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by T.S.Severe

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: A prospective tenant checks out more than the apartment above the garage when she turns the landlord into a cuckold sex slave to her shemale cock...Yeah, it's a romance. :)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   TransGender   Cuckold   FemaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

When my wife suggested that we rent out the guest rooms above the garage to a college student it sounded like a good idea. It was very much like a small apartment, with a bedroom, bathroom, and small living room. No kitchen of course, but we could share ours and it seemed like a good way to make a little extra every month. We'd only recently gotten married and had just bought the house, so we could use the money.

Being my wife's 'project' as it were, I left the details up to her. I was working hard at my new job anyway. We were both just twenty-six then and recently graduated from the university ourselves, so we thought we had a pretty good idea of what we were getting into, at least so far as having a college kid living with us.

"Guess what today is," my pretty wife said, smiling at me over our small dinner.

She looked beautiful to me, although most people would think her pretty, or cute, rather than stunning. Evelyn is petite, just over five feet tall with thick blonde hair falling around her heart shaped face. A pert little nose, bright blue eyes, and a playful smile gave her face a wonderful animation that made her popular with her many friends. Her tight body, athletic with firm breasts and a perfect ass, made her popular with the boys. I always counted my blessings that she'd married me.

"Hmmm ... Thursday?" I smiled back, having a pretty good idea, but enjoying this small game.

"Heh!" Eve stuck the tip of her tongue out at me. "It's O Day."

"Oh." I nodded slowly. "Already?"

"Already?" She rolled her eyes and giggled. "Have you been doing something you shouldn't?"

"Me? Not a chance," I promised. "I've been saving it up, believe me."

"I hope so," Eve sighed softly. "I really want to make a baby tonight."

"Me too, honey." I reached across the table to hold her hand.

O Day was short for Ovulating Day, or Orgasm Day, or just ... Oh God! Day, depending on our mood. We'd been trying to get pregnant for almost four months and the problem wasn't with Evelyn, it was my low sperm count. She was taking fertility pills anyway though, and I'd been abstaining from sex for a month, not even jerking off in the shower, in the hopes of increasing our chances by volume if nothing else. That was incredibly frustrating just because Eve was so incredibly sexy. Sleeping next to her every night for almost four weeks, able to do little more than kiss her and give her oral pleasure until I fell asleep afterwards with a painful hard-on, was well ... Painful.

We weren't going to get much sleep this night, we both knew that, and we were looking forward to it. I was going to make love to my wife and fill her with as much sperm as I could, three or four times at least, probably more. I really wanted this to work because waiting another month before trying again would be torture.

About the time we were just finishing our dinner, the doorbell rang. When I answered it, I was more than a little surprised to find a lovely young woman standing on our doorstep. She stood very tall, with brownish red hair and pretty brown eyes, dressed casually in a dark skirt and yellow blouse that did nothing to hide her wonderful figure. That's the problem with going a month without ejaculating, my dick got hard every time I saw a girl even remotely attractive and this girl looked gorgeous.

I greeted her with an awkward silence, unable to keep my eyes from moving up and down her body. Until she spoke, I was only barely aware that she was giving me a look as well.

"Hi there," she said with a smile, lifting her eyebrows as my instant arousal must have been obvious. I blushed furiously and stumbled out of my unexpected trance.

"Hi," I said dumbly. "Uh..."

"I'm Stacy." She licked her red pouting lips. "I'm here about the apartment?"

"What? Oh, sure. Yeah," I agreed with a hard swallow. "That's, uh, my wife is doing that, er, I mean it's her ... thing. Yeah."

"Who is it, Dave?" my wife called from the kitchen.

"Um, it's someone for the apartment," I replied, clearing my throat. I still hadn't introduced myself or even asked the girl to step inside.

"Oh! Well, can you show it to him? I'm still cleaning up in here."

"It's a wo..." My horny male instincts changed my mind. Eve didn't need to know the person was a girl, a young and very attractive woman. "Sure. I'll handle it, dear."

"Dave?" Stacy was still smiling and the amused look on her face told me this wasn't the first time a man had fallen all over himself in front of her.

