A Journey Home

by sirreadsalot10

Copyright© 2010 by sirreadsalot10

Fantasy Sex Story: On a primitive world of ice and snow where summers can be centuries apart. A young man faces a journey, not only to his physical home, but also to discovering that home, most of all, resides in the heart.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

An icy wind blew in from the north. It blew across the ice hills and picked up speed as it raced down the snow covered slopes. The wind kicked up loose snow and whipped it into the air like smoke rising from a fire. Three men crouched behind a rock that jutted out of the snow, and pulled their mammoth furs around them as the chilling wind beat at them.

Gunter, the older man who led their hunt, held a leather leash attached to the neck of a garg. He watched the six-legged beast as it sniffed the air and then the ground through the layers of snow and ice. The six nostrils in the garg's snout were so sensitive that it could track a week old scent through snow deep enough to cover a man to his head. The garg trembled with anticipation for the fight it's simple mind knew was coming.

"We're getting close," Gunter said to the two younger men crouching behind him.

"Are you sure, father," Kaden asked over the wind.

"Look at the garg," Gunter said. The animal quivered and whined in turns, then pulled at its leash before returning to Gunter's side "He feels the long tooth's presence, and I fear it knows we hunt it and is now hunting us as well."

"We have been close before, and the long tooth has alluded us," the other young man said. "I pray to Gawa that we get our vengeance at last."

"Patience, Aerik," Gunter said, "Vengeance for Ella and Greta is at hand. Go to the sled and bring up the rest of the gargs. We will need all of them to kill the long tooth."

Aerik lurched to his feet and made his way to the mouth of the shallow canyon where they had left the sled tied to a frea tree. The frea trees dotted the white covered landscape, they were the only tree that grew in the long winter, and their hardy fruit was a mainstay in the diet of the people that lived in the icy wastes.

An anger even colder than the biting wind burned in Aerik's heart. They had been hunting the long tooth for sixty days and had traveled far from their village in pursuit of the savage beast. His thirst for blood had not slackened since the day the long tooth had killed his intended wife.

The beast had come down from the ice hills looking for food and found the village women clearing the runoff trenches north of the village. Fueled by its hunger, it attacked without warning. It savaged Gunter's wife, Greta, killing her, and drug his daughter Ella away.

Aerik was twenty-one annum's old and had begun to despair of the elders ever picking a wife for him. When the elders had finally announced that Ella would be his wife he was overcome with joy. He knew of the girl, and her face seemed lovely beneath the furs that the people always wore to fight off the cold.

He had never seen a woman's body before, since outside their own homes they were always bundled with layers of Mammoth fur. He had no sisters and his mother had died when he was a baby, so he didn't even know what a woman looked like in her inside clothes.

He was overcome with excitement at the prospect of undressing Ella and discovering the delights of the marriage bed. He had listened to the older men in the sweat lodge talk of the pleasures that awaited him, and he was almost dizzy with anticipation.

Ella was taken by the long tooth just two days before they were to exchange their marriage necklaces. They had found her body eaten beyond recognition a few leagues from the village. Gunter and his son, Kaden, overcome with grief at the loss of their women folk had demanded a vengeance hunt. Aerik, as Ella's intended husband joined them.

They gathered supplies for a long hunt and set off with eight gargs. One of the village shamans also joined them. They would need his magic when they confronted the deadly beast.

Twenty days into the hunt, a large ice wolf had attacked them. The wolf had killed one of the gargs and the Shaman before their spears finally brought the monster down. They pressed on despite the loss of the garg and the Shaman's magic.

Aerik fumed as his fingers, clumsy from the cold, worked to free the garg's from their harnesses. If only Ella and Greta hadn't been in those stupid ditches. The village elders required every member of the village to spend time keeping the runoff trenches clear of debris in case summer came.

When summer came, it was always without warning, the heat would melt the ice in the hills causing great floods, and without the trenches to guide the water around the village, it would be swept away.

