Like Daughter, Like Mother

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Since I missed Black Poetry Day...When Kylie's white boyfriend insists that all black girls are sluts for white cock, the college coed puts her virginity on the line and bets the man that he can't seduce the one woman Kylie knows is pure - Her own mother!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Michael has a beautiful cock and I was all over it, sliding my tight brown lips up and down the long white shaft while he stroked my hair, keeping it out of my face so he could see my eyes. I was moaning softly and making loud wet sucking sounds, slurping and swallowing all his precum and I knew the others could hear us, even see us, since we were all watching a movie in that little living room. I didn't care though, that was part of the fun for me, knowing those friends of his were watching Michael's brand new girlfriend, a black girl, sucking him off.

Michael liked it too, I think, well he must have since he wasn't shy about it and his thick cock was rock hard under my small black hands. I could hear some faint whispers and giggles from the girls, a couple white girls I didn't know at all, sitting with their boyfriends and I wondered if they'd go down too, but probably not. I was the only slut in that room, a fact that Michael liked to remind us of.

"Suck it, Kylie. God, you're such a slut," he laughed softly.

"Mmphh..." I shrugged and worked my tongue around the swollen head, getting off on his voice. I have a very real thing for dirty talk during sex. A thing for humiliation, you might say. I like it a lot.

I pulled his heavy balls out of his trousers gently, running my mouth down the shaft with a long wet sucking kiss until I could muzzle his hairy scrotum and take his nuts into my mouth one at a time. I was jerking his cock off against my pretty, heart shaped face while I washed them. Michael's prick was leaking all over my high cheeks and narrow upturned nose, the wetness of his precum and my saliva spreading like a warm stain over my hot skin.

"Yeah, suck my balls too, you little whore." He pulled my face against him. "Get them all warmed up with your nigger mouth."

"Oh!" I heard one of the girls gasp and then laugh at the word.

"She likes it," one of the guys was saying, "Don't worry about it."

"Why don't you give me some of that?" I heard another guy saying, talking to his girlfriend.

"Yeah right!" She laughed sarcastically. "Do I look black to you?"

"Get back on my dick, Kylie," Michael was urging me, "Let me cum in your mouth."

"That's so gross," a girl said and Michael laughed.

"Ummphh ... Mmphhh..." I just made happy muffled sounds, really working his cock hard now, bobbing my head up and down as Michael lifted his hips, holding my face tight so he could just fuck me. He was close, ready to cum and I wanted it. I was hot and needing to taste his creamy orgasm filling my mouth, warming my tummy.

He pushed my body back and down, not removing his cock from my mouth, but just moving us together so that I was on my back, leaning against the padded arm of the sofa with my hips turned, my feet on the floor and Michael over me, pushing his cock between my lips as I looked up at him. He loved fucking my mouth and I didn't mind it, being used by a white boy, that tripped my trigger hard. Especially in front of an audience and I wasn't doing anything but accepting it gratefully.

"Oh fuck, Kylie ... Eat it, whore. Eat my cum, you cocksucking bitch..." Michael pushed his cock into my mouth hard, making me gag and cough even as his cock erupted violently over my wriggling tongue, the head very nearly jammed into my throat.

He was cumming quickly, shooting a lot of sperm way too fast and I was choking, spilling it around my wide stretched lips as I worked to control the gagging, coughing spasms his cockhead brought me as it was lodged in the back of my mouth. Hot thick sperm ran over my black skin and I was pushing at the man until he pulled his cock out, jerking himself off now and painting my face with his semen. It was messy, deliberately crude and obscene, and I knew he was showing off for his friends. He was like that and he knew I didn't mind, having a guy cum all over my face while people watched. It covered me in long whitish streak and sticky pools and drops and once I caught my breath I let him back into my mouth, sucking hard and swallowing finally as he fucked his prick between my lips slowly.

"Now you look like a real slut, Kylie," Michael said, pulling himself away, breathing hard and smiling.

He looked so cute when he was happy like that, pink faced with his blue eyes shining. His blonde hair was dark and matted with sweat. I'd sucked him good and we both knew it. I adored giving head, it was my thing, one of many, and I looked around seeing those two white girls staring at me with mixed looks of shock and embarrassment. They'd never dream of doing what I'd just done and I seriously doubted anyone had ever cum on their faces. The guys were all smiles, rubbing their bulges and doubtless wishing they had a slutty girlfriend like me, at least for the moment. Very few guys can really handle a full-time slut, believe me.

