A Different Honeymoon

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2010 by Pappyok

Romantic Sex Story: A wealthy young man joins a young honeymoon couple

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   .

"I do" was my reply, naturally, when the celebrant asked me if I would take Shirley as my lawful wedded wife.

"And do you, Shirley, take Terry to be your lawful wedded husband?" the celebrant asked her.

To my sincere relief, she also answered "I do".

I was 21 years old while she had turned 20 only yesterday, a whole fifteen months younger than me. We were so much in love that we couldn't wait any longer to be married so that we didn't have to be apart.

In fact, we had been a couple for six years, through school and university. Here we were today, both poor as church mice, but I was finished uni and working, just. Unfortunately Shirley had another year before she could finish uni and get a job.

We were ready to start our new lives together as husband and wife

At 15 and 14 years old respectively, neither of us knew anything about sex, but we learned over the next three years, graduating from hand holding and soft goodnight kisses, through the usual cuddling and fumbling with buttons and bra straps, enjoying first touches on naked breasts, until our kisses became more passionate and our embraces more urgent and what it was like to suckle on those glorious globes.

I was almost seventeen by the time we had discovered the joys of mutual oral sex and the wondrous pleasure it could give us both. Fortunately, Shirley was as inquisitive as I, but growing up in a small country village, we had precious little access to sex education, especially 'how to' guides.

Sure, we learned about the birds and the bees. We knew that sexual intercourse would lead to pregnancy and about horrible social diseases one could catch from having sex with people who had done who knows what with who knows whom.

Our families weren't much help in that respect and neither of us had any siblings, so there were no older, or younger for that matter, brothers or sisters to give us advice either. Even at school we learned surprisingly little about sex, other than lots of dirty words one could use to denigrate others. The kids talked about it, but no one seemed to have done it or really knew how to do it.

Once I got to university all that changed and suddenly the world opened up to us, especially the next year when Shirley joined me there too. She saw a doctor and, at eighteen, went on the Pill, determined that when we made love we would do it properly and somehow condoms seemed dirty to her, as if they were to stop getting diseases and that couldn't happen between a monogamous couple.

After waiting the time recommended by the doctor, Shirley and I spent a weekend away down the coast and no longer were either of us virgins.

On the other hand, we certainly were the blind leading the blind, but we discovered, with lots of practise, we could enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. We were both prepared to make that sacrifice and practise often. With us both being away from home there were plenty of opportunities.

By this stage, Shirley had grown from a beautiful young girl into an even more beautiful woman. In her bare feet, she stood 165 centimetres tall and was perfectly proportioned with gorgeous B cup breasts that were milky white and firm, topped with lovely, long nipples.

Shirley had what could only be described as a beautiful, angelic face, while her blue eyes were just one of her many stand out features, along with her lovely soft shoulder length blond hair. Her waist was slender and her hips surprisingly slim, but her legs were perfect, well shaped with just the right muscle tone and a small bottom with lovely round cheeks. Where her legs joined was the most perfect sex one could image, not that I'd seen any others apart from all those I'd seen in men's magazines.

By mutual agreement, she had removed her pubic hair, waxing it, because we both liked maximising the area I could kiss and lick. When she was naked, she looked about sixteen, I reckoned, if that.

Because neither of our families had any money, and also because we were poor uni students, our wedding was simple and our honeymoon plan simpler – a tent in the camping grounds at Shoal Bay north of Newcastle.

We had a simple ceremony at the uni with a few friends, at 11:30am on the Saturday morning, our exams having finished the previous day. We all enjoyed a light lunch in the uni café and then Tommy, a very good friend of ours who fortuitously had a station wagon, drove us and our borrowed camping gear three hours to where we would spend the next eight days. He was coming back to get us on Sunday week around lunch time and we promised to have everything packed up and ready to go by midday.

He stayed for half an hour helping us erect the tent before setting off on the return journey, but only after we had thanked him profusely and I gave him $100 to pay for the petrol and buy himself a slab of beer. That was a lot of money to me.

