Self Discovery... An Erotic Story

by Woman

Copyright© 2010 by Woman

Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes the newest experience is the most forbidden... a story about a woman's experiences and her own sexual identity while at university

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   True Story   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   School   .

They say that university is the place you go to discover who you are. To experiment with life to see what you like, what you don't, your tastes, your desires, what you have a flair for or just an inclination for. Well, let me tell you. Experimenting? I thought I'd been there, tried that; got the proverbial t-shirt. I did the drug thing and discovered it just wasn't my thing. I even did the fun stuff in the bedroom. The bondage. The costumes. The rough. The wild. The teasing. The kinky and the so called naughty. The toys and the boys. But it was always men. Mmmm ... men. Morning wood. Stubble. Hands. Power. Mmmm ... men.

My personality back then had always been one of pushing the limits, testing the waters so to speak. Even at a young age; for I am older now and when I look back on all the fun and shiny events of my youth; maybe I am just glorifying my memories and all, making them seem more one sided. Ahhh ... what can I say. I was young and I was stupid and I experimented a lot. But I had to actually know from experience before I could actually say, "I don't like such and such" or "I really love it when this happens". But then again, that is how I discovered I enjoyed anal play, Tequila. Hard and rough sex. Knitting. Needle point. Travelling. Nipple clamps. Baking ... You know what I mean. But I did discover that I am a really good cook. And one of the fastest ways to a man's cock, is through his sense of taste and smell.

So it was a few years ago (ok; who the fuck am I kidding? Many, many years ago... ) and I was dating this one yahoo of a guy ... And to be honest I'd not call it really dating but more my boy toy play time. Let's just call all the men in my life during my university days "John Doe". Keep their identities a secret, and fitting. I just wanted sex with no string attached.

Let me tell you about the John Doe's of my uni days.

The John Doe's of my youth were ... ahhh ... bores to be honest (and thank goodness as I aged, my tastes in men got better I'll have you know. They became more interesting, more adventurous, more wanting to please me not just themselves). And yes. At that point in my life, it was all about sexual discovery. I wanted sex. I wanted to discover the fun of sex. I wanted to fight then have make-up sex. I wanted to be tied up and be used. I wanted to get on my knees and have his hands in my hair pulling me harder onto his cock. I wanted him to come upon me in the kitchen, just growl in my ear and tear my pants from me push me over the table and take me. AND this was just some of what I wanted him to do to me. And then? And then what I wanted to do to the man occupying my bed was a whole different story. But very rarely did I had a John Doe occupy my bed who gave me what I wanted.

STOP!!! Ok. I need to stop that train of thought before I lack the will power to share this tale with you, I am quite ... er ... well ... wet at the moment thinking back to this point in my life and wanting to take matters into my own hands with that new vibrator I bought last night ... But no!!! This story shall be told first. Then I will take matters into my own hands while I make that new man in my life watch.

Back then, what I did not want was a relationship. And I always made sure I made that perfectly clear. I've grown up some since then, and am in a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. In and out of the bedroom mind you.

Now this is not a straight story, and it is not even a proper lesbian story. It is more a story of a woman looking back and trying to explain how I once made choices wanting to know more of who I was. A self discovery story? A tempt of fate maybe? Who really knows. I just like talking about me; like any woman does. It is just another chapter from my life like every other time I've put pen to paper to put my memories on paper. Only this time, it is not a tale of travelling like most of my other journals, this is one of lust and temptation. Of experimenting.

But the biggest difference is, I don't want my potential children or family to ever see these chapters.

So enough with the back story clap trap, or do you need some more explaining? Perhaps not. You are smarter than you know and can probably put yourself in my canoes of shoes anyways. For after all; everyone at some point in their lives has a tale that they must share. Mine just happens to be of a sexual nature!!!

So it all took place during my second year of university, and I was sitting in on an intro to aerodynamics' class with a Professor Quinn. She looked to be about middle ageish and your typical physics looking teacher. Mousey hair piled in a bun on her head, thick glasses that made her eyes look buggy when she looked at you, and she always wore business suits- the skirt kind mind you. Some flowing, some tight and every single time we did wind tunnel experiments in the lab- a lab coat.

