felt wonderful and I told him how good it felt as I held his head against first one then the other breast.

"He moved back up to kiss me passionately on the mouth and as he did he ran his hand along the inside of my thigh and put his hand on my mound outside my panties, which as you know don't actually provide a lot of protection for my sex. My legs must have instinctively parted as he ran his hand up, I didn't seem to consciously open them, but he somehow had full access.

"He tried to pull them down, but I stopped him, but he managed to get his hand inside them and then his fingers inside me. He worked on my clitoris while he continued kissing me passionately and tweaking my nipples with his other hand.

"After five minutes of this, despite trying not to, I burst into orgasm and you know how noisy and physical that can be when I really am wound up and believe me I was at that point. I'm sorry, I know I should have stopped him sooner, but it just felt so good and I just let him. Please forgive me" she begged and I could see the concern in her eyes.

"What's to forgive? You enjoyed it I hope that's all that matters. You know I love you and I just want you to enjoy these few dates with him. You are going out with him again next Friday, aren't you?" I asked expectantly, actually quite turned on by what she had told me.

Jan turned to me and looked me in the eye, asking me was I serious, could I really accept that she had let another man bring her to orgasm like that and did I mean it when I said I still wanted her to go out with him again.

But she also told me how much she had enjoyed it although she felt guilty as they drove home, but even so, she still gave him a nice kiss at the front door and told him to ring her on Monday and she'd let him know if she was able to go out with him next week.

He tried to apologise for taking advantage of her, she told me, but she assured him that she had enjoyed it even though she knew that she shouldn't have let it happen.

"Good, then it's settled, when he rings on Monday you'll tell him that you would like to go out with him again, won't you?" I told her.

"Do you mean that? You really want me to go out with him again after what I let him do to me? What if he tries to do it again?" she asked, but her face seemed to me to indicate that she was excited at the prospect. Actually, I realised, so was I.

"Of course he'll want to do it again; you are one very sexy and lovely lady. Yes I want you to go out with him and if you enjoy it as I think you did tonight, then I expect you to enjoy it with him again. Just promise me two things, darling" I said then paused.

"Yes of course, dear, what?" she asked expectantly.

"First don't do anything you don't want to do, but that is not putting any restrictions on you because I want you to do whatever gives you pleasure, but the second thing is I want you to promise whatever you do, you tell me in detail so I can enjoy it too" I told her, my breath a little hoarse and clearly I was very aroused, so as soon as she agreed with what I had said, I rolled her over and made passionate love to her.

As soon as I entered I could tell just how aroused she was, so much so that almost immediately she orgasmed and did twice more before I exploded in a massive orgasm as well. Clearly even talking about what she had done had turned me on, but I think I had Sam to thank for having her so explosively ready for me.

When we cuddled up in preparation for sleeping, my hand on a breast and my groin pressing against her lovely bottom, I realised that although I wasn't physically capable of making love again so soon, I was still aroused, turned on by what she had told me. I hoped that she would let him put his fingers inside her again, maybe even his tongue. I shivered in anticipation.

After letting vivid pictures wander across my mind I realised that my darling hadn't fallen asleep either. Her breathing hadn't settled down and I could still feel her slight quivers as she too appeared to be remembering what she had allowed Sam to do and what she might let him do to her again next Friday.

The week seemed to go slowly to me, although I managed to enjoy some rather passionate exchanges with my precious Jan each night. A couple of times we relived what she and Sam had done by the river, and each time our sex was extremely intense. We didn't mention the coming Friday again, though.

But I knew that Jan understood that there were no restrictions. I was actually fascinated to know how far she would go and whether Sam would find out what oral sex was like with her.

As she dressed for their date, very similarly to last week, I told her again to make sure she enjoyed herself. She just told me how grateful she was that I was looking after the kids once again so that she could go out and have a great time. I simply reminded her she looked after them seven days a week, so deserved one night off now and then.

The night dragged for me; I think I was more excited than Jan was in some ways. Luckily, as usual, the kids were angels and soon tucked up in bed sound asleep, so I poured myself a glass of wine to have with my belated dinner and tried to relax. It was difficult.

I went to bed at the same time as last week and once again lay awake waiting for the sound of Sam's car. A little bit latter than last week, I saw the lights turn into our drive and heard the car pull up. One car door shut almost immediately and I heard Jan run up the path and open the front door, as the car drove off. I wondered what had gone wrong as I turned the light on for her.

As she came into the room looking a little dishevelled, I asked "are you alright, dear, did you have a good night?"