Aerik knew why the trenches needed to stay clear, but the loss of Ella made him unreasonable and he blamed the elders for their stupid adherence to old traditions. There hadn't been a summer since his great, great, great grandfather's time, and probably wouldn't be another until he was long dead, and now he had nothing.

Aerik sighed as he freed the last garg from its harness and holding the leashes, headed back up the canyon. He sent up a silent prayer to Gawa that this would be the last day of the hunt.

"Are you ready?" Gunter asked the younger men.

"I am father," Kaden said.

Aerik only nodded that he was ready.

They divided the gargs among them, and with spears in one hand and leashes in the other, crept deeper into the canyon. Their senses strained for any sign of their prey, and the gargs silently stalked as the scent of the long tooth filled their snouts.

Their only warning was the gargs, almost as one, raising their heads toward the top of the shallow canyon to their right. The long tooth screamed as it leapt down from the ice covered rocks above. Its long, dark striped, tawny body arched gracefully with deadly claws extended as it plummeted down toward Aerik.

Aerik flung the leashes holding the gargs away, and dived away from the leaping beast. He rolled gracefully and surged to his feet. He spun back toward the beast, spear at the ready.

The beast landed with a thud in the spot where Aerik had stood, and scrabbled its claws into the icy canyon floor to regain its footing. It screamed in rage at missing its intended prey.

Gunter and Kaden released their gargs and the six-legged animals howled and spread out flanking the long tooth. The men and gargs surrounded the large beast, and for a moment silence descended as though the world itself was taking a breath.

Though they had traveled far to kill the beast, they couldn't help but admire its natural beauty. It was as long as three grown men were and weighed as much as six. Muscles rippled beneath its dark striped golden fur as its muscled body moved slowly, stalking them. Its ears were laid back and it lashed its striped tail back and forth as it gazed at them with slitted green eyes. Its mouth was filled with sharp yellow teeth and two of its top fangs stretched out of its mouth and curved down as long as a man's forearm.

The silence seemed to stretch on forever but, in truth, was barely a few heartbeats. The beast screamed, breaking the unnatural quiet and Gunter yelled the command to attack. The gargs began darting in at the legs of the long tooth while the men jabbed at it with their spears.

The beast was unnaturally fast and pierced a garg's body clean through with its long fangs as several other gargs went for its back legs. It shook its head flinging the mortally wounded garg into the air and spun to face the gargs harassing its rear. It swiped a garg with its long claws and tore it nearly in half.

The men jumped forward and thrust their spears into the beast's exposed side as it turned. It screamed in pain and spun again, breaking off Kaden's spear where it stuck in the beast's side. For an instant Kaden stared at the splintered shaft in disbelief. It cost him his life. The long tooth swiped at him with its claws. The deadly sharp talons sliced through the layers of fur and ripped him open from his chest to his lower stomach. His insides spilled out onto the snow in grotesque coils as he collapsed into the snow.

Gunter screamed in anguish and tossing his spear aside fell to his son's side. He desperately began scooping up the entrails and trying to stuff them back into his dead son's body.

"No!" Aerik screamed as the long tooth shook off several gargs and leapt onto Gunter's back.

The beast screamed and then bit down onto Gunter's head. Its long teeth pierced his upper chest and sank deep into his body. Gunter's hands flailed around and then fell limply at his side.

Aerik leapt forward and thrust his spear into the beast's side, then leapt away as it screamed and turned to face him. The beast focused its malevolent gaze on Aerik and stalked toward him. It was bleeding from its wounds and from Kaden's broken spear where it protruded from its side. Gunter hung garishly from the beast's mouth, still impaled on its long teeth, his legs swinging loosely as the beast prowled toward Aerik.

The gargs darted in at the long tooth's legs and it turned on them in a fury. It spun so fast that Gunter's body was hurled into the wall of the canyon with a sickening crunch before falling to the ground. The beast's attack on the gargs was so furious that blood and bodies flew in all directions as it ripped its claws through them.