"Yeah. Sorry, I'm ... Dave." I shrugged and wondered if my face looked as red as it felt. "I'll, uh ... I'll show you the apartment. Let's go this way."

I decided to take Stacy around the outside of the house, rather than through the kitchen. My brain just wasn't working right and in my defense I'll say I had no plans for cheating on my wife. Obviously I was totally in love with Eve, this was just a man thing. It's in our DNA. The desire just to look at a pretty girl and be close to her, even if you know nothing is going to happen. It's fun and nice and I had a serious hunch that if my wife caught sight of Stacy, she'd change her mind about renting the apartment. The house just wasn't big enough for temptation like that and no woman ever really trusts her husband, not enough to let a beautiful coed share her kitchen.

So I was just getting a good look, that's all. Locking Stacy away in my memory along with all the other women I'd seen but couldn't have. The girl did her part, believe me, with her eyes and that smile. Jesus. I wondered if she practiced those looks in a mirror or something. More than her sexy body, or even her beautiful face, Stacy possessed an attitude, a countenance that just made you want to throw her down on the floor and...

" ... and this is it." I unlocked the door and pushed it open, stepping inside the small living room as Stacy followed me.

"Nice." She looked around the room, which we'd furnished with old, comfortable furniture. Stacy tilted her head towards the opposite door. "What's in there? The bedroom?"

"Uh ... Right. The bedroom." I cleared my throat. "Bathroom too. Uh, no tub I'm afraid, just a shower, but..."

"Let's take a look," she suggested playfully. "I hope it's a big bed."

"Yeah." I thought I had enough memories by then, but Stacy was already moving and I followed her like a lost puppy.

"Ohhh ... This is a nice bed." She sat on it and the bed wasn't large, just a twin mattress, but already made-up and comfortable enough.

"The bathroom is..." I gestured towards an open door.

"Hmmm..." Stacy sighed, laying back on the bed and bringing her leather heels up, with her knees bent and slightly spread. Her skirt rode high along the girl's smooth thighs and I blinked at her.

"We should..." I wasn't ever going to finish another sentence with Stacy around.

"Shhh ... You want me, don't you, Dave?" She crooked a finger at me and I felt a chill run up my spine.

"W-What?" I could barely breathe.

"Don't tease me. Come here ... Close to the bed, let's see what you have for me," Stacy whispered in a husky voice, reaching for me, grabbing my trousers by the pockets and pulling me towards her. I hadn't realized I stood so close to the bed and I wondered how I'd gotten there.

"Stacy, this isn't ... I'm married..."

"So?" She giggled. "That just makes it better, don't you think?"

Her laughter sounded like glass breaking in my heart and it made my knees almost buckle. This wasn't fair at all, I thought. A girl like this shouldn't have so much power over me. I loved Evelyn; I didn't want to cheat on her. I just wanted to look and be teased, and say goodbye to the woman who was unzipping my pants, reaching inside to find my aching cock. What was I doing? I felt the adrenalin coursing through my veins, it was fight or flight time and I wasn't running. Why not? Was I crazy, or just stupid? It was O Day, I was going to have all the sex a man could want in another hour or two ... I didn't need this!

But I wanted it.

All of my male instincts were telling me to mate with this girl. Eve wouldn't have to know. I hadn't cum in a month, there was plenty to go around. I'd still be able to get it up later, a lot of times, and my wife wouldn't ever have to know a thing. I could have sex with this gorgeous coed and then tell her that she had to go. The apartment was rented, I just remembered. Sorry about that. I could tell her it was a mistake. I was sorry, but she had to leave and never, ever come back. But if she stayed ... Oh my! What would that be like? Having my faithful wife in the house and this hot little slut living above the garage. I'd be in heaven.

I'd be insane. I'd be divorced. I'd be miserable and I knew it.

"Mmmm ... Not too big, not too small..." Stacy had my cock free and I groaned with pleasure as I watched her hands stroking it slowly. "Just right, Baby Bear."

All my thoughts were lost as the girl moved, bringing her mouth to my throbbing manhood, kissing the tip lightly with her moist lips and then licking all around it so that I shivered and rocked forward on my toes. I wanted to be in her mouth suddenly, I had to feel her hot and wet around me, and Stacy seemed more than eager. She took my cockhead between her tightly stretched lips, washing my penis with her tongue, and all I could do was close my eyes and arch my back against the pleasure.

