Billie and the Preacher

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Billie lives with self styled lay preacher 'Windy Dave'. Rescued from early teen sexual abuse at home by Dave, she has endured 15 years of marriage and of being mostly ignored. Enter two bikers who take over Billie and give her a future.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Reluctant   Incest   Brother   Father   Daughter   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Dave Windham, or, as he was known 'Windy Dave', was a self styled preacher. He was an older man, in his late 60's and definitely gone to seed. He sported, when he was in his preacher mode, a white suit and white shirt with a black bolo type tie. He had sparse gray to whitish hair on his head, in a 'comb over' fashion to cover up his bald spot. He got the odd preaching job now and then, not too often. He usually changed the subject quickly, when asked by anyone about his credentials. He had the ability to hold forth for a good hour or more on his favorite biblical subjects. His presence in any of the small churches that would and did have him periodically in their pulpit was usually met with concentrated groans. But Dave didn't care.

Dave's wife was a woman named "Billie". She was a fairly good looker, whom Dave had somehow, he often said, rescued from a bad situation about 15 years ago, at a time when marrying the homely preacher was Billie's ticket away from a family of men, Momma being long gone, who kept her around to do the chores, the cooking and serve any bed that needed warming on any night.

Bille and Dave snuck off one evening and kept going. The men in Billie's family never cared enough about her to go looking for her. As a result, Billie had been stuck with Windy Dave now for about 15 years.

It wasn't a hard life, but it wasn't a good life. Billie constantly reminded herself of how it had been back on the farm. This was far better. It's true Billie was not a fulfilled woman, for Dave was often moved to preach to her about the evils of carnal lust. Billie always secretly thought that Dave went on so because he mostly 'couldn't get it up', as the saying goes.

Billie discovered early on that if Dave were going to 'perform' it was only going to happen if he 'performed' at the tail end of a blow job from her. She'd been the 'blow job special', one of the nick names that the men at the farm had given her, and she certainly knew how to do it.

But it was one of those carnal things that Dave loved to sound off about, and so, it didn't happen very often. Billie lived a life of having to sneak her fingers between her lovely thighs, when Dave was snoring his best and out for the count. It wasn't satisfying but it wasn't the business of the men on the farm, which from time to time Billie thought that she might just miss. Yes, Billie was an unfulfilled woman.

Dave called it 'doing her duty', when he was ready, every other month or so, for her to go down on him and get him ready for a few pokes and a wiggle and the end. It never satisfied her but Billie was a woman who tended to count her blessings, even if the blessing came disguised as 'Windy Dave', her husband.

At the present time, Billie was pushing 37 years old. She was in that glow of womanhood that resulted in the best looking women, the best shaped women, the sexiest women.

Billie wasn't aware of that because there was no fulfillment in her life; there was no sexual heat in her life. She lived and ignored the worst of it; she got along. She was well shaped, our Billie; she had 37d breasts with large brown nipples, that seemed to harden at the drop of a hat. She had a well rounded ass and short blondish brown hair. She was a woman who would turn heads, if it weren't for the fact that 'Windy Dave' demanded that she dress demurely.

He said to her often enough that she should dress to look like a preacher's wife. He meant dowdy and retiring, but ready to do whatever his ministerial career might demand.

She was accommodating. There was an undying gratitude in Billie for Dave having taken her away from the farm and all those nights, mornings and afternoons spent on her knees or bent over a saw horse, or just sprawled out in the house or bedroom with her legs spread.

Billie was not a prude, despite her early sexual experiences, which went on until her early twenties, having begun when she was about 11. She knew full well that she could break out into a full sexual life, if given a chance. But chances were few for Billie and she thought that she might have already used up her chances just in getting away from the farm.

Billie went along with Dave. She tended his needs, including the every other monthly blow job and poke. She didn't raise a fuss. She led a quiet life, no adventure, not much fun. All of it was her place in 'Windy Dave's' world.

Dave was fond of showing off for Billie periodically. He'd make a show of impressing who he was, displaying his pastoral aspect to unsuspecting people. He always got away with it. It was normally done for Billie's benefit, to show her that he could cope with rough characters, and strange people, who would respect, in the last analysis, his being a pastor. He never let on that he was not in fact a preacher but a self proclaimed lay-preacher. He always expected Billie to fawn over him, when he went out of his way to deal with people.

