The Love of My Life

by werewolf

Copyright© 2010 by werewolf

Sex Story: How friendship can become much more

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

"You're looking at me" she said softly and smiled as she stepped out of her little white panties.

"I am, you're right" I laughed, "I'm looking at your pussy"

"Well you shouldn't"

"If you don't want me to look, why are you here on a private balcony with me, and why have you just taken your panties off?"

"I want to get an all over tan"

"Ok" I laughed as she lay down on the towel, "So why is your pussy wet?"

"I've never done this before"

I reached over and put a hand on her breast,

"Your nipples are hard"

"Yes" but she made no attempt to push me away,

I touched my lips to hers and she moaned softly,

"I want to make love to you"

"I know" her voice was barely a whisper as she turned to me and snaked both arms round my neck,

Her breath was warm and sweet, her tongue a live thing as it explored my mouth, I rolled on top of her and felt the heat from her sex against my prick as we swapped saliva.

A hand moved down between our naked bodies and I gasped as it gripped my erection firmly,

"Give it to me David"

Her legs parted and I moved my hips slightly, I felt my prick nudging her labia aside,

"Yes" she breathed as I slid in slowly and lay still,

"Are you all right?"

"Never better" and she moaned again as I began moving slowly savoring the feel of her wetness around my prick,

"You're inside me Dave"

"Yes, I'm fucking you"

I moved and began sliding in and out of her body, fucking her with long smooth strokes, her mouth found mine again and her hands gripped my buttocks pulling me in,

"You're big Dave" she said softly and put her mouth to my ear,

"Sooo fucking big, fuck me Dave, I won't break, fuck me, hurt me, make me fucking squeal"

I pulled out until just the dome of my prick nestled in between the lips of her pussy, she looked at me questioningly for a second, than I thrust myself forward savagely and she squealed,

"Yes, that's it, do it Dave, do it fucking hard"

I rammed again and again as she forced herself back at me, each forward thrust brought a squeal of delight from her lips, I felt her nails digging into me, ripping my flesh like paper.

"You're a fucking animal" she hissed and bit my lip, I tasted blood and kissed her savagely smearing it over her own lips, she bit me again and laughed as more blood spurted out.

"And you're a fucking bitch" I hissed and cupped her buttocks lifting her up off the floor, she squealed again as I threw both her legs over my shoulders leaving her wide open and utterly helpless.

Pumping in and out like a piston engine, I felt her vaginal muscles tightening and her squeals became little whimpers, she clung to me like a limpet, kissing, licking and biting,

"Dave" she gasped, "Dave I'm coming, oh God yes I'm coming"

I thrust harder feeling my semen rising, I growled and she screamed,


My prick exploded inside her, I pumped and pumped, each forward jolt sending a spurt of semen deep into her womb, her eyes were wide open staring into mine and slowly a smile spread across her face, I collapsed on top of her gasping for breath and allowed her legs to drop again to the floor,

We both laughed as my spent prick left her with an audible plop and we held each other tightly,

"I think I've just been fucked" she whispered as she kissed me through the blood,

"That's funny" I said softly, returning her kisses, "I was just about to say the same thing"

She looked gorgeous as we went down to dinner in the hotel restaurant and I told her so as we took our seats,

"That's you" she smiled, "You make me feel like a real woman"

She wore a simple white tee shirt and a short white skirt, white lace up sandals, she was completely naked underneath with not even a bra to hide her charms and the dark circles of her nipples could just be seen through the tee shirt.

"I've never done this before" she said shyly, "I feel really decadent"

"I feel proud" I said and she looked at me quizzically,


"Yes, look around you, the place is full of beautiful women, but none of them, not one comes close to you for sheer sexuality, you ooze it"

She giggled then, a lovely tinkling sound that made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

"How's your back?"

"Sore just like my lip"

"Sorry" she smiled, "I'll massage some ointment in after dinner"

"Sounds interesting"

"It will be"

We both had sirloin steak with a green salad washed down with a bottle of the house red and we both ate every last morsal,

"That was beautiful" she said and I agreed with her,

"Do you want a sweet?"

"No, do you?"

The only way I could eat a sweet would be to eat strawberries and cream off your naked body"

She giggled again and shuddered,

"Wow, nice thought"

We walked then out onto the sea front and sat watching the tide rolling in before strolling into a near by bar where a noisy crowd were watching a football match on a huge television set above the bar.