Aerik howled and jabbed his spear into the beast's back. It screamed and whirled so quickly that Aerik barely retained his grip on his spear. He lurched back and his heel caught on a rock. He fought for balance and lost. He sat down hard and watched his death approach.

The beast screamed again and leapt on him. Aerik's heart froze and he blindly thrust his spear toward the enraged animal as it crashed onto him. The weight of the beast slammed him to the ground, and his breath exploded from his lungs. The long fangs grazed his cheeks as they passed to either side of his face and pierced the icy ground, pinning his head between them.

Aerik squeezed his eyes shut and waited for death to come. After a moment, he realized he was still alive and opened his eyes. The long tooth's mouth was only a few hand widths from his face but the only movement coming from the beast was the expanding and contracting of its ribs as it breathed.

Aerik tried to turn his head but the long yellow fangs held his head immobile. Suddenly the great beast made a sound and its hot foul breath washed over him. The sound startled him and his body jerked as fear coursed through him.

The fear was quickly replaced with confusion. He had never heard such a sound from a long tooth before. It whined and mewled pathetically as its breathing became labored. It whimpered and then took three breaths each weaker than the last before it gurgled and then moved no more.

Aerik lay there for a moment just thankful to be alive before trying to free himself. It took him quite a while to climb out from under the smothering weight of the dead long tooth. Finally, panting for breath, he struggled to his feet beside the once fearsome monster.

His spear jutted from the beast's back where it had gone all the way through its body. He grunted with effort as he tried to pull it the rest of the way through, but despite his best efforts the spear was stuck fast. After several attempts, he gave up and picked up Gunter's discarded spear from the ground.

He staggered toward the gargs to see if any remained alive and almost fell as the adrenaline left his body. He caught himself with the butt of Gunter's spear and sank to one knee. Sadness for the deaths of his companions, relief that the long tooth was dead, and joy at being alive surged through him. He was overcome with emotion and wept among the dead.

When he had recovered, he found that only three gargs remained alive and one was so grievously injured he had to kill it to stop its suffering. He took the remaining two back to the sled and tied them to the frea tree before returning to the bodies of Gunter and Kaden.

He spent half of what remained of the day gathering stones. He laid Gunter and Kaden beside each other and built a cairn of stones over them. When he was finished, he stood silently for a moment before raising his face to the heavens.

"Gawa," he cried, "Hear your servant. Please welcome these men into your kingdom. They were brave and true. They never faltered from the path you laid before them. Please Shepherd them into your heavenly garden where it is always summer and winter never comes."

He fell silent, gathered up his spear and trudged back to the sled. He went through their supplies and discarded much of it. Two gargs couldn't pull the sled with that much weight on it. When he was satisfied with his supplies, he built a small hollow dome out of blocks of packed snow for him and the gargs to spend the night in, out of the freezing night wind.

He crawled in through the opening and then called the gargs in with him. They would huddle together for warmth through the freezing night. In the morning, they would begin the long journey home.

Something startled Aerik out of his sleep. Alarmed, he quickly looked around the interior of the small snow hut, trying to find what had woke him. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, he settled back down.

He flinched as something cold and wet dripped onto his face. He wiped it off and examined the roof of the hut more closely. Light filtered down through the snow roof, and It had a glossy sheen of moisture over it. Here and there, a drop of water fell to the ground as he watched.

The gargs shifted and whined as he untangled himself from them and crawled out into the morning light. He blinked in the bright sunlight and held his hand over his piercing dark eyes to shield them from the glare.

When his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw melting snow everywhere. He was so astonished that he didn't notice how hot he was feeling under his mammoth furs. It wasn't until a drop of sweat ran into his eye that he noticed his discomfort.

"I don't believe it," he said aloud as he rubbed the stinging sweat out of his eye.

He removed his fur hood, freeing his long black hair to cascade down his back. He also removed one layer of his furs and lashed them to his supplies. He called the gargs and harnessed them to the sled. With the sun beating down as they started their journey home he finally had no choice but to believe, summer was coming, and it was coming fast.

