Breeding Sandy

by Myra Simmons

Copyright© 2010 by Myra Simmons

Erotica Sex Story: Sandy, a former lover of mine is now partnered with a wonderful woman. They decide to have a child together the old fashioned way. They ask my lover to breed Sandy and we agree.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   True Story   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

The dim grey of early dawn began to fill the room. I sighed gently as I began to wake, the sweet sensations of my lover's sperm in my body still present. My nerves were tingling, even after our shared slumber, from our intensely shared passion of the previous night. By the time we were both sated and I was spooned up against him, my pussy and ass still burning with the heat of his fresh cum, nerves still tingling in arousal, it was well into the early morning.

I shifted my body slightly, pressing my ass back against him. I felt the increased pressure from his hand on my breast, even as he snored gently into my ear. I giggled, knowing that, even in his sleep, he was determined to hold me captive against him. I arched my hips, pushing my naked ass cheeks against his groin, grinding his morning wood in my crack. The feel of him there awakened my need for him fully. My heart racing, my breath quickening, I shifted a bit more, lifting my ass up his body until his cock slid between my legs. With an anticipatory grunt, I pushed myself down on him, gasping as I felt his cockhead push between my vaginal lips and slip, easily, back into my sexual sheath. I sighed softly as his full nine inches of hard, black cock entered my blonde, white pussy.

Holding him fully inside me, I began to swivel my hips, moving his drooling monster in my cunt. I could feel the constant pulsing of his cock as it throbbed in time with his heartbeat. I let out a quiet squeal of delight as I felt the increased pressure on my breast as he began to squeeze it, finally rhythmically rolling my rigid nipple.

I began to rock my hips in a rolling motion, moving my ass back against his groin and then away, moving his cock in and out of me, never letting more than half its length escape me. My breathing became deeper and more ragged, my sounds louder and louder. I was so close to my needed release but couldn't quite reach it. Suddenly, Tyrone moved his head and I felt the wet rasp of his tongue on the side of my neck! I screamed out loud as my orgasm ripped through me, my hips quivering and shaking on his shaft, my vaginal muscles rippling along his length. My screams became gurgles of total delight as I felt the surge of his cum pulsing up his cock and spraying deeply into me.

Shuddering in the aftermath of our morning fuck, I clamped my vaginal muscles tight, locking him inside me. He kept his groin pushed tightly against my ass as his own body quivered in his orgasmic aftermath. I put my hand on top of his, pressing his tightly against my breast, sighing and relaxing against him as he returned to massaging it. I twisted my head so that I could see his face and quickly pressed my lips against the underside of his jaw, letting the tip of my tongue trace a wet path. When he turned towards me, I quickly pressed my lips tightly to his, showing the depth of my satisfaction and my pleasure in the feel of him inside me and pressed against me. The passion of his returned kiss showed me how deeply he wanted and needed me, his need equal to mine for him.

As the kiss ended, I sighed and turned my head away from him. I relaxed my body against his, shaping my spine to his chest, wriggling up against him. I kept my hand on his so he could not let go of my breast. I glanced down, excited by the view of his dark brown skin over my pale color, which peeked out between his fingers. A sensation of joy and arousal flowed through me, mingling with the residual tingling of my recent powerful orgasm.

"God, Tyrone, I love you so much!" I gasped out.

I felt the increase of pressure from his hand on my breast and moaned as he pinched and rolled my nipple. I could feel his cock jump inside me as well and then the press of his lips against the back of my head, through the thickness of my blonde hair.

"I love you too, Myra," he sighed, "I can't imagine life without you anymore."

I smiled gently as I let my body fall even more into his.

"I guess we are just two permanent singles," I mused out loud, "that have found completion in each other."

"Yep!" Tyrone responded, "We are. I think, no matter what we do or who we are intimate with, we will always need to return to each other to find that feeling of completion we share."

"Oh, my sweet lover, you are so right! No matter how many men fuck me, no matter how hard they make me cum, it's only with you that I feel complete and safe and can totally let go of myself."

"Me too, Myra," he answered, shifting slightly. "Now, would you mind letting me take my cock out of your pussy?"