I wasn't a full-time slut anyway, not really. I'm nineteen and in college and sex is a great adventure, that's all. Finding out how much I liked things like that, being watched, being mouth fucked by a white guy in front of four total strangers, what can I say? I found myself liking it a lot, but most of the time, I wasn't a slut at all. I was just me, going to college, being the good girl, the good daughter and student. This stuff, this sex, was just once in awhile. Just when I could get away with it.

"Let's go to the bedroom..." Michael was saying, rubbing my pussy with his hand under my skirt, playing with my panties and I was hot like the sun down there, wet and trembling inside.

"Michael..." I sighed, licking my lips and tasting cum.

"I want to fuck you so bad. Don't clean your face..." he shook his head as I was scooping sperm off my cheeks with my fingers, " ... You're sexy as hell all painted up like that."

"Stop," I said, reaching for his arm and pulling his hand away from my steaming sex.

"Kylie, we've been together a month. Come on." Michael was desperate to fuck me and having this conversation in front of his friends was weird.

"I told you, I'm not going to do it until I get married," I said seriously.

"Why?" Michael laughed. "Come on! I'll make it good for you. The first time is always the best."

"You're a virgin?" One of the girls stared at me and I smiled at her.


"Shit," her boyfriend grinned.

"Oral contraceptive, huh?" the other girl giggled.

"I know you want it. All you black girls just want to fuck," Michael said, ignoring them.

"What?" I laughed. "All black girls want sex? Yeah right."

"I'm serious! That's why I date black chicks. They all fuck on the first date." Michael grinned at his buddies and then looked back at me.

"No, they don't," I said, feeling sperm running down my neck and I wiped at it with my fingers. "I didn't."

"You're just a tease, that's all. You're dying to give it up," Michael said and he was still rubbing my cunt, but through my skirt now, and it still felt good, enough so I was lifting my hips against his fingers.

"All black girls are sluts, huh?" one of the guys asked, watching me lick the cum from my hand.

"Fuck yeah," Michael agreed. "There isn't a black woman in the world that won't bend over in ten minutes. At the most!"

"What?" I gasped and giggled. "You're so full of it!"

"What?" He stared down at me. "You were sucking my cock before you even knew my name, admit it."

"Yeah ... Well ... I wasn't bending over," I said reluctantly.

"Same thing," Michael said and looked at his friends. "Right? A girl that will go down on you that quick? It was like I said hello and Kylie said, shluuurrp!"

They were all laughing and I was wiping that cum up before it dried on my face, licking my fingers clean.

"Yeah, I heard that about black girls," one of the white girls said and she was full of crap too.

"All black girls are not sluts," I said definitively.

"Yeah right!" the other girl giggled. "No wonder you niggers have like ten kids."

"What?" I stared at her and I thought maybe it was time to bring some affirmative action to her racist ass. Being called nigger by my boyfriend during sex was one thing, it was a whole other word then, but hearing a white girl say it to my face? She didn't know me.

"Whoa..." Michael pushed me back down gently. "She's a fucking idiot, Kylie. Don't worry about her."

"What?" The girl stared at Michael indignantly and then looked at her boyfriend, but he wasn't going to defend her. "I thought she liked it?"

"My mom has two kids, all right? Not ten." I stared at the girl and then looked at Michael. "And my mom is not a slut. You think all black women are whores? My mom isn't, believe me. She wouldn't bend over for anyone, not even my dad."

That seemed like a strange thing to be saying, even as the words left my lips, but it was true and of all the black women I knew, my mom was the most conservative. If it weren't for me and my sister, I'd have a hard time believing my mom even had sex, although she was certainly attractive enough for it. My dad was hot for her body, I knew that, and more than a little frustrated because my mom's sex drive, so far as I could tell, was nonexistent. Not that I paid a lot of attention, but I was old enough to understand the little looks and frowns my dad would give her in the mornings sometimes. He wanted it and my mom hadn't given it to him. Mostly I really tried not to think about that. I mean, they're my parents, you know?

