Stephana's Sugar Fix

by Jana Cleveland

Copyright© 2010 by Jana Cleveland

Erotica Sex Story: A trip to the candy shop become hot and sweet for a woman and the candy maker

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Food   .

Stephana Stevens was a very curvy chick with a huge sweet tooth. Though she eats healthily for a plus-size chick, Stephana had a penchant for anything and everything sweet. Every now and then, whether it's during her lunch break at work or after work, she would have a sweet craving. Sometimes she would go to the nearby bakery Sweet Sensations for some cookies or pastries, the cupcake shop called Cupcake Inc. for a cupcake fix, the Cold Sweet Treat ice cream parlor for an ice cream craving, or even the downtown chocolate boutique known as Cocoa Addiction for some Godiva, Lindt, or Ghirardelli. The sweeter the sugar fix, the better.

She works at a day spa where she gets appointments set up for people and also stocks the closets with spa supplies. One day, she was assisting a woman who was getting a pedicure and was reading a book from her Kindle. The book she read was a historical romance novel involving a widow who was pleasured and seduced by a pirate. She looked at it but for a brief moment. On the same day, her boss Frieda needed her to make a candy run. Stephana went to the Cocoa Addiction to pick up some candy. While she was there, she too had a candy craving but also had a craving for a charming, hot man. She did her errand and went back to work.

This time, she had a craving for candy. She stopped by the Sugar Rush Sweets shop on a Friday after work. The inside of the shop would make Willy Wonka jealous. It had candy of all types: sweet, sour, retro, crispy, crunchy, fruity, sticky, chewy, and nutty. Every delicious display made Stephana's mouth water with temptation. Her sweet tooth was on high alert like an all point bulletin.

"May I help you, Miss?" a nice, cute young man in front of her asked.

She replied, "It's my first visit here. All of the sweets here look so tempting and so tantalizing."

"I'm Ross and welcome to Sugar Rush Sweets." He said to her.

"Thanks, I'm Stephana and I'll be right here." She said.

First, she checked out this display which featured a cardboard cutout of various fruits covered and dipped in chocolate. There were chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered blueberries, chocolate covered bananas, and chocolate covered cherries.

"Ross, I was just checking out the chocolate covered and dipped fruit display." Stephana said.

Ross smiled at her and said, "Why yes, it's one of the many popular treats here. The fruits are covered and dipped in three kinds of chocolate: milk, white, and dark. If you like, I can prepare a sampler of our popular treats for you."

"I would definitely love that! Thanks." Stephana replied.

She was very excited about trying out some of the treats Sugar Rush had to offer. While Ross was preparing a sweet sampler in the kitchen, Stephana was making a list of treats she wanted to take home with her on a notepad. Her sweet tooth wasn't the only thing that was raging. Her hormones along with the honey pot between her thighs were in a high fever pitch at the sight of Ross. He was tall like 6'2, short black hair, soulful brown eyes that were as brown as the chocolate he works with, and lean arms which peeked through the green short-sleeved short he wore.

A couple of minutes later, Ross came back from the kitchen with the sampler he had made for her. Stephana looked at the sampler and said, "Wow, it all looks so yummy! I'm not sure which one I should try first."

Ross looked at her and said, "Try the chocolate fruit."

Stephana tried some of the chocolate fruit and loved it. She loved and savored each bite of the fruit. Then, Ross took a treat from the sampler and offered it to her lips. She took a bite and enjoyed it. "That was really tasty. What is it?" Stephana said.

"It's our newest confectionery concoction, honey-dipped mangoes. They're sweet, tropical, healthy, and perfect for the summer season." Ross replied.

"Mmmmm ... best of both worlds! Now normally, I eat healthy with my fruits, veggies, dairy, and all. But every now and then, I crave something really, really sweet. I'm the kind of girl who never misses a meal and who loves to indulge." Stephana added. Ross was turned on by both her beauty and her appetite for anything sweet.

"Here, try this. It's our Crispy Caramel Crunch Treats. It's two crispy rice cereals with marshmallows and caramel." Ross said as he gave Stephana a piece.

To Stephana, sharing sweets with a cute candy maker was the foreplay before the actual foreplay. She then tried the citrus drops, were lemon flavored with grapefruit and lime. They were tart, tangy, and sweet all in one.

Next, they tried the Choco-Caramel-Nutty Apple Slices. They were caramel apple slices that were dipped and drizzled in milk chocolate, and covered in peanuts, walnuts, cashews, and almonds. Stephana enjoyed everything from the sampler and savored every taste. Now she wanted to sample Ross. She then made the first move by passionately kissing his lips.

As she continued kissing him, Ross then carried her to the candy kitchen and sat her down on the counter. He took off his green shirt and then returned her kiss. Stephana got a view of Ross's amazing body. It was fit yet lean, his six-pack abs were well-defined and built, and his arms were strong, too. Stephana brazenly said to Ross, "Your body looks sweet enough to eat."

Ross had an aroused look on his face and said, "Thanks, I bet you taste sweet yourself."

Ross sensually kissed Stephana's lips while his hands rested on her waist. He then took his time lifting the dark gray sweater from her size 18, womanly body. With one hand, he cradled the back of her head while feeling the satin of her deep auburn hair. He kissed her lips once more. His other hand rested on the small of her back. His lips then moved from her lips to her neck. Stephana made a deep moan that came from her throat when Ross kissed and licked both sides of her neck. His hands were squeezing her naturally endowed breasts that were covered by a black micro fiber, under wire bra.

Then, he kneeled in front of her and took off her black pumps before moving up to left her burgundy knee-length skirt. Once he moved her skirt up to her waist, Ross carefully removed her burgundy tights from her legs. Her skin felt silky smooth in his hands. Stephana then noticed some squeeze bottles over by the large, industrial-size mixer. The bottles contained caramel, all types of melted chocolate, and several types of honey.

She said to Ross, "I'm ready for another sugar fix."

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