Long Arm of the Law

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Incest Sex Story: Cindy Mahoney is a scientist running a forensics lab. Fate gave her the data to force her best friend Colleen into letting her bed her husband Michael. There’s only 1 catch. Mike is Cindy’s brother! Did Cindy over think things? Could she love her brother without losing the love of her very pregnant best friend?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Coercion   Blackmail   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   BDSM   FemaleDom   First   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   .

I could hate my sister-in-law, if she wasn't my best friend. After all, she taught me how to diddle and a few other things when we were growing up. Well, okay. She taught me how to masturbate, and how to appreciate another woman's body. Hey, don't you go thinking there was anything wrong in that! Like I said, we're best friends. Bff's, if you pardon the cliché. If best friends decide to do a little mutual experimentation, where's the harm? Besides, it helped keep our minds off of boys while we went through high school and college together.

The reason I could hate her is very simple. She married my big brother! The little bitch knows I love him dearly. Just because she and I played with each other all through school didn't mean I wasn't interested in guys too! It's just the guy I'm interested in is my big brother Michael! I knew I loved him ever since mom and dad passed away in that mountain climbing expedition. He had just turned eighteen the week before and while putting himself through school, kept a roof over my head, and made sure I was safe and loved.

I long to repay that love in the best way I know how! Colleen knows that, and she let him pop her cherry on her eighteenth birthday. What the hell could I do about it? I couldn't just blurt out "No Mike, you're supposed to get MY cherry!" At least I was Maid of Honor when they finally got hitched three years later. I just can't get one tiny little detail out of my mind. Now that they're married, she gets to fuck him any time she pleases! My best friend in the whole world is riding my brother's cock instead of me! It's just not fair! It's gotten much worse over the last few months. You should see the dreamy look of contentment on her face every time she rubs her big round baby belly! That should be MY belly! I should be sporting my brother's baby bump!

Alright already, you mythical readers! I know full well society frowns upon brothers and sisters having THOSE types of relationships. Well, society can go pound sand! I'm not stupid! After graduation, I managed to land a very good job with a forensics laboratory. If I say so myself, my scientific knowledge and abilities hastened my rise to the top. I have my own laboratory, and have helped close many cases that baffled the local law enforcement agencies.

Running my own forensics lab gave me the means to make certain about a key aspect of my lifelong dream. I managed to get a nice hair sample from Mike, with tag intact. I ran that against a cheek swab I took of myself. Fudging the paperwork, I ran a comparison of the two samples. I was extremely excited to learn that although we share a very close familial DNA pattern, we have no annoying recessives that would reinforce each other. Why, I suspect our children will have even less chance of a genetic problem then if two total strangers came together and brought a baby into this world! As embarrassing as it sounds, I meant it when I said I was extremely excited. I took the DNA results into the ladies room and fingered myself like mad while staring at them!

Like I said, I would hate Colleen, if I didn't love her! Once she became pregnant, I decided regretfully to give up on my childhood fantasy. I've dated a few guys now, as well as some very nice women, but at the ripe old age of twenty-two, I'm still virgin. While I've become quite skillful at playing the ol' skin-flute, even to the point of swallowing, I have yet to find a man worthy of giving me that first penetration! My lady friends all understand. I've strapped on a few dildos, but have never been at the reviving end. I kept on trying though. Someday maybe I'd find a man worthy enough to claim me, and give me a baby too. If not, maybe I'd just stick with women, and go to a sperm bank and fertilize myself!

Things changed last week, in a most unusual way. Several weeks ago, there had been a hit and run accident. A vehicle had hopped the curb and collided with a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Thankfully nobody was killed. As it was, a young collage boy on the run to make a lecture had suffered a fractured hip and femur on his right side. He was going to be just fine, but it was my job to bring the hammer of the law down on the driver, if only I could. I didn't have much to work on. The first responders found no witnesses, and as fate would have it, the victim's glasses had flown clean off of his head. All we knew was the car was "really big and black." That was the some total of his recall.

The vehicle had backed off and returned to the street, paused a moment, and then forged onward and away. I lucked out in that the field agents got me some good tire impressions to work with from it's passage over the grassy strip between sidewalk and street. The wheel base and tire tread pattern let me narrow it down to one make and model. The hit and run had been committed with a 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha. I mentally noted that the color and model year was a match to Colleen's big ol' fuel guzzler. That showed just how difficult my problem was. There were hundreds of cars in this region that fit my rather shaky profile!

I had to dig deeper. The case was growing colder by the day. I had all the unfortunate pedestrian's belongings in my lab. The answer had to be there somewhere! The car had been going rather slowly when it hit, thank goodness. That made all the difference. The victim fell, and the car's excessively high clearance did the rest. He wasn't mangled by the vehicle's undercarriage. It simply passed right over his trim athletic body. I think it was also his messenger bag that saved him from even more injuries. Perhaps it had even saved his life, who knows? The car had in fact never actually touched him. It had simply propelled the bag against him, knocking him down.

