Caught by the Past!
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My ex-husband found some evidense about an affair between me and his late brother. He demanded the truth an now he get it online.

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My name is Lene. I am a fairly attractive 50 something brunette living in Denmark. I may share some of my personal attributes with you later but first I have a confession to make that I would like to share with all of you. Well, actually, it's a confession specifically for my now ex-husband Jørgen, but I'm willing to share it with you because he's such a wimp and a cuck and deserves it. More importantly ... he asked for it!

His request, or perhaps I should say demand, came when my brother-in-law, Erik recently, and suddenly, died. Jørgen was clearing up his estate and while he was going through Erik's personal papers, he found a copy of Weekend Sex that was dog-eared at a page featuring me in a rather compromising position as well as some other incriminating pictures and letters. Jørgen, knowing what a pussy-hound his brother was, assumed the worst and was convinced that I had had an affair with his brother. Suddenly, and without mercy, my past had caught up with me!

At the time that this happened, I was living with Jørgen and his new wife Anna. Anna and I have known each other for a long time and I had introduced her to Jørgen after our marriage had collapsed. I was staying with them to help Anna around the house after she gave birth to her baby.

On the day in question, I had no idea that he had discovered the papers and when he returned to the house he was very angry and upset. Seeing him come through the door in that state, I was overcome with a feeling of dread and I somehow knew that he had discovered that Erik and I had been lovers! We had a tremendous argument as he threw accusations in my face and yelled at me demanding an explanation. I didn't deny the accusations and at first, I tried to bluff him by insisting that he didn't have any right to question me because we weren't married anymore! That just infuriated him more and he insisted that I tell him the truth because we were married at the time that it happened. He demanded to know the entire truth about the affair and how it started. I was as angry at him as he was at me! After all, it was his entire fault. Now, he develops a backbone! I told him that I owed him nothing but, if he wanted the truth, then I would give it to him. I told him that I would do it on my terms, not his. Anna worked to calm us both down and, as she was really curious about my affair as well, suggested that I write down the entire story.

So here it is Jørgen! I hope that you're man enough for the truth about how I satisfied my needs behind your back because you couldn't!

Prior to my marriage to Jørgen I had sexual relations with three other men. Loosing my virginity was not really a memorable experience so you can draw your own conclusions and I'll let it go at that. The other two relations were more enjoyable to the point that I knew that I would need/want a steady diet of cock in my future.

I already had one child due to a slight indiscretion during a wild weekend of sex before I met Jørgen. He and I had some wild passionate drunken nights together when we found out that I was again pregnant. I was not at all happy with this but, after some persuading by Jørgen, he and I got married and I presented him with a son three months after the wedding. Maybe it was post-partum depression or maybe it was just the desire for a good, hot fuck, but about three months after our son was born I was reading through a number of different sex magazines that intrigued my curiosity, as well as made me very wet! Could sex be better than what it was with my hubby or previous lovers, (who weren't all that great) or was I just reading some stories written from other people's fantasies? It seemed that every picture that I looked at had pictures of men who had bigger cocks than my husband. I came to realize that what I wanted was a man to take me hard, not just make love to me, but really fuck me. I wanted a man who would TAKE me, I started to fantasize about rape, to be tied up and fucked helplessly without any mercy, and I desperately wanted a good spanking with a bare hand. As my fantasies built, my curiosity and desires grew with it. Finally, I came to a decision! I needed to find out. I had to satisfy my urges! I wanted to try some strange cock!

I was racked with indecision as I tried to decide whether or not to cheat on my husband and look for someone behind his back or attempt to seek his permission to break my marriage vows.

After building up every ounce of courage that I had, I asked Jørgen for his permission to have sex with another man! I knew that he wasn't happy with my request and he tried to creep around the discussion. I could see it in his eyes that it hurt his feelings and I stupidly promised him that I would not do it if he didn't say yes. He told me that he would think about it. He promised me that he would give me my answer shortly.

