Mother and Son Reunion

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2010 by dirty oedipus

Incest Sex Story: This is a repost of a story that i felt could be made better, i hope i've succeded

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

There's a new programme on British television called The Gene Detectives where selected people who've applied are given the chance to trace a long lost relative, Researchers work in the background and between them they whittle the would be relatives down to three people, one of which is always the sought after person!

After answering an advertisement in a national newspaper I was interviewed and told I was on a short list of seventeen people and then about three months later I was interviewed again and asked if I would be available for filming the following week.

I said I would be and so began an adventure that changed my life forever.

I was just thirteen when I gave birth to my son and watched him being taken away on the same day, I was told he was being adopted by a childless couple and that was it, I was given no more information whatsoever and as my mother had given up on me after repeatedly finding me in bed with boys or girls, (I wasn't particular), I was put into a children's home until I was sixteen.

I didn't mind it in the home, I shared a room with a girl of my own age and with a very similar sex drive to mine, we shared a bed too, but the staff caught us and moved her out to another home.

The only thing the social services do for children like me is to find us suitable accommodation on our sixteenth birthday, find us a job and give us a hundred pounds to start out with, then we're on our own in what had already proved to be a big, bad world!

My job proved to be a Godsend, I worked as an office junior in a local estate agents and soon found myself being pursued by the boss, an oversexed married man of fifty three who was determined to get into my panties.

"Well" I thought, "Why not?" but I made it clear that I wasn't going to do it for nothing,

He came to my flat every Friday evening with a hundred pounds and a present which was usually sexy underwear and he always left at ten past eleven to go home to his wife and kids who he said he adored.

It was through him that I learned how perverted older men can be, sometimes he'd phone beforehand and ask me to dress like a little schoolgirl, he'd always give me a lollipop and I had to sit on his face whilst licking it and pretend to wet myself accidentally, that was a new thing for me having a man eating me out whilst I was peeing, but for my sins, I enjoyed his dirty little games and actually initiated several of my own.

The way I saw it was that after he left on Friday evenings, my time was my own and I was free to do what I liked and what I liked was to find like minded girls of my own age who would enjoy being naked and dirty with me, there was no shortage!

Our little arrangement lasted for over twelve years during which I accumulated a nice little nest egg, my own new car and a wardrobe any successful call girl would have been proud of.

It was a Monday morning when he didn't turn up for work, instead we were greeted by his solicitor who gave us the sad news that my lover and provider had suffered a massive heart attack at home and had been declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

His son took over the business with a view to selling it, so we all began to look elsewhere for employment until the second week of his tenure when I was summoned to his office and asked to sit down, his mother was there too along with his sister and through clenched teeth, he informed me that his father's will had been read and whilst he and his mother and sister had been well taken care of financially, the business had a new owner, me!

I'll gloss over the next two years except to say that I spent long hours with my solicitor and many more hours in courtrooms fighting for what I considered to be mine. I felt for the family, of course I did, but I was prepared to fight them all the way and I did.

It was one Thursday night when David my solicitor told me the family had reached what he considered to be the best offer I was likely to receive, we were in bed at the time in his spacious mansion and he was fucking me tenderly with long slow strokes that were guaranteed to have me squealing, his lovely wife was beneath us licking and sucking at my pussy as I feasted on hers and I felt as if a climax was approaching rapidly,

"Tell me David" I gasped, "I'm about to come, tell me mow"

Sandra his wife, moved her mouth upwards and I felt her lips nibbling at my clitoris,

"One million pounds in cash Pauline, and a twenty five per cent share of dividends"

"Yes" I squealed as his words sank in and the climax hit me, "FUCKING HELL YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS"

I was still coming as he withdrew and Sandra took his place hurriedly, it was something we'd done many times before and I loved her to suck his seed from my pussy, we shared it afterwards in a long, wet kiss as David sat watching, a big cheesy grin on his handsome face.

It had been a long, hard fight and my name had been dragged through the mud, I'd been painted as the scarlet woman which I suppose I was but I felt no shame, the money would enable me to search for my son and that was the point of it all nothing else mattered!

It took another three months for me to receive the money, three months which I used to look for the house I wanted, it had to be out of the way, but not too remote and I also engaged David to try and trace my son through the usual channels.

He had no luck of course as I'd expected but I enjoyed my nights with him and Sandra and we persevered until he found the advert which set me on the way to realising my dream of finding my son.

The filming only took two days, they narrow the field down to three possible matches, then they do more checks on facial characteristics, DNA, background, place and date of birth, you name it and they check it.

The final few minutes were the longest of my life, I'd already seen photographs of each youth and I was absolutely convinced that I knew who it was, photo number three showed a handsome young man with a cheeky grin and an impish look about him, it was him, I knew it was and when he stepped through the curtain we hugged and hugged and the tears flowed.

Eventually we said our farewells to those on the show and went back to the hotel suite provided by the producers and ate dinner in the dining room, we kept looking at each other and laughing with embarrassment.

"I can't take my eyes off you" he said with a smile, "You're gorgeous"

"You're not so shoddy yourself"

We poured out more champagne, courtesy of the television company and toasted each other,

"I'm not an angel you know mum"

"Say that again"

"I'm not an angel"

"No" I laughed, but I could feel the tears in my eyes, "You just called me mum"

"Yes" he said and squeezed my hand, "Is that all right?"