The gargs were beginning to struggle by the time the sun reached its zenith. The rails on the sled were sinking into the slush instead of riding on top of the snow. Aerik soon realized that they would have to abandon the sled.

He let the gargs rest while he fashioned a pack for their supplies. He had to abandon everything that he couldn't carry with him. He and the gargs would have to hunt for food when their supplies ran out. He discarded another layer of his furs, shouldered his makeshift pack and they set out on foot.

Over the next few days, the temperature continued to rise, and the snow and ice melted at an alarming rate. Aerik was down to his inside clothes now and struggled through long stretches of mud and slush.

He and the gargs had trudged halfway across a valley when he heard a rumbling sound coming from the direction of the hills. He thought hard trying to identify the sound. It sounded a little like a mammoth stampede, but that wasn't exactly right. He gazed in the direction of the roaring sound and then up at the dark rocky peaks above that should have been white with snow and ice.

The blood drained from his face when he realized what the sound was. "Run!" he yelled at the gargs and took off as fast as he could go through the mud. He ran until his lungs hurt, with the gargs loping along beside him.

The roaring grew louder as he ran desperately for the far side of the valley. Only one thought occupied his mind as he labored on. He must get to high ground.

He spotted a rocky mound off to his left and altered his direction toward it. He glanced to his right and saw the flood of water coming down the valley. A great boiling froth rushed toward him, uprooting frea trees and destroying everything in its path.

He would never make it to the other side of the valley. The rocky mound was his and the gargs only chance. He reached down deep inside and found the strength to increase his speed.

The onrush of the flood became so loud it was deafening. The roaring assaulted his senses and he bordered on the edge of panic. With a final surge, he reached the mound and scrambled up onto a rock on the side away from the coming tide. He called to the gargs and they scrambled up beside him. He climbed toward the top as fast as he could with the gargs following close behind.

The wave of deadly water collided with the far side of the rocky mound with a crash as loud as thunder. It engulfed the bottom of the mound and rushed around it with incredible speed. Aerik was barely above the water and he desperately grabbed at the closest garg and hoisted it above the surging flood. The other garg yelped as the merciless rush of water swept it away. It struggled valiantly to stay afloat, but soon disappeared beneath the turbulent surface.

Aerik and the garg waited for two days for the water to recede, but it never did. A lake had formed around the mound on which Aerik had taken refuge. Water covered the entire valley. He could see the shore not far away and knew he would have to try to reach it before his food ran out.

The water didn't seem to bother the garg. It would jump in the lake and swim around, almost as if it was born to it, before returning to Aerik. It would shake its whole body, slinging water in all directions from its black spotted brown fur, and then rub up against Aerik looking for a pat on the head and a tasty morsel of dried mammoth meat from Aerik's pack.

Aerik had no idea how to swim and judged that the water would be close to being over his head by how high it had settled around the mound. It was either chance it or starve to death, so he shouldered his pack and with a silent plea to Gawa leapt into the water.

He went under but his feet hit the bottom with the water only a few hands above his head. He pushed off the bottom in the direction of the shore, and sucked in a quick breath when he cleared the surface.

He sank to the bottom again and jumped toward land again. He found that pulling through the water with his hands kept him up for a little longer before he sank again. He tired quickly and panic threatened to overwhelm him as he struggled toward safety.

He was almost at the end of his strength when his feet touched the bottom, and his head didn't go under. He almost sobbed with relief as he staggered onto firm ground. He collapsed onto the muddy ground and panted for breath, until the garg, who had made it to shore quite easily, licked his face.

"Come on boy, let's go home," Aerik said patting the animal's head, and then climbed to his feet.

Over the next several days, it got even hotter, and the muddy ground began to firm up as the excess water evaporated in the heat. Then something so wondrous happened that it astounded Aerik. The world bloomed.