By 7pm we were sitting in a small outdoor restaurant enjoying a lovely dinner and a nice bottle of bubbly, which unfortunately was almost finished before we were, but we figured we shouldn't really splurge on another bottle. We had a tight budget for the honeymoon, but we knew we could make up for this in the years to come.

Sitting at the table next to us were two young guys, I guess around 24 or 25 years old. They were happy and enjoying themselves, not too boisterous, in fact a little entertaining as we could often over hear their conversation during those quiet moments when we gazed with love at each other.

Just when I was down to my last quarter of a glass of the lovely bubbly, lifting it up reluctantly to enjoy the last mouthful, one of the young men got up, tripped and bumped me. Fortunately, while the glass of bubbly spilled, it went onto the floor, not on me.

Naturally, he apologised profusely, offering to get me some more, but I pointed out that my glass was almost empty so couldn't expect them to get a new bottle.

"Excuse me for asking" he added "but are you two on your honeymoon?"

"Yes, but what makes it so obvious" my bride replied, blushing.

"Oh nothing, you just looked so happy together. So when did you get married?" he continued.

"Just over eight hours ago" I replied.

"What! In that case let's share a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. You don't mind do you?" he exclaimed.

"That's very kind of you" Shirley replied, her blush having changed to a very beautiful smile.

He signalled to the waiter, ordered another bottle of what we had just finished and then introduced himself.

"I'm Greg and my mate is John. He's just here for the weekend but I'm staying for a couple of weeks" he told us.

"Hi, I'm Terry and my gorgeous wife is Shirley" I replied.

"Would you prefer to be by yourselves on this special night, or would you like to join us to share this bottle?" he asked us gently, obviously without putting any pressure on us, seeing it was our honeymoon.

I looked at Shirley, not wanting to do anything that she didn't want, but she just nodded at me. I realised that it wasn't as if tonight was going to be our first night together, just our first night as a married couple, and rather than spend the next eight days talking to no one, some company for a little while, especially someone around our age would be welcome, particularly as Shirley seemed OK with that.

"No, that would be nice, thanks" I told him, as they helped us move to their table, by moving our chairs and ensuring we could sit next to each other. We had finished our main course, but hadn't ordered sweets yet, so we had nothing to move as we had both finished our wine.

When the new bottle arrived and was opened and poured, Greg made a toast to the newly-weds, which I'm sure everyone in the restaurant heard, which was probably his intention. But it must have worked, because soon another bottle of the bubbly arrived and the waiter told us it was compliments of that group over there, as he pointed to a table of four older couples, who smiled and raised their glasses at us as we looked in their direction.

I thanked them and so did Shirley, giving them her winning smile.

"Have you had dessert yet?" Greg asked.

"No, we haven't even had a look at the dessert menu yet" I told him.

"Will you let me get us something that's a specialty here, but there needs to be four to order – it's their Bombe Alaska, which it unbelievable" he offered.

"But we can't let you do that, you've already bought us this lovely bottle of bubbly" I replied.

"Don't be silly, it will be my pleasure, please, I assure you" he pleaded.

"Don't worry" his mate interjected, speaking for the first time as he laughed "he can afford it. He has to shower four times a day to try and get clean, because he's so filthy rich."

Naturally that made us all laugh, so Greg said "right, so that's settled. So tell me, where are you staying?"

As he signalled to the waiter again and ordered the dessert, I replied "in the camping grounds along the road there. We have a tent."

"Are you really staying in a tent for your honeymoon?" Greg asked incredulously.

"Well unfortunately, being poor uni students, it's all we can afford. That's why this is our wedding night celebration, which thanks to you guys and the group over there is much better than we anticipated" I explained.

Just then our flaming dessert arrived. It was an ice cream cake covered in meringue that had been baked, brandy poured over it and set alight. The whole restaurant applauded as the waiter brought it to us, flames high in the air.

It looked and tasted fantastic.

