by Uther Pendragon

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Uther Pendragon

Romantic Sex Story: She approaches climax, as he approaches her clit -- VERY SLOWLY.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Safe Sex   Petting   Slow   .


"Pete, I do trust you. That's why it's silly to tie me up."

"I trust you. I don't trust all your reactions, and neither should you.

Now, give me your left hand."

"I'm not sure I should trust you if you have to tie me up. That leg's awfully far over there."

"It's simple. If this doesn't work for you, then you don't let me tie you up again. I'm not going to sneak up on you in your sleep."

"I'm such a sucker, you don't need to."

"Now, the other leg."

"That's a wide stretch. What are you planning to do, photograph my snatch?"

"No cameras. Although its beauty is worth of immortalization. But that's for another day. Now, since you've been such a good sport,..."

"Mmmm. You tied four limbs. I deserve more than one kiss."

"Mmmm ... Mmm ... Mmmmm. That's four. But, since you're tied up and helpless, I can get what I want. Mmmmmm."

"Well, since I'm helpless, I suppose I'll have to keep giving you kisses."

"Don't exert yourself on my account. Your mouth is lovely, but there is so much more of you to kiss. Mmm."

"Pete! That tickles."

"Jill's left side is ticklish. I'll make note of that. Let's see about her right side."

"Don't! That's ticklish too. Oh!"

"Both sides. Let's see about these. Mmm."

"Now, that's better. You can kiss my breasts all night. Speaking of breasts, when are you going to get to the left one?"

"So this is the right one. Have to remember that mirror-image business.

I'll get there in my own good time. Can't hurry, y'know."

"Keep going. Now kiss the nipple. Oh, you're such a tease. You keep teasing me."

"Not yet."

"Whadya mean 'not yet'? I'd swear that you've been kissing that breast for an hour."

"Ten minutes. Now, the left one. Mmmm..."

"Don't leave me like this! Where are you going?"

"Not far. Don't panic. It's just easier to walk around to your legs than to clamber all over you."

"That's nice. I don't think I've ever had my ankles kissed."

"Pretty ankle ... Pretty calf ... Beautiful thigh..."

"Don't stop now."

"Oh, I'm not stopping. This ankle is pretty, too."

"Jeff. Go on. One more inch and you're there."

"Oh, I'm here, all right. And you smell nice, too. One would think that you're turned on."

"I am, but you've got to help."

"I just remembered that there is still breast unlicked."

"You're still not getting the nipple."

"Lovely areola. Tastes delightful. Wonder is the other one tastes as fine."

"Don't you think the nipple would taste better?"

"Don't know ... This areola tastes great, too. You're a very tasty girl."

"I'm about to explode."

"About to explode? Are you ticking?"

"Now where are you going?"

"Your belly isn't ticking ... Mmm..."

"That tickles."

"Hey. I forgot your ears."

"That's not all you've forgotten. Why can't you settle in one place and bring me closure?"

"'Cause you're tied up. You can't get any closer."

"Ssss ... No! You can't kiss my ears until you take care of the more important parts."

"Don't shake your head. Someone might think that you're denying me.

Anyway, your head is easy to hold down when you're like this.

Mmmmm. Delectable ear."

"That tickles. No!"

"This ear tastes nice, too."

"It tickles."

"Well, in that case, back. Or, since you're tied this way, front."

"Oh, at last. Suck it. Suck it hard!"

"If I sucked this nipple, the right one, isn't it? You'd just want me to suck the other one."

"Would that be so hard? I didn't know you regarded that as a chore."

"Probably be quite hard. The right one is nice and firm from just two licks. But, sucking them would interfere with my teasing you."

"Teasing me? You're torturing me!"

"Not yet."

"Not yet? Jeff!"

"Lovely ankle. Tasty ankle. Lovely calf. Lovely knee. Lovely thigh.

Tasty thigh. Lovely, tasty, sweet- smelling upper thigh."

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