The days passed without any response, and then the days turned into weeks and then into months. Sex between us dropped from mediocre to non-existent as he tried to come to a decision. In all fairness, Jørgen did try to make our sex life better. As I shared my fantasies with him, he did try, but he could never get into it. I became hornier, frustrated, and wanted the pleasure of having my unfulfilled desires for some really good, hot, hard sex satisfied.

About two months after our discussion my request still remained unanswered. I was constantly wet and horny and my fingers were my only source of relief. I think that I burnt out two vibrators during this time! I was climbing the walls in frustration when fate took a hand and my life changed forever. Destiny intervened in the form of Jørgen's father, Bent, who suddenly appeared one day wishing to see his grandson. He had been out of the country for some time and just returned when he discovered that he had a new grandson.

Bent stayed with us for two very enjoyable weeks. He was fun to have around, very helpful while Jørgen was away at work and had a great sense of humor. He was also a notorious flirt! It seemed that as we got to know each other better, every comment had a sexual connotation. I found that as he and I talked and joked together I would become quite horny and wet, especially whenever we were alone.

Previously, during a number of the family gatherings, I had heard rumors from some of the women that Bent was a bit of a bull – that was in direct contrast to his son who was a bitter disappointment in the cock department.

During our conversations at home, I would just see a telltale bulge in his pants. Several times it became quite large when we were sitting alone talking. It turned me on so much that I became very wet knowing that he was aroused as well. As our joking and flirting increased, I continued to feel my urges grow hotter and hotter as I got wetter and wetter. I never thought that we would end up having sex together as, after all; he was the father of my husband. Little did I know!

Hey Jørgen! How do you feel about the confession that you wanted now? Surprised? You shouldn't be. After all, it's your fault that I'm the slut that I've become. Keep reading asshole; it's going to get better!

During the first four days of Bent's visit, I believe that what held him back from directly approaching me was the knowledge that it was his own son that he would cuckold if he went forward and fucked me. He realized that it would not be possible to undue the action if he took that final and forbidden step. I'm sure that I sent out plenty of signals that I was willing. He must have been able to smell my desire from across the room! Secretly, I hoped that he would fuck me. Outwardly, I flirted with him like crazy. God; I wanted it so bad!

On the fifth day of his visit, both of our lives turned upside down! That morning; while Jørgen was at work, the baby was sleeping sweetly and soundly in his crib, and my oldest son was at school, the moment that I had been agonizing about for months, finally arrived.

Bent, leaning against the counter in the kitchen, was staring at me strangely as I walked past him to make coffee. He probably smelled my desire as I know that my panties were already soaked. He reached for me, laughed, and said: "The coffee can wait Lene!"

The words rocketed through my brain like lightning bolts as my spasmodic pussy sent even more moisture running down my thighs. As he moved behind, me he pressed his body tightly against mine, his hands grasped my milk-filled breasts and gently massaged them despite my attempts to protest. My mind was a whirlwind of confusion as it attempted to object to the burning sensations while my body was screaming for it to continue! My pussy took control as my protests became weaker and weaker while his rampant cock, like a rigid pole, pushed harder and harder against my ass. My mind continued to protest against these forbidden feelings that were spreading through my body as my pussy became even wetter and my body trembled with greater intensity. I could not resist Bent's touching, nor did I want to, for I knew, in the end, my father-in-law would fuck me. Doing this; taking this risk, I hoped, I prayed, that he was a better lover than my husband.

He didn't listen to my protests, as weak as they were; he assumed that I was just as keen on this as he was. As his hand slowly slid down my body it found its way up under my dress. As his hand gently floated over my mound, one of his fingers slipped into my panties. My head slid back and I moaned loudly as his finger slipped into my soaking wet pussy. With his other hand, Bent gently turned my head, his mouth covered mine and he kissed me and muffled the loud moans that were beginning to rise from my throat.