I remember I didn't think much of her the first time I sat down in her class. She looked boring and while she was talking to her TA, she just sounded dead. She was one of those teachers you just knew her class was going to be harder than ever just to stay awake.

Taking a seat at the back of the hall, Professor Quinn took her place at the front of the class behind the wooden podium thingie and cleared her throat.

"Many new faces in the Aviation Program I see. If you don't know my name by now, you are going to fail this course as you have yet the ability to read. I am not your friend and I don't like students." Not once had she looked up at the shocked faces of the hall. "It is my job to fail you and it is your job to not fail." Like clock work her TA's started passing out the course syllabus. A thick package.

"Read this. Know this. Do it. Let's get started."

Turning and reaching for the bottom of the chalkboard to pull it up to display the board beneath it was the first time I caught a view of her ass.

And what an ass it was. It was the kind of buttocks that haunts you.

It was perfect. Her poly blend knee high tight skirt hugged the shape of her ass just

perfectly. It was the most amazing ass I had ever seen. The way the material formed to her thighs as she stepped from one side of the board to the other. When she reached up during the lecture to write on the board, the material stretching over her perfect heart shaped bottom ... I just couldn't close my mouth. I was starring at a thing of beauty.

And this was the first time I had ever looked at a woman with these kinds of thoughts. I mean the kind of thoughts that make your mouth fall to the floor, your tongue hangs out like a drool hound, and just that thought of spanking that delectable ass, watching the flesh redden beneath my fingers then kissing it. Bending her over and then letting my teeth sink in. Oh god have mercy.

My first lesson with Professor Quinn ended, and I lusted after her for the rest of term. For the next ... oh I don't know how many months, in every lesson I had with Professor Quinn, all I could think of was what colour knickers was she wearing under those skirts? She invaded my thoughts, she took over my dreams and no matter how many times I had climaxed with the boy toy flavour of the day/week/month ... I would just cum again so hard- where my body felt like it had just exploded and then come back together ... When by chance my thoughts went to Professor Quinn, if it is possible; I got hornier than I was the moment before.

I had no idea what it was about this teacher. She wasn't anything to look at really. Her personality was dry and icy cold. And anyone else who I asked said she just had a nice ass not a perfect one. Yet in my mind, I just couldn't stop thinking about her. And I remember the day when my imagination went from just simple fantasy to a desire to master her.

It was a month or so into the second term, and all the students who had passed her Intro class were in the lab that day and I was running late. I had to literally sprint down the hall and made it to the door just as she was closing it. And it was the first time ever that I could recall by that point, that she looked directly at me or had even spoken to me in real life. 'Cause in my fantasies? She had spoken to me often of all the things I so really wanted to hear her to say.

After rebuking me for being late, her face softened and she gave me a glimpse of a smile that at first, I had thought I just imagined. And maybe even to this day it might have just been imaginary.

Stumbling over to my wind tunnel on a cloud of euphoria, I had calibrated the computer for the variables from the text book then I sat down after putting on my lab coat and waited for the machine to warm up.

It was surprising this Thursday afternoon. Rather than sitting down and just working on her lap top and ignoring the class while her TA's circled us like hawks, their prying fingers sliding over a girls hands or over our backs as they moved past us or brushing 'innocently' against us pressing their cocks- well into my ass as I was taller than most of them but into the small of the girls backs. Professor Quinn circulated around the room.

Pilots maybe gods of the sky; air traffic controllers may control the heavens. Trust me. Most women flunk out as they don't have the same egos as men do and aviation management was no different. We owned them all. And we have egoe's bigger than the pilots or the ATC'ers; put together. And with the little boys club that formed in this program? Most women just flunked out or changed their majors refusing to give into that much competition. Just didn't have it in them. Those of us rare few women who were still left by this point, were hesitant acquaintances. Trust me; I would have clawed Michael's eyes out with the pen in my hair if it meant that I could get ahead of her. Don't judge me, if I had had a steady boyfriend that I actually cared for, she would have slept with him and told me all about it in the hopes that it would distract me from getting to the top.