By the time we were drinking the last glass of the two extra bottles of bubbly, I asked Greg, realising that he had drank rather a lot and probably wasn't fit to drive, "have you got far to go home?"

"No, not really, but I think we'll walk. I have drunk far too much to risk crashing my parent's favourite sports car" he replied, honestly.

But then, when our glasses were empty and we were having a cappuccino, Greg insisted we have a sweet liqueur with our coffee. It tasted great, but I realised just how tiddly I was and assumed, correctly that Shirley was much the same. But we were having a lovely, happy evening.

When we had finished, Greg called for the bills, signalling to the waiter for both tables. When the two bills came, he quickly grabbed both and despite our protest, insisted on paying.

We left the restaurant, thanking the staff, but by this stage the four couples who had bought us the extra bottle of bubbly had left, so we couldn't thank them again. Greg showed us his sports car. Not being a car lover, they are just a means of transport to me, I didn't know what it was. But I could tell it was an expensive foreign sports job, with two seats and a tiny spot that would not take an adult behind the two seats, probably just a small case. Definitely not a family car, I could see.

We walked, or rather staggered, danced and laughed along the footpath for the half kilometre distance to our camping ground, which was on their way home. We were all vibrant and happy, clearly all inebriated, but no one was the slightest bit obnoxious.

"Which is your tent?" Greg asked, so I pointed to our tent which was visible from the road.

"Say, what are you doing tomorrow? John has to go back home, so I could pick you up and show you around if you don't mind squeezing into that little car. You look so petite, Shirley, that I'm sure you can sit on Terry's lap" he asked us.

Apart from blushing at his compliment, Shirley actually answered, saying "that would be nice, wouldn't it Terry?"

"So I'll pick you up at around noon, if that's OK?" he suggested to us.

I agreed realising that although it was lovely here, being without a car was a bit of a liability. I said thanks to Greg for everything, especially for picking up that tab for the night. He assured me that it was his pleasure, but I was pleased to see Shirley thank him nicely, giving him a lovely kiss on the lips and a quick cuddle as well, then she told him how grateful she was for making our wedding night so enjoyable.

Poor John just hung back, but she gave him a peck on the cheek anyway and then the two guys continued on their merry walk home.

Arm in arm we staggered to our tent, undressed and fell into bed. We had enjoyed too much to drink to celebrate our union making love, but we enjoyed lying in each other's arms, naked, pressing body against body as we kissed.

"I hope you didn't mind me giving Greg a proper kiss?" she asked me.

"Of course not, but that wasn't a proper kiss, this is" I told her as I kissed her passionately, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as our mouth were open wide and at the same time brought my hand up to caress and fondle her breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger.

"Now that was what I call a proper kiss with tongue and breast involved" I told her as our kiss finally ended.

"Mmmmh, I like your idea of a proper kiss. How about another one?" she asked as she came back into my arms and we did the same again, with lots of tongue involved and lots of breast fondling.

But I knew that I had drunk way too much for this to go any further, so soon we were laying side by side, her bottom pressed against my groin as I fondled her breast and fell asleep.

It had been a long, but wonderful day.

When we woke up, quite late, we made up for falling asleep without consummating our marriage. After spending a suitable and very enjoyable time arousing my darling, I had the pleasure of entering her with my eager and throbbing penis, thrusting into her until we both enjoyed a wonderful climax.

We lay there in each other's arms, enjoying the post sex reverie, reliving the highlights of our wedding and its celebration. Naturally Greg featured in our discussions.

Eventually we got up, had a bowl of cereal and a cup of instant coffee, then made our way to the shower block.

Right on noon Greg drove up to our tent, got out of the car and came to the entrance, calling out to us. By this stage we were dressed, so I opened the flap and invited him in as we exchanged greetings.

Shirley was in the back bedroom section, the tent having two rooms, and came out, looking gorgeous as usual in shorts and a halter top, braless of course, which was how I liked her. She smiled at Greg and said hello as he came up to her and they exchanged a quick kiss on the lips.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked us then added "got your swimmers and towel, because we might end up at a beach?"

