Smoke and Mirrors

by Tarakin

Copyright© 2010 by Tarakin

Erotica Sex Story: A visit to a hypnotist's show takes an unexpected turn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Hypnosis   Group Sex   .

"I'm serious, Penny! I heard it with my own ears! He is going to the hypnotist's show with Mrs. Chester!"

Laura Mills, an 18 year old blonde, was excited, her azure blue eyes sparkling. Penny Styrgon was the same age as her cousin and friend, but with raven black hair and brown eyes they created a stark contrast to each other. Penny was finally convinced that Laura's vivid imagination wasn't making things up this time. She smiled. A hypnotist's show? Why not? Even if he wouldn't have been there, a hypnotist's show promised to be fun. Not that she believed in hypnotism, at least not the type these shows generally promised. Shows where the supposed 'victims', usually students paid for their efforts she guessed, jumped on the stage like rabbits or whatever. She would enjoy a laugh or some smoke and mirrors on this boring class trip, and, well, he would be there.

He - he was Mr. Alban, their gym teacher. He was tanned, muscled and the living dream of every girl in the whole highschool. All of the girls in the class were excited when they found out that Mr. Alban was the teacher that was joining Mrs. Chester, their class teacher, on their trip. The problem was, with all pros Mr. Alban had to offer, every girl also had to cope with the fact that he had his hazel eyes firmly fixed on Mrs. Chester and no one else. It didn't matter how many lovesick batting eyelashes were send his way or 'accidental' touches he might receive from almost every girl in school. Incomprehensibly, Mrs. Chester, despite being divorced for some time now, had no eyes for Mr. Alban whatsoever! Penny shook her head. Even she still dreamt of Mr. Alban occasionally, and she had a boyfriend!

"Oh, come on, Penny, let's go to the show!" Laura begged, seeing Penny's headshaking and drawing the wrong conclusions from it.

"Okay, okay!" Penny threw up her hands as she gave in. So they sneaked out of the youth hostel and finally found their way to The Great Cardini. Now they were in a small club in the midst of a shady red light quarter, which was no place they normally would have been caught dead in. But if he was to be there...

Penny and Laura were sitting in a corner of the black clad room, dimly lit by red spotlights and filled with slow, mystical music. The audience was nearly all male. The only exception were themselves and the red haired Mrs. Chester, who had indeed arrived in the company of the gorgeous Mr. Alban. From their carefully chosen place, Penny and Laura could see the stage as well as their teachers, and they had great seats in their opinion. They were even near enough to hear what their teachers were talking about. The girls clinked their glasses of champagne, their mood perfect. Both were from rich families and therefore could afford something nicer to drink than their teachers. Besides, a bottle of champagne on the table along with their choice of expensive clothing would be a nice disguise in case their teachers happened to look at their table. They really didn't want to be discovered and sent back to the youth hostel by two angry teachers.

On stage, a juggler was tossing coloured balls in the air, warming up the audience for The Great Cardini, the hypnotist. The juggler got his share of attention and applause, but most guests still chatted and drank instead of really watching the show. So did their teachers. The girls eavesdropped shamelessly, hearing the teachers talk about school and colleagues, noting all the gossip that they would share with every other girl on the classtrip as soon as possible. All of the sudden the conversation between the teachers became even more interesting. Mr. Alban was trying to get Mrs. Chester on stage for the show, and he was offering to join her if she'd do it! The girls glanced at each other delighted. Their teachers both on stage, maybe jumping like rabbits? That would be too good to miss! Of course, Mrs. Chester had the same views as Penny about the reliability of these shows, so Mr. Alban had a hard time convincing her. Finally, Mrs. Chester agreed laughingly, saying she would go but only if she was selected by The Great Cardini himself. Penny smiled inside, sure that that wouldn't happen on a staged show. Still, imagining the vision of her teachers acting like rabbits was nice. Mrs. Chester excused herself to go to the restroom before the main event started, and Penny was about to take another sip of champagne when suddenly Laura nudged her hard enough to almost make her spill her drink.