"Oh yeah?" Michael grinned at me.

"What?" I laughed at him, forgetting the girl. "You have no idea what my mom is like."

"She's black, right?" Michael asked and I nodded.

"A hundred and ten percent," I agreed.

"She puts out," he said, like it was a fact that everyone knew.

"What?" I wondered if I shouldn't slap him then.

"Your mom, if she's really black? She fucks like a rabbit." Michael grinned at me.

"Yeah right!" I rolled my eyes. "You're so confused."

"No way, listen..." Michael licked his lips. "Does she look like you? How old is she?"

"My mom?" I narrowed my eyes. "Why?"

"Just tell me. What's she look like? Is she hot like you?"

"Hot like me?" I laughed. "She's um, thirty-five and yeah, I guess, she's pretty. I take after her a lot, I guess."

"Thirty-five?" Michael gave me a little look. "Really? That's not old at all. You're nineteen, so she was..."

"That's none of your business," I said, gathering some cum off my forehead that I'd just noticed.

"It's math, Kylie," he chuckled. "Um, sixteen when you were born? Ohhh ... Shit, yeah! And she doesn't put out? Who's confused here?"

"You are!" I said. "So what? She got married young, a lot of girls do. It doesn't mean they're sluts."

"It does if they're putting out at fifteen," Michael laughed. "She was pregnant when she got married? I bet she was."

"You don't know," I sighed, feeling the sperm running down my chin. "I need to wash my face."

"Hold on. I'll bet your mom fucks around," Michael told me. "I mean, I'll bet you."

"Bet me?" I gave him a doubtful look, scooping some creamy semen up with my finger. "What are you talking about?"

"Your mom, she's black and so she's a cock hungry slut," Michael shrugged, watching me suck my finger clean. "If you think she isn't, put your money where your mouth is."

"You're going to get seriously slapped in a second," I told him. "That's my mom you're talking about."

"So? If she's a slut then I'm not lying," he said. "If she isn't, I'll apologize and make it up to you."

"You really want to bet?" I asked.

"Yeah, let's bet on it."

"Bet what?" I giggled because this was surreal.

"If your mom's a slut, you have to let me have your cherry," Michael said. "You have to give it up without any of that wedding bullshit."

"Huh..." I stared at him. "And if I win?"

"Ummm ... I dunno, what do you want?" he asked.

"Hmmm..." I thought about it for a second, " ... Your car. You give me your car if you lose."

"My 'vette?" Michael blinked at me

He wasn't so sure about that, I was pleased to see. He had an old one, an expensive one I guessed, a Corvette with the split rear window? Like that meant something special, I dunno. He was proud of that rear window for some reason and it was nice, all restored and cute and a lot of guys admired it, I knew that. Michael loved his car more than anything, so that made it special to the man, like my virginity was to me. Sorta.

"What's the matter, chicken?" I teased him.

"Okay." He swallowed hard. "But no cheating."

"How am I gonna cheat?" I laughed and a gob of semen fell onto my tits. "I don't even know what we're doing? How are you going to prove my mom's a slut?"

"How?" Michael shrugged. "I'm going to fuck her."

"What?" I think I about had a heart attack and the others were all talking now, laughing and giggling and just talking like we were crazy.

"You can't do that!" I stared at him.

"What? If you're right, nothing will happen. If I'm right ... Well?" He smiled. "We'll go to your house, you can introduce me."

"Introduce you?" I wasn't liking this. "My mom will kill me if she finds out I have a white boyfriend!"

"Just tell her I'm a friend from school. God! You can't have white friends?" Michael asked.

"Well ... she'll suspect," I frowned.

"So? Let her suspect, if I'm right it won't matter anyway," Michael laughed. "If I'm wrong, she'll never know."

"This is crazy. You're going to try and seduce my mom?" I shook my head. "She's going to beat you down like a bitch."

"Yeah, so? Then you get a new car, right?" He grinned at me. "But if she doesn't..."

"She will, there's no doubt about that!" I laughed. "Okay, fine. I'm not giving your car back either, not after you said all this stuff about my mom."

"And I'm going to pop that nigger cherry between your legs, Kylie." He stuck the tip of his tongue out at me.