Shirley quickly got her bikini and my board shorts, a couple of towels and the sunburn cream, threw it all into a bag with a water bottle and we walked out to his car.

Greg threw our bag behind the two seats and opened the door for me to get in. Once I was settled, Shirley climbed in and sat on my lap, with my arms wrapped around her. I made sure she was secure by placing the hand of the arm I had wrapped around her, squarely on her breast. She didn't seem to mind, even though Greg was still standing there holding the door for us. He shut the door, got into the driver's seat and we headed off.

He drove around for about 45 minutes until he came to a café he was heading for and invited us for lunch. After enjoying a light lunch, which he insisted he pay for, he then drove us around the different bays, and there were many, until he found the one he wanted to have a swim at. Being a Sunday there were quite a few people there, but it was easy for Greg and I to wrap a towel around ourselves, remove our shorts and put our swimmers on.

Shirley did much the same, but then I held the towel around the top of her body as she removed her halter top and put her bikini bra on.

We put our valuables in the tiny boot of the car, then walked down to the water just carrying our towel. After we had swum for a while, we picked up our towels, dried ourselves off and walked back to the car.

We dressed again, reversing the procedure and soon we were back in our shorts and tops. Shirley's nipples were rather visible by this stage, being distended from the coolish water and slightly damp as she put her soft, thin halter top on, making the cloth almost translucent. When she realised how she looked, she blushed, looked at me as if to say what should I do, but I just smiled, looked directly at her breasts told her she looked great.

"Would you like to have a drive?" Greg asked me, adding "you do have a license I assume and you can drive a manual car?"

"Yes to all three questions, but are you sure? It would be fantastic to drive a car like this" I replied very excited at the prospect.

"Just as long as Shirley doesn't mind sitting on my knee instead of yours" Greg mentioned.

"Of course not, I'd be honoured" Shirley told him as I happily got into the driver's seat, not at all concerned that Shirley would have to cuddle up close to him.

Greg got into the passenger seat and Shirley sat on his lap facing the window as she had done with me for the morning's drive. He put his arm around her and held her tight but without putting his hand on her breast as I had done. I set off, a little jerkily as I was not used to the sensitive racing pedals.

As we were leaving the car park, I virtually stalled it, causing the car to stop suddenly and Greg stuck out his other hand to stop Shirley going through the windscreen. Naturally his hand landed on her breast as he grabbed her and he apologised profusely, although I noticed that he took his time releasing her.

"It's fine, Greg, no problem. Hopefully Terry will stall it again and you'll have to grab me like that once more" Shirley joked, laughing gaily. This caused us all to laugh, but I realised I wasn't worried. I was glad my darling was enjoying herself and it had been a fantastic day.

"So where am I going, back to our tent?" I asked after I managed to get out of the car park.

We all agreed on that so I set off along the narrow country roads, enjoying the feel of this extremely responsive car. I knew it would be a long time, if ever, before I could afford to have a car like this to drive, but I also realised that was rather impractical for a married couple. Shirley didn't seem to mind her cramped seating arrangement though.

"Hope you don't get sea sick?" Greg asked us as we were almost back at the caravan park.

"Why?" we both responded.

"Well I hope you don't mind, but I've booked us on a harbour cruise at 2pm tomorrow that will go dolphin and whale watching. We'll go out to sea to see if there any whales there, but first I'm taking you to lunch" he told us.

We were both a bit flabbergasted. As I parked the car outside our tent, I could tell that neither of us knew what to say, but I replied "but we can't let you pay for all that and it's not in our budget, I'm sorry."

"Nonsense, it will be my pleasure. I really enjoy your company" he tried to reassure us.

"But we have to contribute something" Shirley insisted.

"Tell you what, I'll settle for a nice kiss from you, beautiful" he told Shirley.

"Well that might be alright for her, but what can I contribute. I'm not going to kiss you" I laughed.