By that stage she was pulling her dress over her head, so didn't answer immediately, although I was surprised to notice that she wasn't wearing any panties and I knew she had been when she left to go out.

As she hung her dress up, she turned to me and said "you probably noticed I'm not wearing any panties. He insisted on keeping them. Yes dear, I had a wonderful night so let me get into bed so you can cuddle me as I tell you about it, but first, were the kids OK?" she asked with her usual motherly concern.

"They were perfect angels. You clearly have done a good job there so far, but that doesn't surprise me seeing that you are so nice. Now tell me about your date and don't leave anything out, please" I begged.

Jan told me how they went to the same venue as last week, enjoyed a lovely dinner and some nice wine with lots of sexy dances in between courses. She told me again what a good mover he was and how close he danced and even how she could feel his partial erection pressing against her when they danced real close together, adding that she was surprised at how easy it was to feel it and she assumed that it was probably going to be bigger when fully aroused.

She mentioned how he kept telling her, as he danced cheek to cheek with her, how good she felt in his arms and how well she moved and how much he enjoyed dancing with her and how much he liked her and wanted her.

By the time they left there, she told me, she was feeling quite aroused from all the close contact and the almost non-stop, but seemingly genuine compliments he kept paying her. On the way home he pulled into the same deserted parking spot on the side of the river and she happily went into his arms and let him kiss her passionately.

"As he did, he brought his hand up onto my breast, and soon, as he had done last week, but a lot sooner than then, he had my dress folded down to my waist and his mouth and hands on my breasts. It felt lovely again and I held the back of his head, keeping his mouth on my breasts" she told me.

"Did he bite them?" I asked, curious to know just how he treated these pearls of delight.

"Not initially, although he did later. This time, though, he didn't slide his hand up the inside of my leg. Instead, he suddenly moved both hands down and lifted my skirt until he could grab my panties on either side and pull them down. I must confess I did lift my bottom to assist him, though, almost involuntarily.

"Then he came back up and kissed me, hard, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth as one hand grasped a breast firmly while the other cupped my sex before rubbing hard on my clitoris. He kept rubbing and rubbing until I enjoyed a climax and then he brought his mouth down onto my sex.

"I couldn't believe how good his tongue felt. He was able to push it right into me, lick my clit and even into my vagina. Coupled with his fingers he soon had me experiencing another orgasm. He kept this licking sucking, fingering, non-stop assault on my sex up for ages it seemed, by now using both hands as well as his mouth and tongue and soon I was crying, almost screaming how good it felt and how I didn't want him to stop and he didn't. He just kept on and on until I had lost count of how many time he had made me experience delicious orgasms.

"Finally his constant attack on my sex eased and he allowed me to wind down from the most incredible series of orgasms I have ever experienced, and all without using his penis, I might add, just his hands and mouth and that big long tongue.

"Then he moved back up to my mouth kissing me hard and thrusting his tongue deep inside my mouth, letting me taste myself on his tongue. One hand had moved to my breast and it was pulling and twisting my nipple hard, causing me to groan from the pain but also enjoy the delicious agony, especially as his other hand continued to flick and tease and pull and rub my little hard nob.

"Suddenly he took my hand and placed it on the outside of his trousers along his by this stage very hard and erect penis. He kept telling me how much he wanted to put what I was holding inside me, but I kept telling him no I couldn't, finally adding especially not here like this in the car. He must have had pity on me or rather wanted me to have pity on him, because he moved my hand momentarily, apparently to undo his trousers, before putting my hand on his naked erection.

"After I had held it and massaged it for a few moments, he begged me to take it in his mouth and give him relief, so recognising that this was safer than risking him trying to put it into my sex, I let him push my head down until I could lick and kiss his throbbing erection and then I took it into my mouth, or at least some of it.

"He held the back of my head as he thrust up into my mouth again and again until finally I could feel him choking me with his explosion. I managed not to gag and soon was kissing him deeply, but only after I had swallowed most of his hot and sticky offering" she told me finally falling silent and waiting for the outburst of outrage she was expecting from me. I could sense her excited mood change and almost see the tears as she anticipated my criticism, but hoping that I would still want her.

"Darling that's wonderful, it really is. I'm so glad you enjoyed your night with him. You did though, didn't you?" I asked trying to reassure her.

"Oh darling do you mean that? You're not upset with me? Yes I can't believe how much I enjoyed tonight, especially if I haven't disappointed or upset you" she replied.

"No darling, I love you and I am so happy that you enjoyed being with him and that he helped you enjoy your night together. I can't believe that you were able to take his big penis into your mouth and let him finish there though. That is, I assume from what you hinted that he has a large penis" I probed.

