Kylie's Offer

by ResidentPerv

Copyright© 2010 by ResidentPerv

Erotica Sex Story: A young woman encounters an ancient "evil" with a rare and unexpected offer.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Magic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Vampires   DomSub   MaleDom   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   .

Kylie stared out the window at the glittering lights of the city below. She could feel the low hum of the Ferrari's engine as the car sped smoothly along the canyon roads under the bright, moonlit sky. Loud techno music roared inside the car's small compartment, but it seemed muffled, as if being played somewhere off in the distance. Slowly, as if in a drug induced haze, she turned her head and looked across at the man behind the wheel. He looked to be in his mid thirties and had lean, rugged features. His short black hair was combed straight back, not a strand out of place. As her gaze wandered lazily down along his torso, she felt a twinge of desire between her thighs. He was tall ... she was sure of it, even though he was sitting down and the car was dark ... somehow she was sure. The flowing silk shirt and black denim jeans he wore did little to conceal his powerful, muscular frame, but rather seemed to enhance it. His facial features, however, were almost entirely hidden by shadows, even in the relatively bright glow of the car's instrument panel.

"Who is this man," Kylie thought to herself as she slowly turned to look back out the window again. For the life of her, she couldn't manage to remember his name or even how she'd gotten into the car, much less where they were headed. She vaguely remembered the club from earlier that evening. Her girlfriends had told her it was a wild place and that she'd love it if she just gave it a chance. "The Haven," she thought. Or was it? She'd have to remember to ask her friends when she saw them on Monday.

Kylie felt herself being lifted by strong arms and carried easily down a long flight of stairs. Where had the car gone, she wondered? Her thoughts were a blur as she melted into the thick muscles of the arms that carried her and her head rested against the stranger's broad, powerful chest, the silk of his shirt caressing the soft skin of her face. Slowly, Kylie felt her mind begin to clear, and she looked around to take in her surroundings. The man carried her into a large, gothic bedchamber with cathedral ceilings. Nearly one fourth of the huge room was taken up by the largest bed Kylie had ever seen. It was nearly fifteen feet across and round, with black, or maybe deep, deep red, silk sheets. The massive headboard, easily ten feet across, was carved into the shape of thin, young girl, nude, and with a look of rapture on her oaken face. She looked unbelievably lifelike, so much so that Kylie almost expected her to suddenly open her eyes and speak.

In one corner of the room was a veritable mountain of large, plush cushions, upon which a gorgeous, nude woman lay sleeping. Her flawless, creamy, milk-white skin was a sharp contrast to the blood-red curls that cascaded over her shoulders and arms. Her full, firm breasts rose and fell evenly, indicating that she was in a deep sleep. Around her neck was a broad, black leather collar that was hooked to a thin chain, set into the wall above her. The room was surprisingly well lit considering that the only apparent light source was the handful of torches that were set into the walls, completing the medieval theme.

When the man reached what appeared to be the foot of the bed, he stopped and carefully set Kylie gently on her feet and proceeded to slowly undress her. One at a time, he peeled every article of clothing from her body, pausing here and there to plant soft kisses upon her smooth skin. As he knelt to remove her stiletto-heeled shoes and roll her nylons carefully down her legs, Kylie peered over his shoulder at the doorway they'd just come through. Off to one side hung a massive door of granite and marble nearly two feet thick. The sight of the door began to pique her curiosity, but her attention was quickly drawn back to the man at her feet as he pressed his lips to her pubic mound and kissed her soft cunt lips.

Kylie's gasps echoed softly in the large room. She found herself having to suddenly grab hold of the man's shoulders to support herself as her eyes fluttered shut. Slowly, she moved her hands to his head, twining her delicate hands in his dark hair, pulling his mouth tighter against her pussy. As her soft moans filled the room, the dark stranger smoothed his hands up along her thighs to her buttocks, where he softly stroked and kneaded her velvety skin. Kylie could feel her nipples harden as his tongue found its way between her tender labia and began to slowly swab back and forth over her stiffening clit. Her breath was now coming in short, staccato gasps as the tender manipulation of her pussy quickly urged her towards what she felt was going to be a very strong climax. The sudden muffled sounds of tinkling chains made Kylie open her eyes and glance dreamily at the woman on the pile of cushions. Her glittering emerald-green eyes were slitted open and her pale pink lips were parted slightly, shining wetly as she watched her master pleasure his newfound toy. One hand was between her long, lean thighs, working lazily at her clit. Kylie watched this beautiful creature masturbate for a moment before moving her gaze back up to meet the woman's gaze, just in time to see the red tip of her tongue flick across her full lips. Just as Kylie was sure her orgasm would overtake her, the mouth left her sticky pussylips and pulled away, making her moan with need. The man grinned up at her, his dark eyes flashing in the dim light, and turned to speak to his concubine.

"What do you think of her, my dear?" he said, indicating Kylie.

"She is truly beautiful, Master," the redhead panted, her hand working frantically now. "May I help you to please her Master?" The man turned to face Kylie once again, smiling, and for the first time, Kylie saw them. His canines were long and sharp, like the teeth of a wolf, but much sharper, almost like needles.

"Would you like that Kylie? Would you like to feel her lips and fingers on your skin?" Kylie struggled to tear her gaze from his glistening fangs to glance at the pleading, lustful expression on the girl's face. She could feel her own liquid excitement slowly trickling down her inner thighs as her pussy churned at the thought of this beautiful creatures' hands on her body.

"yes..." she whispered.

"Louder," the man gasped hoarsely. "Tell me what you want."

"Yes, Master," Kylie pleaded. "Please, could she join us?" The man grinned up at her, showing her the full length of his fangs, and then slowly rose to his feet. Reaching into his pocket, he drew forth a small silver key and handed it to Kylie.

"Go and release her from her leash, Kylie. Then, bring her here to me." Kylie took the key and turned slowly towards the girl. As she slowly approached the pile of cushions, the girl eased onto her knees, but kept her hand between her widespread thighs, stroking her engorged clit and fingerfucking herself. Her other hand moved up to cup a firm breast, pinching and tugging roughly at the hard, pink nipple atop it. As Kylie reached to undo the lock that attached the chain to the collar, she looked down at the girl. The girl was panting hard as she smiled up at Kylie, her green eyes sparkling brightly, and Kylie saw that she too had a pair of long, sharp fangs! An icy chill gripped her heart at the realization of where she was and who she was with, but it was quickly dispelled as the girl stood quickly, embraced her gently, and pressed her soft lips to Kylie's in a deep, passionate kiss. Kylie moaned and melted into the girl's warm embrace as she felt a hot, wet tongue enter her mouth. The girl's kiss was sweet, but not overly so, and Kylie found herself returning the passionate kiss with wild abandon. Finally, the girl reluctantly broke the tender kiss and pulled back just far enough to stare longingly into Kylie's eyes, smiling warmly, and took her by the hand.

"My Master awaits," she whispered softly. Kylie nodded almost imperceptibly and turned to lead the girl back to where the man lay across the foot of the huge bed, now nude himself. Kylie swept her gaze over his chiseled, muscular body and gasped loudly as she took in the sight of his massive cock. The long, thick, semi-erect organ lay across the man's thigh, nearly ten inches already. Kylie felt her pussy lurch at just the thought of that thick hunk of meat ramming into her cunt.

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