Seeds that had lain dormant in all the annums since the last summer warmed the world sprang to life. Grass as green as a long tooth's eyes sprouted as far as the eye could see. Flowers of every size and color blossomed, filling Aerik's world with a myriad of scents and colors that he never imagined existed.

It became so hot that Aerik soon discarded his inside clothes and fashioned himself a loincloth. He felt naked, but the heat left him little choice. He tied his long black hair into a long tail with a leather cord and resumed his journey.

Aerik continued toward home, but soon realized he was lost. All the landmarks they had noted on their hunt looked completely different now. The ice and snow was gone from the hills, completely changing their shape. All Aerik knew now was that home was in the direction of the setting sun. He hoped to come across a village where he could get his bearings, but so far, he had not seen any other people.

He began to feel an irritation and tightness to his skin and realized that the sun was beginning to burn him. Suddenly he remembered when he was young, Elder Haran making him recite the summer songs along with all the other village children.

"Bulbs of white protect from summer's light," he sang the summer song from his childhood, and began searching through the flowers and bushes he passed for anything that might have white bulbs.

His search was rewarded a short time later when he found a bush with several white bulbs hanging from its branches. He plucked one and squeezed it until it burst releasing a thick clear fluid. It smelled like the dawn after a fresh snow.

He rubbed it over his chest, and winced when his fingers caught in the soft black hair that grew there. Almost immediately, a soothing coolness spread where he had rubbed the clear fluid. He quickly rubbed it over all his exposed skin.

His only companion on the long journey was the garg. He had noticed that its eyes were a light shade of brown where almost all gargs eyes were black. Together they hunted for food, and chased each other through fields of flowers. They huddled together for warmth when it rained at night, and rested in the shade of frea trees in the hottest part of the day. They bathed in ponds and streams they found along the way, and together fought off a pack of jeekels who tried to steal the freshly killed food from their camp.

He was amazed at the garg's intelligence and loyalty. Aerik no longer viewed the garg as a tool for hunting, but saw the animal as a trusted friend. He named him Unkes, which meant "Loyal friend" in the old tongue. He decided that when he returned home Unkes would not be returning to the garg pens but would stay with him in his home.

Over time, Aerik found he no longer needed the white bulbs to protect him from the sun. His skin had bronzed to a golden brown and no longer turned red from the sun's harsh light. He loved the sun's warmth on his skin and reveled in the freedom to move without furs covering his body.

Aerik and Unkes had been heading toward the setting sun for over sixty days and Aerik figured they should be getting close to home. He still didn't recognize where they were and was beginning to worry. If they were anywhere near home, they should start running into villages soon.

Unkes ran ahead for a while and then would come back before bounding off again. Aerik laughed as Unkes chased beautiful flying bugs with wings that came in many colors and patterns. They seemed to fly around with no purpose or direction, flitting first one way then another. Unkes would leap into the air, but never quite catch them.

Aerik trotted along behind as Unkes had his fun. Unkes chased one of the insects into a patch of tall plants with yellow and red flowers blooming from the top. Suddenly a warning sounded in Aerik's mind and he remembered another summer song taught by Elder Haran. "Go near blooms of yellow and red, and it won't be long until you're dead."

"Unkes, stop!" he shouted, fear filling his voice.

The garg slid to a stop and looked back questioningly at Aerik.

"Unkes, come," he commanded and patted his leg.

Unkes gave one last look of longing at the flying bug before turning and trotting toward Aerik. Before he cleared the patch of tall plants, one of them suddenly whipped toward the garg. The bloom opened up revealing an ugly black stinger. Unkes yelped when the stinger stabbed into his side and injected him with venom.

The tall stinging plants around Unkes all came alive and began plunging their wicked black stinger into the garg. Unkes yelped pitifully and tried to get to Aerik but the venom from the stings had paralyzed his legs. He crashed to the ground as the plants continued to jab their stingers into him.

"Unkes!" Aerik shouted and dropped his pack. He ran with spear in hand to help his friend.