"Yes, darling, he does; it's very big. I was amazed by the time it was fully erect at just how big it was. I know I hinted that it felt big as we danced together, but I didn't realise how big until I tried to take it into my mouth" she told me and I could still her the hint of excitement in her voice as she recollected having his huge organ in her hands and mouth.

"All I want now is to make love to you, after all you must really want a penis inside you after all that arousal, don't you?" I asked her, feeling extremely aroused myself.

"Please darling please yes. I want you so much" she cried and soon I was buried as far inside her welcoming vagina as it was possible for me to go. It felt so good because she was hot and ready and extremely aroused from what Sam had done to her. I was also extraordinarily turned on from what she had told me and imaging what she had enjoyed and soon she was crying out from sexual pleasure. Not long after I was exploding inside her. It was a wonderful experience.

As we lay in our post coital languor, cuddling and gently fondling, I asked "are you seeing him next Friday?"

"Yes please, but only if you want me to. He has to go back to America the following week, so it will be our last date. He wants to cook a special meal for me in his tiny apartment. Is it alright for me to go there with him?" she asked softly.

"Of course it is my darling and I hope you enjoy your night with him" I told her, realising suddenly that this was really tempting fate and that alone in his flat she would probably find it hard to resist letting him go all the way with her.

Is this what I wanted, I asked myself? Up to now I knew there was little chance of anything more than some serious kissing and fondling and perhaps, as had happened tonight, some oral sex happening, but that was different from going all the way. A heck of a lot different, I realised. Did I really want this foreigner to put his huge penis into her sex? Did I want her to experience penile orgasm with another man? It was one thing for her to enjoy being kissed and fondled and caressed and tongued until she climaxed, but it was quite another to have his penis inside her, making her explode.

But I knew that I wanted her to enjoy herself and that he was leaving Australia the following week so I needn't be worried about longer term repercussions. Besides, I was jumping to conclusions. Even if he did want to make love to my darling, she may not want to go all the way with him. I knew she loved me and I was confident in our love. But even if she did want to and they consummated their brief encounter, was I worried? I knew that what I wanted most was for her to enjoy herself and if that meant having sex with Sam, why not, because I was confident that after he left it would be me she wanted and even if he stayed longer it would still be me she wanted to live with.

This time the week really dragged for me. I wanted to know what was going to happen on Friday night. Would my darling really let a virtual stranger put his erect penis into her sex? If she did, how much would she enjoy it? What would my reactions be? Would I finally be jealous or just very aroused? I knew that I had to wait until late Friday night to get the answer to these questions.

For some reason our sex that week was extraordinarily good. We even managed two early morning glories, thanks to the cooperation of our wonderful children. We both seemed more in love with each other than ever. Friday night was not mentioned until we were in bed on Thursday night and had started to cuddle each other.

"Are you still happy for me to go to Sam's place tomorrow night?" she asked me, with a quiver in her voice that I sensed was hoping I wouldn't change my mind.

"Of course I am and you know that I want you to enjoy yourself so please don't feel any restrictions on what time you get home or on what you do. Just promise me please that whatever you do, you enjoy it and also that you tell me about it when you do get home" I told her, giving her complete freedom to do whatever she wanted.

"Thank you my darling. I love you so much and you are so good to me. Next week when Sam has returned to the States, it must be your turn to have a night off while I look after the kids" she suggested.

"I don't really want a night off, but I do want you to have a good time. You have been so good to me and the kids that I think it's wonderful that you have been having these dates and enjoying them. You really have enjoyed them, haven't you?" I asked, wanting her to tell me again.

"More than I deserve, darling. I can't believe just how pleasurable they have all been It has been incredibly generous of you, not only to look after the kids so I can go out, but to encourage me to enjoy myself and not be jealous or upset with what I've done. I just can't believe how lucky I am" she told me, with a lot of emotion in her voice.

Naturally this conversation led to yet another highly charged and emotional bout of sex that left us both exhausted and sated.

Watching her dress on Friday night, even though she was only going to his place, was entertaining. She didn't know what to wear and had tried on several outfits. Eventually I handed her a simple but revealing blouse and a separate short skirt plus a pair of slip-on shoes.

"Wear this and nothing else" I told her.

She looked at me in surprise, then put the outfit on and looked so incredibly beautiful and desirous that I wanted her on the spot, especially when she twirled around to see how it all hung on her. What this did was reveal, albeit briefly, her hairless sex and beautiful bottom.

"Are you sure? Shouldn't I at least put some panties on?" she asked me, concerned about how little she was wearing on a date.

