Femborg: the Best of Both Worlds

by Hungry Guy

Copyright© 2010 by Hungry Guy

Science Fiction Sex Story: Jeff can't afford a $60,000 fembot, so he buys a used femborg from someone on Craigslist. He has a few adventures along the way. Then finds a way to have the best of both fembot and femborg.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Robot   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   .

NOTE: The term femborg derives from the term cyborg, there is no association with Star Trek type Borg in this story.

It was a cool Saturday afternoon and Jeff had nothing better to do, so he got in his car and headed down to Try-N-Save to buy a few things he needed for the house. He could stand to replace that moldy old shower curtain, and some of his towels had become so threadbare that they hardly served their purpose any more.

Parking his car, he headed toward the Cluck N'Bell to get a bit of lunch before going shopping. But as he passed the Shinra store, a woman standing in the window display winked at him and licked her lips so lasciviously. Jeff stopped to wink and lick back at her, so she waved him to come on in. He thought about it for a second, then went inside. Almost immediately, a salesman walked up and greeted him, "Welcome to Shinra. I'm Larry. Are you looking for a fembot?"

"Well," said Jeff. "That cute fembot in the window waved me in, so I thought I'd check her out," Jeff answered.

"That's Tifa. Would you like to meet her?"

"Yes. May I?"

"Of course," said the salesman. "Why don't you have a seat in our meeting lounge while I get her out of the window?"

"Sure," said Jeff.

The salesman led Jeff into a back room adorned in warm wood paneling and overstuffed sofas. "I'll be right back with Tifa," he said.

A moment later, the salesman returned with the fembot from the display window. "Jeff, Tifa. Tifa, Jeff. I'll leave you two to get to know each other," said the salesman.

"Hi Jeff," said Tifa. "Thank you for asking for me. It gets so boring standing in that window all day."

"I bet," said Jeff. "How much do you cost."

"I don't know," said Tifa. "That's for the salesmen to deal with. What type of girl do you like? Sexy? Shy? Dominant? Submissive?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just thought I'd come in and meet you after you winked at me and all, you know?"

"Awww, you're sweet," said Tifa. "I'd love to be your fembot, Jeff."

"Well," said Jeff, "that all depends on how much you cost."

"Then let's ask," she said.

A moment later, the salesman returned. "How do you like, Tifa?" he asked.

"She's really sweet. But how much does she cost?"

"Tifa is our latest model. Before taking her home, we can customize her personality to your liking. Shy to aggressive. Introverted to extroverted."

"Oh, I wouldn't want you to change a thing. I like her just the way she is."

"That's great!" said the salesman. "So you're ready to take her home?"

"How much is she?"

"Jeff, I'm sure you know a top-of-the-line fembot is a major investment."

"Yeah," said Jeff defensively. "I figured that."

"Do you have a monthly budget in mind?"

"No," said Jeff. "I just want to know how much she costs so I can decide if I can afford to buy her."

"Well, Jeff. Before I answer that, would you agree that, unlike a car, a female companion is a once in a life-time purchase?"

"I suppose," said Jeff guardedly. "Pretty expensive, huh?"

"Jeff, Tifa here lists for $69,995 and change..."

Jeff choked back a gasp.

" ... but I tell you what! I can knock ten grand off that, and give you zero percent financing for 30 years. You can own her for a few hundred dollars a month."

"I, uh, I don't know," stammered Jeff.

"Listen Jeff," said the salesman, "compare that to alimony, child support, and all that other baggage if you hook up with a meat girl."

"You have a point there," said Jeff with a chuckle.

"Imagine getting slapped with child support and you lose your job. It's off to jail for you, dude, through no fault of your own. And the world will vilify you as a "deadbeat dad" even though everything that happens to you is beyond your control. Meat women aren't worth it, man!"

"I guess," said Jeff. "But I need to think about it."

"I certainly understand that," said the salesman. "But before you walk away, why don't you have a go with one of our demo models?"