Competition. God I loved it back then!!!! I thrived upon it!!!

Enough of that I said no more back story!!! Let us continue. And I shall try to refrain from the back story ... but no promises!!!

My wind tunnel had started to squeal as if the fan had caught some FOD or something and as I without thinking about it went to reach for the grate protecting the fan, I felt a pair of breasts against my upper arm and then a warm hand cover mine.

"Don't forget to turn the machine off Charlie, before you go playing with the fan or else you will loose your fingers." Professor Quinn whispered in my ear before quickly turning and walking away to look at another student's tunnel.

Crap on a friggen stick! I have to tell you some back story. This being term two of year two and we had proven our worth to be in the program to her, but she still didn't want to learn our names. So she just took the phonetic alphabet and named us. I pity Jorge. Even fifteen years later he still has the nick name "Bravo". "Charlie" is at least somewhat fun. Imagine all twenty-six of us at the bar and shouts of "Hey Zulu! Get me a fucking drink!" to a tall wirey Irish guy or even "Kilo! How many kilo's do you weigh?" to the chubby girl in the class. Most people never got it and thought we were being insulting. But even today, I still think it is hilarious.

My heart was pounding in my chest after feeling her hard nipples against my arm, the feeling of her warm moist breath in my ear and her touch feather light on my hand.

I was frozen. I couldn't move. I just wanted to her to come back over and press against me once more.

But my body on the other hand was instantly awake. My nipples turned so hard I could have cut diamonds with them. My skin tightened and I became aware of every stitch of clothing I was wearing; and I wanted out of those flipping boybriefs that had ridden up a little too high almost giving me a wedgie. And I was all too aware of my drenched pussy.

If Professor Quinn had stood there any longer than the spilt second she did, I would have cummed right then and there in the classroom from her touch alone saying fuck to the world at the consequences of just pushing her body up against the plastic of the tunnel and tearing her clothes from her feasting upon her nipples while my hands explored that fabulous rump of hers.

But she had moved. And had walked off before I could think of anything to say or think of pressing my body against hers.

And again. Deep in my mind I knew I had to have her. In some way shape or form.

You know, even to this day I had no idea if she was married, divorced, straight, bi, a full fledged lesbian or even a man dressed in drag. And to be totally honest? I don't ever want to know. Especially if she was a man in woman's clothing. But that could have been fun too.

It was a day in April, just after midterms but before our Easter holiday, when my life changed forever. The Aerodynamic TA's were handing back our mid terms when I saw the yellow sticky note attached to mine; "See me at 3pm this afternoon." There was no grade on my paper. There were no markings on my paper. Just a summons. Fuck. I remember worrying I had just failed and would be booted from the course and therefore booted from the program and if I were to be kicked out of this course, I'd fail university. Professor Quinn being the only teacher who taught Aerodynamics. And not allowing make-ups or repeats for failed students. And aerodynamics being a course needed to graduate ... I saw my future flash before my eyes. Welfare. Student loans up to here. Soup kitchens. And worse.

Sometimes it really does suck to have an imagination.

I arrived early to her office. And thank god I did. Just as I went to knock on her door, it opened and out walked a younger version of Professor Quinn. A younger; more smiling version of Professor Quinn that is.

This younger version stuck out her hand and winked. "Hi. I am Anna. You must be Charlie." She said with a disarming smile.

Dumbly, I shook her hand and just nodded.

"I will be with you in a moment Charlie, please sit down." Said Professor Quinn without even raising her head from within the office.

"Yes, Professor." I took a spare chair and sat in it, a nervous wreck, along with being quite turned on at the thought of my stern and strict Professor and the younger smiling, friendlier version of her talk and banter. I must admit I got ... oh so very wet at the thought of them.

While Anna and her mother continued to converse for a few more minutes, Professor Quinn never once looking up at me, but Anna looking up and winking over her mothers head, and me just sitting there turning quite red at the attention of just a pair of haunting honey coloured eyes.