He removed his finger from my panties and passed it close to my eyes. I could see that it glistened with the juices that seeped from my pussy. Bent then sucked on his finger, smiled and said, "Well Lene you sure need a real man, don't you? My son is obviously not man enough for you! I think that I will make it up to you and show you what our family really has to offer!" Little did he know how true those words would be!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Bent pushed me forward over our dining table and pulled my dress above my waist and onto my back, slid my panties down my thighs and stepped back to remove his pants. Lying there, I looked back over my shoulder as he opened his belt, undid his trousers and pushed them, along with his shorts, to the floor. This is what I was waiting for. Dear God, please make it well worth the wait! I was drooling, literally, as he exposed a cock that must have been at least 22-23 cm and thick!

My god, I was horny. I still continued to protest and said, "Bent, this is so wrong! I cannot have sex with my father in law!" Bent laughed and said "That's not what your pussy is saying. Why is it so hot and soaking wet?"

I could of course, not argue with that statement. I felt him move forward between my legs and instead of resisting by clamping my legs together, I spread them further apart for him. My invitation was obvious. I felt him grasp my panties and move them aside as he guided his dick up and down between my labia. It was so wet, so greasy, so wonderful. I sighed deeply and moaned, "No Bent, no please don't! Jørgen's your son!"

My protests made no difference to him. I knew they wouldn't but I had to go through the motions anyway. Bent did not react to my protestations; he continued to tease my pussy with his throbbing, hard, BIG cock.

The sensations of his cockhead against my saturated labia caused my juices to flow even more freely until, eventually, it just became too much for me. I groaned loudly, "Fuck me Bent, oh yes, fuck me now! Hard!"

I felt his cockhead push through my labia as they stretched to their fullest extent around his shaft. It hurt like hell when his cockhead popped into my channel. Once past my opening he pushed his cock hard into me as he moaned: "You are so fucking narrow Lene, so fucking tight. Haven't you ever had a REAL man inside you before?"

Needless to say, my mind wasn't really on conversation as I felt that thick chunk of meat sliding into my well lubricated hole. Bent fucked me hard, groaning out loud. Unfortunately he didn't last very long but the sensations and anticipation were so great that I managed to cum after just a few strokes. As he pounded his cock rapidly into my spasming hole he suddenly stopped, tensed his body and I felt him shoot his load deep into my sex-hungry and unprotected belly.

Unfortunately we were forced to end our afternoon's activities as my eldest son would soon return from school. We quickly took a shower to hide the evidence of our forbidden lovemaking and lamented over the inability to play while we scrubbed each others backs.

I now knew what an addict felt like. I knew that I could not say no to Bent, nor did I want to. I had to have him and I realized that he could have me whenever he wanted. He simply had to tell me to spread my legs. During the remainder of the day we touched each other whenever the chance presented itself. We had to do it secretly whenever an occasion arose, but unfortunately, there weren't many opportunities during that long day. On one occasion, late in the afternoon, Bent managed to corner me and whispered "Sneak into my room tonight after Jørgen drops off to sleep." I just nodded in answer as my pussy overheated and became soaked with lubricant.

The rest of the day was one of pure torture. I didn't think that nightfall would ever arrive while my pussy continued to burn for more of Bent's big cock. I could hardly wait for the evening, but it seemed that it would never come. Eventually bedtime arrived and, as usual, Jørgen wanted my pussy. When he reached over and pushed his hand between my thighs, he noticed that I was much wetter than I normally was. I whispered that it was because I had missed him so much during the day. With his male ego satisfied, Jørgen fucked me like a rabbit. It was just like our earlier days and all too soon he squirted inside of me with his little shooter.

Before any of this had happened, we had discussed the idea of having a second child and had both agreed that now was the time to go ahead with it. Poor timing on my part! Obviously, I was no longer protected. But was I fertile? I should have thought of all of this before my earlier afternoon romp with Bent!