He took Billie to Sunday dinner on the odd weekend at various local establishments. And it was often at such places that he'd practice being overbearing to strangers. Billie always watched with chagrin but knew her part and was quiet.

It was just such a Sunday. They went to lunch. Dave had had a preaching appointment that morning in fact. He was feeling particularly full of himself, and needed to do some crowing, so that Billie would be impressed. He was even thinking that this afternoon might just be a good time to have Billie 'do her duty' by him.

In the restaurant were few people that day. There were, however, two bikers, Hank and Rusty.

As Billie and Dave entered the restaurant, she noticed the bikers immediately, especially Rusty, whom she thought was cute. She normally kept such things to herself but gave Rusty a winning smile. They sat down and she smiled at Rusty again; he was encouraged by it.

It was Hank that said to Rusty:

"I wonder what she looks like under that baggy gray dress."

Rusty grinned at Hank. Rusty replied:

"She's really, really pretty."

"Oh my," Hanks said, "My friend's smitten!"

Dave caught Billie smiling at Rusty and said roughly:

"Don't you act out, woman! Who you makin' eyes at."

"No one," she said meekly.

Then it happened; Dave suspected that it was Rusty and Hank that she was 'makin' eyes at', and the very fact that Rusty and Hank were there was enough to entice Dave into doing his swagger thing.

He said to Billie:

"Excuse me a minute, darlin'; I have a ministerial task to perform here."

"Please, Dave," she said trying to stop him, but he wasn't listening to her.

He got up and went to the table where Hank and Rusty were sitting.

"Excuse me brothers," Dave began, "I'm Rev. Windham."

Hank stared and Rusty nodded.

"I was wondering if I might ask you good gentlemen whether you went to divine services today, since it's the Lord's day?"

Hank and Rust still stared at him.

Dave cast a look at Billie, and she looked uncomfortable but resigned. He smiled and nodded.

"I get the impression, brothers, that you two are errant sinners and in need of the Lord's guidance."

"Actually, padre," Rusty said, "We're in need of some peace and quiet so we can eat our dinner. Why don't you go back to the lovely lady and leave us be?"

Billie heard the comment, and put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle. Rusty saw her, and winked, when Dave wasn't looking. She did the same thing again.

"But brothers," Dave went on, not heeding what was going on or what Rusty had said, "I see you in need of guidance and I am fully equipped to deliver the guidance that you need, right here and now."

"Thanks, padre, but we're busy here, " Hank said.

Dave simply went on:

"You must never be too busy, brothers, for the Lord, and if you didn't attend to him on his special day today, then I think that you should bow your heads in forgiveness now and attend to him now. You two just bow your heads and pray with me now, and we'll deliver to the Lord a supplication for forgiveness for you two sinners."

It was then that it happened.

Rusty looked at Hank, who nodded and Hank took a glass of ice water. He turned with it in his hand, grabbed Dave by his belt. He pulled on the belt to make it come away from Dave's ample stomach and simply poured the water down the front of Dave's pants.

Dave shrieked, and Rust and Hank simply looked at him. Rusty did notice, however, that Billie put her hand over her mouth again to keep from laughing out loud.

Dave spun on his heels and grabbed Billie by the hand saying with as much dignity as he could muster:

"Come, wife, we'll leave the sinners to their own damnation."

"And their dinner!" said Hank, as Dave and Bille stomped out.

Bille was trailing behind Dave, being pulled by the hand out of the restaurant but she turned once on the way out the door and looked back at Hank and Rust and even smiled.

"See that!" Rusty said.

"Yep!" Hank returned, and then said: " But I don't trust that preacher; I'll go watch."

Sure enough, when Hank got to the window he saw Dave push each of the bikes over with his foot before getting into his car.

He went and told Rusty right away. The two of the settled up and went to the door, and by then they could see Dave driving away.

Then Rusty went on:

"You thinking the same thing that I am?"

"Yeah," Hank said, "Let's follow but not too close. Want it to be a surprise."

Rusty grinned and said: "It might be the preacher's wife's lucky day!"