Anna would stand and rest her hands on the edge of the desk and push her perfect breasts together and slightly lean forward. I could see down; right between the valley of her breasts. Her mint green, low v-neck t-shirt, her yellow bra underneath, her honey brown skin, sandy blonde hair ... I could have seen all the way down to her navel if I sat up a little. Which of course I did. I felt like a horny teenager again. And I liked it!!!

What was it with these women who just the sight of them drove me wild? To this day I still cannot put my finger on it.

They continued their conversation, talking about something or other about dinner or some other inane conversation. I just sat there with thoughts of Anna. My mind never again thought of Professor Quinn or her ass. Anna. It was all Anna. It was the mother who sparked my curiosity in bisexuality. But it was the daughter who added the accelerant to that fire and blew it all up.

Her short white cut off jean skirt, her long legs, her thong sandals; I just wanted to taste her. I wanted to get close enough to smell her hair. I had to know if she was shaved or trimmed.

Was I a lesbian? Was I bi? Was I curious? Was I just having fun? Was this just my way of exploring more of life's pleasure?

Fucked if I knew. Even now. Fucked if I really care. Even today looking back all these years later, I still enjoy the occasional woman, the occasional fantasy of an orgy of women, threesomes ... let me tell you. Don't you bother trying to fit me into a label or to make a label just to fit me. I am just me. And I still like sex. Just to set the record straight.

And there was Anna, perched on the end of her mothers desk, Professor Quinn looking up at her stunning daughter, smiled this soft and mother-like smile at her daughter before turning to me. That stern look back on her face.

Professor Quinn finally looked up. "Charlie. This is my daughter Anna."

I looked into Anna's eyes, blushing as she slowly licked her lower lip then bit it. Just a nod and a slight smile at her mothers words.

"I asked you to come here today to do me a great personal favour. I will pay you for your time of course, but Anna is not doing too well in her freshman year here at the university. She is studying General Arts and Sciences as she is intellectually lazy and not certain what she wants to do just yet other than party and have a good time." She looked up at her daughter perched on the edge of the desk. Anna just shrugged and between inspecting her nails and making knowing looks at me.

I wasn't really paying attention to what Professor Quinn was saying, I needed to know about my paper. That. That was even more pressing than that throb in my clit. "But Professor Quinn, my paper did not have a grade on it. It just had a note. Did I pass?" my words were as nervous as could be with my entire future riding on this paper. Again my thoughts went quickly to the welfare line with my eyes moving to Anna's legs crossing. When her legs parted I could see right up her inner thigh. I felt my nipples harden and all blood drain from my brain to my face as it felt brilliantly hot but my thoughts empty.

Professor Quinn actually chuckled. "Of course you passed. If you were not a hard working student I'd never be asking you to tutor my only child. You got a 92% on your paper, not the best work you have ever done but it came in fifth after Echo, Alpha, Sierra, Yankee. Your thoughts were clearly laid out, and creative in discussing Bernoulli's principles of pressure in relation with Newton's First Law." Pushing herself back, crossing her legs under her skirt.

What is it with these women and skirts? Have they never heard of pants???? I could feel my inner pervert drooling, and my pussy was just working over time thinking of tongues and fingers, and toys ... Anna just winked at me!

"Will you tutor my daughter in her classes? Perhaps the way you think and the way you explain things will help her to understand what is being taught to her. And have her more enthused about her classes."

Looking at Anna. Looking at Professor Quinn. Over and over. Back and forth. Their faces so similar. Their features almost identical. That gentle angle of the jaw line and the kink in the lobe of their ears. I really do not think I should. This should just be a fantasy thing for me and not a reality thing for me. I can't do this. I shouldn't do this. I need to back off. But then again it would be wild fun to see what it would be like to seduce Anna. Then that would be like well ... never mind I don't need to continue that thought But I'd still like to have her legs wrapped around my head while my tongue tasted her.Oh my god that would be heavenly!! I'd die and go to heaven! Fuck! Pay attention woman! Their lips are moving and you aren't listening!

