Diary of a Dabo Girl

by Storm

Copyright© 2010 by Storm

Fan Fiction Sex Story: A sexy Dabo girl seduces a successful gambler, after her shift at the Dabo tables is over. Dabo is a famous gambling game, which is a sort of mix between roulette and poker. The women hosting it are known as Dabo girls, very pretty women meant to entertain the costumers. Lira however takes her job a little bit too serious...

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Space   Oral Sex   .

Diary of a Dabo girl

It was a busy night at Quark's on Deep Space 9. Lira had just finished her shift at the Dabo tables, when a handsome Betazoid male approached her. He had been one of the few lucky customers that won a lot of gold pressed latinum that night.

Her employer Hadron had even whispered in her ear that she should look out for signs of cheating, but she couldn't see anything suspicious going on. Being a human herself it was easy to wrap the Betazoid around finger. She often had to remind her customers to look at the wheel and not herself, though she did shamelessly flirt with all of them too. This paid off well with the winners and especially this Betazoid male had tipped her royally after winning a Dabo bet of 15,000 gold pressed latinum slips.

"Hey there beautiful ... The night is still young, how about I buy you a drink... ?" the Betazoid offered, while flashing her his charming smile.

"Sure, I never say no to handsome company such as yourself," she smirked back, while accompanying him to the bar.

From the corner of her eye she could see Hadron nodding approvingly. "Keep the customers happy and I will keep you happy," was his motto. The Ferengi wasn't shy on rewarding his employees with better shifts, or very occasionally even slipping them an extra slip of gold pressed latinum in their weekly pay check, if they performed exceptionally well.

"So ... miss... ?"

"Lira", she smiled back at him.

"Miss Lira, what might I get you, on this lucky evening of mine?" he asked while taking a good peek at her cleavage.

Lira had decided on wearing a rather revealing dress that evening, the customers seemed to appreciate it and so did her boss. Her boss wasn't completely immune to her charms either and she might seduce him into giving him an oo-mox massage after her shift was over, which would most certainly earn her an extra slip of gold pressed latinum. After all, a girl has got to eat ... Not to mention, jewellery and dresses don't come by cheap either.

"I fancy a Château Picard, it always make me tingle when it glides down my throat," Lira replied with a husky voice, while she slightly shivered from excitement. It moved her bosom in a sexy way and though she was no telepath, it wasn't hard to read what was on this Betazoid's mind.

"A Château Picard for the lady and a Saurian brandy for myself please," the Betazoid ordered.

"So ... do you have a name as well or will you make me keep calling you handsome all night long... ?" Lira said with a sultry voice.

"Ah, my apologies, where are my manners? My name is Bezad," Bezad replied while looking deeply in Lira's ocean blue eyes.

"So Bezad, do you like your time here aboard the station?"

"Oh yes, it's the first time I've been here. Friends of me on Betazed highly recommended Quark's bar and I simply couldn't pass up on the opportunity, when my vessel docked here. My business appointment isn't until tomorrow and I figured I might as well kill my night with some Dabo and pleasant company..."

"Hmm ... interesting ... So what is it that you do for a living, Bezad?" Lira asked him, while sliding her hand up his thigh.

She could see him slightly blushing, while he tried to regain his posture. Lira was softly massaging his thigh and she saw how his dick was slowly getting hard.

"I'm a merchant ... I deal in entertainment provisions."

"Entertainment provisions hmm? What kind of entertainment... ?"

Bezad was getting rather flushed due to Lira's flirting and he took a quick gulp of his drink, which the bartender had put down only moments before.

Lira took a polite sip of her wine while making lots of eye contact with him. She made him feel like he was the luckiest guy aboard the station. It didn't go unnoticed to Bezad that the other men at the bar seemed rather jealous of him.

After all, it's not every night that you get to score a Dabo girl...

"Mostly just hologram novels of all kinds, but also the occasional holo-game," he nervously replied.

Though Lira wasn't touching him with her hand any more her, she had slipped her lovely looking foot out of her expensive pump and was currently stroking that foot up his leg.

"I see ... What would you think of renting a holosuit for the night, just the two of us... ? Perhaps you can recommend some upgrades to Hadron, after you saw what we work with? As the ninth Ferengi rule of acquisition says, Opportunity plus instinct equals profit," she commented, while winking slyly at him.

Perhaps she could help this man strike a deal with her boss, while also getting him to rent a holosuit for the night, that would make both men happy. She would reap the rewards of her efforts later on, either with her payslip, but quite possibly with an extra tip from Bezad, while at the same time gaining a loyal customer for the Dabo tables.

Bezad could sense some of her intentions, since he was both telepathically and emphatically gifted, but he only saw the logic of her proposal. Not to mention, he also sensed that this night might turn very pleasant for him...

"That seems like an excellent idea ... Why wait with business till tomorrow if you can do something today, right?"

"Exactly," Lira smirked.

The holosuit was quickly booked and Bezad got overcharged by the Ferengi, but was really too caught up in his company to care about that. He had won a lot of gold pressed latinum anyway and as long as he got his hands on this lovely woman didn't care how much he paid.

"Any programs you can recommend?" Bezad nervously asked.

"Oh I know just the one! Computer, please run program Lira #2A," Lira requested, while they stood in front of the holosuit.

"This is my favourite program, I think you'll like it too," she commented.

When Lira and Bezad stepped inside, the holo program turned Bezad into a sheik from ancient Earth, while she looked like a very seductive harem girl.

"Hmm ... I do like the looks of you," he said, while holding her hand.

Lira twirled around and showed herself off. Her long legs, D cup breasts and firm ass were all on display, in the oriental see-through dress she was wearing. She lowered the veil in front of her mouth and pulled him closer to her with her slender fingers. Her fingernails were painted in a lovely red shade, just like her full lips.

"It's been a while since I've been with a real man..." she purred in his ear, while her other hand felt up his crotch.

She could feel him get very hard and rubbed his hard on through his pants. Bezad was breathing heavy and his horniness was overriding his common sense. All he could feel was the desire he felt for this lovely woman, getting lost in her beautiful eyes.

"Can you make me feel like a woman, Bezad?" Lira purred, enjoying how easily she could wrap this man around her finger.

"Oh yes..." he replied with a hoarse whisper, pulling her close to him and kissing Lira passionately.

Lira shrugged herself out of her see-through dress, standing naked before Bezad, who could only gasp at her beauty. Her auburn hair reached till her shoulders, but unlike the hair on her head she was bare below the neckline. The human female looked to be about 1m76cm (5'9") tall, with a very nice proportioned body. He could clearly see that she worked out, but at the same time she didn't overdo it, resulting in a healthy muscle tone. Lira undressed him next and stroked his cock with her hand, while getting down on her knees.

"Hmm ... Master, I see you have a treat for me... ?" Lira purred while she got a good look at his cock.

Bezad was gifted with an average 16 cm (6") cock, but it looked like it was well up to the task she had in mind.

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