Appendix and Character Bios From Return of the Battlemage

by Risq

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Fantasy Story: Living appendix of the notable characters from the "Second" World of the Battlemage set 4000 years after the first story.

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(Note: this is a living document and things will be added and altered as needed for each new story)

1.) General terms

2.) Guilds and Schools

3.) Towns and Cities

4.) Notable characters from Dusty's old world

5.) Notable characters from Dusty's new world

6.) Other Notable characters in the World of the Battlemage

7.) Previous Battlemages in the Battlemage world

1.) General terms

Seasons: Years are referred to as "seasons" by the inhabitants of this world. They do tell time in months and hours, but also by the passing of years as seasons similar to how the American Indians used to do it.

World Development: While the world has a mixture of medieval society, there are other elements from the world that we know of that are intermixed with in their society.

Magic: Magic is divided into five schools, Blue, Red, Green, White, and Black. Of those five schools there are eight levels to be reached. Every mage must be tested by a ranking and sanctioned member of the mages council. While there are infinite ways to use magic, there are basic spells that one must prove mastery over to be able to progress to the next level.

The circles and their general powers are:

Blue - Based on mental powers. Invisibility, telekinesis, and duplication of person or their abilities falls under this category. Everyone has a touch of blue in them even if they can't tap directly into it. It is the ability to 'shape' magic to your will.

Red - Based in Fire and anger. Any and all fire spells will always fall into the realm of Fire magic. Primarily only offensive abilities, but Aric shows an ability to create firewalls that can block any spell and destroy them at the base level.

Green* - Based in Nature or nature based spells. Anything that can be seen as force in nature can be duplicated (earthquakes, tornadoes, lighting, rain, etc)

White - Basis for any form of healing. If someone is healed of sickness or the body is mended in some way it is with the use of White.

Black - Based on disease and death. Any form of necromancy or man made/created plagues or sickness also falls into this category. It is a way to corrupt the body or the land around you.

Mages are tested by being given a particular set of "commonly known" spells from all five schools (circles) to perform. The mages seeking to pass the tests has to perform "all" the given spells flawlessly to the satisfaction of the examiner, while also demonstrating repeatability and an understanding of the spells they are casting.

This is to prevent the chances that they pulled off the spell once as a fluke. They are often expected to perform each spell at least a minimum of three times at the request of the examiner.

Black circle testing is often theory as opposed to actual practice due to the dangerous nature of Black, but the actual spells can be substituted for the required theory at the request of the applicant.

The testing also demonstrates the applicant's use of power and control as well as a through knowledge of the spells of the magic school in question. The more schools they seek to be acknowledged in the longer the test takes to administer.

Also magic users are divided into two general types Mages and Archmages. On average only 1 in every 100,000 – 150,000 people can be a mage of some form of power.

*note: While Red is still assumed to be the most powerful school in this world, Dusty knows different.

With his understanding, knowledge, and grasp nature magic, combined with his understanding of nuclear fusion (including the splitting of Atoms) Dusty has the potential to create atomic level destruction at will and could wipe entire cities off the map with this knowledge.

His potential for destruction could become unprecedented in that world.

Mage: While the pubic calls anyone who can use magic a "Mage", officially only those who reach at least sixth level in any school are the only one considered mages by the Mages council. All others are just considered magic users by them.

A mage may have power and abilities in as many other schools as they can safely master, but often it is in one or two schools on average.

Mages have one type of school that they have an affinity with, or that is considered to be their most powerful and primary school, even if they learn and master other schools.

Archmages: These are ones who have raised their skills to the highest level and form. To qualify a mage must first raise their power, control, and skill to the level where they have proven mastery of all five circles of magic and in all eight levels, and of those few who can, then often reach this point late in their lives because of the training and power needed. It is similar to exercising ones physical muscles to get stronger.

Even if one becomes an Archmage, they still have an affinity in a primary school.

While the stories often focus on the magic of various Battlemages and those who interact with them, all Battlemages are born with the potential to be Archmages from birth and as such are extremely rare compared to the normal mage populace.

Battlemages are on average born once every 1000 years and already have access to Archmage level magic. They just need to learn how to use, channel, and control it.

Magic Power levels: Each mage has only so much power to be able to cast spells. Most often mages will use lower level spells so that they can use more of them than one large spell.

If someone can be killed with a level 3 lighting bolt it makes more sense to use that and conserve power than it does to overkill with a level 8 lighting bolt. It takes far less power and doesn't exhaust the mage.

Each spell uses as set amount of power from each mage no matter what spell it is. At this point in the storyline this can not be changed nor can it be altered.

Magic returns over time. Usually sleep or at some point with-in 24 hours. If given enough time magic returns gradually, though it can be exhausted in a rush it's a slow gradual return.