"So, then. I will let you two go and discuss the details." Professor Quinn's hands return to shuffling papers, and picking up her read pen, buries her head back into her marking, dismissing us without further discussion.

I remember sitting there stunned and shocked and not certain what to do. Had I just agreed to be Anna's tutor? How would I tutor her if I had the hots for her? If I wanted just slide my hands up her legs and feel her innermost self? To wrap her hair around my hands and fill her mouth with my breasts which were are the moment painful and aching.

My nipples were so hard and just needing to be bitten.

I have no idea how it happened, but suddenly Anna was whispering into my ear, "Come on Charlie. Let's get out of here." Taking me by the hand, and leading me from the office.

We made our way to the coffee shop across the street from the main campus entrance, where we grab one of the cushiony booths in the back with the low table. Quickly she removed her sandals and sat down cross legged. I stupidly slid into the booth and just sat there as dumb as a tree.

"Well, we're alone now. I can say this freely." She smiled, her eyes bright, her hands fixing her shirt, and of course my eyes followed her hands. "You are beautiful." Her fingers tracing over the swell of her breast. "And I wouldn't mind seeing you naked spread over this table on display for me." Her free hand fell between her crossed legs. "While I eat my fruit salad from your pussy." She winked and flagged over the waitress.

"Hi! My name is Susie! Can I take your order?" says the perky ill timed waitress.

"I'll take a mango smoothie and a fruit salad with blue berry yoghurt. She'll take an Irish coffee. She just received some shocking news." Anna turned her gaze from the perky waitress with fake sad eyes looked at me and grinned mischievously. Again with the bloody wink in my direction acting as if nothing inappropriate was said in public.

I just sat there. My mouth opening and closing. I must have looked like a fish. Stupid me. But in my defense. I've never been seduced by a woman before. Especially one as free spirited acting as Anna. I only wished I could be as open about sex and displaying my sexuality as Anna. Fuck having a passion for something in a male dominated field. Display you like sex, you are then automatically fucking your way to the top. No more respect, but contempt glances. I learnt young to remove my sexuality from my general appearance to try to be treated as an equal. It was refreshing to see a woman so comfortable. It was part of her charm.

"Ok, I'll be right back!" perky Susie said and bounced away, pony tail swinging.

"Don't look so shocked. You must be used to men fawning over you. You with your exotic style eyes and amazing cheek bones. And your breasts are quite lovely even if you are wearing frumpy clothes."

Dumbly, I looked down. I was not used to being complemented while at school.

"Well I mean, if we are going to hook up and be seen together, you need to wear some colours. And actually look like a woman, and loosen up. What do you have? A pickle up your arse?"

"I am wearing purple." I said dumbly looking down.

"Dark purple and it is summer. You need to wear bright colours and not get lost." Raising a brow as she criticises and tisks at my wardrobe. "I think we need to go shopping over the next week."

We sat there in silence for a few minutes, just sipping our beverages. Anna staring at me over her mango smoothie, nibbling on her straw. My coffee cup clattered on the table as I set it down.

"What does your mother want me to do with you exactly?" I questioned her to break the silence.

"Oh I know all that they are teaching us, but find it as boring as god in a lion cloth on a pogo stick. So to spice it up a little, I fail all the assignments and the mini assignments which are only worth like 10% of my final mark, and ace the exam. And this allows me to get great grades, stay at my 90% average, and play the campus and explore."

"Explore what?"

"Freedom! What else?" leaning forward, whispering, "Because you seem to be nervous and embarrassed, I'll whisper. "I like sex. And with freedom, comes sex. Just how it is." Shrugging she continued, "I love sex. And sex with a man and another woman? Or two men and me? Or a group? Mucho fun. And since I saw you today? I wouldn't mind having sex with you. I think you'd be a wild woman between the sheets." Licking her pink lips, then rolling her tongue around her straw while she looked at me. "Just call me a sexbot."

Swallowing hard, my coffee stuck in my throat. Coughing to clear my embarrassment. chug back the rest of my coffee. My awkwardness was so apparent that day. I used to dress quite fashionably back when I was younger. But that morning, I realized I had no more clean clothes and all I had left was my winter house clothes., and now I had just spilt coffee down my front!!! I hated being caught in these clothes. The coffee cup clattered to the table and Anna stands as I do. I felt frumpy. I felt old.