"NO!" I shouted out gasping, my vaginal muscles renewing their grip on him. "I don't want to be separated from you! I need your cock in my pussy!"

Tyrone leaned forward and gently kissed the back of my neck as my muscles continued to spasm along his length. He ran the tip of his tongue over the rim of my right ear and then behind it, finally pressing his lips against the inner area of my ear.

"Please, Myra, release me, I need to get up" He whispered softly.

"Get up inside me!" I giggled out in response.

With a growl, Tyrone nipped my earlobe and then suddenly pinched and twisted my nipple hard. I cried out in surprise, pain and pleasure. The diversion took my attention from my vaginal area and my muscles suddenly relaxed. Tyrone moved so fast that, by the time I realized he was sliding out of me, he was gone before I could clench down on him again. At his absence, a sorrowful moan escaped my lips.

"You beast!" I wailed out, my body agonized by the loss of his cock in me.

Tyrone leaned over me, smiling. I snapped my head around to face him, my mouth hanging open as I panted, ready to protest to him again. My needs disappeared as he firmly pressed his lips to mine and his tongue snaked between my parted lips. My displeasure turned to pleasure and then to passion as our tongues danced. I brought my arms up around his head and pulled him tightly to me. After a sufficiently long time, our passionate kiss ended, his tongue exiting my mouth and our lips separating.

"Now," I asked him sweetly, "would you please get back where you belong? Put your cock back into me!"

Tyrone stared down at me, smiling. Instead of mounting me and sliding back into me, he ran his fingers through my hair, caressed my cheek, running his fingers lightly down to my breast where he stroked my rigid nipple. His hand left me and then I felt a sharp, quick sting on my ass as the sound of flesh on flesh exploded in the room! I yelped in surprise as well as in reaction to the stinging sensation on my ass cheek. With a squeal, I launched myself at him, grabbing, slapping, kicking and clawing, trying to get to him as I giggled and laughed. As firm and toned as I am, I was no match for his muscular power. I was soon face down on the bed, my hands pinned behind my back, my lower body imprisoned by his sitting on me. He had my legs wedged together between his thighs, his now semi-hard cock pushing between my clenched cheeks. I couldn't help but squirm, moving his cockhead down my crack further until I felt it slipping between them, close to my anal opening.

"You've conquered me, sir," I gasped out, "now finish what you want. Thrust yourself into me, as I am ready for you!"

I arched up my ass, rolling my hips as much as I could under his weight. The head of his cock pressed against my willing anal opening, the tip beginning to penetrate me. I strained against his hold, trying to move him deeper into me. Oh how I wanted his invasion of my posterior! I heard him laugh as he held me and then, I squealed in delight as I felt him pushing against me, his cock stretching my ass open until his full head slid into me. With a happy moan, I arched my hips even more, giving his cock full access to my ass.

"All of it, Tyrone!" I begged, "Put all of it in me now!"

I moaned in pure pleasure as I felt his shaft filling and stretching me more and more. Finally, I felt his balls pressed against my upper thighs, my ass stretched open wide by his massive shaft. As he slowly slid back out, I turned my head and caught myself in his mirror. My white skinned body was pinned to the bed under his powerful black body. The site of his hard cock half lodged in my ass made me gasp in wonder at how beautiful we looked together.

"Fuck me, Tyrone! Take me! Oh God I love being taken by you!" I cried out, my eyes locked on our reflected image.

The weight of Tyrone's hand on my back, pinning my hands against me, increased as he began to fuck my ass in earnest. My orgasms began to come fast and hard as he subdued me and took his pleasure in my ass. As I felt the sensations of his motions and presence and then the hot wetness of his pre-cum pouring into me, the intensity of my orgasms increased until the waves of pleasure became continuous and the sum total of my universe. My senses were becoming overwhelmed, my body quivering and shaking, a growing sheen of sweat coating me from my exertions. As I felt his thrusts become more and more demanding, my hope arose that he was going to fill my ass with his precious gift. I needed it!

"Oh God, Tyrone, yes! Fuck me!" I cried out as I shoved back at him. "Harder, faster! Cum in my ass, please! I need to feel my ass being filled with your cum!"