Angrily, Penny glared at her cousin, but Laura just pointed at Mr. Alban. Penny looked over at him. What was that? Had she seen correctly? Did he drop some powder into Mrs. Chester's glass? He stirred the wine with his pen, and that action removed any doubt from Penny. Alban was trying to drug Mrs. Chester!

"We have to warn Mrs. Chester!" Penny whispered to her cousin. "There! Mrs. Chester is coming back to her place! I'll go to her..."

But Penny was stopped by Laura's hand.

"Wait!" Laura ordered, seeing that Alban was now leaving the table. "We can warn her later on. Let's see first what Alban is up to. Oh, I can't wait to go back to the hostel and tell all the girls! Our friends won't believe this story! When we tell them – wait! Alban isn't going to the restroom! See? He's hurrying to the main door. Wait here, Penny, I'll follow him! You stay and watch if Mrs. Chester drinks her wine, and don't interfere!"

With these words Laura left their table, hurrying after her gym teacher.

Penny was left behind. Unsure about what to do next, she looked at Mrs. Chester, hoping she wouldn't drink her wine, at least not until Laura was back again. Her teacher would surely notice the faint blue shimmer the wine had taken on? Or was it a trick of the light? Where had Laura gone? Shouldn't she warn Mrs. Chester in spite of her cousin's unnamed plan?

The minutes went slowly while Penny tried to decide what to do, if anything. Meanwhile, a snake charmer was playing his flute on the stage, which in her eyes was a bit more fitting for a hypnotist's show, but not much. There was still no sign of either Laura or Mr. Alban. After a few minutes Penny started drumming her fingers on the table, anxiously watching the main entrance more than the stage or Mrs. Chester, as Laura had told her to do. When she turned back to the teacher and looked at the wineglass, her heart almost missed a beat. While she had been distracted, her teacher had already drunken more than half of her bluish wine!

At least that saved Penny from the question of whether or not to warn Mrs. Chester. Her teacher didn't seem to be half as distressed as Penny at being left alone by her companion.Finally, Mr. Alban came back, and he was obviously in a very good mood. Seeing his colleague's glass more than half empty made his smile widen even more. Penny kept glancing at the doorway and though she felt as if several eternities had passed, there was still no sign of Laura. Meanwhile, Mrs. Chester emptied her glass. Was it Penny's imagination, or were her teacher's eyes getting glassy? It was a bit too dark in the room to see clearly, and of course her table wasn't exactly next to their teacher's also. At least Mrs. Chester wasn't getting green in the face or falling unconscious!

Finally, to Penny's immense relief, Laura came back. She almost knocked over her chair while sitting down in her eagerness to tell Penny what she had heard. Before Penny could even start in on her for leaving her alone for so long, Laura started talking, her words almost tumbling over themselves she was whispering so fast.

"Mr. Alban and that Cardini know each other! They are friends from childhood or something like that! The hypnotist is going to call Mr. Alban and Mrs. Chester on stage for his show! Mr. Alban drugged her so she would heed Cardini's commands! And that's not all!" Laura took a deep breath; she was winded from her obvious haste to come back and tell her friend everything. Penny couldn't wait for her to continue. Were they actually going to see their teachers jumping like rabbits on the stage? Penny giggled, and immediately felt for her cell phone. The pictures of this show would surely be a major event in school! Laura's smug grin told her that there was much more than rabbits to be expected.

"You'll never guess! I'm going to be on stage too!"

Penny was speechless but before she could comment, Laura excitedly continued.

"I went to Cardini right after Alban was gone, and I threatened to turn him in. I promised to play being hypnotized on stage for him, but without getting drugged. He will charm me or whatever it's called, and then he'll 'force' me to ... kiss Mr. Alban!"

Laura looked at Penny triumphantly, her eyes almost glowing in the half-dark. Penny knew her friend had dreamt of that kiss for a long while, but she couldn't believe she had threatened a hypnotist to achieve it! And what would Mr. Alban think? Or Mrs. Chester? If she noticed it at all, Penny noted soberly to herself, in her drugged condition.