"It might be!" Hank said.

Rusty then said. "Well, let's visit the preacher."

They were out and gone in a few minutes. They could see Dave's car receding in the distance and followed, though not closely.

Dave took Billie home. He was intent on a nap. His idea of her 'doing her duty' was lost in the humiliation of having the water poured down his pants. He thought that he might make her pray with him, which he sometimes did for an hour at a time. He often used it as a method of punishing Billie, when the mood was on him. It was certainly on him now.

He never noticed that the two motor cycles were following him, until he heard them pull into the drive. His house was a fairly small one but had some land to go with it. The nearest neighbors were a good three miles or so away.

He heard the nose and saw the bikes pull into the yard and got a smile on his face.

"They've come to apologize, Billie," he crowed.

"Now you just watch how I deal with them!"

He went out and said:

"I see brothers that you've come to make amends but know that I don't hold grudges. We can still pray together."

Then Rusty grabbed Dave by the shirt, and Dave's rattling-on ended in a mere squawk.

"What... ?" Dave managed.

"Get into the house!" Hank said.

Billie was simply staring at what was happening wide eyed.

"Don't open your mouth, preacher busy body," Hank said.

Dave by this time was scared and only squeaked, and Billie was wide eyed.

"Now listen and listen good! Got me?" Hank said.

Dave shook his head 'yes'.

"We were minding our own business but you had to stick your nose in until we did what we had to, to discourage your busibodiness. But you had to act smart and kick our bikes over. I saw it, don't you dare lie to me. My friend, you've earned yourself a beating! And it's coming now."

Dave squeaked.

Bille intervened and said: "Please don't hurt him; please." She hesitated for a moment and said in a resolute voice:

"I'll pay, do what you want with me!"

Rusty looked at Hank and they both kind of nodded.

"Okay, then Mr Preacher take those fuckin' clothes off, every damn stitch or I begin to hurt you right away," was Hank's next demand.

Dave was terrified, and began to obey the order. He was soon down to his underwear but Hank demanded that he be naked. He complied and stood shaking.

"Sit in the chair!" Hank said, and Dave sat down.

Rusty, who had found some rope began to tie Dave to the chair, and soon had him tied up well and tight. They also gagged Dave, when he was finally tied up.

Rusty spoke up:

"Now, preacher, hear me and hear me good. What's going to happen depends on your wife. She says she'll 'pay, so we'll see. If she's good to us, we're just going to party with her for a while. We'll take her out for a bit and just have a good time. If she gives us a hard time, then we're going to get rough, soon. Then we're going to cut your ugly pecker off and put it in your mouth. We're going to kill you and bury you out back. Then we'll kill your wife and bury her there too."

Bille was wide eyed, as he said this. 'Windy Dave' was making huge amounts of noise. Rusty was standing so that Dave couldn't see him and winked at Billie and smiled.

"I'll be good," she said. "You'll see.

Rusty stepped closer to her and said:

"I'm sure you will sweetheart."

Then Rusty continued and said to Billie.

"You're coming with us for a bit, sweetie," he said.

"I will," she said with determination.

"Yes, we'll go for a little ride. You'd like that?" he asked her.

"Yes," she said softly, "I would."

"Yes, but not the way you are," Hank put in.

"Ohhh," she said.

"Take the dress off, you're gorgeous and it's ugly!" Rusty said next.

Billie giggled then. She only hesitated for a few seconds; she gave him a kind of owl eyed look and then glanced at Dave, who was struggling and mumbling behind his gag.

They ignored him totally. Finally, Hank turned to him and said:

"Shut up, or I'll do what I promised right now!"

Billie hurried then, and began to unbutton the large white buttons that ran down the length of the front of the dress, and soon had it open altogether.

Dave was now quiet and just watching.

"Off?" Bille asked.

"Off," Rusty said to her.

She moved her shoulders and the dress fell from her shoulders; she grabbed it and folded it onto a chair.

She had a feeling, one that was getting stronger and kind of creeping up into her consciousness. She liked the feeling. It was really like being back on the farm with the men. But this was different, was going to be different. She thought, decided that despite 'Windy Dave', this was going to be for her.

She wore a plain white slip that went to her knees.