"Have a go?" asked Jeff. "You mean, have sex?"

"Ever have sex with a fembot, Jeff?" asked the salesman. "It's an amazing experience!"

"No. Never have. Is there a fee or anything?"

"Of course not! A demo ride is just that. Let me bring in Rinoa."

"Sure," shrugged Jeff. "Why not?"

The salesman took Tifa and said, "I'll be right back."

A moment later, the salesman returned with a busty blonde woman wearing a black teddy. "Jeff, meet Rinoa."

Jeff stood and said, "Hi!"

The salesman said, "Take your time, Jeff," as he discreetly left the room.

Rinoa stepped up to Jeff and rested her hands on his shoulders. "Kiss me," she said.

Jeff hestated. Never had a woman demanded a kiss immediately upon meeting. Though she was a fembot, it was a little discorting.

Rinoa took the lead and wrapped her figers behind his neck and pulled his face to hers. She immediately thrust her tongue into his mouth as she reached down and pulled his body close to hers in an embrace so tight it almost knocked the wind out of him.

They stood there sucking face for a few minutes as she slowly walked him over to a wide divan. Then she geltly pushed him down onto his back and straddled him.

Smiling, he asked, "Do you plan to have your way with me?"

She leaned down positionin her face a few inches above his. "Yes," she said, as she grabbed the hem of his tee shirt and pulled iyt up and over his head and tossed it asind. "I love a hairy chest on a man," she said as she ran her fingertips around his chest. A moment later, she crawled around, sitting on his chest facing his legs and unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down, along with his Jockeys.

She grabbed his alert cock and stroked it gently. "I can't wait to suck this," she said. She then leaned down and slid her hips back until her crotch was hovering over his face, she lowered her mouth over his cock and swallowed the full length in one easy gulp. Her odor was indistinguishable from a human female.

"Gaaa!" Jeff screamed at the sudden sensations as he started into the crotch of her teddy a fraction of an inch from his face. She was actually applying a gentle suction while her tongue wrapped itself around it with the strength of a five-finghered grip. Her tongue squeezed his cock with an iron grip as she milked his cock with it.

He exploded into her throat within seconds as she effortlessly consumed his cum and continued milking his cock without skipping a beat. Jeff panted with delerium at the intense pleasure. Even after he shot his last squirt, she continued to squeeze and stroke and suck with her incredible tongue.

"Ah," he moaned. "I can't take it any more," he finally admitted.

She sat up, momentarily sitting on his face, then scooted back and sat on his chest, draping her legs over his shoulders.

"Wow!" he said as he gasped for breath.

"You liked that?" she asked.

"Wow!" he said again.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." she said.

"Yes," he finally gasped.

"You want to cum again.

Jeff chuckled. "I'm a guy. I won't be able to cum again for a while. After that, maybe not for the rest of the day."

Rinoa crossed her arms and tilted her head back. "Wanna bet?"

"I..." he stammered as she stood, straddling him, and pulled her teddy off.

"Ohh! Nice," he said.

She sat back down and slid back. Grabbign his, now, limp cock, she pointed it upward and sat, impaling herself with it. Despite it's limp state, she sucked it up into her fembot with ease.

Then she clamped down.

"Gaaa!" he screamed.

"Sorry!," she squesked as she eased up. "I get carried away sometimes."

"That's okay," he gasped.

Once again, she squeezed tightly and created a strong suction, causing his cock to swell up despite his own inability to do so. And then, as she did with her tongue, she milked him, slowly at first, then gradually faster.

"Oh god!" he screamed. "I feel it! I'm going to cum again. Oh! Oh! Oh!"

After a while, he finally admitted. "Okay. Stop. I can't take any more. It's starting to hurt."

She smiled and lifted up, and then rested on top of him facing him. "You like that? Can I buy you?"

She laughed. "You don't want me. I'm old."