I'd barely gotten the plea out when I suddenly felt his cock swell in me and then the surge of his cum shooting up the tube on the underside of his cock. My body exploded at the first touch of his heated seed! Lights shot through me, exploding behind my eyelids. I was blinded by the powerful light, my body convulsing under his in the most massive orgasm yet! I lost control of my body, turning my existence over to him, yearning to always be an attachment on his body, his fluids always flowing into me! The intensity of the lights exploding inside me grew dramatically, as did the heat rising up in me. I couldn't breathe and pant hard enough to get sufficient air to support the burning going on within me. Suddenly, I felt my body go rigid, every muscle quivering and shaking until, suddenly, everything went black.

I woke to the sound of the phone ringing. My body was light, no weight holding me down. My ass was also missing my favorite cock but was still warm and wet with his essence. I clenched my cheeks together, closing my gaping anal hole. I could hear the squishing sound of fluids caught between my muscles and I could feel it coating my clenched cheeks. A surge of pleasure shot through me at the feel of Tyrone's cum in and on my ass. I know he loved seeing his cum oozing out of my open ass after he left me.

The sound again! I reached out to where I knew the phone was located. With a struggle, I finally located it and grabbed the receiver, pressing it to the side of my head.

"Hello," I spoke groggily, breath still coming to me in gasps.

"Hi Myra, its Sandy. How are you? I'm glad you are here today!" I heard spewing from the earpiece.

Sandy is a young woman who used to work in the office pool at my company. She developed a crush on me and we spent a weekend together sharing our bodies with each other. I was the first female lover she'd ever had who used a strap-on with her and she discovered just how much she loved it. Right after that, when Tyrone and his staff arrived for a meeting, she met and fell in love with a beautiful young black woman on his staff. Sandy soon became sexually involved with Felicia and, shortly afterward, left the company, moved to Texas and became Felicia's partner. From talks I'd had with both of them, I'd learned that they have a collection of strap-on dildos and the normal use of them was Felicia fucking Sally with one or more of them. Seldom was it the other way, as Felicia preferred to be in the control position and wasn't that fond of being penetrated.

"What's up, Sandy? To what do I owe the pleasure of your call?"

"Oh, I hope I didn't interrupt anything!" She gasped out, obviously picking up on my groggy incoherence.

"No, Sandy, I was just asleep after Tyrone exhausted me. Right now, I don't know where he is but his cum is in my ass and oozing out a bit. God I feel good!"

There was silence on the other end. I knew Sandy was trying to envision what we'd been up to and how it would feel. Her only experience with a man had been a painful disaster for her when he took and used her body for his pleasure without regard to her needs.

"Um," she stammered, "I just wanted to know if Felicia and I could come over a little later. We want to talk to you both about something."

She sounded uncertain and nervous, even though we were lovers and good friends. I was wondering if they wanted me to join the two of them again for some special fun. I was beginning to wonder if I had any strength left with which to accommodate them.

"Sure, Sandy, that'd be no problem. Can you come over in about an hour? By then, I should be showered and recuperated to some extent. I might even be able to get dressed!" I laughed.

"Oh, Myra, you can stay naked if you already are, you know how much we both love seeing you that way!" She gasped out, excitement evident in her voice.

I laughed back to her. "Sandy you are as much of a sex slut as I am! And you do like to ogle my tits and pussy, don't you?"

"Your ass too!" She blurted out, gasping as soon as she realized what she'd said.

I laughed into the phone. "I love seeing and kissing your bare ass as well. Felicia's too! And when you two have been rubbing pussies, you both taste and smell so heavenly!"

I could hear her giggle on the phone. "Myra, you are getting me all wet! That's not fair!"

"Ok," I replied, "I'll make it up to you. When you get here, I'll eat your pussy until you cum while Tyrone and Felicia watch. If she gets really wet, I'll eat hers too."

I heard laughter coming through the phone. "Oh, she'd love that, she always does! I love to play with her nipples when you do that, it gets her so hot so fast! But, for now, we need to talk with both of you about something more serious. Maybe afterwards..."

"Mmmm, can't wait!" I declared. "Come on by in about an hour. By then I should be able to find Tyrone and get awake."