Shirley interrupted "well I'll just have to give him a kiss from you too, then."

"Just make sure they are proper kisses" I told her, "not just pecks on the cheek."

"I'll make sure he enjoys them" she replied to me, as she blushed at what she had promised.

"Perhaps I should collect them after the cruise though in case you don't enjoy yourselves and then you won't have to deliver on your promise" Greg said with a laugh, clearly not taking us seriously.

I got out of the car and helped Shirley climb off Greg's lap and of course he got out too. I handed him the car keys and thanked him for the lunch and the lovely drive as I got our wet things from behind the two seats.

Shirley turned to him and thanked him as well, moving close against him and giving him a lovely kiss on the lips, holding the kiss much longer than would have been necessary for a simple goodbye kiss, but I was happy that she was being so friendly and rewarding him for our lovely day. I knew it would be a reward for him as I knew how wonderful her lips felt against mine when she kissed me like that, although Greg only held her lightly against himself.

Greg got back in the car, telling us he would collect us at noon tomorrow and drove off. We went into the tent and the first thing I did was give her a big hug and kiss and tell her what a lovely day it had been and how much I had enjoyed driving the beautiful little sports car, but asking her if she minded sitting on Greg's lap while I drove.

"Of course not darling, it was actually quite good fun. But you weren't upset or jealous were you, especially when he grabbed my breast accidentally and when I gave him a proper kiss goodnight just now?" she replied.

"No, I can honestly say I wasn't jealous at all, even though he did seem a little reluctant to remove his hand once it had ended up grasping your breast, not that I can blame him, I know just how good they feel. And as for giving him a nice kiss to say thank you, I was glad you did, even though, as I told you last night, that wasn't a proper kiss. Just to remind you, come here" I commanded and she happily came into my arms.

We enjoyed a lovely long and passionate kiss, with our tongues fighting each other for supremacy, while my hand slid under her top and onto her bare breast, caressing and fondling her glorious globe.

Both of us were gasping a little as we came up for air, but Shirley stepped back, removed her halter top and came back into my arms for more. I happily responded and when this second kiss ended I took her hand and she willingly followed me to bed, removing her panties as soon as I let go of her hand, quickly climbing onto our queen size air bed on the floor.

Half an hour later we were lying in each other's arms, sated, exhausted, and definitely looking forward to more after dinner. It was truly a delightful experience, but I was more than a little convinced that Shirley was aroused from the close contact she had experienced with Greg and I was happy to be the beneficiary of that.

We had a simple dinner washed down with a rather cheap bottle of white wine we had in our esky. We cleared up the dishes and then sat down to drink the rest of the wine, chatting away excitedly about the harbour cruise we were going to do tomorrow, but also reminiscing about the past couple of days and our emotional wedding ceremony. Shirley told me just how happy she was, and as we finished our drinks I suggested she show me just how happy.

She must have really been happy, because by the time we were ready to go to sleep she had enjoyed two wonderful orgasms and I was even more in love with her than ever. Our sex life was great.

As usual, we fell asleep with me cuddled into her bottom with my hand resting on her breast. This was my absolutely favourite thing to do.

Once again, right on noon, Greg drove up and called out to us. By this stage Shirley and I had enjoyed each other's bodies yet again, had a rather late breakfast and dressed waiting for Greg. This time Shirley was wearing a shirt and shorts, but I encouraged her not to wear a bra and leave at least the top two buttons undone, so that I could get brief glimpses of her glorious breasts. I always found this even more exciting than seeing a woman's breast totally uncovered.

He drove us into Nelsons Bay and took us to a lovely café for lunch, overlooking the water and just a short walk to the pier to catch the cruise at 2pm.

Lunch was most enjoyable and washed down with an excellent bottle of Chardonnay. We had time for a cappuccino before we walked down to the pier and caught the boat.

We were very lucky. Not only was the weather perfect, warm with the sun shining and no wind, but we saw lots of dolphins in the bay as they frolicked and caught the waves from the boat. Then the captain got the message that there were whales just outside the harbour entrance, so we set off quickly, arriving in time to see a pod of whales complete with several new born calves, frolicking in the waters just outside.