"You don't look more than 19 or 20. How old are you?"

"I was manufactured 16 years ago."

"Sixteen? Wow! You're young."

"I've had two owners already.

"How old do you think Tifa is?"

"Hmmm," he thought. "About the same."

"Tifa was manufactured about three months ago," said Rinoa. "She's brand new and never been fucked. But she has exactly the same abilities and skills that I have."

"Well, if you say so. Have you ever made a guy cum more than twice?"

"Yes," said Rinoa. "I once made a guy come seven times in five hours."

"Really? One of your owners?"

"He was a friend of my owner," said Rinoa. "He bet my owner that I couldn't make him cum more than twice in a row. So my owner told me to rape him; sit on him and milk his cock continuously with my pussy."

"Really? I can't imagine that. How could he not have been in pain after a while?"

"He was in excruciating pain."

"Why didn't he tell you to stop?"

"After the third time he came, he was begging, crying, and screaming for me to stop."

"So why didn't you stop?" asked Jeff.

"My owner didn't tell me to stop."

"And why didn't your owner tell you to stop. He let you do this to his friend?"

"My owner went out for a drink right after he told me to rape his friend continuously. He came back five hours later."

"You couldn't stop on your own? No free will?"

"I could have stopped of my own free will," said Rinoa. "But my owner told me not to stop until he told me to stop."

"Wow! I bet you enjoyed that!"

"No. I didn't enjoy torturing someone."

"You don't have, like, those three Asimov rules for robots?"

"Some fembots do. Some don't. It's not a government regulation. They're available as an option."

"Say, I can't get an STD from you, can I?"

Rinoa laughed. "No, silly. Don't forget. I'm a machine. You can't get an STD from a machine."

"Yeah," smiled Jeff. "It's too easy to forget you're just a machine."

Rinoa lifted off him and stood. "So why don't I go and send Tifa back in."

"Well," pouted Jeff. "Okay."

"You're sweet," said Rinoa. She gave him a kiss before leaving.

A moment later, the salesman returned with Tifa. "So," he said. "did you experience Rinoa?"

"Experience?" said Jeff. "Wow! Did I ever!"

"And Tifa can do the exact same things," said the salesman.

"Yeah, that's what I hear."

"So why don't I Let me give you my card and leave you alone with Tifa for a while longer. Just remember, since Tifa's a virgin, we can't let you test ride her. That's what our demo models are for. But feel free to stay and chat with her, or leave whenever you're ready. Okay?"

"Sounds fair," said Jeff.

The salesman shook Jeff's hand and bowed out.

"Jeff?" said Tifa plaintively.

He looked back at Tifa. He wanted her pretty badly, especially after doing Rinoa, and the salesman's arguments made a lot of sense, but sixty grand was a hell of a lot of money.

"Tifa..." said Jeff.

"I know that salesman just gave you a high-pressure sales talk, and I don't know much about money, but I hope you buy me. I really like you. I can do everything Rinoa did, in exactly the same way."

"I like you too, Tifa. And wow! But I don't think I can afford you."

"I understand," said Tifa.

"Anyway, it was nice meeting you," said Jeff. "I hope you find someone nice to buy you."

Tifa smiled shyly. "I hope so, too."

Jeff forgot about going to Try-N-Save. Instead, he got in his car and drive home, cranking Sophie B. Hawkins at maximum decibels.

Upon arriving home, he thought, maybe, he could find a cheap used fembot on Craigslist. But upon searching, he saw that someone in his town was selling a femborg. The ad read, Femborg. Age 23. 5' 6". 130 pounds. Medium white/brown skin. Brown hair. Brown eyes. $5,000. For those of you who don't know how a femborg differs from a fembot, a femborg is a flesh-and-blood human girl, usually a criminal on death row who opted to become a remote controlled robot to escape execution. She cannot move on her own. She is controlled by her owner by a remote controller much like a video game controller.