We shared more small talk for a couple of minutes and then broke off. As I was replacing the phone on the cradle, Tyrone walked into the room, naked, his skin glistening with the water still coating him from his shower.

"Who was that?" He asked.

"Sandy. She and Felicia will be here in about an hour. They have something they want to discuss with both of us. It sounded serious even if she was excited at the thought of me eating her while they are here."

Tyrone laughed. "Sandy is the lesbian version of you, Myra, always horny!"

I smiled up at him as I rolled over onto my back, my body sprawled across his bed.

"Yes, I am always horny, even after you ravish me relentlessly! Want to fuck me again before they get here?" I asked, slowly spreading my legs wide.

Tyrone laughed at me and then moved quickly to the bed. My hopes flashed as I thought he was going to climb between my legs and push his perfect cock into my hot pussy. Instead, he grabbed my hand, flipped me over and planted another firm smack on my firmly clenched ass cheeks. I yelped out and looked up at him in displeasure. His laughter was my response.

"I'd love to fuck you again, Myra, but you need to get up and get clean before they arrive."

I rolled back over onto my back and looked up at him with a smirk on my lips, batting my eye lashes.

In a pleading, little girl voice I asked, "Tyrone, master, would you like to wash your slaves beautiful body and use it as well?"

He laughed at me again.

"No, Myra, you aren't going to be my sex slave today. Besides, you forgot to put on your collar!" He laughed out. "Go get your shower and think about putting on some clothes before they get here."

"Why, Sandy said she likes to see me naked."

"Oh, that I know! But, if they have something serious to discuss it won't happen if they are both staring at your pussy and watching you get wet."

With that, he slid his hands over the sides of my breasts, under my arms. Easily, he lifted me off the bed and dropped me onto my feet on the floor. When I protested, he stooped down, slid his hand under my knees and, easily, picked me up in his arms. Tyrone carried me into the bathroom and gently dropped me down into the tub, already filled with hot, soapy water.

"Oh pooh!" I muttered when he turned and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I washed myself slowly, making sure I got every part of my skin sudsy and clean. I knew I couldn't lie back and soak as I enjoyed because of the time shortage. Even though I was still horny and still wanted to play, I agreed with Tyrone that Sandy sounded serious, so being properly dressed and presentable was important.

Finished, I stood up in the tub, let the water out and used the shower to rinse off. Quickly toweling off, I slipped into my bra and panties, followed by a white blouse and black slacks. Brushing my hair quickly, I went downstairs. Shortly afterward, the doorbell rang and I hurried to answer it.

Felicia and Sandy stood there, both looking beautiful. Sandy's pale, freckled face was framed by waves of her light brown hair. Her smile was radiant, even if her eyes showed a tinge of concern, fear and excitement.

Felicia, on the other hand, looked regal. Her dark, chocolate brown skin was silky smooth and glowing. Her long black hair hung down her back in waves, some over her shoulders, accentuating the swell of her firm, B cup breasts. She was a half-head taller than Sandy but, like her, had an hourglass figure, her waist and hips well defined. Knowing her quite well, I knew her ass cheeks bulged out from her back and tucked firmly under at the top of her legs. Even though from such different backgrounds, it always amazed me how the two of them had such identical bottoms.

"Come in, come in!" I urged, stepping back.

As they did, I pulled each into a hug, holding them as I gave each a firm kiss on the lips. Since Sandy and I had been lovers in the past, I couldn't help but let my right hand drift down over her hip, my fingertips caressing the firm curve of the side of her ass. The way she pressed against me told me how she enjoyed my touch.

With Felicia, the kiss was just as direct, just as passionate and just as long. I kept my hands on her back but giggled as I felt her fingertips caressing both my ass cheeks. Given the chance, I would gladly share her with Sandy, even after my recent time with Tyrone.

Instead, the kiss ended and I stood back, letting my hands slide down her arms until I had her hands in mine.

"Come, I know you want to talk to both of us and Tyrone is in the living room"

Still holding Felicia's one hand and taking Sandy's in my other hand, I led them to the living room. Upon our entrance, Tyrone stood up to greet the two of them, his former assistant and her lover. Both women went to him, giving him a warm hug and a quick kiss on the lips. Greetings finished, the two sat side by side on one of the sofas while Tyrone and I sat, pressed together, on the other.