It was truly an awesome sight to see these huge creatures so close up as they dived and surfaced and rolled over. Shirley was beside herself with excitement, telling us both over and over how wonderful it was and how perfect.

When we got off the boat, we walked arm in arm back to his car, the three of us with Shirley in the middle of course, bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement. The cruise had been an absolutely wonderful experience.

"Would you like to drive home, Terry?" Greg asked and naturally I jumped at the opportunity.

I helped Shirley get onto his lap, noticing that from the way she was sitting, Greg would be able to see right inside her open shirt and one breast was quite visible. She must have realised this as she looked up at me with a quizzical, enquiring look, but I just smiled at her and she smiled back, relaxing into Greg's arm.

I enjoyed the drive and after we had arrived back at our tent, I got out of the car and walked around to help Shirley get out.

"Don't you want at least one of your kisses now?" Shirley asked softly, shyly, determined to stand by her agreement.

"Mmmh, maybe just one" he said as he stood next to her and pulled her to him, but not real close, then kissed her gently on the mouth.

"I thought they were supposed to be proper kisses" I complained jokingly.

"Well why don't you show him how to kiss a girl properly" she teased me, coming into my arms.

Not needing any further encouragement, I pulled her close, brought my hand up to her breast and fondled it while I kissed her with open mouth, using tongue and lips as we engaged in a long and passionate kiss.

"Wow, you're right, that was a proper kiss" she told me smiling at me, then added "do you think I should give one of those to Greg then?"

"Of course, that's what you promised him, wasn't it" I replied, finding myself eagerly waiting to watch her being kissed like that.

She turned to him and moved close against his body, waiting, without saying anything, as he took her into his arms and kissed her as I had, passionately. He put one arm around her and the other by her side, his hand resting on her waist. Shirley took this hand from her side and placed it on her breast and then put her arms around him.

Greg got the message, albeit clearly surprised, and I could see his hand moving as he massaged the outside of her shirt covering her glorious breast until their kiss ended and he took his hand off her and removed his arm from around her, stepped back and said, simply "wow."

Shirley blushed profusely, but smiled warmly at him as she said "look forward to seeing you again tomorrow."

We had arranged to go to the movies tomorrow night, but Greg had suggested picking us up at 3pm, going into Nelsons Bay for a browse around the shops, have some dinner and then the movies.

As Greg left and we made our way into the tent, she came into my arms and asked for another proper kiss, which I happily delivered to her. Naturally this led to me helping her get undressed and onto the bed where it would have been impolite of me not to avail myself of that beautiful naked body, that was just waiting to be loved.

We lay there savouring our latest bout of wondrous love making, which had resulted in Shirley exploding into a massive orgasm not too long after I entered her delicious sex and then a second almost as strong explosion just before I groaned with delight.

"Are you mad at me for kissing Greg like that and for putting his hand on my breast?" she asked me quietly, as we lay in our post sex reverie.

"Of course not; I told you to give him a proper kiss and even demonstrated what I expected him to do and because he was too much of a gentleman to also touch your breast, I was glad that you did what you did. You enjoyed your kiss didn't you?" I replied a little huskily, still aroused from the memory.

"Yes" she almost whispered.

"I thought so and believe it or not, so did I, because we were both very aroused leading into our love making, weren't we?" I suggested, realising just how turned on we both had been and how intense the sexual pleasure was that we had given to each other.

"Yes, I guess you are right, just as long as you are happy with me. After all, I still owe him another kiss, don't I?" she smiled gently at me as she spoke.

"That's right, you do, so hopefully you'll be well and truly turned on for another session like we just had when we go to bed tomorrow night" I laughed at her, but realising that might be how it turned out.

"You lazy bugger, are you getting another man to arouse your wife because you can't be bothered eh? Is that it?" she asked in mock horror as she punched me lightly. That led to us wrestling and rolling around the bed until we realised that we both wanted each other again. It was, after all, our honeymoon and we intended to make the most of it.

