The Hypnotism Show

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: A reluctant work colleague who disbelieves in hypnotism goes on a team building evening to see a stage show and gets involved in the act and later feels he urge to meet up with the female hypnotist except not everything is as first appears.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Mind Control   BiSexual   TransGender   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Adam Jones was a little surprised to be invited along on his work colleague's birthday bash as they had only met two months ago and had little to do with each other even at work. However the invite was for all of them to attend a nightclub with a cabaret that was a hypnotism spectacle and it was to be a team building event.

The invite said there were to meet at a local pub before taking in the show 'Rainbow Rosie's World of Hypnotism' and the dress code was to be casual so there was no need for shirts and ties as everyone turned up wearing jeans and T-shirts. The show made Adam laugh because we always suspected that 90% of it was faked and he believed that no one could be hypnotised without their consent and certainly not made to do anything they did not want to do.

The birthday group met as arranged in the pub and to be honest Adam stuck out like a sore thumb, for he was tallest of the group towering almost twenty inches above the next tallest who was George. George was five foot eight tall as opposed to Adams six feet two; the other difference between George and Adam was that Adam was almost athletically slender as opposed to the portly George. Adams jet black hair highlighted the ivory granite features of his face whilst his steely blue eyes were almost piercing and could out stare a cat.

Adam was always careful around of members from work that he did not leave himself open to ridicule or let his secrets become known. For Adam was actually bisexual but in a company that required him to be regimented and stern it would not do to have this known, although it had been several years in his last bisexual experience. He found that his performance with women always seemed to lack something and would often lead to problems maintaining that relationship. Adam had found fewer problems by maintaining an almost over masculine appearance at work and this included being slightly over friendly with the female staff much more than male to male contact.

To be honest, Adam had not being with another male since his college days some 12 years ago. Recently though he had begun to fantasise more and more about another man, not a man in particular but a man in general. He began to miss the feeling of a man's cock in his mouth and even more so buried in his tight arse; these feelings had begun around his 30th birthday and it was getting stronger by the week. He had taken to be seen around town with a string of beautiful women many of whom he actually paid to escort him around town, many of these women would testify if asked that his sixth inch cock give them great pleasure. Adam had seen others in his office that had shown themselves to be less masculine and had witnessed their demise and dismissal from the company; he was making sure that would not happen to him.

The group moved from the pub and they made their way to the nightclub arriving around eight PM, they settled into their booth and ordered a round of drinks. As they began to chitchat amongst themselves, Sally a very good looking MILF, began flirting with Adam. She began by teasing him asking why they never saw him with a woman in tow and why they hardly ever attended company functions. More seriously she asked if he was married and smiled wickedly when he announced he was not, for Adam explained he had not yet found the right woman and was still looking for Miss. Right. Sally began to really tease him that she could be his miss right although he would have to accept her first name would be always.

Adam chuckled at the implication that Sally could be always right, and he was about to chastise the woman for being the opposite of a male chauvinist; when he noticed her flashing her stocking tops in what seemed a deliberate manner. Sally noticed where his eyes were focused and promptly closed her legs, however at the first opportunity she managed to manoeuvre herself into a position as she passed him where she could stick her backside into his lap, but was a little disappointed to find no hard cock hiding beneath his trousers. She was beginning to wonder if she turned him on or was she wasting her time in pursuing him although secretly she really fancied him.

Adam thought a couple of times that Sally's teasing and flashing was going a little far, but had to admit that he was beginning to enjoy looking up her skirt at her tight panties. He was just about to pluck up courage to slide his hand on to her thigh when the Cabaret started. All of a sudden he was being urged to get up onstage as part of the hypnotism act, despite protesting he did get up and moved on stage with seven other people. There were five women and two men besides Adam, just then through a cloud of smoke a scantily dressed woman entered the scene. The audience cheered and she introduced herself as Rainbow Rose, very quickly she gave instructions to the members of the audience on stage and had them concentrate on a bright yellow light which appeared on the balcony wall of the auditorium, she also told them to concentrate on her voice and within minutes had them relaxed and in a trance.