"Shall we?" she grins getting up.


"Go shopping of course! I think a girls afternoon out is in order. Besides, you are getting paid to spend time with me. And if you don't spend time with me, my mother will think you don't like and respect her. And if you make me unhappy, I'll tell her that you just don't like me without even trying and then it'll make your life miserable.

What a manipulative bitch! But ... it could be fun!!! I am just basically going to be a whore. A prostitute. So what's the big deal? Spending time with her while she just wants and excuse. What the fuck am I saying!?!?!? I'd love to taste Professor Quinn's daughter! I can just imagine the look on Zulu's face or the expression on John Doe's face when I tell him!!!

"I do need a new swim suit..." I look into her eyes and smile.

She winks in return; "Now you're thinking."

The current John Doe flavour of the month threw me on the bed. His hands on my hips tearing at my pants trying to get them off. Lifting my hands to my breasts, squeezing my nipples between the material, my back arching hard thinking, Please god let him last!

John Doe was snarling as he nipped at my inner thigh after throwing my pants to the floor, "You bitch. You had better let me watch if you fuck that chick. I wanna see how you part her knees wide n' hard and eat her cunt." He plunged two fingers deep within me making causing me to gasp before biting my mound.

My hands hard over his head forcing him harder to me, the occasional word barely audible over the lapping of my wet pussy. "Hot ... fucking ... women ... pussy to pussy..." Kneeling between my parted thighs, now three fingers deep in my bald pussy. His thumb pressing so hard over my clit, driving me wild while his other hand pinched and pulled hard on my nipples forcing me to squirm under him. God yes I am sooooo close!!! My hand reaching to his, and ramming him harder into me. Wanting him to fill me.

My moans, mixed with his daydream of me fucking Anna. Hand on his wrist, wanting him harder. Feeling his cock twitch against my leg while his mind wandered to his thoughts that he just had to share, "You rocking over her face, your clit dragging over her chin, she eating you out as you cum over her face, me fucking the shit outta her watching her tits fly and your hands pulling at your nipple clamps." He grunts and he rises up to his knees, his cock in his hands pumping it hard.

Laying there, my hands massaging my breasts, thighs wide apart. John Doe is there, on his knees stroking his cock fast and hard. That pained expression on his face that all men get, "Oh fuck Charlie I'm gonna cum!!!" rising up on my elbows, just watching him as his cock explodes and his cum lands on my tummy. I watch his cock now limp swinging between his thighs as he falls like a dead weight upon me.

Laying beneath him totally unsatisfied. And my temper very much rising.

Getting up on one elbow, looking down at me, he brings his hand to his mouth to lick first before offering it to me.

It was only then he really saw me. "Did you cum baby?" he says like an eager puppy after taking a shit for the first time on the paper.

"No you fucking moron I didn't cum." I said with exaggerated patience. "You didn't give me any chance, you twat!" I growled heaving him off of me. Sitting up in my bed, I continued. "I told you about making out with Anna in the change rooms while trying on bathing suits and you basically forced yourself on me without a second thought. It was fun to start, but you came within seconds of starting. You weak. Bastard. Fucker."

"Babe? What the fuck?" he rolled over to his side, looking up at me.

"I've told you thousands of times. Do. Not. Call. Me. Babe." Grunting between clenched teeth. "This is not the first time you've cum and have expected me to finish on my own. I am not a fucking hole for you and on the RARE times you actually do put your rinky dink tiny pecker in me you limp dick bastard ya do just that!!!! Limpy!" My face must have been a brilliant shade of red at this point, but had one more point to make. "And I am not here to take you bullshit either."

"You cold, frigid bitch!! Ya just don't know how to cum with a real man. Probably never have! You just want a plaything to warm your fucking bed and be at your ready. Well I hate to tell you, you fucking cunt," John Doe was standing in anger, his finger pointing straight at me, "ya ain't that good either."