Rusty reacted by going over to her. She flinched automatically. He stopped where he was an ran a hand down the side of her face, caressing her face.

"It's okay, pretty woman!' he said softly, so that only she could hear.

"Pretty?" Billie said softly in amazement.

"Definitely," he said. "Now let's get rid of this ugly slip!"

"Yes, please!" she said.

("Yes, this is for me, all for me!" Billy whispered in her thoughts.) He took out a knife and again calmed her anxiety, that showed again, when she saw the knife.

"Like her, Russ?" Hank asked.

"Definitely do!" Rusty said.

Then Hank spoke up:

"Look our preacher friend has a stiffy! The old goat!"

"Is he good to you?" Rusty asked, pausing in his dealing with the slip, saying it so that only she and Hank could hear.

Billie understood the question, and answered:

"He wants me to 'do my duty' about every six weeks or so," she said blushing.

"Your duty?" Rusty asked.

"Yes, I take his thing in my mouth until he's about ready to unload and then he pokes me with it to finish himself off," she explained, blushing, and averting her eyes.

"What about you?" Rusty asked next.

"That's it for me!" Bille said, again with a major blush.

"Shit!" Hank said vehemently.

"We're gonna change that today, pretty woman!" Rusty said to her and snipped one of the shoulder straps of the slip.

Then the other was snipped and the slip started to move down her body, slowly, as though it had a mind to tease the two bikers. It puddled around her waist, showing a substantial, plain white cotton bra.

"Off!" Rusty said and Billie reached down and pushed the slip past her hips and let it glide to the floor.

She was wearing then only her plain bra and a pair of pretty, pink nylon panties.

"Beautiful woman!" Rusty said.

"Got that right!" Hank agreed.

Billie stood with her arms wrapped around her chest, almost hiding her bra. Rusty moved to where she was and instinctively she dropped her hands. When he reached her, he stood immediately in front of her, and reached around to fiddle with her bra clasp. It didn't come right away, so he cut it too with his knife and threw the garment aside.

"Ohhhhhh!" Billie moaned at this point.

Before he even looked her over, Rusty had her in his arms and kissed her.

She was totally surprised but it was, for Billie, a wonderful kiss.

"Ohh," she said again.

Rusty turned toward where Dave was then, and said:

"Any of this a problem, preacher?"

Dave vehemently shook his head 'no'.

"I want to tell you," Rusty went on, "If you raise a fuss, while we're gone, I'm going to butcher you, when I get back. Understand that?"

Again Dave shook his head 'yes'.

"Okay, then, preacher," Rusty said, "We'll be going for a short while."

Hank then took a cloth and blindfolded Dave, and made sure that he was secure. He forced Dave's chair into the corner, so that he was only facing the corner.

Then Rusty took Billie by the hand, and led her toward the door.

"Oh, wait a minute," she said, "I have to get something."

She rushed toward the bedroom with Rusty following. She dug into the closet and came out with a pair of red heels with three inch lifts on them. Then she followed Rusty outside.

"I never wear them," she said when they were outside,"He won't let me."

She looked at Rusty with those owl eyes and asked softly:

"Would you really have killed us?"

"No, honey," Rusty said, running his hand down her cheek in a caress.

"Are you really going to take me on your motorcycle?" she asked.

"Yep, we are;" Rusty said, "Little party."

She giggled and then said: "Oh, I think I like that."

He took her then and kissed her again. She melted against him. The kiss began soft but was heated and passionate in no time. While kissing her, he ran his hand down over the cheeks of her ass.

"Ohhh," she moaned into his ear, "I like this! Nothing like this has happened for years and years!"

"How long?" he asked.

"I've been with Dave for 15 years!" was her response.

"Let's go then," he said, taking his leather vest off and putting it on her.

It caused Billie to giggle:

"Thank you!" Then she stopped talking and blushed.

"What?" he asked.

"Thank you for choosing me!" was her response.

"We certainly have!" Rusty said.

He checked on Dave for a minute but Hank had him in a situation where he wasn't able to move at all.

"Ready?" Hank asked.

"Yes," Rusty said.

"Love the vest, honey!" Hank said.

She giggled a 'thank you' and preceded them. They both watched with appreciation at the swing of her ass cheeks, as they went outside.

