Victory Slave [3/3]

by Hungry Guy

Copyright© 2010 by Hungry Guy

BDSM Sex Story: Bill enjoys another night of revelry after winning an away game.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Heterosexual   Sports   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Orgy   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Caution   School   .

In his senior year, Bill was promoted to quarterback. His first game as quarterback was was close. But they beat State 7-6 in an away game.

As usual, the team was headed down to the hotel bar to celebrate after the game. Bill headed up to his room for a bit first. Though he showered and changed in the locker room, he wanted to relax with a long hot shower in up in his room before mingling.

Entering his room, Lynne was sitting in that same chair that he told her to wait in before he left for the game that morning.

He glanced at her and grinned. Drop dead beautiful, and she's my slave.

She was totally nude, of course. He owned no clothes for her. He merely had an old canvas painter's drop cloth that he sewed into a crude robe for when she had to go out into public, but out in public is only when she wore it.

"Sir," she said immediately as he entered the room. "I have to pee so bad. May I?"

"I have to pee first, slut," he said.

Knowing her duty, Lynne got down on her knees, tilted her head back, and opened her mouth wide.

Bill dropped his jeans and slid his cock down her throat until his balls were pressed tightly against her lower lip. A moment later, he had begun to drain his bladder into her throat. She dutifully gulped it down without dribbling the least little drop out of her mouth.

He then went into the bathroom to shower while Lynne used the toilet. Peeking out from the shower curtain at her sitting on the toilet, he said, "Join me when you're done. I'd like some company."

"Yes sir," she said.

A moment later, she pushed the shower curtain aside and stepped into the shower with him.

"Wash me," he said. She reached for the soap and washcloth, and began washing him, starting with his face and working down. His chest. His back. His arms. Then his legs. She then carefully washed his cock and balls.

"May I put it in my mouth and suck you off?" she asked.

"Not now, slut," he said. "I'm going down to the bar after this. I want to be fully charged in case I get lucky."

"Yes sir," she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

After his shower, he told Lynne to return to that chair and remain there until he told her to move. He then dressed up and headed down to the bar.

The rest of the team was already in the bar when Bill got down. A few of the guys had already hooked up with fan babes. Bill ordered a Guinness and joined a few of his teammates at a table. "Guinness?" asked Joe. "Coming up in the world, huh?"

"Yeah," laughed Bill.

"Hey," whispered Ned. "Those girls over there are checking us out." Ned stuck his tongue out at them and licked his lips.

"They're coming over," said Joe.

"Hey guys!" said the girls as they stepped up to the table. "Great game! Congratulations!"

"Thanks!" said Bill. "Care to join us?"

"There's no place for us to sit," one of them said with a pout.

"We got laps," said Joe as he leaned back.

"Okay," said one of the girls and sat in Joe's lap.

A moment later they had all sat. Bill had a busty redhead in his lap.

"I'm Amanda," said the redhead on Bill's lap. "How long you guys in town?"

"We're going back tomorrow," said Joe.

"That's good," said one of the other girls.

Bill glanced across the table to see that Ned was already swapping spit with his girl.

"They're fast," said Bill to Amanda.

"I'm fast, too, babe," she sad and put her lips a hairs width away from his.

Bill pressed his lips to hers and they were instantly wrestling tongues.

Bill and Amanda sucked each others' face for some time, even after Ned and Joe left with their respective girls.

Amanda leaned back. "We going to sit here all night swapping spit?"

"Okay, let's go to your room," said Bill.

"I don't have a room," said Amanda. What's wrong with yours?"

"Nothing, really," said Bill. "My slave girl won't like it, but that's her problem."

Amanda gaped. "You have a slave girl? Up in your room? Really?"

"Yeah," said Bill. "She wanted to be my slave after we had a one-night stand and her husband beat the living shit out of her the next morning."

"That's too weird," she said. "I'm almost tempted to tell you to shove off, but I want to see a real slave girl."

"She looks just like any other girl," said Bill. "But okay, let's go."

Bill and Amanda continued to hang off each other as they walked to the elevators and rode up to his room. Entering the room, Lynne was still sitting where Bill told her to wait.

Amanda looked at her. "She's your slave?"

"Yup," said Bill,

To Lynne, Amanda asked, "Really? You're his slave?"

Lynne didn't answer, but instead, looked up at Bill.

"You may answer," said Bill to Lynne.

"Yes," said Lynne. "I'm his slave."

"Holy fucking shit!" gasped Amanda. To Bill, she said, "And she doesn't mind you fucking other girls while she sits and watches?"

"She doesn't like it, but she's a slave," said Bill as he held Amanda and pressed his tongue into her mouth once again. Steering her onto the bed, he rolled onto her and began fondling her breasts. She started to unbutton her blouse from the top, so Bill started unbutton it from the bottom. They met in the middle and pulled it off together.

"Squeeze my tits," she moaned.

Bill complied, sliding his fingers underneath her bra and squeezing her tits. She flipped her bra up over them, and Bill reached behind and unfastened it. She tossed it off the bed.

"Suck them," she gasped.

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