Walking up to the first woman in the row, she touched her shoulder and spoke to her; saying "when you hear the following music you will begin to dance like a stripper, you will begin to remove items of clothing while ever the music plays however you will not remove your bra or your panties."

Suddenly the auditorium was filled with the sound of music associated with strippers and the woman immediately began to sway to the beat and removing her outermost garments. The audience cheered and the music continued until the woman was down to her bra and panties when suddenly the music stopped, and embarrassed woman looked at her state of undress and quickly grabbed her clothes before hiding behind the stage curtain. Rainbow Rose immediately went to the woman and put her back into a trance, told her to dress and then released her from her trance and allowed her to join the audience once more.

The next woman in the line was again touched on the shoulder and told she was a chicken and that when she heard the music to old Macdonald's farm she would immediately try to lay an egg. Upon the start of the music the woman runs all over the stage flapping their arms and clucking like an expectant hen, once more the audience was in hysterics with laughter as the woman tried unsuccessfully to lay an egg. This time when the music stopped the woman looked confused as she was not aware why everyone is laughing, once again she was taken out of a trance and allowed to join the audience.

The next person in line was a male and again rainbow Rose touched him on the shoulder and gave instructions this piece of music was to be the old Shep Ballad made famous by Elvis Presley. But before the music started Rose turned to the next male in line and the next female and gave them their instructions. They were to draw with imaginary chalks on an imaginary pavement which was the stage while is the first guy was trying to mop and clean up the stage. However the man with the mop was given one final instruction that you could not turn violent but he could lose his temper in a non-violent way. Suddenly the music starts and the man and woman begin drawing on the stage; Rose asks each in turn what they are drawing and while this is going on the man with the mop is trying to erase their pictures and losing his temper that they are redrawing the images. Once more the audiences in fits of laughter as the battle between the three people continues but without any threat of violence much to everyone's amusement.

The music finally stops and the three stand looking at each other; suddenly Rose asks the man with the mop what the problem was and he replied in an even tempered voice, that pair of idiots kept messing up my floor with their dirty drawings. Rainbow Rose then turned and asked each of the other two what they thought, almost in unison they said every time we tried to make a work of art this man kept rubbing out our work I wanted so much to hit him and make him leave us alone.

These three people were then taken out of the trance and returned to the audience as friends with no hard feelings between them. Now on stage there remained only two more women and Adam, in turn the two women were touched on the shoulder and given their instructions which were that one of them was an alpha male dog and the other a bitch in heat. When the music began they both got their hands and knees and the one that was supposed to be the alpha dog quickly began sticking her nose in the other one's arse. Very quickly the alpha male dog mounted and began thrusting at the rear end of the BITCH in heat, once more the audience roared with laughter. The music stopped and the action stopped and rainbow Rose turned to the audience and said, "we are all adults in the audience lets have some fun". Then she gave further instructions to the women, once the music resumed both women stripped off all completely and the alpha male dog put on a strap on rubber cock. Now this time when it was mounting its bitch it took its time to ensure capitulate with its bitch and really drove home the rubber cock. The woman who was a bitch was getting really turned on and climaxed noisily in the centre of the stage; whilst the woman who was the alpha dog also was getting excited and was howling at an imaginary moon. Rainbow Rose moved towards them and touched both at the same time and immediately gave them instructions to dress before the music ended. Once the music ended she took them out of their trance and returned them to the audience normal once more.

Turning to the only person left on stage who was now Adam, she touched his shoulder and gave him instructions; part of the instructions she gave him which the audience would not have heard was that at the end of the show he was to go to her dressing room and that even after he had been taken out of the trance he would remember this and carry it out. When the music began to play once more Adam felt compelled to begin singing as an opera singer but not just an opera singer he actually sang in a female voice like that of the fat lady who sings at the end of the Opera.

For the final time that night the audience in the auditorium will roared with laughter so much so that many had tears streaming down their face. Adam was none the wiser for an embarrassment when the music stopped, however before he was taken out of the trance he was asked if he was with a party of people and if there was anyone special in that party. Without thinking he immediately told of Sally's teasing and how he enjoyed the view up her skirt.

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