There are three current notable exceptions to this magical rule:

- Kathryn "Kat" Stockton is a human/elemental hybrid. Due to the nature of how she gained her power she currently has no upper limit to how much power she can store or carry at one time.

In theory she can carry an infinite amount of power and use all the powerful spells she has the power to cast. But she has a weakness in that she has to have relations with males to regain her power because it will not return over time on its own.

Without gaining a source of outside power Kat's only magical powers are the power to craft illusions on herself to appear as someone else, traveling to another point of her choosing that appears as if she disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and willing others into not seeing her if they have not already noticed her, making it almost as if she is invisible.

- Wolfgang Charles Duvall was a former low level single school blue mage who had his magical power changed during a fight with the worlds first Battlemage.

As such his current power allows him to link "minds" with other magical beings which also allows him to increase his power based on a percentage of how many members are currently on this network. This also allows him to use all five schools and not just his original school in Blue as well as directly hear the thoughts of those linked to him.

This power works in such a way that as long as there are mages with power available joined to the network, no matter where they are in the world, he will not run out of magical power. But also in theory if all the mages in the network has their magical power exhausted, then his ability to draw power would also not be available, but so far hasn't happened.

Currently there are two major weaknesses in his network. One is that his power is scaled by the number of mages joined and these mages age and die leaving power gaps, and the second weakness, while it hasn't been revealed yet what it is, it has something to do with Brianna Griffith and her having been linked to it.

- Battlemages. (See the section on Battlemages below)

Magical power scaling: To show the scaling of magical power - (first circle mages have at the very least 1000 units per school)

- One School mage - 1000 to a maximum of 10,000 units of internal power.

This varies based if they are only capable of learning the first circle or if they can go all the way up to the eighth circle

- Multi-School mage (2 or more) - 2000 to a maximum of 50,000 of units of internal power

- Archmage (all five schools to eighth circle) – 80,000 units of internal power on average.

- Archmage - Magically infused: estimated 170,000 units *

- Battlemage, naturally born: estimated 200,000 units

- Kat Stockton: Situational, but near infinite

- Wolfgang Duvall: Situational, but near infinite

*note: Lori Miller is the only known successful infusion of magic into a person with barely any side effects from an outside source into their body. Her power level is just a little shy of Dusty's.

Warrior: A Warrior is someone who has at least one martial arts skill with either weapons or the use of unarmed combat. It also extends to someone considered a Warrior in training.

Battlemage: By definition is a very rare person in the world who can choose both the paths Mage or Warrior and dedicates their life to mastering that life choice. A Battlemage has the ability to master both where as a normal person would not.

Because of their uncommon and sometimes extreme physical strength, intelligence, and mimic abilities they can use these abilities to learn various different skills from both skill paths at an extreme often alarming rate.

While they can potentially master any weapon, like mages do with magic, they often have a preference for a weapon type that they can use to its most devastating potential. Even if they chose a different weapon, their favorite one is the one that they can often hold an army at bay with, similar to how mages have a school that is their most powerful.

Battlemages have one other defining ability that no one else has. It is a double edged power that is both a blessing and a curse. Battlemages can borrow against future power now to increase the power or duration of spells exponentially, but it is a temporary increase.

This is due to a mixture of adrenaline and desperation. But once the adrenaline wears off the Battlemage falls unconscious until they repay their body back for the heavy overuse. They are unable to defend themselves and are at the mercy of whoever finds them while they are unconscious.

While they have much more power on average than the average Archmage, they can still overextend themselves if need calls for it. Where a normal mage would be defenseless once their power was exhausted, a Battlemage can keep on fighting and calling forth magic as needed.

But for how long they are unconscious once the rush is gone is dependant on how much power is borrowed and used.

They also have the ability to either cause their eyes to glow red, during times of intense uncontrolled anger, or they can change their eyes to red on their own through practice and intent.

The entire eye is not turned red, but whatever normal color they might have had (blue, brown, grey, green, etc) is now replaced by a bright blood red color.

2. Guilds and Schools

Guild - Lion's Pride: Mixed guild of men and women who take on jobs that either no one wants, have been unable to complete, or deemed to tough for other guilds.

This is the current home of Dusty, Suzan, Marie, Rachel, Lori, Mark, Daniel, and Seth.

Mage's Council: The Mage's Council is an independent group that oversees all magic and magic users in the world.

By their charter they as a group are prevented from actually interfering in local governments, but member are free to seek employment with in any kingdom, as long as they remember guild resources and members will not be drawn into person disputes no matter what they are.

This rule has been enforced on more than one occasion with the offending member who sought retribution being either sanctioned or in some cases outright killed to insure the rule stays in place.