Once again Greg was on time, driving up to the tent at 3pm. We had spent the most of the morning wandering along the foreshores of the bay and having a swim. After an early lunch, we indulged in some more horizontal activities, relishing the touch and feel of each other.

This time Shirley had a short skirt with a pair of skimpy lace panties underneath and a nice blouse that she had again, at my request, left fairly open to reveal her beautiful cleavage and a fair part of each breast. She knew I loved her dressing like this, especially without a bra.

"How would you like to go to the country club tomorrow night? They have a great dinner dance on a Wednesday night" Greg suggested as we were pulling into Nelsons Bay. He had let me drive again, so Shirley was sitting happily on his lap, cuddled into him. She seemed even more relaxed on his lap than she had been yesterday.

"But I don't have any suitable clothes" Shirley lamented.

"No problem" Greg said and then started directing me where to drive.

"Just park there" he told me, pointing to a parking spot near some boutique shops.

As we got out of the car, he took Shirley's hand and almost dragged her into one of the clothing shops. I followed them, happily watching what was unfolding, guessing what was coming next.

"I want something really nice and sexy for this young lady to wear to the country club dance tomorrow night" he told the saleslady as she came over. Naturally Shirley protested, but he would have none of it and insisted she try on a couple of the dresses that the lady showed them. I just sat back and watched.

Shirley came out wearing a simply stunning cocktail dress, very low cut, which revealed three quarters of her glorious breasts, which were of course braless, just covering her nipples. It was fairly short and extremely pretty and suited her, but I could see that she was concerned because as she bent over to adjust the hem, the top dropped away from her breasts making them completely visible to anyone standing in the right spot, like Greg and I were.

"I can't wear this, it's too revealing" she cried.

"Don't you think she looks absolutely beautiful?" Greg asked me.

"She always does, but that dress just makes her look even more stunning" I agreed.

"We'll take it" he told the saleslady over Shirley's objections.

Shirley went back into the change room to put her own clothes back on and came out holding the dress, still protesting, but Greg took it from her, gave it to the lady to put in a bag, but then said to the sales lady "what about shoes to wear with it? I want a pair that she can dance in, though."

Again, despite more protests, a pair was selected and after ensuring they fitted, Greg gave them to the saleslady and he paid for both items.

We walked back to the car, Shirley still protesting that he had spent too much money on her and asking what she could ever do to repay him.

We put his purchases in the boot of the car, and we made our way back to wander around some more shops.

Greg decided to stop her protestations by telling her "well, you can pay for the dress by owing me another kiss and for the shoes by promising to have at least one dance with me."

Kellie turned her head around to look at me and smiled at me as she said "that's not enough, you can have at least two extra kisses, can't he darling, one for the dress and one for the shoes and most of the dances, just as long as I get at least one with my dear husband."

I just smiled back at her and told her that was a good idea.

"Perhaps tomorrow you'll let me take you to a special beach where we can have a swim and a sun bake. Then, I'll drop you back at your tent to get ready for the dinner dance and come back in say an hour and a half, if that's enough time to get ready. It should only take you five minutes to look beautiful Shirley, but I thought your husband might need longer" he said with a laugh and as we walked into a café for some dinner we had joined in his laughter.

Once again Greg insisted that he shout us a nice meal and a bottle of wine. Then it was time to walk to the movies, leaving the car in the car park as we walked arm in arm with Shirley of course in the middle. She seemed to enjoy having a man either side with each of us having an arm around her back. She had put her arms around each of us as well.

While we watched the movie, Shirley of course sitting between us, she held a hand of each of us, letting each pair of hands rest on the flesh of her thighs, as her dress had ridden up to the point we could just catch a glimpse of her panties. It was not only very pleasant sitting like that, but very sexy and I could feel my penis becoming rather turgid, especially as the second movie had a couple of fairly hot love scenes and I felt Shirley squeeze my hand at appropriate moments. I was sure that Greg was getting similar treatment and I was pleased.