"Ok, Sandy, you sounded so serious on the phone. What's up?" I quizzed.

Sandy turned beet red and looked down. Whatever she wanted to discuss was obviously hard for her to broach, filling her with embarrassment. Felicia, looking at her, held her hand, patting the back with the other.

"Go ahead, Sandy." Felicia urged her lover.

Sandy took a deep breath and looked up at us. I stared directly into her eyes, a smile on my face to ease her tension. She stared directly into my eyes as she started.

"Felicia and I have been together for over a year and we are deeply in love with each other and devoted fully to each other. We complete each other, support each other, need each other and depend on each other. But, we both want and need something else to complete our relationship."

Sandy paused, her eyes locked on mine. The pause drew on, Sandy obviously scared to continue.

"Go ahead, Sandy," I urged, "Tell us what you need."

Sandy took another deep breath.

"Felicia and I both long to have a baby, one who would be a reflection of her and I. Of course being lesbian, we can't impregnate each other so we need someone who can do that."

Again she hesitated. I kept my eyes locked on hers, urging her with my gaze to continue.

"Well, Felicia and I have talked and decided that I would be the one to carry our child, so we need a black sperm donor who matches hers as closely as possible."

Sandy suddenly broke eye contact with me and turned her face towards Tyrone.

"Tyrone, we both think you would be the perfect donor so that I can have a baby who will seem to be the result of Felicia and I together."

Tyrone sat back in the couch, obviously shocked by her statement. I saw a smile spread on his face as he realized the honor which they were bestowing on him. My heart swelled as well at her words, both at her desire to have a baby, something I also longed to experience, and at her request that Tyrone be the father.

"Wow, Sandy, that's quite a request." Tyrone responded. "I'm honored, believe me! And, as long as it's ok with Myra, I'd be glad to donate my sperm to you!"

"Oh God yes!" I blurted out.

"Wait, Myra, Tyrone," Felicia cut in, "there's more and it might make a difference. Go ahead, Sandy."

Felicia still clasping Sandy's hand, staring at her lovingly, she took another deep breath.

"We don't want you to just donate your sperm, Tyrone. I want to become pregnant the old fashioned way. I want you to fuck me until I get pregnant."

Tyrone and I both gasped, knowing how strong Sandy's aversion to sex with men had grown over the years. Her only experience with a man had been quite painful for her, fully convincing her that only women would be her lovers. And here she was asking my lover to impregnate her.

"Sandy," I asked, "are you sure? Do you think you could handle a man penetrating you?"

She looked at me, pleading in her eyes.

"When we first met, Myra, the answer would be a resounding no! But, I've seen you with Tyrone and how he treats you, how gentle and loving. And I've seen what his penetration does to you, how you respond, how you obviously crave him inside you. If it can be that way for you, I hope Tyrone's gentle style will make it easier for me, maybe even enjoyable." She concluded a slight smile on her lips.

I turned to Felicia. "Are you ok with this, Felicia? You are a very dear friend to both of us, as is Sandy, and I wouldn't want this to come between you and us or you and Sandy."

"No, Myra," Felicia responded. "We've talked about this to no end. This is something we both want and, since she has to be with a man, we both want it to be Tyrone. As long as you are ok with it."

Yes, to both of you, I am ok with it! In fact, I want to be there and see it happen, maybe even participate."

I turned and looked at Tyrone.

"Would you mind making love to Sandy while Felicia and I are there as witnesses or, maybe, participants?"

Tyrone got a smirk on his face.

"Make love to a beautiful, freckle-faced young woman with the intent of impregnating her while my lover and hers looks on? What's not to like?" He responded laughing.

I turned to look at the two of them, now clutching hands, pressed tightly against each other.

"It's settled then, you can borrow Tyrone and his cock as often as you need and as long as you need to become pregnant. But, you might have to accept me being right there every time you two merge your bodies."

"Me too!" Blurted out Felicia.

"It's a deal then!" I declared.

The two of them launched themselves at me, hugging me tightly. They then went and hugged Tyrone as well, thanking him profusely, embarrassing him at the same time.