Often mages don't take governmental offices or within Kingdom armies as they may be at odds with a fellow friend and member if they do. But there have been cases of this happening

If anyone practices magic they are required to register with the mages guild so that they can be tracked.

As such, many of these freedoms may lead to various groups fighting with fellow members such as Mercenary groups and fighter guilds, but those who seek or take these jobs are prepared for this.

But while working as paid fighters guild members or mercenary groups they still also have the freedom to turn down jobs that would put them at odds with fellow members.

Starfall Academy: A mage city/school where young mages can live and be trained in how to better use magic. It is a week's travel to the east of Northfields. It is also where the Mage's guild is able to watch and catalog different mages skills and abilities.

Even though it is treated as if it was a university it is entirely financed by the mages council. This is one way that they can control the learning and direction of new mages.

Some mages, who don't want to be controlled this way, or want to hide some of their abilities from others, often seek a mentor or Master to train them in the formal Master\Apprentice setup that has worked for centuries.

3.) Towns and Cities

Northern edge of the continent: The majority of the inhabitants are most often fair skinned. Their chief commerce is farming and agriculture. The area is cool without being harsh.

Southern edge of the continent: The majority of the inhabitants are often darker, and most noted for having either a golden or deep brown look to their skin. Main form of commerce is shipping of everything from food and various items to slavery.

Indianapolis, Indiana: Dusty's childhood home and where he is from in our world.

Juniper: Town that Dusty first landed in when he arrived in this world.

4.) Notable characters from Dusty's old world

Lindsey Michaels (aka Lindsey Browder): Dusty's fiancé from his world who he was going to marry. Lindsey who was a paralegal started hanging out with her friends and her ex-boyfriend Chad found out where she was going and started going there to hang out with her because he missed all the times they had together.

Lindsey allowed herself to listen to her friends when they talked about how cute Chad was and how good they were together, and she soon started cheating on Dusty with Chad on her girl's nights out.

But Dusty caught her having a couple of "one last times before I'm married" encounters with her ex-boy friend Chad in a night club.

There he saw her having sex with Chad in the back of a busy night club in one of the darker areas of the club one night when he came to surprise her and spend time with her. Dusty also found out that she had given him a STD she had gotten from Chad.

By the time Lindsey found out what was going on Dusty was gone and she was no longer able to have children due to how long she had the STD she had given Dusty.

Lindsey tried to win him back before Dusty left, even allowing herself to be sexually assaulted by Chad in hopes that Dusty would learn of it and come to her rescue, but they still didn't get back together

After Dusty had been gone a year Lindsey in her desperation went looking for him and ended up in the same new world Dusty had fallen into and found Dusty.

Reconnecting with Dusty she again tried to get him to take her back but failed, and later before he return found he was now married to Suzan, and she ended up returned to our world alone.

But not before she found out she was pregnant now by the Dusty who came for her to return her to our world on their last night together.

Lindsey is currently married to another man and the mother of five children of which Dusty's son is her oldest at 12.

Dusty had also financially secured the future of her and his child, but he knows he can't come back anymore to visit for fear of bringing a magical war with him in his wake.

Stephen Browder: Lindsey's current husband.

Chad Moore: Unemployed ex-boyfriend of Lindsey. He was sleeping with all of Dusty and Lindsey's friends wives behind their backs along with Lindsey. He was the carrier for a major STD and had infected various women from Dusty and Lindsey's circle of friends.

Chad was sleeping with at least twenty women that he admitted to at the time of being contacted by the CDC for transmitting his STD to various partners.

Chad stole all of Lindsey's belongings when she kicked him out once she found he was sleeping with other women while she was working and using her money to fund gifts for them.

Chad didn't want to give up Lindsey because she was the best thing in his life, but still wanted to have other women on the side. He slept with some of her friends and got them to work on getting her to give him another chance.

Later he was sexually assaulting Lindsey on a routine basis when he would get drunk and couldn't find any other women who would have sex with him

Chad is currently serving a prison term for that raping of Lindsey over a several month time span after she let him live with the hope that Dusty would return to their former apartment and fight to take her away from Chad.

Grace Blake: Lindsey's best friend and the one who helped Chad get back with Lindsey.

Grace used to hear Lindsey talk about Chad all the time and she decided to have him a few times herself.

Once Dusty had to notify the CDC of his STD they notified all the partners of Chad as well and Grace's husband Peter found out and divorced her.

Grace to this day blames Dusty for her divorce.

5.) Notable characters from Dusty's new world

Dusty Reynolds: (aka: James Edwin Mitchell) Dusty is the new Battlemage. The time is set 4,000 years since Aric and Brianna were around and no new Battlemages appear to have been born and no one knows why. The mages council decides to cross dimensions and find someone from our world that can use magic and bring them back to theirs.