Jørgen lay close to me, caressing my body and kissed me lovingly. He whispered that he loved me so much. I kissed him back and assured him that I loved him very much as well. This was true in spite of his lack of sexual performance. You cannot imagine the thoughts that were running through my head as I just lay there and hoped that he would fall asleep real soon. My mind was in turmoil, but I knew that I could hardly wait to slip into the Bent's bed and get some real cock.

It felt like years before I was sure that Jørgen was sleeping heavily enough for me to leave. I gently and quietly slipped out of bed and tiptoed into the guest room where Bent was waiting impatiently.

As he saw me approach he removed the quilt to reveal that he was naked and very excited to see me.

My juices were flowing as he pulled me down onto the bed and kissed me. He rolled me over onto my back and started kissing me from my mouth down towards my pussy. As he moved down my body, he maneuvered me into the traditional 69 position where I was lying on my back. He licked me good while I sucked on his nice big fat cock. We both had an orgasm this way and then we just lay there for awhile caressing each other's bodies until his cock again rose up as if to honor me. My mouth resting over the head of his cock didn't hurt either. Bent smiled at me and said I was a real naughty girl, just look what you've done to me.

He spread my legs and I asked him to fuck me. I would do what ever he wanted in order to feel his cock in my pussy again. I was prepared to beg him for his cock. Fortunately, I didn't have to as I surely got it several times during the night.

It was early morning when my shaky legs carried me to the bathroom to extract copious amounts of cum from my pussy before proceeding back into the bed beside my sleeping, unsuspecting husband.

I had only been asleep for probably 20-25 minutes before I was awakened by Jørgen who wanted to have his usual morning bang. I know that he didn't have a clue that his own father had thoroughly fucked me less than an hour before. I bet he thought I was that wet because he had turned me on the night before! After he was finished and had rolled off, my pussy was extremely sore. Not from anything that Jørgen had done, but from the banging that his father had given my pussy the night before.

For the remainder of his stay, Bent and I grabbed every opportunity and used every chance there was to have real good and hot sex. Whenever Bent emptied his balls into my pussy his cock was pressed firmly against my womb.

I have to admit that I felt guilty about deceiving my husband with his own father, but I could not help myself, and I know that Bent enjoyed every minute of it as well.

After Bent left us the two of us would continue to meet again at our place, Bent's flat and in hotel rooms as well as in Bent's car having more hot unprotected sex.

Eventually fate caught up to me and when I gave birth to a lovely baby girl, I did not know who the father was Bent or Jørgen. I wasn't very concerned about it because the truth wouldn't be easy to determine in any case. If she looked like Jørgen, then everything was fine, but if she looked like Bent, that too would be easy to explain due to the family resemblance. Even today, I really don't know who the father is, but deep down there is a little voice that tells me that it was Bent who knocked me up with that big hot cock of his.


In the years that followed I was with Bent many times in both my marital bed when Jørgen wasn't home or in the guest room when Jørgen was deep asleep across the hall in our own bed.

It also happened that I occasionally went over and visited with an uncle who lived in the same town as Bent. It wasn't my uncle that I spent most of my time with, as I would only pay him a short visit. While I was there, Bent's mistress would sometimes be away so we would fuck everywhere in his apartment. If she was home, Bent would rent a hotel room. We would meet like this about 6 times a year and would be able to manage to fuck for a couple of days at a time and some times, we were able to escape for a full week. I always looked forward to those meetings with great anticipation and they made my otherwise monotonous life almost tolerable.

The last time we met was barely a month before Bent's untimely death. He was, unfortunately only in his mid 60's when he passed away. I mourned deeply over the loss of Bent but could not fully show these emotions as nobody would understand where such deep feelings came from.

I'm sure the story above will come as a shock to my ex-husband as I know he had no idea about what happened back then. I think the hardest thing for him to swallow will be the doubt about his daughter. Maybe she isn't his daughter but his sister!

The confession my ex-husband asked for will follow.

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