Lori and Ronnie Visit Las Vegas

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2010 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Lori and Ronnie visit Las Vegas on the recommendation of a friend and they spend a couple of evenings at the Red Rooster. Acknowledgement to author bobfr for his original Red Rooster story

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Swinging   Group Sex   .

Lori had been Ronnie's wife for fifteen years, and they were very happily married and deeply in love. She was only in her mid-thirties and they'd had three children during their years together. Having kids, however, had only seemed to make Lori a sexier and more lusty woman in bed with Ronnie. They regularly made love and Ronnie and Lori both enjoyed the hot lustiness of the physical pleasure they both had in lovemaking together.

One evening, Ronnie and Lori had been making love, and they'd both just finished climaxing a second and third time, and he was still lying on top of her with his cock buried inside her hot wet pussy. Ronnie was marveling at how lucky he'd been to marry Lori. She was a wonderful wife and mother, but at the moment he was thinking how very attractive and sexy she was. Lori's face and figure were not only stunning, but she had especially nice large breasts, and Ronnie realized they were one of his personal weaknesses.

"Ronnie, what are you thinking?" Lori asked, knowing from the far-off look in her husband's eyes that his thoughts were deep at that moment.

"You really want to know? Your nice tits, baby," Ronnie said as he bent over, kissing first one and then the other nipple, causing both of them to perk up and become hard again.

"Mmmmm, really? You like these things, don't you, honey?" Lori asked, tightening her pussy muscles around Ronnie's cock still buried inside her body. She cupped her left breast, offering the nipple for Ronnie to lock his lips around and suckle. That was all it took with Lori; a look, a caress, a sexy caring comment, and she was more than ready for another fuck. She loved Ronnie and he made her the happiest and most fulfilled of the men she'd had as lovers in her life.

There was one thing that Lori had been wanting to mention to Ronnie, but had never found the right moment. Now, with his horny cock inside her and his lips kissing her nipples seemed just the right time.

"Ronnie, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, honey, anytime," Ronnie said, as he felt his cock almost fully hard again, and he felt a burning need to fuck his hot wife again. Ronnie knew Lori was already very wet and well lubricated from their first fuck and his copious cumload. He pulled his cock out just slightly, and then slid it back in again, to the very mouth of Lori's womb. Then, he pulled out again, this time nearly the entire length of his cock except for the head. In only seconds he had his ass muscles tightened and he was hammering Lori's tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh, fuckkkkk, Ronnie, yes, mmmm," Lori moaned lustily as she felt herself quickly being taken to another orgasm from her husband's large thick cock fucking her. "Ohhhh, mmmmm, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep," Lori moaned. She exploded in a cum, and Ronnie kept on thrusting his cock in and out. Ronnie found a strong second burst of sexual energy, and he brought Lori to even another hot orgasm before he jack-hammered into her cunt and then buried his cock deep inside her and moaned as his balls spurted another thick load of his cum.

"Oh, Ronnie, were you trying to distract me, or are you just always that horny?" Lori asked, short of breath from her multiple orgasms.

"Both, honey," Ronnie laughed.

"Let me ask my question and you might like it," Lori said. She loved sex, plain and simple, and Lori loved having Ronnie's hard cock inside her pussy and in her mouth and hands. She loved sex totally.

"Ronnie, Laura was telling me about this very exciting place that she and Ron went to in Las Vegas last week called the Red Rooster. Have you ever heard anything about it?"

"Red Rooster? No, what did she say?"

"It's supposed to be this special couples' club there where you can only participate if you're a part of a group. Either a couple or a threesome or more, but a single person cannot go in certain areas of the club."

"You want to go check it out, Lori; I've got some vacation time I need to use or lose."

"Let's go. I'll start packing as soon as we finish playing, OK?"

The next morning, Ronnie and Lori caught a flight to Las Vegas and checked into their hotel before heading to the Red Rooster that evening following a light dinner. From her discussion with Laura, Lori had worn a very sexy outfit that really showed off her nice body, but that she'd selected also for the purpose of ease of removal if the necessity presented itself. Lori had explained to Ronnie that the Red Rooster was "the next level" above the many men's club and strip joints all over Las Vegas. It was where complete and total strangers could come to meet other folks, to experience their more exhibitionist desires, or to exercise their voyeuristic interests in just watching what others were doing.

Lori's outfit was a blouse that she could wear without needing a bra underneath, and it held her sex full DD-cup breasts nicely, allowing her to show plenty of cleavage and she loved that her nipples could be clearly visible if they got hard. Lori loved being able to be sexy and let her body speak for itself when she was in a sexy, hot setting. The skirt she wore was also nicely fitting, and showed off her sexy legs and ass. She knew she was ready to go, and Ronnie offered for them to just stay in the hotel room instead of going out.

When they entered the large building of the Red Rooster, Ronnie and Lori walked around, just checking out the various rooms that were available, and Ronnie realized he was carrying a huge hardon from the moment he started seeing some of the hot women and couples that were there with them that night.

Lori had described The Group Room to him where a couple could go and others could join in with them having sex there in full view of the rest of the people present. Ronnie wanted to check that room out first but Lori convinced him to walk through the entire building, since as a couple they could go to all the various sections, and see what was happening. It was approached 9 p.m., and there didn't seem to be much going on, but there were a few couples and several single men in various lounges and other areas. On one floor where there were different bedrooms, there were sounds of lusty sex coming from behind some of the doors, and in a couple of rooms, the doors were open and there were couples in them actively fucking.

An hour later, Ronnie and Lori ventured to the Group Room, and there was already a couple over by the main bed in the center of the room. They were naked and there were a number of men standing around watching as the couple were kissing and caressing each other. Then, the man helped his partner get situated on the bed, and he moved on it with her and first buried his face in between her legs and began eating her pussy. As soon as the couple had gotten naked and started foreplay, several of the men had started getting naked, too, and several of them were standing there watching with hardons jutting from their groins, or had their hands wrapped around their hard cocks, masturbating as they watched the couple starting the early stages leading to a fuck there in front of everyone.

Ronnie felt Lori's hand take his as two men moved up to the woman's head and started feeling her naked breasts or kissing her while her partner was licking and fingering her pussy and bringing her off for the firs time. Soon, she had a cock in her mouth and her hand wrapped around another hard cock, stroking it hotly as her man moved up over her naked body, and guided his cock into her very wet pussy. He began to fuck her slow and sexily at first and as she got more and more turned on, and responded to his cock fucking her, he began to pound his hardon in and out of her horny cunt until he exploded inside her.

Before the man who'd come with the woman had finished his fuck, another guy was standing behind him, waiting his chance to mount and fuck her, too. The second guy had draped his cock with a condom while he'd watched the original couple fucking, and when the guy finished, Man #2 moved onto the bed and guided his condom-wrapped cock deep inside the sexy woman's waiting pussy. There was a quick succession of horny men who all wanted a chance to mount and fuck the woman on the bed, while she was stroking other men to get them hard and ready or even giving them head and letting them either cum down her throat or shoot their cum all over her face and tits.

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