Jeff paused. He had heard of femborgs before. Who hasn't? That sucks that you have to control her every movement. Unlike a fembot, who you can talk to and can do things for you, a femborg is a remote control sex doll in a flesh-and-blood human body.

Still, Jeff paused, he could easily afford $5,000. So he sent off an email, and the seller replied immediately with his phone number. After a quick phone call, Jeff was back in his car again following his satnav to the address the seller gave.

Knocking at the door of a small nondescript townhouse on the other side of town, a portly older man opened the door. "Hi! I'm Ken. Are you Jeff?"

"Yup!" said Jeff. "You selling a femborg?"

"Come on in," said Ken, who led Ken through a short hallway into the living room where two women sat on a sofa, a fair-skinned blonde and a medium dark skinned woman, both wearing plain cream colored canvas robes.

"Hello," said Jeff to the two of them.

The blonde woman stood and said, "Hello."

Ken said, "Would you like a cup of coffee, Jeff?"

"Sure," said Jeff.

To the blonde, Ken said, "A cup'a for our guest. One for me, also. And promptly."

"Yes sir," she said, and hurried off to the kitchen.

"Both femborgs?" asked Jeff.

Ken laughed. "No. Yuffie, getting our coffee, is a fembot." Ken pointed to the girl sitting on the sofa. "Karen here is the femborg."

Jeff looked down. "Hi Karen,"

Remaining utterly still, Karen glanced up at Jeff without moving her head. Her face remained completely expressionless.

"Karen can't speak," said Ken.

"Why not?" asked Jeff. "What's wrong with her?"

Ken chuckled. "Nothing at all. Don't know much about femborgs, huh?"

"Not really," said Jeff. "Everyone knows they're real people who got sentenced to death and chose to become sort-of robots instead of being executed. You control them with some kind of controller like a radio control car or something."

"Pretty much," said Ken. "Karen here was convicted of a pretty despicable crime a few years ago. I'd rather not go into the gruesome details right now. It doesn't really matter. To escape the death penalty, she opted to become a femborg."

Ken picked up what looked like an elaborate PlayStation controller off his coffee table. He fiddled with some buttons, and Karen stood and walked around the room.

Ken handed the controller to Jeff. "Here, try it."

Jeff took the controller.

"You use the left thumbstick to make her walk," said Ken. "And the right thumbstick makes her change poses in place."

Jeff make Karen walk around the room. "Cool!" said Jeff. "This LCD display with the picture of your living room? Is that the view she's actually looking at?"

"Exactly!" said Ken. "That display is the view out of her eyes. Type something on the keyboard."

Jeff typed. "T-H-I-S G-R-A-W I-S F-R-E-D-A-S-H-A-Y." Karen immediately said, "This graw is fredashay."

"Wow!" said Jeff. "I can make her say anything I want?"

"Yes," said Ken. "She can't move or speak on her own. She can only say what you type for her to say."

"And these numbers superimposed on the display?" asked Jeff.

"Her vital signs. Pulse. Blood pressure. Bladder fullness. Hunger. And so on."

"Oh. I guess I need to know that, huh?"

"Yup! Since she can't do anything on her own, you have to feed her, and make her use the bathroom."

"Oh?" said Jeff. "That's a hassle! She can't do anything at all on her own?"

"Nope! Not a thing. When her bladder or bowels get full, you got to walk her to the toilet, sit her down, and make her go."

"How did you get her?" asked Jeff.

"I bought her at a government auction for about $15,000."

"And why are you selling her?"

As Ken started to answer, Yuffie walked in carrying their coffees. She handed one to Jeff and one to Ken. "Yuffie is why. I just bought her, so I'm selling Karen. So are you interested?"

"Yeah, but $5,000 is kind of steep for a robot who can't do anything and you have to control her every movement."

"Well, remember," said Ken. "Karen isn't a robot. She's a human being just like you and me. Flesh and blood. It's just that her brain has been disconnected from the rest of her body and you have to control her."