"You wish!" I said, getting up finally to wash the tacky sperm off my face.

Of course everyone thought we were crazy, which made it funny. I was even laughing about it later, but only because I knew Michael had screwed up big time making a bet like that. I might be a slut, yeah. If I wasn't, I was seriously working on it, but my mom? She was going to be a saint someday, with her face on little medallions that virgins could wear around their necks to ward off bad boys like Michael.

Saint Janice the Pure, that was my mom.

It took a few weeks to find the right day, because obviously I had to give Michael a sporting chance before I took his car. If the idea that I was setting up my mom, who was plainly married and a mother of two, to be seduced by my white boyfriend sounds evil, well, it probably was. You have to remember though that Michael didn't stand a chance, seriously. My mom's black and her opinion of white people in general isn't one that I'd like to share, quite frankly. She could be a little prejudiced, especially when it came to white boys who had black girlfriends, that would always set her off.

So I didn't feel bad about it, other than the bit of guilt I had that my boyfriend was saying bad things about her. Michael would pay for it though and I'd laugh afterwards, making him take back every single word, apologizing to me until he was blue in the face, and then taking my new corvette for a little spin. That would be so cool! Of course I'd probably end up giving it back, eventually. I mean, it's an expensive car, a real expensive one, and I'm basically a good person inside. I just wanted to give him a little scare.

"Mom?" I opened the front door and led Michael into my parents' house.

It was a Saturday and my dad and younger sister, Natalie, had gone to a girl scout thing up in Bemidji, which was hours away and they wouldn't be back until late that night. That gave us a lot of time, but we weren't going to need all of it; my mom would be kicking Michael's ass out the door as soon as he made a pass at her.

"In here, Kylie. What are you doing home?" Mom was in the kitchen, as usual.

"Oh, just wasting a Saturday," I said, walking towards the sound of her voice. "I had to get away from the dorm, you know. Hi."

I saw her finally, just finishing up some dishes it looked like. She was pretty just standing there too. Tall like me, just a hair shorter than my five foot eight, and with a nice, round body. Not fat at all, just round and soft the way a woman should be. Mom's breasts are large like my own firm 34C's and her hips and butt are a little bigger maybe, but nothing a man wouldn't appreciate. My hips are round too, but narrow and my butt is proud and pert.

Mom's hair is black and super kinky, while mine is long and straight, the same soft brown eyes though. Her nose is a little bigger, wider and more typically black, like her thick lips, not huge, but definitely thick. My nose is narrow and a little pointy and my lips are just full and pouting, not fat at all. So she looks nice and we have some resemblance, but we're different too, which is cool. I didn't look like my dad at all, thank goodness. He looked like he just got off the boat from Africa and he was proud of it. Me too, except I didn't want to look like him. I like my looks a lot and Mom liked her hers, I was sure. She took care of herself.

"Hi!" She smiled at me and then she saw Michael, tall and blonde and blue eyed.

Michael was very handsome, no doubt about that, and it was why he was my boyfriend in the first place, and why I let him treat me like he did in the second. I liked a man who treated me like, well, like a slut. It's a humiliation sex thing I have going on and it seriously makes me hot. Michael was good at it too, obviously. My friends didn't understand, but we did. Michael understood me just fine.

He walked in right behind me with a devilish smile playing across his sensual lips, his broad shoulders and hard stomach. His ass is great! I love a man's ass, when they're nice, and Michael's was perfect. Firm and round and, ummm ... He was a serious hottie and if Michael had a problem it was that he knew it. He'd been spoiled by women his whole life and I was probably the worst.

"Mom, this is Michael, a friend of mine from college. Mike, meet Mom," I giggled nervously and hoped Mom wouldn't jump the gun and assume the worst about us, that we were having sex.

"Hello, Michael," Mom said cautiously, wiping her hands dry and smiling in her blue summer dress. It looked nice on her.

"Hi. Nice to meet you," he smiled and nodded. "Kylie talks about you all the time."

I shot him a dirty look, but I couldn't tell if he meant anything by it.

"She does, huh?" My mom gave him a little smile. "She hasn't mentioned you."

"Be nice, Mom," I laughed lightly, trying to disguise my lie. "Mike's just a friend, okay?"