"No, that looks perfect and it's not like you are going out in public. I reckon Sam will like that outfit" I told her.

"I'm sure he will, but I hope I'm not giving him the wrong message" she responded, but I wasn't sure whether this was said with concern or seeking further confirmation from me about what she should or shouldn't do with Sam. So I decided not to respond, just kiss her and tell her how much I loved her.

Soon the door bell arrived and there was Sam, who immediately told my darling how beautiful she looked, before thanking me for letting him take my wife out and saying goodnight. I still wasn't sure that he shouldn't have been thanking me for letting him make love to my wife. Was that what was going to happen, I wondered?

Now all I could do was look after the kids, have dinner and some wine and then wait. Wait to see what my wife was going to experience tonight. Maybe I had read too much into it and there would be no more than a bit more oral sex. Maybe it wouldn't even go that far, especially in the privacy of his flat where she may feel a bit more threatened. The only thing I knew for sure was that I would have to wait until she got home to find out what did happen.

At least I knew that she would tell me honestly whatever happened to her tonight.

It was very late and for the first time I had actually fallen asleep when I was woken by headlights coming into my driveway and the sound of a car pulling up outside. But the time from when the car stopped to when I heard the front door being opened was the quickest yet, as clearly Sam hadn't got out to say goodnight to her.

Once again I turned the bedside light on for my darling to undress and get into bed, which she did quickly, not speaking other than a brief greeting. She grabbed my penis immediately, which was semi erect from all the thoughts that had been going through my mind, and sucked it briefly by which time it was rock hard and then she straddled me and impaled herself on my now erect penis.

It felt unbelievable good because it felt so different. She was highly aroused, but also very damp and sticky and so wide open that my penis was almost gobbled up inside her. After bouncing up and down a few times, she finally lay down on top of my body pressing her breasts into my chest as she told me how much she loved me before saying anything else.

"He made love to me, darling and I enjoyed it. That's what you wanted isn't it? Please tell me I haven't done the wrong thing or disappointed you" she gushed.

"Of course you haven't, but I do hope that you really did enjoy it" I replied immediately.

"Oh darling I can't tell you how wonderful it was and how much I enjoyed it. He had me three times, the last time just before he brought me home, so I hope you can feel what he did to me, because as soon as he finished I put my skirt and blouse on and made him bring me straight home so that you could feel what he had done to me. Do you like it?" she asked, the excitement clearly visible in her voice.

Now I knew why she was so damp and sticky and I must admit it felt so different and so exciting, making love to my darling almost immediately after another man had enjoyed her body.

"You feel so fantastic. It is an incredible feeling and I love it" I told her.

Then we both concentrated on what we were doing to each other, enjoying a wild and passionate love making session. I knew that I was making love to a woman who had just enjoyed three times with another man and it spurred me on to great heights, to greater pleasure and by the time I had exploded inside her wonderful warm and welcoming vagina, she had experienced and enjoyed three orgasms with me, on top of however many she had enjoyed with Sam earlier.

After I had withdrawn my penis from her sex and told her how much I loved her and how wonderful she was and how much I wanted her, I said "but you haven't told me what happened yet."

"Are you really happy that I let Sam make love to me?" she asked gently.

"Now apart from the fact that I sort of hoped that you made love to each other rather than you just letting him make love to you, yes, I am very happy. Honestly, it is what I wanted to happen so yes, I am very glad. I really wanted you to experience a fantastic time with him, so I hope that's what happened, but I want to hear every little detail, my darling" I answered.

"Well, when we were inside his flat, he took me into his arms and kissed me, welcoming me there. As I sat down on the lounge, at his direction, my skirt flew up and I realised that he saw that I wasn't wearing any panties. I think that somewhat distracted him, because instead of getting me a drink he came and attacked my body with his mouth and fingers and hands and soon had my skirt and blouse on the floor. Then he picked me up and carried me to his bed where he kissed me all over, ensuring my sex had more than its share of attentions."

"So are you blaming me for telling you not to wear any panties?" I asked with a smile.

"Don't be silly, but somehow I must have been in a bit of a daze from this sudden aggressive assault because I just let him do what he wanted, even when he withdrew to undress, I just lay still waiting for him. Then he brought his semi erect penis to my mouth and I let him guide it into my mouth and sucked as much as I could fit into my mouth it until it was hard. He immediately got between my legs and as my hand was still holding it, I guided it between my vaginal lips and helped him sink it all the way inside me" she said before I interrupted again to ask.

"How did his big penis feel inside you love?" I wanted to know.

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