Burn, Baby, Burn

by Angel Fire

Copyright© 2010 by Angel Fire

Erotica Sex Story: Getting a firefighter in my bed was something I never thought was going to happen until.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

There is something so incredibly hot about a firefighter. A man in his bunker or turn-out gear is a major turn-on for me. As a female firefighter, it should be old hat to me but it isn't. I have always wanted to get it on with a firefighter but being one myself doesn't allow me to fraternize with my "brothers", besides it would just be plain awkward afterwards. So this fantasy of mine had pretty much no chance of reaching fruition or so I thought!

Our fire chief called a mandatory training for the next station meeting and it was going to be with another department that was from the other side of the state. We were going to be paired up with someone from the other department in order to do some team-work training and do normal routine training with someone outside our department. This was going to be an interesting training and one that should be very helpful in all of us learning to trust someone we had never worked with on a fire before. As the meeting approached, we were given our assigned new partners. I was teamed up with a guy, typical since there really aren't a lot of women in the fire service.

Training day arrived and I was excited. We were going to burn down an abandoned house and do some training with our SCBA's (self-contained breathing apparatuses - air tanks) and do thermal sweeps. Get some hands-on training with some different equipment that we sometimes don't get to do on an actual fire scene. I got to the station early to help prepare our department and get equipment together for this training. The other department was arriving in an hour and we had all agreed that most of them could stay at our fire station but that there wasn't enough room for all of them so a few would be staying at our homes. I had volunteered my spare room for my training partner.

When the other fire department arrived, we were immediately paired up. I met my training day partner. He was a really nice man. Barry was a little older than me and had been a firefighter for over 20 years. I knew I was going to learn a lot from him. We had an amazing day of training. Barry and I were the lead team to enter the house. We knocked down the fire almost completely and allowed it to flame up again for the teams behind us. I learned quite a few tricks of the trade from Barry. He was a great partner and we really hit it off. We were in synch with each other from the beginning. It was a blast but also an intense and physically exhausting day. At the end of our training, we rolled back to our station cleaned all the hoses and washed down all the trucks. Those staying at the station that night were doing dinner there so Barry and I headed to my place after cleaning up and showering at the station.

I knew that it was going to be a long day and we would want a hearty meal, so I had started ribs in the slow cooker before heading to the station earlier in the day. All I needed to do now was throw together a salad and make some parsley buttered baby red potatoes. I gave Barry the grand tour of my pad and let him settle into his room as I headed to the kitchen to finish dinner preparations. I was working on potatoes when Barry came into the kitchen and offered his help in making dinner. I set him to work on throwing together a salad. We found that not only did we work well fighting fires but we also worked really well in the kitchen too. We talked about our experiences in the fire service and found that we both enjoyed a lot of the same outdoor activities too. After a lengthy dinner, I knew we both were really enjoying each others company and we could talk for hours on end.

We headed into our separate rooms for bed and said good night. I laid in my bed thinking about the training and still wound up from the adrenaline rush of the day. Reading wasn't working and I didn't want to wake my house guest by heading to the living room and turning on the TV so I laid there tossing and turning. Finally, I headed to the kitchen to get a drink and found Barry sitting at the kitchen table. We both chuckled at the fact that we both were still wound up from the day. After another hour or so of talking, we said our good nights again and Barry gave me a hug. It was a really nice hug and one that I wouldn't have minded continuing. I lay down in my bed again, still unable to sleep. A few minutes later, I heard a soft knock on my door. Barry was standing there wanting to know if I had felt the connection all day, even more so after we hugged. I told him I did. He sat on the edge of my bed and wanted to know if I thought it was just the adrenaline rush and being paired together. I didn't think so. We connected that is for sure.

Barry reached out to me as I leaned into him. We kissed a soft gentle kiss and I felt the need in us both rising. Our kissing turned more passionate and filled with wanting and need. Tongues explored, mouths sucked, teeth nipped and pulled on our lips. Barry ran his hand under my tank top and his thumb brushed over my taut nipple making it even harder.

We both quickly undressed and lay on my bed next to each other, touching and exploring each others body. His hands caressed and stroked my entire body, while his tongue flicked my hard nipples and explored my breasts. Barry kissed my belly, arms, wrists, thighs, and had me roll over to my back and proceeded to kiss my back from neck to the start of my ass. It felt amazing and I moaned in shear joy and wonder of these new sensations. Barry whispered in my ear, "What is your fantasy?" I was taken aback. Here was my chance; I was going to have a firefighter in my bed. I told him about my fantasy of wanting to make it with a firefighter in his bunker or turn-out gear. He quietly left my side and returned a few minutes later fully donned in his turn-out gear. I was so turned on.

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