He swung his spear from side to side using the sharp edges of the spear point to hack at the deadly plants. He swung the spear like a man possessed and fought his way to Unkes's side. He stood over his fallen friend and flailed around him with his spear until he had cleared the area around them.

He hoisted Unkes onto his shoulder and swung his spear to keep the path clear as he staggered to safety. When he was clear of the deadly plants, he laid Unkes on the ground and slumped beside him. He pulled Unkes onto his lap and cradled his head.

"Don't die on me, Unkes," He begged as tears spilled down his cheeks into his beard.

Unkes just looked at him, pleading for help with his wet light brown eyes. His breath came in short, ragged gasps. Aerik held him, softly stroking his head until the venom reached his heart. Unkes closed his eyes and died. Aerik pulled his friends lifeless body to him, threw back his head and screamed his grief to the world.

Later, after he had laid Unkes to rest under a cairn of stones, he took up his spear. Aerik didn't leave the clearing until he had chopped every last plant with a yellow and red bloom to the ground.

Aerik resumed his trek, but his journey without Unkes was filled with loneliness. His mind wandered as he walked and he almost called to Unkes to come to him a few times before he caught himself. Every time this happened, he felt the loss of his friend all over again.

He stopped to rest and stared up at the hills to the north. He tried to imagine what they would look like covered in snow and ice. They would be much larger with tons of ice and snow on top of them. Suddenly realization hit him. He was much closer to the hills than he should be. He had failed to make the size adjustment in his mind. Home should be farther south than he had been traveling. He might have even passed far to the north of his village.

With newfound determination he changed his direction and began walking due south. Two days after he turned south, he came across what was left of a village. Apparently, the elders of this village weren't as strict as his village elders were in keeping their runoff trenches clear and had paid the price.

He dug through the rubble, looking for any supplies that might be useful. He found nothing, so pressed on. He wondered what had happened to the people that lived there, but the fact that he found the village gave him hope that he was on the right path to get home.

Shortly after leaving the decimated village, he came across a stream that fed into a pool of water. He knelt down and scooped the cool water onto his face. The water dripped out of his beard into the water.

He stared at his reflection and was surprised to see that he looked quite brutish. If he came across any people, he didn't want to look like a wild man. He built a fire and filled the pot from his pack with water. He let the water heat on the edge of the fire while he honed the edge of his knife along his sharpening stone.

When the water was hot enough and the blade sharp enough, he scraped the coarse hair from his face. When he was done, he examined his reflection in the water. He looked as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

Three days later, he was traveling through a field enjoying the breeze that cooled the sweat on his body when a sound drifted to him on the wind. He stopped in disbelief. He could swear that he had heard the sound of a woman singing.

He listened hard but heard nothing. Then the wind picked up and he heard it again. It was just the hint of a whisper. The wind had brought the singing to him, and his first instinct was to run toward the voice.

He decided that in times like these it was better to be cautious, so he dropped his pack, and taking only his spear, slipped into the tree line and moved from tree to tree toward the ethereal voice.

He paused and listened for the voice again, but heard nothing. Maybe it had been his imagination. He went a little farther and found a lovely little pond in a small clearing. He walked into the clearing near the water and looked around.

He felt foolish. He had been alone since Unkes had died and was imagining things. He turned back towards his supplies and stopped when he noticed a pile of clothing on the ground. He looked back at the water just as a woman burst from the water with a splash.

Aerik yelped in surprise and almost dropped his spear. The woman stood waist deep in the water and looked shocked to see him there. For a moment, they just stared at each other.

She saw a tall young man with dark eyes and long black hair pulled back and tied into a tail at the nape of his neck. His broad muscled chest was covered with a light coat of black hair that trailed down to the ripples in his stomach.

He wore nothing but a loincloth fashioned from mammoth hide, and the muscles in his arms bulged from the grip he had on a long hunting spear. His legs were lean and muscled and he wore mammoth hide boots cross-laced with leather. A thin coat of sweat covered his bronze skin and made the light glisten off the planes and angles of his hard muscles. She was frightened but had to admit he was quite impressive looking.