Sandy and Felicia had been following Sandy's cycle for several months, trying to determine when would be the best time for Sandy to be impregnated. As we talked, they finally settled on a three day window which would be the most likely time. Luckily for me, it fell on a weekend so I could be there with them as part of my normal schedule. The thought of being with the two of them and seeing Sandy's young, white pussy swallowing Tyrone's hard black cock had me flushing and panting. I know how much I love to watch him sliding into me and into Nancy; the thought of him sliding into an almost virginal, young lesbian with the intention of getting her pregnant was, to me, totally erotic.

I arrived at the airport that Friday night and slid my recently fucked pussy into his car. As we kissed passionately, he slid two fingers up into me, swirling them around in the sticky mess inside me. Tyrone broke his lips from mine and looked at me questioningly.

"Jimmy?" He asked.

I smiled up at him wickedly and nodded my head in response.

"You know I always bring him with me in my pussy or belly. Why don't you fuck me and mix yours in me with his? Maybe we'll get lucky and Sandy won't be the only woman you impregnate this weekend."

He smiled down at me, continuing to move his fingers in my pussy, making my hips roll and hunch. A determined look on his face, he brought his lips to my ear as I began to surrender to his finger's insistent action. I was quite willing to cum for him on them.

"You know I'd like nothing better than to fill your womb with our baby, Myra and watch you swell with our love as we continue to share our passionate need for each other!"

He sucked my earlobe between his soft lips after speaking and, with a moan, I arched up my hips, driving his fingers deeply into me and gave in to the orgasm exploding out from my quivering cunt, allowing it to take me. As my body quivered and shook and waves of physical pleasure swept over me, my heart exploded in joy from his words and the passion with which they were expressed. When the waves of pleasure subsided, I laid there, spent, exhausted, limp, a mass of boneless flesh balanced on his impaling fingers.

At his home that night, we made love repeatedly, his cock insistently sliding into me over and over, thrusting into me for pleasurable eternity after pleasurable eternity, each sequence ending when he stiffened and poured his potent sperm into my unprotected womb. With each jet of his seed into me, my heart was filled with the joy of him inside me and the unfounded hope that he was planting new life within me. Finally, I begged him to stop. Not because I didn't want more but because I wanted him to be at full sexual strength when he penetrated Sandy. I shuddered in anticipation of witnessing that act!

Saturday passed so slowly, anticipation making time stand still. When we got up, Tyrone and I showered together, during which he caressed, stroked and manipulated my body until I came several times. It was so hard not to reach out to him, take him in my hands and guide him into my mouth, pussy or ass so he could drain his sexual contents into me. I wanted to have him again so badly! But, I refused to give him release because he needed to deliver it all up into Sandy's womb.

When we were finished and dried, I sat at Tyrone's dresser and luxuriated in my nakedness as he dried my hair vigorously and then began to gently brush it. A half hour later, my hair was dry and hanging down my back in shimmering waves. I spun around in the chair and smiled up at him.

"Thank you, my sweet love!" I murmured to him sensuously.

I leaned forward and planted a passionate kiss on the tip of his semi-hard cock. I started to lean forward, letting my lips slide over his spongy head, surrendering to my own lust and need to feel him in my mouth and throat. I barely had my lips over the ridge at the base of his cock-head when he put his hands on my head. My thrill of anticipation soon became disappointment when he pushed me back from him instead of pushing me forward and grinding my face in his groin.

"You do that, Myra and there won't be any for Sandy!" Tyrone said, laughing down at me.

"Oh pooh!" I blurted out, "You know how much I love you in my throat!"

"When I take it out of Sandy's pussy," he responded, laughing, "you can put it in your mouth as long and as deep as you want."

The thought of seeing him sliding out of her pussy, his cock semi-limp and slimy with their sexual fluids made my pussy quiver and begin to lubricate. Picturing his messy cock slipping between my lips as I begin to smell and taste their union soon had my pussy running freely.

"Mmmmmm, I want that!" I responded sensually.

Tyrone laughed at me, bent down, kissed me fully on my lips and then lifted me up out of the chair. He turned me towards our closet and then gave me a gentle slap on my left ass cheek.

"Go get dressed, Myra," he ordered me lightly.