"Billie!" Rusty said.

"Yes," she asked, turning to face them.

"Nice ass!" he said.

Billie giggled! And said "Thank you!"

Rusty got onto the Harley and gave her some instructions and she got up behind him. When he asked, she told him about a grove that they could go to that was a few miles away down the road. She also assured him that this was private property and they would be undisturbed.

"You ride first, Russ," Hanks said. "I want to ride behind and stare at her ass!"

Bille giggled again and then let out a huge noise as Rusty roared off with her riding.

As they went along, she pulled the back of his tee shirt up, and then moved the vest so that she could press her stiffened nipples against his naked back.

"Fantastic!" Rusty shouted, as she then buried her face in the back of his neck.

They were getting to the copse of trees with a grass area that she'd told them about, and he slowed down. She could talk to him now.

"I've never ridden a motorcycle before!" she said.

"Like it?" Rusty asked.

"It's so exciting," she said.

The wind in her hair reminded her that she'd been carted off by these two, and it excited her that much more. As he rode slowly toward the copse of trees, she lifted his tee shirt again and brushed her nipples along his back.

"That feels so great!" he said.

"I have to admit," she said, "I'm so excited. I know some women would be shouting 'rape' but I have more in mind: 'take me!' Then she added:

"I'm glad that I can't see your face or I wouldn't have the courage to say this."

"Billie," Rusty said, "You're a wonderful woman."

"Thank you," she said into his bare back, planting a kiss on his spine.

"No one has ever said that to me!" she said softly.

"Well, you deserve to hear it!" he said next.

"You treat me so nice!" she said, and then: "Will the two of you tell me what to do? I mean, what you want? My experience, except in my head, is so limited for such a long time."

"Yes, we will; Billie, you're wonderful and unspoiled."

Hank had stopped first and was waiting, as Rusty stopped and helped Billie get off of the bike.

"Now," she said.

"Now, " Rusty said.

"Please help me," she said, "I don't know what to do at all."

"Can you believe it, Rus?" Hank asked.

"Naw, the old man only wanted her mouth about every two months, and then followed that by a bare insertion and no consideration for her at all."

Bille just watched the two of them, as they talked. They turned to her, and she realized that they were ready for her.

It was Rusty that spoke up:

"Billie, I want you to walk to the edge of the grass area here; we want to see you walk! You look so good in those panties and my vest."

"Ohhhh," she said, and began to walk. She turned to face them for a few seconds and said:

"I really like this vest!"

"Keep it!" Rusty said, "A gift from me."

"Really?" she almost shouted.

He grinned and said: "Yes, a gift."

She ran to him and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him. It was a longer kiss this time, very wet, and when he inserted his tongue in her mouth, it made her panties wet.

"Mmmmm," she said, and saw Hank standing and looking, so she launched herself at Hank next for a kiss.

She wasn't going to miss either one of them, even though she really liked the one named 'Rusty'.

The kiss was as wet and as satisfying as the other one.

"You must think that I'm terrible," she said, blushing, "I mean going out with you, dressed like this."

"I think that you've been too over looked for too long, and Hank and I intend to rectify that right away."

She smiled and said: "Thank you!"

(And Bille really meant it. Her life had been up to that point, a simple sliding to the side, from the men at the farm, and all the sex there to the rescue by Dave, and the corresponding lack of sex, and lack of consideration, or tenderness or certainly kissing or any of the other things that Billie craved, and had tried to bury deeply. Just the thought of it, and what was happening here and now:

"For here I am," she mused, "Wearing my new leather vest, my good red heels and pink panties! Isn't it enough to make you just giggle?") It made her happy and she smiled at the two men who were looking at her, and she turned and strutted away. She walked like the men on the farm always wanted her to walk: ass shaking, tits bouncing, was the way that they always said it, and she knew that it pleased men, except for Dave.

"Wow!" Rusty said, "You walk, girl!"

She grinned back at them and, once she'd gotten to the other side of the grass area, had a wicked thought, but since she was, for now, outside of Dave's influence, she gave in to the wicked thought.