I threw my head back and just laughed at him. One of those deep seeded belly laughs. Where you were serious one moment then falling over laughing at hearing something utterly hilarious. Wheezing, trying to catch my breath before I continued, my eyes cold and hard as I met his shocked expression. "You've hardly ever been able to keep your cock hard enough to actually fuck me. At least last night you actually got me somewhat turned on before you came, rolled over and went to sleep!" I was up on my knees, my sheet wrapped around my breasts. "Then! Then!! When I turned on my vibrator you bitched about the noise!" Throwing my hands up in the air, "And yesterday morning? When you woke me by presenting me with your bright and shiny hard cock like a child with a gold star and begging me to help you out? You wanted me to let you feel how wet I was? I thought maybe you'd actually give me an orgasm and not make me fuck myself yet- again."

John Doe was standing there with his hands locked in fists beside him, I could see that his face was an ugly shade of red. If I were closer, if things were different, and if I were to have touched him, I swear I probably could have felt how tight I had him wound up right now. I just wanted him out of my house.

He was already out of my bed, yanking his pants on. His mutters of, "Fucking cunt," Dragging his shirt on (backwards if I might add), he continued, "You selfish, cold hearted frigid bitch! You. Who is the ice queen, the one who is a sex crazed lunatic!" Hopping around as he pulled on his sneakers.

"Just get the fuck out of my house John." Looking at him with clear eyes. "And don't ever come back."

And I couldn't care less. I knew I was not frigid. I just liked sex with no strings. Was it my fault men were ruled by their emotions? Was it my fault that they all wanted a woman as a fuck friend, then they are the ones who got attached? Telling me that they loved me? Jackwagons the whole lot of them.

I just wanted sex. I wanted a release. I wanted no attachments. I just wanted a mindless fuck a few times a day to take the edge off, to deal with the stress. What was so bad with that?


My mind snapped back to visions of her lips on my body. Her body arching filling my mouth more with her pussy. Her softness. The way her body responded to mine. The way that my body responded to hers.

I didn't want complications in my life. But Anna Quinn ... now she ... was a complication.

With my mind now drifting to the memory of earlier that day in the change room, my body again awoke with a vengeance.

Remembering her soft hands as they ran over my naked shoulders adjusting the straps of the bikini I was trying on, her finger as it slid up over the low bow tie of the bottoms. And most especially remembering the way my body responded to hers and how wet I had gotten at the touch of a woman. A woman.

My hands roamed my body as I remembered her lips as Anna whispered in my ear about how amazing my hard nipples looked in the mirror, her lips on my ear lobe and my body melting into hers with her hands circled my naked waist and sliding them down over my electric blue lycra covered mound. Her teeth nibbling upon my ear lobe, sighing when she spoke to me about wanting to know if I was waxed, shaved, trimmed or had a bush. Her hot moist breath over my ear, her hands toying with those bows on the bottoms; where just one tug would have them falling from my body and have my naked pussy on display for in the mirror. I'd be standing there in just a bikini top with hard nipples poking. I so wanted to be naked at that moment.

Without a warning, her lips had found my neck, I felt her teeth upon my flesh. With each nibble she took of my neck, goose flesh spread further over my body and I melted all the more into Anna. I couldn't help myself.

My hands while I lay there in my bed, were pinching and twisting my nipples, and I could feel my pussy tighten and my juices leak from my hole towards my ass. Moving my hands to push my breasts together, my knees bent and spread wide, my pussy lips I could feel them part while my hips squirmed.

My mind whirling with the memory of earlier today, my body with its pent up frustration of being played with in the change room with no release and the current John Doe flavour being a dick ... my body was on fire. I needed to cum. I wanted to cum. Hard.

Remembering the feel of her hands as she touched my hot pussy through the tight electric blue lycra of the bikini bottoms, I could feel her nipples press into my back when my hips thrust into her hand. Her fingers through the material, long and hard sliding over my slit. My pussy over her finger, so wet, my hands fell to my hips and began to tug at the ties holding the material together.