Aerik couldn't take his eyes off her. She was only visible from just below her navel. The rest of her was under the water, but what he could see of her took his breath away. Her hair was jet black and so long that the ends of it floated in the water. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and her face was the most delicate beautiful face he had ever seen.

His gaze went from her perfect face to her taut but supple stomach. He tried to stare at her navel, but could not keep his eyes from traveling up to her breasts. They were large and heavy, yet the dark nipples angled upward. He was fascinated by their gentle curves and amazed at how full and round they were.

He also noticed the marriage necklace that hung across the slopes of her breasts. There were two black stones instead of the normal white attached to the lowest part, meaning that her husband had been dead for two annums. By Gawa's commandments she could not marry again until her mate had been dead for three annums

Aerik's first look at a naked woman caught him by complete surprise and his brain was in shock. He had heard the older men describing what a woman's body looked like, and concluded that their crude descriptions fell far short of the perfection that stood before him. His heart thumped in his chest like it was trying to burst free, and to his horror, his manhood began to lengthen and thicken.

She noticed his loincloth begin to rise as his shaft hardened, fear shot through her, and then she saw the look of embarrassment on his face and relaxed. He didn't wear a marriage necklace, so probably had never seen a woman like this before. She glanced back at his loincloth and gasped. His cock was so long and thick that it had completely pushed the loincloth up revealing the engorged head and the heavy balls that hung below.

She felt something stir deep inside her at the sight of his rigid shaft. Excitement surged through her body and a tingling sensation emanated from between her legs. It had been so long since she had felt a man's touch, not since her husband had died. This stranger wasn't from her village, and if she dared to lie with him, no one would know. He looked so beautiful and innocent. He was probably three of four annum's younger than she was, but he was most definitely a man.

A sense of daring overcame her, and she made her decision as he stood so magnificently before her. She would not deny the lust that was coursing through her.

Aerik saw the fear in her eyes when she saw his cock jutting before him, and he almost ran away. Before he could move, he saw her expression change as she gazed at his rigid manhood. Her delicate hands gently swirled the water around her as she stared at his cock with what he thought was a look of hunger.

The beauty of her blue eyes stunned him again when she tore her gaze from his manhood and looked at his face. His body trembled when she moved toward him, and his heart thumped even harder as she slowly emerged from the water.

His lungs refused to breathe as her body in all its splendor was revealed to him. His eyes were drawn to the dark patch of wet hair above the cleft of her legs. His senses seemed to intensify and he could see every droplet of water cascade off her as she moved toward him, her hips swaying gently. He was entranced by the way her breasts swayed as she walked.

He finally remembered to breathe when she stood before him. Her eyes traveled over his torso and he flinched when she brought her hands up and laid them on his chest. His nostrils flared sucking in air as she gently trailed her fingers though his chest hair.

Her gaze followed her hand as she ran it down his strong arm to the spear he clutched in his hand. His knuckles were white with strain where he gripped the spear shaft. She gently laid her hand on his and looked at him questioningly. He relaxed his grip and she took the spear and tossed it away.

She brought her hands back to his chest and caressed down to his hard stomach and then to the leather ties that held his loincloth on. She untied the loincloth and dropped it to the ground, revealing the bulging veins that ran down the top side of his thick shaft.

She looked down at his hard cock and her eyes widened at the size of it. It twitched with each thunderous beat of his heart and almost reverently she rapped her fingers around the thick shaft as far as they could go.

He gasped at her touch and she looked at his face. His eyes were open wide like an animal on the verge of flight. She smiled and slowly slid her hand up the length of his shaft and then back to the base.

Her touch on his manhood sent a shock of pleasure through his body that he was unprepared for. His legs trembled as she stroked him, and the pleasure was so intense that his balls tightened and an orgasm crashed over him.

Her eyes widened and she gasped when his huge cock expanded in her hand and a thick rope of cum erupted out and shot by her, almost hitting her on her side. She aimed his cock away from her and stroked him faster as his pleasure tore through him.