She took off the vest with a flourish, and hung it on the tree. They clapped and Billie grinned at them and stuck her arms and hands up in the air for effect. Then she had an even more wicked thought and she pulled her panties down to her knees.

They cheered now, and she was encouraged. She stood with her hands and arms up in the air again, and turned around, bending over from the waist.

She was showing them her ass. The men on the farm constantly asked her to bend over and show her ass. She knew that this too pleased men.

Then she swept the panties down and off, hanging them on the tree too. She began to walk toward them, now naked except for her shoes.

"Did you like that?" she asked, once she got to where they were.

"Fantastic," Hank said.

"Beautiful woman!" Rusty said.

"Really?" she wanted to know but his answer was to take her into his arms for a kiss.

Billie made a squealing noise into Rusty's mouth, as Rusty groped her nipple and she made another squealing noise, when he groped her ass.

The kiss broke and she asked:

"What now? Help me please."

Just after they were done kissing, Hank spoke up:

"Say, Russ, I need to go back and check on that old coot."

Rusty knew what he was doing right away, and said:

"Hank, you don't have to do that!"

"Sure I do, man," Hank said, "I've got eyes; she dotes on you. And you know the 'three is a crowd' thing."

Billie spoke up, nervous then:

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, honey," Hank said, "You did everything right. Just take care of my pal, he's a great one!"

Then he left.

"Why did he leave?" she asked.

"Hank's a good friend," Rusty said, "And a partner. He knows when three's a crowd!"

Billie smiled, and said: "Good for Hank."

She got a questioning look on her face and said:

"What kind of partner?"

"We own a business together," Rusty said.

"Ohhh!" Billie said, and then "Just us two here now."

"Just us two," Rusty said, "I guess the way it should be; Hank thinks so!"

"He's so nice!" Billie said.

"He's a gem; we've been pals a long time," was Rusty's comment.

Then he grinned at the almost naked woman and said:

"You look wonderful wearing only those red shoes!

She blushed but knew what she wanted; she'd already made a determination for herself and said:

"I want to do whatever you want me to! It's been so long!"

He pressed a hand in the middle of Billie's back and she bent over from the waist. He wasted no time in inserting a finger and then two into her wet pussy from behind.

"Ohhhhhh!" she sighed as Rusty moved on from using fingers to using his cock.

"Ohhhh, it's been ... been a long time!" Billie said.

Billie was now in flames; the heat of Rusty fucking her spread to every part of her body. She gave herself to it whole heartedly. They were both in heat and neither one of them lasted a long time before cumming.

She looked up and knew that she wanted to please him, above all.

"Please!" she said, "Please!"

He knew what she was talking about. For her, all that practice with the men on the farm and then 'doing her duty' with Dave would now pay off.

Rusty smiled at her. He bent down and kissed her first. This was unexpected. It was a kind of consideration that Billie was just not used to and she sighed into the kiss.

Then she said another please. Rusty how had his cock out in front of her and she gladly opened her mouth and did the best for him. She was good at giving blow jobs. With her family at home originally, she was used for cock sucking long before she was able to be fucked. Billie knew how to suck a cock, and she wanted to show Rust that.

"Wow!" Rusty said, "The mouth on the little lady!"

Billie's reaction was to sink to her knees and continue the blow job that she was giving Rusty. Her eyes never left his.

"You certainly are a beautiful woman!" Rusty said, and Billie took his cock out of her mouth long enough to say:

"Thank you for saying so!"

Just as Billie knew that Rusty was ready to cum, she pushed her head forward to take his cock all the way into her mouth, and swallow his load.

"Ohhhh shit!" Rusty said almost by reflex. Then he surprised Billie totally by pulling her up to a standing position and kissing her.

Billie clung to him, with her head on his chest and wouldn't let go at all.

"Shall I take you home now, Billie?" he asked.

"Can I ask a favor?" she wanted to know.

"Certainly!" Rusty said.

"It's been such a long time and Dave is so inattentive; can we? Could we? Would you do it again?" she asked, blushing.

"Sure, honey," Rusty said, and kissed Billie again.

This time, as he was holding her, he slipped his hands down to play with her ass cheeks. She wiggled them a bit, as he did it.

Rusty gently lay Billie down on the ground, and proceeded to make love to her.