I walked into the closet, already set on what I was going to wear. I took a red satin fabric off a hanger and slid my arms through the sleeves. I pulled it around me and fastened the ties, pulling the sides together tightly over my stomach. The kimono-like dress felt heavenly against my naked flesh but covered me from neck to knees. I reached back and pulled my hair out from under the collar, releasing it so it splayed over my back from neck to waist. As I walked out of the closet, I could feel the tips of my hair brushing against the top of my ass cheeks, a sensation that added to my already growing arousal.

"OK, Tyrone," I declared, "I'm ready!"

I stood there smiling at him, hands on my hips as he finished pulling up his slacks and tucking his shirt into them. I watched as he sat and put on his shoes and socks.

"I don't know why you bother, Tyrone, you'll just have to take them all off to fuck Sandy."

He looked at me and smiled.

"True, Myra, but Sandy isn't like you, ready to be fucked in an instant. I think she needs to be led gently. Seeing me nearly nude and ready to fuck her might scare her off."

"Oh, maybe, but don't bet on it," I responded, already familiar with the depth and power of Sandy's sensual nature. Of course, Tyrone was correct, given that this was only going to be her second time with a man and the first had scarred her so badly.

We went downstairs together and set up the dining room table for dinner. Tyrone checked on the meal, he being the cook between us. His chef had done most of the preparations and left detailed instructions for Tyrone before his departure. While we were putting the finishing touches on the preparations, the doorbell rang.

I strolled over to the door to answer it while Tyrone finished setting the table. Opening it, I gasped at the sight before me. Felicia stood there, tall and regal, in a black leather body suit, sealed from throat to crotch with a gold covered zipper. Her black hair was hanging loosely to her shoulders, lying, like mine, in waves. Her high cheekbones glowed with youth and beauty, her chocolate skin glowing and perfect. Her brown eyes glittered in excitement, her smile one of anticipation. Her arousal was made obvious by the protrusion of her rock-hard nipples through the front of her outfit.

Sandy stood beside her, tension obvious in her stance. Looking at her pixie face, I could see she was both nervous and excited. She was wearing a white silk blouse, the outline of her bra barely visible. Like Felicia, Sandy's aroused nipples were showing prominently. She was wearing a flared, pleated, navy skirt that came to just above her knees. The outfit showed off her trim figure nicely. I couldn't help licking my lips as my eyes roved up and down her body. I heard a chuckle.

"Now, now, Myra, don't be so obvious. You know she's mine now," Felicia purred.

I shook myself loose from my sensual appraisal of Sandy's body and turned my gaze to her. Seeing the glimmer in her eyes and the smirk on her face, I smiled back and turned my head on an angle.

"I know, Felicia, but I hope you don't mind if I borrow her now and then." I countered.

"You know I don't," she responded laughing.

Sandy relaxed at the exchange, even as a deep flush rose up her exposed chest, neck and face. I stepped back and they both entered the house. Closing the door, I shared a strong hug and a deep kiss with each of them. I could feel the excitement in both of them to such an extent that my own grew exponentially. By the time my kiss with Sandy ended, my fluids were beginning to coat my upper thighs.

Tyrone greeted both of the anxious women with a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek. Even that made Sandy blush to a deeper shade of red, the tension in her body obvious. I could only hope that, as events progressed, she'd relax enough to allow herself to be penetrated and impregnated. My real hope was that she would not only allow him into her but the she would enjoy the experience as well. Felicia and I had already formulated a plan to help that happen.

We sat together in the living room, chatting freely, sipping on the wine that Tyrone had poured for each of us. At last, Tyrone excused himself and went to check on the meal. When he called, I went to him and put out the hot plates he requested as he put the food into serving bowls. Once the table was set, the food ready, I called Felicia and Sandy to come to the table. We sat on both sides of the table, Sandy next to Tyrone and Felicia next to me, facing her.

Our glasses filled once again, we shared a toast to the success of our endeavor. I noticed that Sandy drank hers down nervously. When she saw me looking at her, she smiled shyly and then tipped the glass, emptying the contents into her mouth. As she swallowed the wine, our eyes met and I couldn't help but smile at her and run the tip of my tongue over my lips. She smiled, relaxed visibly and blew a kiss to me, which I quickly returned.