Dusty is the one they find.

Dusty has all the same abilities as former Battlemages (photographic memory, increased strength, fast reflexes, high intelligence, etc)

Unlike previous Battlemages Dusty doesn't use a weapon, even though he knows how. He prefers to fight with his hands, legs, and feet using "Muay Thai" as a combat style that no one has seen before or has an adequate defense against.

Dusty has mastered all forms of Muay Thai including parts of the art for attacking armed troops or mounted Calvary. Dusty was also instructed in forms of older ancient Muay Thai deemed to dangerous to be practiced in our world, but Dusty may have a use for it now.

The Mage's council is using him as a troubleshooter to fix problems that come up. Currently they are trying to see if he can re-create lost magic's that were used by Aric Griffith when he was alive.

He is married to Suzan Reynolds and is planning on taking her surname to cut down on confusion.

Dusty has also invented a way to use English words as the power words for his spells as a type of computer programming encapsulation. Because of his method there is a way to lower the cost of spells cast this way to the point eventually they would cost no magical power at all.

At some point he wants to be able to figure out how to combine multiple spells into one power word.

Using his engineering training he has also invented a miniaturized communication crystal so that the average person can communicate across distances. Before only mages could do any form of external communications. Dusty wants to use his Engineering training to make many more things for the average person.

Dusty was knighted on his last mission and currently hold the title of Baron given to him for saving a Kings life from a pre-invading army.

He is currently a seventh circle mage in all schools.

Suzan Reynolds: Current wife of Dusty. Sword user and one of four women Dusty was dropped next to by the Mage's council when he first entered their world in hopes of recreating the Aric and Brianna combination. They want a similar troubleshooter as they had with those two

Most noticeable feature is her surprisingly deep seductive voice that all men seem to notice, but usually only in a sexual way.

Suzan also has a very athletic and lean muscular body that carries hidden strength to due to her daily training. She has definition that is only defied by her large breasts, narrow waist, and hip size. Dusty often refers to her build as one that could make a grown man cry for no reason.

She often tried to downplay or hide her build from others by wearing heavy bulky armor and cloaks that tend to make her look stocky. Suzan also kept her hair cut short for the very same reason, to downplay her looks, even though now she's letting it grow out because she knows it's a style Dusty likes.

When she first met Dusty she made him feel warm, comfortable, and loved and that combinations of those feelings over time that made Dusty eventually seek her out as a marriage mate.

Suzan had been in love with Dusty for a while and confessed to him after he saved the life of her and her teammates on their first mission together after out smarting the villain in question.

She married Dusty, but only after he once again returned to save her life, this time it was from poisoning. She wouldn't let him help her unless they were married first, as the cure involved sex. Thankfully Dusty wanted her by this point so bad it was never a problem.

Suzan's only flaw is that as good as she is at using her sword she has a violent temper that she normally keeps deeply hidden. But if unleashed while fighting makes her normally sharp style sloppy and predictable. She works hard to keep it under wraps because of this.

Suzan is currently the Baroness of an unnamed land due to Dusty's being named Baron as thanks for their team's efforts to stopping a war.

Lori Miller (aka Lori Thompson): As the team mage (before Dusty) Lori was a multi-school mage (Blue and Red) and the first one Dusty felt an instant attraction too when he first met their team.

Lori at first couldn't stand Dusty because she thought he was like all men who would tell her any lie to get her attention, but later after seeing him in action while in a fight to protect their honor she started to drip sex appeal as she tried to get him to have sex with her, and later marry her.

She later met her husband Mark on a mission to save the children of a city that were falling ill and after saving Mark's life from the same poison that was affecting Suzan she married him on the spot.

Lori got very good advice from a very reliable source that said she wouldn't be any happier than she would be with Mark and she decided that the advice was sound enough to marry Mark after only knowing him for a few weeks.

Lori also is the only mage to ever have direct magic infusion work from an outside source. Dusty, while trying to apply electronic principles to a cure for the infected children, shunted their power into Lori who was supposed to expel and dissipate it.

Instead Lori held on to that power and is now currently has more power than the average Archmage, but not quite as powerful as Dusty.

Most notable feature is her black hair with a striking grey streak in the front that she parts on either side of her face and the wearing of dark form fitting dresses that are lace up the front from her stomach.

She is currently a seventh circle mage in all schools.

Mark Miller: Husband of Lori and former Mill operator. Mark was teaching himself the sword so he could see the world before he was too old to be able too. At a party, while hanging out with Dusty and the four other women, he was poisoned along with everyone else and had to be saved by Lori.

The two of them later married after she saved him and he is now journeying with the others to get his fill of excitement as a newly novice swordsman.

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