Laura obviously wanted to add more, but now the music got louder. The snake charmer was gone already, unnoticed by the girls in their excitement or shock, and now the curtain was parting to finally introduce The Great Cardini. He was a small and gaunt man with tanned skin and a carefully groomed black moustache. His long, dark hair was worn in a braid with interwoven crystal shards of various colors. Open-fingered leather gloves covered each hand, with eight more crystals affixed to the knuckles. The crowd went silent. Everyone was watching the main attraction now.

On stage, The Great Cardini was speaking, his voice deep and resonant, like slow water running across stone. He had just introduced himself and his assistant, a small woman named Audrey with close-cropped, strawberry-blond hair and a fancy dress decorated with the same type of crystals The Great Cardini wore.

Adressing the crowd the Magician announced "We need some volunteers for our show who will be deeply hypnotized by The Great Cardini himself!" Penny was just about to ask her cousin if this Cardini had talked to her in third person also, when she saw Laura raising her hand. Penny fell silent, covering a bit to avoid attention, and quickly eyed her teacher's table. Both of them had also volunteered it seemed, Mr. Alban eagerly and Mrs. Chester more like a marionette. What was that powder that Alban had put into her drink?

With great fuss, and unsurprisingly for the girls, The Great Cardini selected the two teachers to the applause of his audience. Mr. Alban escorted his colleague to the stage, mimicking the perfect gentleman to everyone in the audience, but failing to convince Penny. Her picture of her teacher's perfection somehow was starting to show cracks after the powder incident. Alban was not escorting Mrs. Chester; he was conducting her onto the stage. What was he up to?

Then The Great Cardini selected Laura, the only other volunteer in the room. Mr. Alban looked in her direction. He'd been very self assured until now, seemingly content that his plan was bearing fruit, but now his face was almost ghostly in its paleness. It was clear that he'd recognized his student, and a dozen questions were racing across his face. Penny was trying to turn herself invisible by shrinking deeper and deeper into her chair, but it didn't seem to matter. Her teacher's eyes were solely on her cousin as she raced toward the stage. Even his mouth opened and closed, like a fish on the land, trying to voice questions but not able to do it in his shock. When Laura arrived at her destination, she hid the fact that she knew exactly who was on stage with her, and she smiled and waved to the crowd. She drew all the attention, being as pretty as she was overdressed for the venue. Had Penny not had her eyes on Cardini that moment, no one would have seen the sign the hypnotist gave his friend. Penny could read lips a bit, and so not only she did see it, but 'heard' it too: "Trust me". Apparently Alban did, for his mouth finally stayed closed, and he waved to the crowd as well, if much more rigid than Laura.

Mrs. Chester meanwhile, didn't wave at all. She just stood there, seemingly oblivious to where she was. Penny had to admit that she was a truly beautiful woman and at 5'5", with fire red hair and delicious curves, she drew the eye of every guy in her classes. In fact, her sexy appearance was envied by most of the girls. Her conservative dress, along with the dark rimmed glasses only added to her magnetic impression. She looked a bit out of place on the stage, Penny thought, but then; so did Mr. Alban and Laura.

Two chairs were on the stage already, and Audrey quickly fetched a third one so everyone to be 'hypnotized' on stage could take a seat. Mrs. Chester was in the middle, framed by nervous Alban and beaming Laura. Now the clichéd pocket watch was produced and The Great Cardini used it to 'hypnotize' all three, one after the other. Mrs. Chester didn't change her expression durig the procedure, but her arm fell down very convincingly after Cardini lifted it. Alban was sweating a bit and let his arm fall heavily as well. He's a bad actor, Penny thought. Why have I never noticed this?

The last one was Laura, who almost giggled when her arm fell. Penny groaned, but to her surprise the audience didn't notice Laura's slip. Or did nobody care? The comments being yelled at the stage were rowdy and drew raucous laughter. Penny was getting more and more nervous for her friend and tried to pull her from the stage with her eyes alone. Laura wasn't paying attention; she was enjoying herself immensely, cackling like a hen at The Great Cardini's command. The audience applauded nicely, but they were obviously eager for more. And the hypnotist was ready to give it to them. He addressed Laura.

"Miss Mills, answer me truthfully: How old are you?"

Laura looked irritated for a moment, but then decided to answer truthfully, trying to sound like being under drugs. "I turned eighteen last week."