"Hmmmm..." Mom nodded and let Michael take her hand briefly.

"We're working on a project together for chemistry," Michael smiled and that was a good lie, Mom always wanted to think I was working hard at college.

"Oh, that's nice then," Mom said and probably she believed us, maybe.

She had to be a little suspicious though, me bringing a boy home to meet her. She probably thought I was testing the water, you know, pretending like nothing was going on just so she could get used to the idea and then later ... That was kind of an interesting thought, actually. I started thinking maybe this was sort of a good idea in more ways than just getting a free car. I mean if Mom accepted Michael as my friend and then later, if I met a white boy I wanted to marry...

I almost called a halt to the whole thing right then, because it seemed like such a good idea, this testing the waters bit. If Michael hit on my mom though, and she got pissed, that would ruin everything! He could be a charming bastard when he wanted to be and maybe sell my mom on the idea that white boys could be okay. I'd have to give up my cherry though and that made me wince inside. Slut or no, my virginity was important. Mom had drummed it into my head since before my first menstruation, like I was brainwashed or something. I had to give my virginity to my husband on my wedding night, like it would absolve me of all the other nasty stuff I did with guys like Michael.

That's how weird my brain is and how I was see-sawing back and forth on stopping our bet. On the one hand I might open Mom up to the possibility of a white son-in-law, on the other hand I'd have to give up what was most precious to me. That was a seriously sucky choice.

While I tried to figure it out, we talked for a while, just catching up, and Mom was nice enough. The three of us sat down in the living room and had some iced tea and some sort of raisin bread that my mom had baked up. It was good, but kind of fruity. Mom loved to cook though and she was good at it.

She was good at all that motherly stuff and I seriously couldn't imagine Michael getting anywhere with her. I mean, she's married; the whole idea was like ... I don't know, as far out there as if Michael had told me he could fly like Superman. I mean, it's a no brainer and just a joke. That's why I was so totally relaxed. The only thing I was worried about was dealing with my mom after she kicked him out. It would just be more ammo for her anti-white boy prejudice.

Michael was being his usual charming self, but only because he's like that naturally. People like him a lot; he's got a nice personality and good looks. I mean, I fell for him after ten minutes, enough so I was sucking his cock in the front seat of his little Corvette before I even knew his name. He hadn't been lying about that. But he wasn't being especially charming today, he wasn't going out of his way to impress my mom, Michael was just playing it rather subdued, kind of laid back. He listened to Mom and I talk mostly and I just smiled to myself, thinking he was making a serious mistake.

I excused myself a little later, as we'd planned, so that Michael would have a chance to talk to my mom alone, for all the good that would do him. I called my best friend, Janisha, who lived a few blocks away, just saying hi and not telling her where I was or what I was doing, obviously. If I told her I was home she'd be running over and we didn't need that, believe me! A little bit of Janisha goes a long ways. I just needed the excuse. We talked for ten minutes and then I hung up.

"Hey, I'm gonna run over to Janisha's real quick. She needs to show me something." I rolled my eyes for my mom. "You know how she is. Michael can hang out here for a while right? Thanks Mom!"

I kissed her cheek and was halfway out the door before my mom could say anything.

Of course I wasn't going to Janisha's house at all. I wasn't going anywhere. I was going to sneak back into the house and spy on my boyfriend and laugh while he tried to seduce my mom. I figured it would take about five minutes before Michael would find himself sitting in his Corvette, wondering where he'd gone wrong.

"Don't..." I heard my mom saying.

They were still in the living room and I'd come in through the back door just five minutes later, being very, very quiet. I'd done a lot of sneaking in and out of my house growing up, so I knew where all the squeaks in the floor were and I avoided them instinctively, stifling a little giggle as I crept closer.

"Come on. You know you want it," Michael was saying gently.

"No, I don't ... I don't know who you think you are, but..."

"Shhh ... I saw those looks. Don't lie to me."

"What?" Mom laughed. "You're crazy."

"Am I?" Michael chuckled and I was just around the corner, in the closet now, peeking through the crack in the door and I could see them sitting together on the sofa, just the back of their heads.