She was vigorous with Rusty on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moved against him, moaning all the while.

"Feels so nice..." she breathed. "Feels ... feels ... so nice!" she repeated and repeated until they both had cum.

Then Billie clung to him. She surprised Rusty then by bursting into tears.

"What?" Rusty asked.

"It's just that no one has ever taken that kind of care or concern with me!" she said sobbing, as Rusty held her.

In just a little bit she calmed down and said:

"I'm fine, really; I just had to get that out of my system."

"What about Dave?" Rusty asked.

"Oh, I can take care of him; he'll be alright. I'll let him spout off and all. It's what he does. He loves to talk but he ignores me mainly."

Rusty watched as Billie went across the little clearing and fetched both the leather vest and her panties. She put the panties on, never taking her eyes off of Rusty and then she sauntered back across the clearing to him.

He had his arms open waiting for her, when she get back.

He held her and said:

"I have to say that we were only going to come and set Dave straight a little. We weren't looking for trouble or to carry you away. It just happened that way, and he was so obnoxious."

"I'm so glad you did!" she said, and stared at him.

He knew right away what was on her mind. He spoke up:

"I will come back. I don't trust Dave at all. I know you said that you can handle him but I will come back to make sure. When should I call?"

"He takes a nap every day between 1PM and 3 PM. I sometimes give him part of a sleeping pill just to make sure that he sleeps and I get some peace and time for myself."

"Okay, between 1 PM and 3 PM," Rusty said.

"You won't forget about me?" she asked softly.

He smiled and said: "Honey, there's no way I would do that; I'm not finished with you yet; I've only started. There are lots of things that I intend to do to you, and with you!"

She giggled and said: "Oh, good! It makes my life seem a bit more ... I don't know ... I guess nice!"

"Honey," he said, "I hate to take you back but Hank and I have to get back to get some things arranged for the business."

"I understand," She said but there was a tear in her eye.

They kissed and she got back on the bike, still wearing her red shoes, the leather vest and the pink panties.

They kissed again, as he left her off.

"Be sure to tell him that we forced you," Rusty said. "Say what you need to, to make sure that he goes easy on you."

"I will, love!" Billie said, as Rusty left.

It wasn't only a few days, it was in fact a week before Rusty and Hank had their business stuff arranged. And then Rusty called and prepared for the trip back to where Dave and Billie lived because Hank insisted he do it.

He was in the area finally and it was 1:10 PM, when Rusty called.

Billie came on the phone and, as soon as she heard Rusty's voice she began to cry.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I thought you forgot me!" she said.

"No, honey," he explained, "I've been that busy."

"I know," she said mournfully.

"How are you?" he asked.

"Terrible," she cried.

"Why? What has he done?" he demanded to know, now concerned.

"He has stopped having sex with me altogether," she began. "He calls me 'whore' all the time."

She was crying full out by this time.

"And he beats me every day. He's become fierce about it. As soon as he gets up from his nap, it's time for my beating! He won't let me out of the house because he doesn't want people to see that I have a black eye!"

"I'm coming!" Rusty said, "He gets up at 3 PM; I'll be there by 2:30 PM. I just have to do a few things."

She was waiting for him, when he got there. He had a bundle. He saw her and he was blindingly angry. She clung to him, and sobbed, as he held her.

"I'll fix this, Billie," he said.

"How?" she wanted to know.

"This life is over for you; you're coming with me today, and it will be the last of Dave for you."

"Do you really mean it?" she asked.

"I do!" he said adamant.

"I don't have anything to wear!" she said next, sadly. "I can't go this time just in my pink panties, and Dave destroyed your lovely vest."

"Here's another," he said, "Taking his off and giving it to her. And this is a bundle of clothes for you."

She opened it with a squeal, when she discovered the jeans that he brought for her.

"I don't have any jeans!" she said with barely muted glee.

And there was a tee shirt, and boots and socks and some new underwear.

"We'll outfit you completely, when we get you home," he said.

"Home!" she said wistfully. "It sounds so nice."

"I mean it, Billie, you're coming with me," he repeated.

"Oh, thank you, Rusty; let me tell you that I think I love you!"

His response was to kiss her.

"You're more woman than I deserve," he said, and kissed her again. She clung to him.