"And Miss Mills, do you have a boyfriend who plays with your pussy?"

Laura blushed an even deeper shade of red and instinctively shook her head. Before she could say or do more, The Great Cardini fired his next question.

"So you are a still virgin?"

Laura went even redder, and that was all the answer the audience needed. They jeered and applauded; loud laughter ringing in the air. Penny's mouth was open in shock.

The Great Cardini smiled and now addressed Alban, who was also sweating freely.

"Open your pants, Mr. Alban. Trust me. Release your cock."

Alban was very reluctant for a supposedly enspelled man, but he obeyed the hypnotist. He opened his belt, unzipped his pants and then pulled them down, taking his boxers down with them. His manhood was exposed to the crowd and Alban started sweating even more. Laura meanwhile stood transfixed, staring at her teacher's member as if she really was hypnotized. Penny caught herself standing up slightly to get a better view and sat down again, her face reddening.

"It can change, you know," The Great Cardini explained toward Laura, pointing at Alban's manhood. "Watch it closely and I'll see what I can do."

The Great Cardini turned away from Laura and pulled Mrs. Chester toward center stage. She followed him as if drunk.

"Mrs. Chester, do you like Mr. Alban?"


It sounded blurred, but seemed to be the truth.

"Then ask Mr. Alban to strip you, Mrs. Chester." The Great Cardini casually ordered.

"Marcus, please, strip me."

Mrs. Chester's reaction came before Penny or Laura could even gasp. The audience laughed. Alban, to his credit, blushed. He looked at his hypnotist friend, who nodded encouragement. Then the gym teacher took a step toward his colleague. Laura was frozen, her eyes alternating between her gym teacher's uncovered cock and her class teacher about to be exposed to a crowd of strangers ... and two of her students.

Alban meanwhile was over his initial shock. He moved Mrs. Chester's long, fiery hair out of the way and unbuttoned the back of her blue silk top, then slowly pulled it over her head. The audience was so silent now that Penny could hear it slither out of his hands to the floor. Next was Mrs. Chester's long blue skirt. His hands began undoing it and soon it was hanging loosely at her waist waiting for just a tiny assist before it fell. It was like slow motion as Penny watched the woolen fabric hang around her teacher's flared hips, and then slowly slide down the silky path to the floor. When it hit it, the class teacher stepped out of it and, by order of The Great Cardini, kicked it away. It landed in the crowd and the lucky audience member who scooped it up was showing it with pride. Penny had the hollow feeling that Mrs. Chester wouldn't get it back after the show. How would she get home without her skirt?

Meanwhile Penny's class teacher was in her black Vickie's undies and there wasn't much hidden from view. The audience could clearly see her pink nipples and her fiery trimmed bush shining through the thin material. Alban was hesitating.

"Go ahead, Marcus, the bra?" The Great Cardini urged.

Alban hands shivered visibly as he continued to play the hypnotized victim. His naked manhood was half erect by now, spurred on by the unveiling of Mrs. Chester's charms. This was definitely going beyond the kiss Laura had aimed for, Penny realized. Carefully, so as not to attract attention she stood, sneaking toward the stage. She shouldn't have worried about stealth; all eyes were fixed on Mrs. Chester whose lacy bra was unclasped now. Alban pushed the straps off her shoulders and the expensive bra slid down and off.

Mrs. Chester's breasts were bare now and her nipples were like tiny roses. Alban kneelt behind his colleague and then his hands were inside her silken panties. In the total silence that followed, everyone could hear the soft gasp of the drugged class teacher as her colleague began to tug off her last layer of protection, over her hips and down her shapely legs. As the teacher's curvy ass was bared in front of Alban, he bent forward and kissed it, making her, Penny and Laura suck in a breath.

Even without further instruction Mrs. Chester now lifted each foot so Alban could remove her panties completely. He kissed her ass again. Penny had snuck through the club to the stage, but had to stop taking in the view of her now totally naked class teacher. Mrs. Chester looked gorgeous with her silken skin, her rosy nipples and her trimmed nether region. To her surprise Penny felt a little tingling in her own nipples and pussy. That couldn't be, could it? Penny had to gulp while her teacher was paraded before the enthusiastic audience, showing them every detail of her magnificent mature body they wanted to see.