"I'm married and you're my daughter's boyfriend," Mom said making me cover my mouth with my hand. She knew? I'd been so careful to act like Michael was just a friend, nobody special. I wondered why she was so relaxed about that.

"What they don't know..." Michael was stroking my mom's hair! " ... Don't be shy. I know you like me."

"No!" Mom giggled.

"You're a beautiful woman, Janice," Michael sighed softly and I widened my eyes. He was using my mom's first name?

"Uh-huh," Mom agreed like she didn't believe him.

"No, I mean it," Michael said. "Kylie's pretty, but there's something about you..."

He had his face close to hers, like he was smelling her hair or something and I swallowed hard, wondering why my mom wasn't slapping the hell out of the boy. She wasn't even pushing him away! If anything Mom was enjoying the attention and that was completely impossible! My mom didn't give white men the time of day, literally. I've seen it happen, a white guy smiling at her, saying good morning maybe, and Mom would walk by without a word, without even a smile.

"Don't," Mom laughed lightly. "Don't do that..."

"Do what?" Michael asked. "I'm not doing anything you don't want me to."

"Don't do ... Ohhh ... That..." Mom sighed. "Stop."

"Shhh ... Tell me you don't like it," Michael challenged her. "Your nipples are so hard, Janice. Tell me this doesn't feel good."

"Ummm..." Mom let out a soft moan and I couldn't really tell what my boyfriend was doing, but from the way his shoulders were moving I'd guess he was playing with my mom's tits.

"This is wrong..." Mom breathed and she was looking at Michael, both their faces in profile now and I ducked back a little.

"It's not wrong if it feels good," Michael chuckled. "You like it anyway, huh?"

"Noooo..." Mom breathed.

"Come on. You like fooling around," Michael said. "You've done it before, haven't you?"

"Mmmm ... Maybe," Mom laughed softly and I had to cover my mouth as a little gasp came out.

"You like white boys, huh?" Michael was close to her now, his nose literally touching my mom's, sliding up and down along it.

"Yeah," Mom admitted.

"You're so sexy, Janice," Michael sighed and then he was kissing her and felt my stomach somersault.

It was a serious kiss too, like I'd never seen my mom give my father. Their lips touched and then parted slightly, but their tongues didn't. They played together between them, Mom's small pink tongue playing over and under and all around my boyfriend's while he continued to massage her tits. I took advantage of their distraction to move towards the stairs, climbing carefully to the small landing halfway up where they took a right turn and I could look down into the living room and see everything.

Michael had his right hand inside Mom's unbuttoned dress, her white bra pulled down beneath her full breasts so he could squeeze and pet her dark flesh. My mom's nipples were big, long and dark, and Michael thumbed her left nipple, pinching and pulling it while they made out. I blinked hard as I realized Mom had her left hand on the bulge of my boyfriend's prick, pressing her hand against his trousers, gripping the thick outline through Michael's khaki trousers.

"Yeah ... Do it, Janice ... Take my cock out for me," Michael breathed after a long three or four minutes of kissing.

"Ohhh! Bad boy!" Mom laughed breathlessly, licking her lips and flirting with the man.

She was having fun, I thought. I mean, yeah, obviously she was, but Mom wasn't giving in like I would have. She was playing with Michael as much as he was playing with her and that was almost mind boggling.

"Fuck!" Michael laughed gently. "What a tease ... You know how hard you make me?"

"Are you hard?" Mom cooed at him and she was playing with his dick, she knew exactly how excited my boyfriend was. "Poor baby. Doesn't my little girl take care of you?"

"Oh yeah. Your little slut loves my cock," Michael told her. "But I need a real woman right now."

"Is that right?" Mom smiled and I could see her fingers playing with the button of Michael's trousers, with his zipper. "Hmmm ... You're a big boy, huh?"

"Oh, what a teasing bitch!" Michael sighed, pulling my mom's face to his for another deep kiss, this one much more passionate with their heads turned and lips sealed tightly so that their tongues were trapped and hidden from me.

I gasped aloud as I heard and then saw my mom finally unzipping Michael's trousers, reaching inside blindly to free his large white cock. Mom was jerking him off slowly while they kissed, while my boyfriend played with her ripe black tits. She was sliding her hand up and down the shaft, her fingers playing over the head to gather the glistening precum leaking there.

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