"He'll be getting up now," she said.

They both went into the house and Rusty waited. Sure enough, soon they heard Dave stirring. He roared from the bedroom:

"Where are you, you motorcyclist's whore? Where? It's time for your daily beating. I'll beat the badness out of you, whore!"

Billie was standing by the sink and looked frightened, when Dave entered the room dressed only in a robe.

"There you are, whore!" he shouted. "Come get your beating."

It was precisely then that he saw Rusty standing there. Dave let out a huge squeal just as Rusty hit him, giving him a 'pay back' black eye. He knocked Dave on the floor. Dave raised his hands and whined:

"Don't hit me anymore, I didn't mean it!"

"You beat her! You beat her! She kept us from hurting you, kept you alive and you beat her!" Rusty yelled at him.

He hauled Dave, now shaking up from the floor and tore the robe off of him. He was naked beneath. Rusty took the belt from Dave's robe and wrapped it around his scrotum and tied a knot. Dave squealed in pain.

"Come with me now!" Rusty demanded, pulling on the robe belt and leading Dave, who was howling, off toward the garage.

Billie yelled after him:

"Please don't hurt him!"

Rusty got him into the garage and tied his hands off to a beam above his head. Dave was wild eyed and frightened. Rusty still had the belt tied around Dave's balls and now and again pulled on it.

"Did you hear what she said? Did you?" Rusty yelled at him. "You sick fuck; she's concerned about you still, though you've beaten her, ignored her and treated her like less than even a possession. But there's one little thing that I will do as part of our object lesson here."

"Whaaaaat?" Dave wailed, almost out of his head with fright now, not realizing the calming effect that Billie's request had on Rusty.

Rusty looked around and found an old broom handle. Then he was pleased to find in addition an old, old jar of vaseline on the work bench.

"Now think about this for a while, Dave!" Rusty said, as he forced the broom handle up Dave's ass, and left him there babbling and yelling.

He went back to the house and Billie was waiting for him. She was dressed in the new jeans and tee shirt, and vest. She had a small pack. She put her arms around him, as soon as he came in.

"You didn't hurt him?" she asked in a shy voice.

"No, I'm just teaching 'Windy Dave' a lesson," he said.

"Are you ready? Have what you need?" he asked next.

"Yes," she responded. "It's in this bag."

She showed him the bag. It contained the tatters of the vest he'd given her, a pair of pink panties and red heels.

"That's all that I want!" she said. "The rest of the underwear is plain ugly, what he demanded that I wear."

Rusty was struck by it. "Not much for a life!" he said.

"Not much," she answered with tears in her eyes.

"I promise you a new life, honey," he said, "And I always keep my promises."

"Oh, Rusty, I love you, love you!" she said, sighing into his chest.

"I love you too, Billie!" he said, realizing that he actually meant it. "Ready to be a biker girl?"

She giggled and said: "Yep! New jeans, new tee shirt, no bra, new panties, new boots! Whoohoo! Watch out world, here's Billie!"

He laughed and said to her:

"I have him trussed up in the garage; I'll get him down."

"I need to tell him that I'm leaving him," she said.

"Give me five minutes," was his comment and he walked to the garage and loosened Dave and removed the broom handle.

It was just then that Billie came into the garage. Dave looked just scared.

"What are you doin', woman?" he asked caustically.

Rusty slapped Dave's face. "Speak respectfully or, despite what she says, I'll beat the shit out of you!"

That cowed Dave and he was quiet.

"Dave, I want to say 'thank you' for rescuing me 15 years ago. It's a grievance that you've been such a bad husband, and I can't abide the name calling, ignoring my needs and then the beatings. I'm leaving you. Good bye, Dave."

The last words that he said, as the two of them, Rusty and Billie walked out of the garage was:

"But you can't!"

"I have to make one stop," Billie said, "In town. It's to the one friend that I have, her name is Eileen. She works at the bank."

Billie went into the bank and to Eileen's office. Eileen was totally surprised to see her.

"Billie, what happened?" she said.

"Dave beat me, and I'm leaving him! Eileen, thank you for being a friend. I'm going now. I'll call."

Eileen gathered Billie into her arms for a hug.

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