She felt the shift in my body, the urgency of wanting her, my moans increasing demanding more.

My hands slipped from my breasts while my hips rose off the bed forcing my pussy higher, reaching for my lips, needing to feel their wet silk, needing that electricity to jolt through my body. Sliding my finger along my slit, teasing my lips with a finger nail before letting just the knuckle slip past my folds while I continued to think about earlier that day.

My hands pulled on that skimpy little blue string holding the bottoms of my bikini together. Yanking the ends they came undone and I watched Anna in the mirror of that changing room. Her eyes locked on that bluer material that fell open over her hand, whilst her fingers still played over my lips. My bald mound coming into sight, the material sliding off my mound like a petal of a flower exposing the next beneath it. Anns's lips on my neck, her fingers pushing the material up into me, my soft moans echoing through the small room ... I almost came right then and there from excitement.

Anna's hands moved from my pussy and pulling the material away left me standing there from chest down bare.

"My god you are stunning." she said huskily looking over my body once more in the mirror.

My breasts heaving, I just wanted to take her hand and ride her fingers till I came hard, screaming. Turning in her arms, shuffling towards her, I pushed her up against the back of the change room. My body pressed hard up against hers, feeling her every curve, her long thigh muscles quiver, her nipples hard against my own, moving slowly over her, my hands slipping down her arms till her hands were in mine. Raising our hands till they were above her head against the wall, thrusting my naked pussy hard against hers still covered by her skirt.

Holding her hands with just one of my own, the other sliding down the warm flesh of her arms, my thumb playing over her nipple before moving lower over her stomach. Reaching lower to the frayed hem of her jean skirt, my hand flat on her thigh reaching higher. Up higher, till I just barely touched the waist band on her knickers. Using that as a guide my hand found its way to her panty covered mound. Feeling her heat, her warmth, her wetness through those soaked panties. Another woman's juicy wet velvet lips in my hand. Another woman's lips pressed against my own as my lips crushed hers, the taste of both our lip glosses making a slippery smooth motions while our tongues danced.

Moving her knickers to feel her wetness ... It was so much different than feeling my own wet lips while masturbating, or feeling a man's hard cock in my hands. She was softer. She felt so different. She was so wet. She felt good. Her moans softer and lighter vibrating over my tongue drove me wild, it was like listening to myself after recording myself masturbating. It just drove me further, made my hunger more.

Fingers digging into my own sopping pussy, feeling my own heat remembering Anna's. Remembering how it felt to touch her, to feel another woman's clit between my fingers, to feel another woman's lips drenched with her own juices, drove me mad. That feeling of her muscles quivering under my fingers, I couldn't help from thrusting my fingers deeper and harder adding another finger, filling me. My thumb pressing hard over my clit, my other hand gripping my breast, pulling my fingers back until just my nipple was between them. Twisting it and pulling it, my hips bucking, my fingers slamming into me, the sounds of my fingers thrusting deep against my wetness. Feeling my juices slip past my fingers, trickling down.

Our bodies meeting, my flesh against her clothes, my body pushing hers into the wall, that thumping sound ringing out around our ears mixed with our moans. My body pressed hard against hers, my hand literally dripping with her juices.

Anna breaking our kiss, huskily saying, "Taste me."

My fingers still in her pussy, thrusting, curling, my thumb playing over her clit the same way I play over mine the countless times I've masturbated, tapping it, tracing my thumb nail over it, feeling her body quiver in my hands. Her lips against my ear, whispering, demanding me to taste her. Over and over again she chants it as my fingers thrust. Feeling the elastic of her panties against my hand, the sounds of my fingers thrusting into her hot, tight pussy before suddenly pulling my hand back.

Bringing my fingers to my mouth ... both in my mind and on my bed ... tasting my own cream, its milky translucence trickling down my fingers, smiling while I coat my lips with it. Thinking how my own nectar is not as cream coloured as Anna's. Noticing how I taste stronger than she did earlier today. More musky, more womanly and less sweet, while letting my tongue trace along my lips then over my fingers. Dragging my teeth over my knuckle sucking hard to get every droplet.

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