Then The Great Cardini ordered Mrs. Chester to sit down again and she faced the audience once more, her blank face now looking straight at Laura. Next to her, Penny's cousin was a bit pale now, but seemingly still willing to see the game through. The hypnotist ordered her to sit as well, and Alban was being ordered to come near her. Laura may have been not hypnotized before, but now she was transfixed by her teacher's manhood, half erect and just barely out of her reach. Both teacher and pupil were very unsure how far the game would go.

The first order from The Great Cardini for Alban and his newest victim was easy enough to execute, but it took a long time for Mr. Alban to react. Far longer than it had for him when Mrs. Chester was the target. Obviously, Mr. Alban had planned that little game with his colleague for some time, but was very reluctant to start undressing his student, regardless how pretty Laura was. After a seemingly endless moment Alban reached down and pulled up one of Laura's legs and took off her shoe and stocking. Then he pushed it back down and did the same to the other. Not much damage done, Penny thought from her position in the shadow under the stairs. Yet.

As soon as she had thought that, Alban got a new command and, biting his lips, took a grip on Laura's blouse and began to pull it up.

"Laura, lift your arms up," The Great Cardini ordered, while standing behind Mrs. Chester, caressing her ample breasts.

Laura, her eyes still fixed on her teacher's now hard manhood, obeyed. Alban kept pulling up and her silky blouse was soon over her head. He held it up and with one hand expertly undid Laura's bra clasp. Alban was moving faster now, made bolder by his student's compliance. It was time now for Laura to stop this, Penny thought, before it went too far! Was her friend still waiting for that kiss to happen?

Alban meanwhile had worked Laura's shirt off completely and dropped it on the floor next to her shoes and stockings. Next he reached down and undid Laura's elegant pants. He started tugging them down, one side, then the other until they were below her shapely ass. He pulled Laura's legs up, reached between them to grasp the waistband of her pants and pulled them to her knees. Her panties were now showing, the blue silken panties she had secretly bought.

"Kick your feet, Laura." Alban ordered, dropping out of his hypnotized status for a moment without noticing. Neither did Laura, it seemed, for she did indeed and her expensive pants slipped to her ankles, then off, sliding to the floor of the stage onto the growing pile of clothes.

Penny had to act now. Maybe Laura really had been hypnotized or drugged, maybe she was simply out of her mind, but she had to protect her cousin. In a rush, Penny stormed onto stage. This was far more than smoke and mirrors and it had to end right now!

"Stop that! Now!"

The stage lights dazzled Penny's eyes and it took a moment for them to adjust, and in that moment she realized she had been too hasty. An iron hand had gripped her shoulder, stopping her, and an old pocket watch was dangling before her eyes.

"Do you think you can really hypnotize me?" Penny growled quietly toward the man behind her. The Great Cardini chuckled, and then answered.

"We both know I can't do that. But I can make you reconsider. See the camera over there? In the corner? And the other one right over the door? Or the one where my assistant is standing?"

Penny indeed did see the cameras, but she did not understand.

"You have my word that whatever is being taped is destroyed right after the show, you can watch me doing it. You also have my word that if you interrupt me or my show, than what's on the tape will be sent to everyone you know. You may lose both your teachers and your friend will be very embarrassed. Or do you think her parents would like to see her being so eager to be stripped on a stage?" The Great Cardini had whispered every word, and now he let the threat sink in. As he talked, he continued waving his watch before her eyes.

"Speaking of your friend, she seems to be happy to go along. Will you spoil her fun? She's old enough, isn't she? And she gets more than she bargained for it seems. That is, if you are going to be 'hypnotized' also, dear. Do we have a deal?"

The words from the hypnotist sunk into Penny like ice water as she noticed Laura was just watching her, trying to keep her face blank. Penny knew better of course, they had been friends practically from birth. Her friend and cousin was neither drugged nor hypnotized. And Laura didn't want it to stop, at least not now. Was she out of her mind?

Penny knew she had no real chance now. Reluctantly she nodded. The press on her shoulder went away.

"What's your name?" The Great Cardini asked loud.

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