We walked happy and excited, again arm in arm back to the car. I still had the keys to his car in my pocket and Greg seemed happy for me to drive back to our tent, so I helped Shirley settle on his lap. This time he brought both arms around her to hold her and she just cuddled up against him, smiling at me as she did. Naturally I gave her a very encouraging smile back.

I had noticed a couple of times as I went around a corner or a bend that Greg had moved his hand onto her breasts and squeezed briefly. She didn't make any move and seemed to enjoy his attentions, which pleased me.

"I think I should pay you for the shoes now" she whispered to him as I got out of the car and moved around to offer her assistance to get out.

Greg didn't say anything as he accepted her kiss and returned it strongly, passionately. By this stage I was standing very close and they were facing me, so I could see and was pleased to see, that Greg had brought his hand to not only cup her breast, but he also slid it inside her gaping blouse, right onto her breast.

The kiss seemed to last an inordinately long time as he fondled and caressed her breast. When their mouths finally broke apart, both were puffing and I could hear Shirley gentle moan of pleasure. She remained on his lap for a few moments longer, his hand still fondling her breast as she gazed into his face, placed her hand on his cheek and said "thank you for another lovely time and especially for the beautiful clothes."

"I'm looking forward to seeing them on you tomorrow night, but before that we'll have a swim, so I'll pick you up at noon if that's OK?" he replied, his voice clearly indicating a little arousal as well.

Shirley gave him a quick peck on the lips as he finally withdrew his hand from inside her blouse. They both got out of the car and I could see that I was correct about Greg being aroused, as I could just see the telltale bulge at the front of his trousers as he walked in front of the car headlights.

I took Shirley's new clothes from out of the boot and gave Greg his car keys back.

As soon as he drove off, I had Shirley in my arms, passionately kissing her, pressing my rather aroused and erect penis into her groin as we cuddled and kissed. But then I quickly led her inside and to bed where we made furious and passionate love to each other, Shirley both noisily and physically enjoying two orgasms before I finally exploded deep inside her vagina.

We lay in each other's arms, gently stoking each other's faces and telling each other how much we loved and enjoyed being together, forever.

"I hope you didn't mind me offering him two more proper kisses and then asking him to give me one just now? I know I probably shouldn't have let him put his hand inside my blouse though, and especially shouldn't have let him leave it there so long fondling me like that" she whispered, her voice conveying the concern that she felt.

"Nonsense, I was glad you took the initiative, both to offer him extra kisses, which he certainly had earned, and to make him kiss you goodnight properly" I told her emphatically, adding "I have to confess I got very aroused watching you and especially seeing his hand on your breast. But I wasn't the only one who was aroused. You should have seen the bulge in his trousers as he got out."

"I hope you don't mind, but he had been like that for a while before I kissed him goodnight. I could feel him pressing against my bottom. You knew that he copped quite a few feels of my breast as you drove us home?" she confessed.

"I saw him a couple of times and you didn't seem too upset. Did you enjoy his attention? I hope so" I told her.

"You didn't mind then? Because, yes, I did enjoy him fondling me and the kiss was lovely. It does make a girl feel good that she can arouse a man's passions like that" she smiled at me, seemingly happy with my reactions.

"I can guarantee you that I didn't mind at all, in fact, I'm looking forward to you giving him another proper kiss tomorrow night. I love seeing his hand on your breast" I told her as she rolled into my arms, grasped my penis and fondled it for a few moments then bent her head down to my groin to suck my rapidly growing organ.

Soon we were once again making passionate love, but this time Shirley rolled over on top of me, guided my erection into her welcoming vagina and sat up, impaling herself on me. She bounced up and down, lifting her self until I was almost completely out of her, before thrusting hard until her bottom was hitting my thighs. It felt incredible and she must have been enjoying it too, because it wasn't long until I could feel her tense and her muscles contract as she experienced yet another glorious climax.

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