Have You Ever Seen a Naked Girl?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: For a while now, I've fantasized about having another guy join me in pleasuring my wife. She just laughed it off until the doorbell rang one evening while she was in the shower.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   First   Oral Sex   .

My wife, Tara, is twenty-four and we've been married for two years. Now sex has never been boring in the whole time I've known Tara, she's the sexiest woman I've ever been with. She's fairly tall, five-eight, blond, grey eyes, smooth skin, beautifully-proportioned, long, slender, tanned legs, nice hips, narrow waist and, oh, you should see them, no, you should really feel them and suck them; her breasts are gorgeous. Easily Playmate material.

When we first met, in college, she really didn't seem to realize just how beautiful and sexy she was. She might finally admit that, yes, she was kind of pretty, but never that she was beautiful, and, let me tell you, she's stunning.

She also didn't sport her looks like some women, she was actually rather shy about it. I tried, usually unsuccessfully, to get her to show some cleavage of her generous C-cup breasts, even go braless, she didn't droop a millimeter, but, no, she just didn't seem to have the self-confidence.

I had made a little progress in how she dressed but, as of a few months ago, I started having fantasies about watching another guy fuck her, joining me in pleasuring her.

I mentioned it a couple of times and she just laughed, not sensing that I was actually serious and open to the possibility.

Then, one night, I was doing her from behind, her favorite, tied for first place with cow-girl, and I was talking her through what it would be like to have another guy with us. How, perhaps, he would be in my place and I could be in her mouth. Or the two of us taking turns with her, one right after the other, just going at her all night long.

I have to admit, this time, she really got into it asking me more about what the possibilities might be and I let my imagination tease her into a massive orgasm.

As we lay together after, she said, "All that talk about another guy really got me going. I don't know what came over me, it was just so sexy, I was so turned-on by all your talk about a second guy."

"I could set something up, Tara, I'll bet you'd love it. Two guys keeping you happy."

I was playing with her boobs, which I often did, they were so beautiful, and she replied, "Well, I wish I was more bold, I'd do it. But, oh, you know me, I'd chicken out at the last minute. But it sure gets my pussy wet thinking about it."

"Maybe I should just spring it on you some time."

"That would probably be the way to do it, yeah, then I might go through with it," and we kissed and played some more as I got hard again thinking about it. And, she got a second fuck out of it which we both enjoyed.

I talked about it a few more times while we would be fucking, that always seemed to be the best time to get her wound-up about the idea of a second guy.

Then, the time came. Quite unexpectedly.

It was a Friday evening and Tara had just started to take her shower when the doorbell rang and I opened it to a young man, Zach Matthews, from our neighborhood selling raffle tickets for some project at his high school. He was a sophomore and stood almost my height and was really a pretty cute guy.

I asked him to come in and immediately asked, "Zach, have you ever seen a naked girl?"

He looked funny at me and said, "No sir, that's kind of a strange question. Well, only my sister and she's just nine but, I mean, that's my little sister."

"Would you like to? My wife is up showering and you could see her, she's really quite beautiful."

"Is this some kind of joke, maybe?"

"No, I really mean it. She's in the shower right now and it's your chance. I really mean it."

"Geez, sure, I mean, why not. Won't she mind?"

"Trust me, Zach, come on," and we both went up to our bedroom where I had him stand just inside the bedroom door looking into the master bathroom. Tara could easily be seen through the frosted glass shower door and when I looked at Zach, his shorts were bulged out just as expected.

I nodded at his bulge and whispered to him, "Would you like to put that inside her?"

"Omigod, yes, I've never done that before."

"That's even better, Zach, let's get naked and we'll have her right after her shower."

"You sure it's all right?"

I told him to trust me and we both started taking our clothes off.

Soon, we were both standing there, cocks erect, his rather larger than I expected. My guess would be about eight inches and fairly thick. And in high school. Wow, Tara will love this.

Zach and I moved back just a bit and sat on the bed, now out of direct sight as I heard the water turn off and the shower door open. A minute later Tara walked out into the bedroom, toweling off her hair, not seeing us right away, then looking over at the both of us sitting there, cocks at attention.

"Rob, is this what I think it is?"

I patted a spot right between Zach and me and Tara sat down.

"Tara, this is Zach, Zach, Tara."

"A bit of an unusual way to meet, Zach, but it's nice to meet you."

"It's really wonderful to meet you, this was kind of your husband's idea."

"Yes, I've figured that out already."

"Zach, feel how hard her nipples are now, go ahead," and he slowly reached his hand out toward her, looking to see if she would object. She simply sat there and his fingers began feeling her nipples, then his hand went on her breast.