"Well," Jeff paused. "I tell you what. I'll give you four for her."

Ken paused. "Well, okay. She's been on Craigslist for almost a month now, and you're the first to even come look at her. So if you can give me the cash today, she's yours."

"Deal! If you get online, I'll transfer the cash from my account to yours right now."

Ken signed on to his computer, and Jeff initiated a secure transfer with a one-time password, which Ken accepted, and the deal was done.

Ken then picked up a manilla envelope from atop his computer desk and handed it to Jeff.

"What's this?" asked Jeff.

"All her legal papers. Her birth certificate, her death certificate..."

"Death certificate?" asked Jeff.

"Yes," said Ken. "In order to be able to buy and sell her like property, all femborgs are declared legally dead upon being turned into femborgs, just like buying and selling corpses for research. Otherwise it would be slavery, and wouldn't be legal."

"I see," said Jeff. "And what else is in there?"

"Her medical records, and her criminal and prison records."

"What did she do, anyway?" asked Jeff.

"It's really horrible," said Ken. "Her boyfriend didn't want any kids and was going to leave her, so she murdered her children."

"Holy fuck!" said Jeff.

"Yeah," said Ken. "That's why she was on death row before being turned into a femborg. You gotta have done something really mind-bogglingly terrible to become a femborg."

"No shit!" said Jeff. "Uhm, she's not dangerous, is she?"

"Nope! Her spinal cord is cut in two places below her brain, and the middle piece removed. No way she can ever regain control of her body after that. The control module implanted in the back of her neck only responds to input from her controller, and it's not programmable. So she's fucked."

"Okay," said Jeff. "That's a relief."

"Any other questions?" asked Ken.

"Well, what about, you know, sex?"

"What about it?"

"Anything I need to know? Is there a button that makes her wet? Can she have an orgasm?"

"Yeah, you'll need to get her wet. Playing with her twat works. That's an involuntary reaction, so she'll get wet for you if you do that, and you can slide right in. And you can give her an orgasm if you're feeling generous. Just suck her off. That's also an involuntary reaction and she reacts just like a normal girl."

"Great! I guess I'll head on home with her, then."

"Sure," said Ken. "Have fun!"

Jeff controlled Karen out to his car and sat her in the passenger seat. She was eerily silent all the way home, though he noticed her glancing about as they drove along.

He got her inside and sat her on his sofa. He looked into her eyes for a moment and it gave him the creeps how she looked back at him and then glanced around the room, as if there was still a living mind inside, aware of him sitting next to her. He dismissed it as his imagination, and got up to get something to eat.

Realizing that she was, indeed, a living, breathing person, albeit a mindless one, he also fixed a little extra for her as well. He returned a short while later with a plate full of spaghetti. He flipped on the TV and watched the news while he ate. For every couple of forkfuls that he ate, he lifted the fork to her mouth and then pressed the button combo on her controller to make her swallow. He also gave her an occasional sip of his coffee.

He stayed up a while to watch a DVD. Getting a little more comfortable with Karen, he snuggled up to her still body and put his arm around her. Oddly enough, he caught her, once again, looking directly at him, yet her face facing straight ahead and totally expressionless. How odd!

After the movie, Jeff let out a yawn and took a shower before bed. He controlled Karen to stand and walked her into his bedroom. Eager to see the goods, he controlled her to raise her arms, and removed that ugly canvas robe. Standing back, he admired her naked body. He got a hard-on almost immediately, contemplating what comes next.

He controlled her into bed and climbed in with her. He reached for her and stroked her body. He felt down and held her breast, and squeezed her nipple. Of course, she didn't respond at all. Though, oddly again, he caught her glancing at him.

