Trick or Treat Baby

by The Jint Fan

Copyright© 2010 by The Jint Fan

Sex Story: Grandmother takes her grandchildren out on Halloween trick or treating to an old house where Mary is seduced by an older gentleman and his midget friend while her grandchildren sleep.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Interracial   Pregnancy   Halloween   .

Mary Andersen thought it was great as she took her two grandchildren trick or treating in their new neighborhood. Their parents are away on a weeklong cruise and are due back late in the night.

Mary took the twins around the neighborhood. She loved how the six year old twins are dressed. Emily is dressed like Hannah Montana and Kirk is dressed as a cowboy.

Even Mary decided to dress up as a witch. She has the black hat, black dress, and a pair of black low heeled shoes due to the walking.

They walked from house to house collecting candy. They would do a couple of the houses in the far corner of the neighborhood. It depended on how they are.

As they reached the largest house in the neighborhood, the twins ran up to the house and rang the doorbell.

By the time, Mary stepped up to them, the door opened up. A tall black gentleman smiled to the kids as they were saying trick or treat. "Here is some candy for each of you."

The twins each took the candy. The gentleman smiled to them. "I love all your costumes."

Before they left, the gentleman spoke up. "Would you like some apple cider. You look like you need a drink."

"Can we, Grammy?" Kirk turned and asked Mary.

"Oh I don't know." Mary wasn't sure about this.

"Please." Emily begged.

The gentleman laughed. "I guess you have been out voted."

"Ok. Only for a very short time. Your bedtime is close by." Mary nodded her head. She couldn't let the kids down.

"Welcome." The gentleman opened the door more. "Please come and sit in the loveseat."

Mary and the twins entered the house. Mary couldn't believe how old everything looked in the sitting room. They sat down in the very large loveseat. Mary sat in the middle between the two kids.

A door opened and a black midget walked into the room. He is carrying a tray with their drinks on it. The gentleman smiled to the little man. "Thank you Troy."

"Yes sir." The midget nodded his head as he stepped up to the family. "For you."

"Thank you." Mary smiled to him.

"You are small." Emily commented.

"Emily, please don't be rude to Troy." Mary quickly stopped her.

"No offense, maam." Troy smiled to her.

The gentleman sat down in the large chair across from them. "Don't worry about Troy, he is used to it. By the way I'm David."

"I'm Mary and these are Emily and Kirk." Mary made the introductions to David.

The twins drank their apple cider and commented how good it was. Mary sipped at her drink and she nodded her head. It was very good. It tasted fresh.

David started to tell Mary about the history of the house as she continued to drink her apple cider. She was right about the age. The house is over two hundred years old. It was built during the Civil War.

A few minutes later, Mary looked over at her grandchildren and they have fallen asleep next to her. She looked at David. "I think it's time to go."

"Let them rest for a couple." David stood up and walked over to Mary. He offered a hand to her and she gave it to him. She didn't know why she did but she did.

Mary stepped away from her grandchildren. She turned her head and looked back as they walked away.

"Don't worry about them. They are perfectly safe there." David told her as they headed for the stairs going up.

As they stepped up the stairs, Mary started to feel scared. She felt a hand touch one of her butt cheeks. She knew David is in front of her. It was Troy. His hand stayed there as they walked up the stairs.

As they reached the second floor, David took Mary down the hallway. Mary forced herself to stop. "Please no. I need to go. Please."

David moved himself quickly and lifted her into his arms and carried the rest of the way down the hallway. She didn't fight him.

Mary watched as Troy open the door for them. David entered the room. Mary noticed the same theme in the bedroom. Everything in the house is old. The bedroom has a large bed with tall bedposts. "Please don't."

David dropped her onto the bed. She bounced on the bed.

David sat down on the side of the bed. He moved his hand over her dress and over the black stockings she is wearing. "Beautiful."

Mary blinked her eyes. She has wondering if this was a dream. She couldn't do anything to stop him from touching her.

David moved his hands to her and lifted her to a sitting position. He moved his hands over her dress and lifted it upwards. Mary felt like a ragdoll, she couldn't do anything.

David pulled her dress off of her body and let her go. Mary crashed back to the bed wearing her underwear, stockings, and shoes.

David reached for her and lifted her into his arms again. He reached around her body and worked his hands on the clasp of her lacy bra and undid the clasp. He let her go as he held onto the bra.

As Mary fell onto the bed for the third time, her bra pulled away from her large breasts.

Mary looked up at him with hazy eyes. He smiled down at her. His hands cup both of her breasts. He moved his thumb over her nipples and then squeezes both of her ample size breasts.

"Oh." Mary let out a sigh. She couldn't help herself.

David moved his hand down her body. He moved his hand down to her underpants. He moved his hand over the material. "Very nice."

Mary nodded her head. She couldn't help but to agree.

David moved his hand up her body and stopped at her underpants. He touched the gusset of her underpants. "You are getting excited about this."

Mary shook her head. It was true. She was getting turned on.

His hands moved to the sides of her underpants and he pulled them down her legs. He pulled them over her shoes and pulled both of them off. They fell to the floor.

"You are so sexy." David moved his hand over her body before lowering his mouth to her lips. He kissed her deeply as he cupped her breasts. He pulled away from her. "Do you want me?"

"Yes." Mary sighed.

"How about Troy?" David moved his hand over her wet slit.

"Oh yes." Mary nodded her head. She couldn't believe how hot she is. She never wanted someone so much. It's been a long time since someone did something sexual to her like this.

"Good. I promised him you. He's been without a woman for a very long time." David informed her.

Mary opened her eyes as he pulled away from her. She didn't understand what is happening. She didn't understand why he is talking about Troy.

Mary turned her head to the side and watched as Troy and David shake hands before David dropped to his knees in front of the midget. She didn't know what was going on.

Mary watched as David removed Troy's clothes. She witnessed Troy's body come into view. His chest was very muscular looking and her eyes lowered to the huge bulge in his pants. She couldn't believe how large it is.

David lowered Troy's pants exposing the very large cock to her.

Troy stepped away from David and walked over to Mary. He smiled to her. "Thank you for wanting me."

Mary slowly nodded her head. She didn't know what was going.

Troy jumped onto the bed and licked his lips. "You are beautiful."

Mary couldn't stop herself from feeling so horny. She nodded her head. "Thank you."

Troy lowered his nose down to her pussy and took a sniff of her like an animal would do. He smiled. "You are very horny."

Before Mary knew it, Troy's tongue licks at her pussy. His tongue goes deep inside of her like a cock would. Mary's eyes widen with surprise. "Oh God."

Troy pulled out of her pussy. "Do you want me to continue with you?"

"Oh God yes." Mary nodded her head wildly. She hasn't felt so good in her life from that.

Troy laughed. "Are you willing to let me breed you? I want you to carry my offspring."

Mary wasn't sure about this. She is too old to have children. "But..."

Before Mary could answer, Troy moved his tongue on her clit. She closed her eyes and cried. "Yes. I'll do anything for you."

Troy laughed between her thighs. He moved his tongue deep into her pussy. It was huge. It felt like a cock ... She couldn't believe she is having an orgasm from his tongue.

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