"Oh God ... That's good..." I breathed, gritting my teeth as Stacy worked her mouth up and down, gently sucking me with incredible patience. I felt as if my cock had been wrapped in silk. I'd never felt anything so soft and moist. She took very nearly all of my erection, enough so that I could feel the tip of my cock just nudging the entrance to her throat, and then Stacy just seemed to open up.

I gasped loudly as the full length of my aching cock slid into the girl's throat, the soft muscles seeming to ripple along my length as Stacy tried to swallow me whole. Her nose was inside my open fly, pressed against my wiry pubic hair, and I couldn't help but reach for her head. I held her to me, stroking her soft red auburn hair and pushing just a little more with my hips, although she'd already taken me to the very root. When she pulled back, taking a deep breath and licking her lips, I could see my ruddy cock covered with her saliva and my own precum. It ran across her fingers and dripped onto the floor. Wetness spilled down her chin and neck, which she ignored completely as she took me deep once again.

She deep throated me for several minutes, until I thought my anxious balls would explode. I'd been far too long without an orgasm and this was by far the best blowjob I'd ever gotten from anyone. Evelyn tried, but this girl, Stacy, she was in a league all of her own. I was going to cum any second and I tried warning her in a panting voice, not sure if she would really let me cum in her mouth or not. Evelyn always finished me off with her hand, letting me cum on her tits usually, or on her taut belly. I'd never cum inside a girl's mouth before.

"Oh! Don't cum yet!" Stacy suddenly pulled away, letting me go completely so that my swollen cock jerked by itself, bobbing in the air as my orgasm was just seconds away.

"Oh ... Please..." I reached for my dick, the need to cum so strong that I wanted to jerk off. Right in front of her, I didn't care. I had to cum!

"No!" She slapped my hands away. "Don't touch yourself, bad boy."

"B-But..." I winced, not in pain, but with awful frustration.

"You don't cum until I say so, understand me?" Stacy warned me as she sat upright and pulled her skirt around her waist. "You have to bring me off first, Baby Bear ... Get on your knees."

Her voice left no room for argument and my feverish brain wasn't capable of making rational decisions. If I had to lick her pussy and make her cum before she'd let me have the orgasm I so urgently needed, I'd do it. I'd give her the best head job I knew how and I thought it wouldn't take long anyway. I'd gone down on Evelyn a lot over the last few months, just because she needed sex as much as I did. Even if I couldn't cum, my wife could, and I'd always wanted to please her. She could be a little demanding as well, but Eve was nothing like Stacy. This girl owned me for the moment.

I did as she told me, getting on my knees near the side of the bed, and Stacy lifted her long smooth legs, putting them over my shoulders. I stared at her black panties and saw something there, something unmistakable beneath the silk and lace. I didn't understand. My mind was rebelling against the impossibly obvious and I just narrowed my eyes, as if trying to focus on a mirage.

"That's it, Baby Bear. I've got something special for you." Stacy giggled, pulling her panties to the side. "You're going to make me feel real good now, aren't you?"

I felt my heart hammering and goosebumps broke out on my skin as I was confronted with an obscenely large and very hard cock. It was bigger than mine, longer and thicker, and dark with Stacy's excitement. The shaft was heavily veined and the smooth glans glistened with her precum. This girl, this beautiful college coed was a ... Man? I fought for air and might have felt nauseas, but my stomach was already so knotted up with my need for sex that I couldn't tell the difference. I felt confused and frightened and excited all at once. I'd never been with a man. I'd never wanted to. I was straight as an arrow and utterly bland in my sexual fantasies. This went beyond the pale, but Stacy only smiled and pulled my face towards her swollen penis and cum filled balls.

"Give it a kiss, Dave," she cooed softly. "Love my girl cock for me, that's it ... Show me how much you love me."

I didn't know what I was doing. I felt drunk or stoned on something. I kissed the head of her cock, pressing my closed lips against the heat of that swollen prick. Stacy kept urging me in that sexy voice of hers to open my mouth, to suck her cock, and I was doing it. God help me, I took that thick penis into my mouth, doing everything Stacy ordered me to do. I used my tongue to tease and tickle the underside. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and slid down her hot fuckpole like a faggot.