At that he mounted her and pressed his lips to hers. She didn't react in any way other than glaring at him, so he crawled down her body and stopped at her breasts. First sucking one nipple, then the other, he got them wet and erect, just as he had with other real girls. He was so hard by then that he reached down to feel her twat, hoping that she had become wet for him. She was bone dry still, so he went right down to the main target between her legs and sucked her clit into his mouth. He sucked it in and out and in and out, drawing it deep into his mouth with each breath. She soon relented, and became soaking wet for him. Still, he continued for several minutes until her body began quaking and twitching involuntarily. Not having a mind, he knew that her orgasm was purely an autonomic response to his oral work, still he enjoyed giving oral as much as he enjoyed getting it.

Before going any further, he stepped out of bed and opened a box of contraceptive sponges that he kept on hand for one-night stands with human girls. Opening one, he squeezed it, and inserted it into her.

And now that she was thoroughly soaked and disarmed, he crawled back up and lay upon her, facing her. He slid his rigid cock between her legs and impaled her. It went right in, and he immediately began pumping her.

His own orgasm quickly welled up and exploded inside her. He came in wave after wave of ecstasy as his body twitched and jerked on top of her while his cock throbbed deep inside her twat, filling her with his precious fluids.

Satisfied, he leaned into her and kissed her. To his surprise, she slid her tongue out and pressed it through his lips and into his mouth. How odd that a mindless body can react like that, he thought. Still, he enjoyed the feeling, almost like kissing an actual girl.

After a while, his orgasm waned and he became drowsy, so he fell asleep right on top of her, resting his head on her shoulder.

Morning came soon enough, and he yawned and rolled off of her and out of bed. He noticed her controller display was blinking yellow, so she checked it. Shit! Her bladder was over 90% full. He quickly controlled her out of bed and walked her to the bathroom where he sat her on the toilet and made her relieve herself. Phew!

That crisis averted, he walked her over to his sofa and sat her down. It was certainly a nice view to have a naked woman lounging in one's living room during the day. No past girlfriend had ever just sat around naked in the afternoon.

After a light breakfast for both of them, he just sat on his sofa flipping channels. He came across a baseball game, so he settled down to watch it. He reached for Karen's controller and fidgeted with it for a moment. He was still a little clumsy at controlling her, but he managed to get her on her knees at his feet. He leaned her forward with her chin pressed against the sofa cushion. He then slid his butt forward and rammed his hungry cock into her mouth. Her gag response, being an involuntary reaction, squeezed and massaged his cock continuously until he exploded into her throat.

The game was uneventful, and lasted a few hours. Afterward, he pulled his cock out of Karen's mouth and went to make himself some lunch, leaving her sit there frozen in place with her chin on the sofa cushion. He nuked a pizza slice and made a cup of coffee and then returned to the sofa. He slid his cock back down her throat as he chowed down.

With the match over, he found a movie on another channel watched it. Halfwayyu through it brought the need to take a piss. He started to slide his cock out of Karen's mouth, then paused. He realized his cock was already in a convenient drain. He'd never consider doing such a disgusting thing to a real girl. But a mindless shell of a body? Why not? He draped his legs over her shoulders and rested them on her back and relaxed his bladder. Just to be safe, he grabbed her controller and pressed the button combo to make her swallow rather than depend on her own swallowing reflex to kick in. His piss flowed out of his cock as her continuous swallowing consumed it all. Glancing down, though, she was giving him the oddest pleading look. He laughed and looked away.

The day continued like that. By evening, though, Jeff was itching for interaction with a girl who could actually talk, even if nothing more than talk came of it. So after getting dressed, he took a walk down the street. He stopped in front of the the local hot spot that was blasting techno-hop for blocks around. A big pink sign screamed "Live Music! $10 cover! $5 drinks!" A female bouncer standing by the door noticed him and winked. Jeff smiled back and thought about it, but he was more interested in a quiet drink than a wild party.

"Hey fella!" she shouted. "No cover for guys. Guys get in free, and drinks are only a buck for guys! Come on in!"

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