Fantasies Combined

by North Point

Copyright© 2010 by North Point

Fantasy Sex Story: Flash story inspired by a porn video compilation, where my wife takes on a group of men to satisfy my fetishes.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

It begins with my wife putting on clothes I lay out for her for this particular occasion. They consist of a small white tube-top that covers only 3/4 of her 32DD tits and offers no supports whatsoever, a light matching white cotton short skirt (in this style but shorter) that stops mid-thighs, and finally a baby blue tiny bikini panties with ties around the sides. She looks so sexy in those clothes that I push her back down to the bed, pull her panties aside and go ahead to eat her to a quick orgasm before we even leave the house.

Then we drive to a warehouse where plenty of cars already parked outside. I lead my wife into the building and she gasps when she saw there are more than 20 men, naked with their cocks semi-hard, waiting for her arrival.

"What are we, mmm, they, doing here?" My wife asks me as we walk towards the center of the warehouse where a massage table is setup.

"Honey, you know all the fetishes I have? I decided to combine all of them together in one single occasion." Holding her hand, I pull her to the massage table.

"First, sit on the table." My wife hops onto the massage table then pulls the back of her skirt from underneath her ass to get comfortable.

"Top of my fetish list is creampie. We did many of them already but it's always been just me cumming inside you. I want to see more loads of cum in your pussy, then leak out. So I thought, how many is more?"

"This led to my second fetish which is to see your pussy covers in cum. Again we did that and since I only can cum so much, I wasn't overly excited by the result. So would I be more excited and satisfied if more cum cover your pussy?"

"Then finally the fetish of sex with clothes on. Nothing special there really. But when combine with the other two, the result is what you see here."

"Here is what going to happen. I've invited all these men here to first, pleasure you. They would each do whatever it takes to drive you to orgasms as fast as possible. No one can even start pleasure themselves until I say stop."

"After that, it's their turn. Each man will jerk off and cum on your pussy at least once. They can cum on other part of your body only if they have already cum on your pussy once."

"This is crazy!" My wife whispers, "But I love it! My pussy is getting wet already, thinking about all those cum!"

"Great! Then laid back on the table and enjoy!"

My wife's back has barely touched the massage table when the first man steps forward and pulls her legs apart. He pushes the skirt up to reveal her bikini panties. He quickly unties them and pulls the front triangle flap down. My wife watches him intently as his tongue approaches her freshly shaven pussy. She groans loudly as he starts eating her out with gusto.

Meanwhile, a second man steps up to my wife's upper body and pulls the tube top down. Her nipples are already hard so make it really easy for him to play with. She loves her nipples being pinched during sex so this drives her rapidly towards her second orgasm of the night.

"Shit! Cumming already!" My wife's body explodes in pleasure as the first man continues to nibble on her sensitive clit. Another man replaces him after she comes down from the climax and drives his rather long tongue deep inside her pussy. Immediately she can feel another orgasm is building up inside her.

While my wife is being serviced by two men, all the others are watching patiently around her. One of them asks whether he can put his cock in her mouth instead of using his hand to keep it hard. I nod but remind him that he cannot cum until later. He readily agrees and seconds later my wife's mouth is filled with a long cock, pumping in and out.

I stand watching the line of men working their way through my wife's body. More than 45 minutes later, and 20 almost non-stop orgasms later, I call a stop to the pleasuring of my wife. She lies on the massage table, limp, exhausted by the number of orgasms her body has experienced in such short amount of time. A thin layer of sweat covers her body. Her pussy lips are bright red and very swollen. Similarly, her nipples are distended from all the pinching and pulling. They now stands nearly 3/4 inch out which has never happened before.

"Guys, thank you very much for giving my wife such pleasure. Now it's time for YOUR pleasure. Please line up around her pussy and let your body go!" I grab my wife's hip and gently pull her until her ass perches on the edge of the massage table. Then I motion one man from each side of her to hold her knees and calves open to expose her pussy to all.

My wife looks at my through her tired eyes. She doesn't say anything to encourage or discourage me. But I can see the fear and apprehension in her eyes. Until this evening, she has never have sex with a stranger. And now 20 men have eaten her pussy and she has sucked more than half of their cocks! I know thing is happening too fast for her but this is my plan all along. The freshness of the experience mixes with uncertainty of the first time will only occur once and I want to savor it. If we discuss it in length before deciding to act on it, that special first time experience will not be the same.

I step back to allow two men to stand in my place, right in front of my wife's pussy. They have been so worked up by the wonton display of my wife earlier that each of them cum within half a minute of jerking off. Rope after rope of cum fly through the air and land on top of her pussy. Some misses and ends up on her stomach, some on her thighs.

"Mmm, I can feel the heat from the cum!" My wife moans as more cum lands on her. This feel just like when her husband, me, cum on her pussy, she thinks to herself. Then she looks around and realizes 18 more men are still to unleash their loads on her. This sends a shiver down her spine and her hips twitches in anticipation.

My video camera is recording all of these as more men finish and replace by another. I've refrain from taking my own hard cock out but I'm not sure how long I can last.

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