His body jerked against his will, and he grunted as spurt after spurt shot out of his manhood while she pumped her hand back and forth along his length.

"I'm sorry," he gasped when his pleasure had subsided enough for him to speak.

"It's all right," she said. Her voice was soft and husky.

"You are just so beautiful, and I've never-"

"Shhhhh," she interrupted him, and slipped her body against his.

Her breasts smashed into his chest as she molded her body to him. Her hands slid around behind his head and pulled his lips to hers. When her soft wet tongue slipped into his mouth, he instinctively enclosed her in his strong arms, and pulled her tight against him. He could feel her hard nipples pressing against his chest as he explored her mouth.

She broke the kiss with a sigh and guided his mouth to her neck. He was unsure what to do but gained confidence when she shuddered at the touch of his lips on the soft skin of her neck. She shuddered again when he licked and then sucked on her warm flesh.

He felt her pushing on his head and let her touch guide him to her breasts. He had to stoop to reach them but his arms around the small of her back helped him keep his balance. He pressed his face into them and marveled at the firm yet supple feel of her ample bosom.

She moaned when he brushed his lips over first one of her nipples and then the other. He opened his mouth and gently ran his tongue around the hard bud and she gasped in pleasure.

While he licked and sucked on her nipples, she pulled out the leather cord that bound his hair and let his lustrous black mane cascade down his back. She put her hand on top of his head and gently pushed him lower.

He didn't know what she wanted but let her push him to his knees. Her stomach was before him and he lavished it with his tongue and lips while cupping the firm flesh of her ass in his large hands. She squirmed at the feel of his lips and tongue around her naval, but had a deeper desire that must be fulfilled. She pushed his head lower still.

He stared in wonder at the cleft between her legs. He let his eyes roam from the soft swirls of black hair above her sex to the barely visible lips that peeked out from between her thighs. He inhaled and experienced the scent of an aroused woman for the first time in his life. The musky scent was intoxicating and he breathed her scent in again savoring her womanly aroma.

She shifted her feet opening her legs while twining her fingers in his hair. She growled with need and pulled his face into her moist sex. She quivered when his mouth made contact with her moist lips.

"Oh Gawa," she gasped as his tongue gently licked along her slit.

Aerik ran his tongue along her pussy and delighted in the taste of the juices he found there. He loved the sounds of pleasure she made as he explored her most secret place. Her pussy seemed to welcome his mouth's caress and he loved the way the hot lips of her womanly flower flowed around his tongue as he licked her.

He noticed that her moans were more intense when his tongue touched a small nub at the top of her pussy where her lips met. He focused his attention there and swirled his tongue around it.

"Oh, Yes," she gasped. "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

She couldn't believe how intense the sensations of ecstasy were that coursed through her. This stranger, who had never been with a woman before, was giving her more pleasure than she had ever known.

She could feel her orgasm coming and welcomed it with all her being. It crashed into her like a winter storm. It ravaged her with pleasure and left her teetering on the edge of blissful agony.

Aerik felt her convulse and her pussy released a flood into his eager mouth. He lapped up her juices and sucked on her enflamed pussy as her hands gripped his hair painfully. He fought to keep his mouth on her as her hips bucked and her body quivered.

As her orgasm crested, the sensations became too intense and she had to push his head away. She swayed uneasily for a moment and then pulled him back to his feet. His impressive manhood was as hard as stone and the massive head rubbed up her leg and rested against her belly as he stood before her.

He truly was impressive in every way she thought as her eyes ran over him. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given her. She trailed her fingers down his chest and stomach as she knelt before him.

His massive manhood stood proudly before her and she wrapped her small fingers around it. He quivered at her touch, and gasped when she leaned forward and brushed the head with her lips. She kissed it again and then softly swirled her tongue around the engorged head.

"Ahhhhh," Aeirik sighed as she opened her lips and took his cock into her warm mouth.

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