"I've waited eighteen years to hear it, it's perfect darling"

We stayed up late just talking and laughing, I told him everything about me including how I'd had several female lovers, I told him how I became rich, how I'd used my boss and not once did he offer up one word of criticism.

Michael's story

I couldn't take my eyes off her in the hotel, she was gorgeous, I knew she was thirty one but she looked like a woman of twenty one, she was one of those women who just oozed sexuality. She knew she was beautiful of course, but it was obvious that she didn't have to try to turn heads, she wore the minimum of make up and her clothes, while expensive, were understated rather than the opposite.

I sat enthralled as she told me about her life and her lovers and quite unashamedly admitted that she was bi-sexual,

"But there's only one man in my life at the moment darling" she laughed, "And he's sitting beside me"

"Can I kiss you again mum?"

She turned in surprise and giggled that special little giggle that sent shivers down my spine,

"That's the best offer I've had all day Michael" and she leaned into me, her lips were the lips I'd dreamt of, soft and giving and we kissed for only very slightly longer than was usual,

"You've got lipstick on now" she laughed and reached for a handkerchief, but I gripped her hand,

"No mum" I laughed, "I want to keep you near me in bed"

"I wish you could darling" she replied and then rather too quickly, she asked me what I meant when I said I wasn't an angel,

"It's only fair to tell you mum" I said feeling my face reddening, "I've been in trouble with the police"

"Oh" she sounded disappointed,

"Yeah, I was sent to a young offenders institute for twelve months for having sex with two underage girls"

"Oh" her face fell, she WAS disappointed in me,

"They were sisters mum and they were fifteen, I was three months older and sixteen, their parents caught us in bed and their mother insisted that the police were called, but that was only because she was jealous"

"Why was she jealous?"

I couldn't help smiling as I told her that the mother had been sharing my bed before her daughters,

"Oh my God Michael" she laughed, "You're my son all right"

Over breakfast the following morning, mum told me that we were going down to the new house she'd bought, she looked even more gorgeous than she had the day before in white slacks with a white blouse and her long blonde hair in a pony tail.

I could hardly take my eyes off her sexy little bottom as we walked to the car, it was no use telling myself that she was my mother, my prick wasn't listening.

"You're staring at me" she giggled as we got into the big Jaguar,

"Sorry mum" I said, "But I just can't get enough of you"

"Yes well, the feeling's mutual, you're a good looking young man"

She swung the heavy car out onto the road and powered away, she drove expertly and less than an hour later we pulled into the driveway of a big rambling house that looked as if it had once been very grand but now seemed to be in need of some serious renovations.

"It's huge mum" I gasped, "Bloody enormous!"

"I got it for an absolute song" mum laughed, "Four bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom, a kitchen obviously, four living rooms, a library, a room that we're going to turn into a sauna and there's something round the back that I think you'll like"

We got out of the car and she linked an arm through mine as we walked round the side of the house,

"Oh wow" I yelled, "A pool"

"An Olympic sized pool" she corrected me, "I hired a local builder and he finished it yesterday, I thought you might like it"

"Like it?" I laughed, "It's brilliant!"

"Can you swim?"

"Yeah of course, can you?"

"Oh yes" I noticed a glint in her eyes and I realised what she was going to do just as she took a tighter grip on me and stepped off the edge.

"MUM" I yelled, "YOU'RE MAD!" then we hit the water and came up spluttering and laughing, she swam towards me but I pushed her under while I swam away and powered my way between her legs, she was screaming with laughter as I shot to the surface, her legs wrapped round my shoulders before I shrugged her off again and we climbed out like two half drowned rats.

I was behind her when we got out and I was treated to a mind blowing view of a tiny white triangle through her soaking trousers where her panties ran downwards between the cheeks of her pert little bottom.

We ran upstairs still laughing and I followed her blindly when she turned into a room,

"Towels" she grinned and pointed towards a bathroom where I found two large bath towels, throwing one over my shoulder, I took the other one into mum and stopped dead in my tracks, she had taken off her blouse and slacks and was just reaching into the wardrobe for a robe naked but for her saturated little panties, there was no shadow of pubic hair visible through her panties and for the life of me I couldn't drag my eyes away from her!

"Michael?" she said softly, "Your mouth's open"

"Oh, I'm sorry" I spluttered, "I didn't mean to stare mum"

"Well? You're still doing it"

My cock was practically standing to bloody attention and she wasn't blind, she must have seen it, that vision of her standing there in just her panties, her pink tipped breasts on display to my lustful gaze will stay with me for ever.


He threw the towel at me and spluttered yet another apology before turning and running back to the bathroom, I heard the shower running as I stepped out of my panties and I don't think they were the only thing I left behind me as I walked into the bathroom behind him, I left my common sense with them.

"Michael" I said, my voice barely a croak, "Look at me, this is me, your mother, this is going to be your home if you want it, I'm not forcing you, but I'd like nothing more than for you to say yes, I'm doing this because you need to get used to seeing me in various stages of undress, the climate down here is nice, it's warm and I like to enjoy it while it lasts, in other words Michael, I like to be naked, if you can live with that without getting a hard on that's -- Oh my God!"

He turned to face me and I saw his penis, it wasn't just huge, it was enormous, easily the biggest thing I'd ever seen in my life before and it was standing bolt upright almost touching his navel!

"Tell me that's not real Michael" I whispered, "It can't be"

"I'm sorry mum" he said and I realized he was crying, "I can't help it, I was born like it"

Without a seconds thought I took him into my arms and held him close to me as the water cascaded over us both,

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