"Do you like football?" she asked,

"I love it"

"Will you take me to a game when we get back?"

"I'd take you anywhere"

We moved back to let someone get served and found ourselves squashed up together in a corner,

"This is nice" she laughed and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me,

"I'm enjoying it anyway" I said and slipped a hand down onto her bottom. She sighed softly and moved even further into the corner allowing me to slip my hand up underneath her skirt and onto her naked flesh.

"That gives me goose bumps" she giggled, "It's something else that I've never done before"


She reached up again and put her lips to my ear,

"I've never stood in a bar before with a man's hand on my bum"

"You've never lived"

I managed to order another two drinks with my hand still up her skirt and my fingers playing gently over her tiny puckered hole,

"You're making me feel very horny David" she whispered, "You're not being a gentleman"

"I'm not?"

"No" she smiled, "A gentleman would take me to bed and sodomize me gently"

"Gently?" this was at odds with the way she'd been earlier.

"Yes" she confirmed softly "And while you're doing it, I want you to tell me all your sexual likes and dislikes, I'll tell you mine as well, deal?"

"Deal" I smiled and stroked her naked bottom again.

"Leave the light on dim" she said as she lay down on the bed, "I want to watch you"

She was completely naked, one hand stroking a breast while the other was between her thighs,

"You've got a beautiful cock Dave"

"And you've got a beautiful pussy"

Lying on the bed, I touched my lips to her lower stomach and kissed her gently,

"Nice" she smiled and I kissed lower,

"Very nice"

I touched her inside the top of her thighs and watched them open, a long, slim finger was lodged between her hairless labia, easing it out, I took it into my mouth and sucked her juices off it before lowering my head again and gently kissing the tiny swollen nub of her clitoris,

"Beautiful" she breathed and moaned as I eased my tongue in between her pussy lips, she was wetter than I'd imagined and her juices were like nectar as I lapped at them like a puppy dog,

"You smell like a dream" I smiled up at her, "And you taste like the finest wine I've ever drank"

"Come up and kiss me David" she said, "I want to taste myself on your lips"

Her mouth tasted faintly of the brandy she'd drank and she moaned again as we kissed hungrily, I felt the warmth of her sex against my cock, I pushed gently and felt her wetness around my dome,

"Lubrication" I said softly and pulling out, I moved down slightly and pushed, she was tight, but after the briefest of resistance her sphincter muscles relaxed and my cock slid in, she let out a long sigh and wrapped her legs round my back drawing me in, imprisoning me.

"This is a first for me" I whispered and looked into her big, blue eyes, she smiled and kissed me again,

"Me too" she breathed, "But I don't want it to be my last"

"I want to taste you again" I said softly as we began to move slowly together in a perfect rhythm,

"Yes" she sighed, "He would never do that, he said it was dirty"

"The man's a fool then, you have the sweetest little cunt I've ever tasted"

"Ooh David" she moaned, "Talk to me about my cunt, my sweet little cunt"

"You like using that word don't you?"

"I love it"

"This morning when you took your panties off and I saw it for the first time, I nearly came, it's perfect"

"What is?"

"Your cunt"

"Mmm yes" I felt her undulating her hips beneath me, "My cunt, my perfect little cunt"

"We'll go into town tomorrow to buy you some new underwear, I want to buy you some filmy little g-strings for your cunt"

"Will you shave me first?"

"Oh yes, I'd love that"

"I'll put some stockings on and you can shave me while I'm naked but for them"

"Yes" I breathed, "I'll shave you every day"


"Your cunt of course, I'll shave every single hair off your cunt"

"Then you can take me to the nudist beach, I want every one to see my cunt"

"Dirty girl" I smiled and she crushed her lips to mine,

"That's me David" she breathed, "I want to be your dirty little cunt"

My cock was sawing in and out of her anus now and she was whimpering and writhing beneath me,

"Fill me Dave" she gasped, "Come in my ass hole, I want to feel your spunk inside me"

I thrust faster and deeper driving us both nearer to the edge, I felt the tingling beginning in my toes, spreading up my thighs, I felt my cock swelling and suddenly I burst and felt my cock erupting inside her, she squealed and sank her teeth into my neck. Her body stiffened, she grunted and yelped, then like me she went limp and sleep claimed us.

We slept late the following day and woke up just after twelve noon still wrapped in each others arms,

"Are you awake?" came softly from beneath a tousled mass of blonde hair on my chest,


"Are we going to the nudist beach?"

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