"Stop flirting with my lover, Myra," Felicia scolded, "you'll get your chance to make love to her soon enough!"

I looked over at her and smiled at the mischievous look on her face. "You too, I hope! You know just how much I always to savor your sweet nectar!"

I caught her lifting a forkful of meat, dipped in gravy to her lips. As I spoke to her, Felicia's hand trembled slightly and some of the gravy dripped off the fork, landing on her leather outfit, stretched over her left breast. Without thinking, unable to resist the urge, I leaned towards her as she slid the fork into her mouth and pressed my lips to her covered breast. I flicked my tongue out, licking up the spilled gravy, sliding my lips and tongue down her mound until I felt the swell of her hard nipple under my tongue. I pulled away as she gasped and began to quiver in arousal.

I moved up away from her, locking my eyes on hers. "I can't wait to take that off of you so I can feast on your naked breasts as we watch Sandy becoming pregnant."

Felicia shuddered, lowering her head but turning her glittering eyes up to lock on mine. "Neither can I!"

The meal progressed quickly, the talk focusing more and more on the planned events. Sandy's nervousness was obvious but so was her anticipation. I smiled at her several times when I caught her staring at Tyrone, her gaze always sliding down his body to his crotch. When she saw him aroused at one point, I saw her eyes open wide and her mouth drop open.

"Don't worry, Sandy," I spoke up quickly. "Tyrone's cock is large and thick but he knows how to use it to pleasure you and not hurt you. Beside, Felicia and I will be with you and helping you the whole time!"

She looked at me, fear and anticipation on her face and a questioning look.

"Yes, Sandy, he puts it into me regularly. So much that I don't feel complete unless it's inside me somewhere. I love it when he fucks my pussy or my ass but I love it the most when he pushes me down on my knees, puts his hand behind my head and pushes my face into his groin with it sliding down my throat."

Her eyes opened wide and she shuddered slightly before her eyes started to sparkle and her lips curled up in a smile.

"You always did love to suck cock, Myra, and the deeper a guy shoves it into you the better you like it. I've seen you blowing snot out of your nose as you tried to breathe around cocks so big I couldn't believe they fit into your mouth. Every time I watched you, it was amazing how you always came when they did."

"Yes, Sandy, I can't help but orgasm when a man is feeding me the most perfect gift ever created. And I know you always enjoyed watching. After all, you never failed to kiss me deeply as soon as they slid out from between my lips!"

"Yes, I did and loved the feel and taste of your lips at that point. I'm just glad that Felicia let me share those experiences with you." She ended, smiling at her fully aroused lover.

"Well, ladies," Tyrone interjected, "given that the talk has turned to such a high state of explicit sexuality, shall we move to the bedroom and get started?"

"OK!" We all responded, simultaneously, pushing back our chairs.

We quickly made our way up the stairs and into Tyrone's master bedroom. He led the way, Felicia following. I took Sandy's hand in mine as I smiled at her, reassuringly. I leaned in to her and kissed her passionately, but quickly, on her pouty lips.

"Don't be afraid, Sandy," I whispered to her, "Tyrone knows he has to be gentle with you. He always is, except when I want him to be rough. You know my submissive streak has been growing and I've gotten to really love it when he dominates, subdues, uses and controls me. But, I know how perfect and gentle a lover he can be as well. It's what made me fall totally in love with him!"

With that, I hugged her quickly and, pulling back from her, led her to the base of the stairs and up them.

I guided Sandy into Tyrone's bedroom, inhaling deeply. The scents of our recent lovemaking filled my nostrils, making me breathe deeply and quickly as my nipples grew rigid and my pussy started flooding again. The memories of the absolute pleasure I'd experienced and shared in this room with Tyrone and others exploded in my mind, making me shudder in lust.

I stared at Sandy, aching to make love to her myself. I stared at Tyrone, yearning to strip naked, pull out his cock and climb on him, forcing his exquisite cock up into my pussy. Finally, I stared at Felicia's firm, shapely body and an overpowering need to taste, touch and pleasure her filled me. Without realizing it, I unfastened my kimono and shrugged it off my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

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