That was what she'd started calling me. Her little cocksucking faggot. Her slutty boyfriend and sissy slave. The girl's voice was mocking and her insults only humiliated me further. I should have been fighting her or something, shouldn't I? But I wasn't, I only suckled her cock that much better, following her directions and yielding submissively to her firm grasp as Stacy moved my head up and down her fat penis. She began fucking my mouth, using me like a tool to get her off, and when the head would go too deep, I'd choke and gag. Stacy would laugh, telling me not to worry because I'd be getting a lot of practice.

My own cock hadn't wilted at all, I'm ashamed to say. It remained hard and throbbing with desire, perhaps even more so as I became used to sucking Stacy's shemale cock. I was getting better quickly, learning how much I could take and how to control my breathing, and how to swallow all the spit and precum that filled my mouth to overflowing. I made loud, wet slurping sounds, grunting and moaning as well, making all the proper noises to let the girl know how much I enjoyed having her cock in my mouth. I accepted her completely, my willingness beyond any doubt as Stacy removed her fingers from my hair. I continued blowing her without any coercion at all. Stacy just leaned back, smiling and watching and offering words to humiliate, degrade, and yet somehow encourage me.

"You little fag, suck it. Eat my fuckstick, Baby Bear. Swallow all that juice." She sighed happily as I took her cock in my fist, following my hand with my mouth. I squeezed the heavy shaft and jerked her off in time with my bobbing head. Stroke and smoke, Stacy called it, and I could only moan in agreement.

"Honey?" I heard my wife's voice coming from the front of the apartment and I jerked, but Stacy grabbed my head quickly, holding me firmly in place.

"He's in here," Stacy said cheerfully, and I groaned as all my fears were suddenly coming true.

"What ... Dave? Dave! Oh my God! Dave ... What are you ... Jesus!" I heard my wife, but I couldn't see her and Eve's voice became shrill as her confusion gave way to horror.

"Get over here!" Stacy told my wife. Her voice had a tone much like that of an angry parent with a wayward child, or so it seemed to me.

"Who are you? Oh God! Dave, what are doing? I can't believe this ... No, oh God..." Eve came closer and she hadn't seen everything yet. "What? That's ... That's ... That's a cock!"

Eve thought I'd been licking Stacy's pussy, but now she stood near us and could plainly see her loving husband giving this beautiful girl a blowjob. I groaned, closing my eyes and feeling my body flush with the terrible fire of acute embarrassment. I was sucking a cock in front of my wife and I wasn't even fighting it, not really. I was too far gone. Lust clouded my brain, the need for sex, any kind of sex with anyone. My balls were on fire with the need to cum. My cock spasmied with imminent orgasm. I wanted to touch it so badly, but I couldn't. I had to obey Stacy now. She'd turned me into her helpless slave somehow, as if I'd been hypnotized or brainwashed. She'd made me her cocksucking faggot slut and I was powerless to do anything about it, even in front of my shocked wife.

"Your husband is a great little cocksucker," Stacy said with a grin. "I think he's done this before."

"Oh my God!" Evelyn was almost crying, but not quite. She just stood there, watching as I mouthed that steely prick eagerly.

"Why don't you join him, wifey?" Stacy said gently, not commanding my wife, but coaxing her. "Get down there next to him and share my girly cock with your husband."

"This is ... No! What is this? You can't ... He's my husband! He's not gay!" Eve said, trying to resist the young woman, but I could sense her moving closer just the same.

"Shhh ... Don't be shy. Show your husband what a slut you are for shemale cock," Stacy continued, nodding as my wife sank to her knees, licking her lips and staring at the girl's large cock as I worked my mouth around it.

I watched from the corner of my eye, without slowing as the woman I loved drew closer. I'd brought my other hand between Stacy's smooth, feminine thighs so I could cradle her balls. They were large and heavy with sperm, wrapped sweetly in her buttery soft scrotum. I rolled her balls and swallowed more precum, burning with lust tainted shame.

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