"Tara's beautiful, isn't she, Zach? And her breasts are just wonderful, aren't they?"

"Oh, they're perfect, just perfect. She's just beautiful. I can't believe this is really happening."

"I'll bet this is making her really wet between her legs, Zach, how women get excited. She'll let you feel how wet she is, won't you, hon?"

Tara stayed silent but she parted her legs as Zach's hand dropped between them and touched her pussy and then rubbed up and down a bit.

"Is Tara excited, Zach, all nice and wet?"

"Oh, this is so sexy. Do you mind if I do this, Tara?"

"No, Zach, while it was Rob's idea, I have to admit, I'm pretty sexed-up by it myself. Can I hold your cock?"

His eyes got large and he nodded as my wife wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began moving up and down.

"That feels wonderful. I've never had a girl ... UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, oh, I didn't meant to do that. Sorry. I'm sorry," he blurted as his cum shot out onto Tara's arm, her leg and his legs.

"That's perfectly all right, Zach," she said as she bent over and licked the remaining cum off his cock, then slid her lips down over it and started sucking.

A look of ecstasy came over Zach's face as Tara sucked his cock. I knew so well what he was feeling, she was the best I'd ever experienced, simply wonderful.

"Oh, you're gonna make me cum again, that is so good, oh, so good," he moaned and she pulled up off him and got up on the bed, stretched her legs out, patted her pussy, and asked Zach, "Have you ever fucked before?"

"No ma'am, not ever."

"Well, now's your chance, Zach," and he got up between her legs and put his cock right up to her wet slit and pushed in right up into her.

"Now, Zach, fuck me nice and slow while I suck Rob's cock."

I got up on the top end of the bed, my knees straddling her head as her lips took in my cock and she began doing what she does so well.

Facing the other way, I couldn't really get a good view of Zach fucking my wife but I knew I'd have plenty of opportunities after seeing how well this young man was hung. Tara would just love a young, horny guy with a big, hard cock.

The boy was up over her fucking in and out of her as she sucked me off, her hips were wiggling and he was moaning and I was moaning, then Tara started moaning.

"Mmm, mggh, mggh," she groaned, her mouth full of my cock as she began humping under me, sucking and sucking as she began a very powerful orgasm, I could feel her trembling and convulsing under the waves of ecstasy sweeping over her.

The slow tingling in the head of my cock suddenly grew and that wonderful-feeling moment hit me as my cum first spurted into her mouth as she swallowed and swallowed. She sucked a few more minutes and I pulled up off her, bent over and kissed her as Zach continued fucking her.

"Uh, uh, oh, this is incredible. I can't believe this is really happening. You are so beautiful. I think I'm just about ready to ... UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm, oh, mmm," and he lowered down and kissed Tara over and over, thanking her and thanking me.

"I just cant believe this, you two are so great, I just never expected anything like this. I was so scared at first, but, oh, wow."

"Well, Zach, Rob and I are glad you enjoyed everything. While it was originally his idea, I'm glad it was you. You are very sweet and handsome and I can tell you that you have a very nice cock. I enjoyed it so much."

"I enjoyed it so much myself, it was my first time with a girl, well, a woman, and you are the prettiest woman I think I've ever seen. Oh, your body is beautiful. God, I'm hard again."

"Let's get on each side of Tara, okay, Zach?" and we lay next to her and started feeling her and sucking her nipples which she loves so much. We played around with her, she had him licking her and fingering her, then after about fifteen minutes, I had her get up so I could fuck her doggie-style and she could suck off Zach.

Every time I pushed into her, some of Zach's spunk would ooze out and drip onto the bed or run down her leg. I was trying to time my orgasm to hers and, as chance would have it, we all three went off at just about the same time, Zach and me filling her from both ends as she bucked my cock back and forth, her cries muffled by the cumming cock in her mouth.

Zach and I fucked and licked and pleasured Tara until it was almost ten and Zach just had to get home.

As he was getting dressed, Tara stood next to him and asked him, "Zach, do you think you could come back tomorrow, on Saturday?"

"Oh, you mean, do this again? Oh, would I! What time? When?"

I looked at Tara and knew what to say. "Well, you think you could spend the whole day with us, maybe even spend the night?"

"You really mean it, like all day and all night. Until Sunday?"

"If you want, yeah."

"Oh, do I want. This is the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life. Um, I'll fix it up so my parents think I'm staying with a friend and, well, I could come over, say, around lunch time tomorrow. I've got chores to do in the morning but right after lunch, if that's okay with you."

"I'll make sure Tara is here in bed, naked, waiting for you."

"Omigod, I can't wait. Right after lunch, okay?"

"And, Zach?"

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