I stared at the contents of the torn and tattered bag. They consisted of rumpled smelly sweat clothes, a severely damaged laptop, and several text books. The clothes and the smashing of the laptop had been sufficient to help reduce the energy of the impact, limiting injury to his right hip and leg. The books were also pretty beat up. They had obviously been facing the oncoming vehicle. One text in particular, the American History book, seemed to have taken the brunt of the force. I picked up the book and ran my latex gloved fingers lightly over its damaged surface. I could feel indentations in the glossy hard cover. Could I be that lucky?

Using alternate light sources, and experimenting with various filters, I managed to make out a complete license plate number. My heart almost stopped. I looked around me and took a deep breath. I was alone. Nobody had seen what the laser light had revealed. It was a personal plate. It rather hypocritically stated "Greenpowr". It was Colleen's! She was the only person I knew who wanted to save the planet while driving such a huge automotive monstrosity!

How would I ever be able to mock another episode of CSI ever again? This was just the sort of stupid cosmic coincidence I usually condemned all three versions for! I picked up my phone and started punching in numbers to report my findings to the Powers That Be. I froze. Fate had given me a fantastic gift! I guess I wasn't the force for law and order I always thought I was. I felt my panties grow wet as wicked plans filled my fevered brain! I knew exactly what I was going to do!

On the way home that night, I had to run a few errands. First I made four selected purchases at a thrift shop I had never shopped in before. Then I stopped at a drug store and shoplifted a lipstick. I couldn't risk anyone remembering me buying it! Next, I visited at a used book store near the college campus. I said a quick prayer to all the scientists I held as heroes, and hoped against hope they had what I needed!

I made sure nobody was looking while I applied the rather Goth black coloring to my usually naked lips. I tugged on the gaudy black high heel boots that added inches to my height and put on sunglasses with hugely oversized dark lenses. Pulling my long red hair back, I wound it into a quick pencil secured bun before pulling the hood up on the cheap shiny black pleather jacket to completely hide my distinctive hair. Looking into the rear view mirror, I didn't even recognize myself! I pulled on the crappy leatherette gloves before I hopped out of my Prius and clumped my heavy footed way into the shop.

I nearly peed myself with joy when I found a beat up copy of that same text book! Without a word exchanged, I paid the bored kid behind the counter exact change in cash for the tome. I didn't even really need my disguise. She never even looked up from her iPad as she took the money and placed the book into a large plastic shopping bag before handing it back to me. Nobody would ever know I purchased a duplicate book! Now I was ready to strike my deal with Colleen! If it all worked as planned, I would slip my replacement into the evidence locker, and nobody would be the wiser! Hell, I had already decided to do it anyway, but Colleen didn't need to know that! Clutching the book tightly to my breast, I lit out of there like a bat out of hell!

If I had a big pottery kiln like in the movie "Mister Brooks", I would have incinerated my impromptu disguise. Although I think they would have melted first! I settled for re-donating the component parts in a more direct manner then a thrift store. Before I made my way to my brother's house, I cruised through what some would call the "Red Light" district. I made a couple of hookers very happy with my gift of gloves jacket and boots. A young teenage stoner appreciated the dark lenses of the sunglasses, too! The lipstick I just dropped down a sewer grate along with the handi-wipe I had cleaned my mouth off with. The Goth book buyer vanished just as quickly as she had appeared! Once I swapped out the books, there would be no way anyone could ever tie the replacement volume to me!

I couldn't help grinning as I pulled up to the house. Colleen's Hummer was in the driveway! I whipped out my ever present penlight and squatted in front of the massive diesel guzzling monster. I couldn't help laughing. There was no real damage visible to the naked eye, other then the license plate being a bit rippled and bent. I pulled out my tweezers and extracted a single fiber from one of the screws anchoring the license plate in place. I wouldn't know for sure unless I tested it, but it looked to me to be an exact color and texture match to the fabric the messenger bag was constructed of! This was going to be fun! I bagged the fiber and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans.

I knocked on the door, and it opened after a moment. Even though I was jealous as hell, I had to admit that pregnancy agreed with Colleen. She simply glowed! "Oh Hi Cindy!" she exclaimed while turning to rush off. "Don't mind me. I gotta go!" I closed the door behind me as I watched her cute waddling dash to the bathroom.

"Your bladder must have shrunk to the size of a pea!" I called after her as I made myself at home. "Where's my big brother?"

I heard a flush. "He's out to dinner with a new client. I don't expect him back until very late."

Colleen returned, and lowered herself carefully onto the sofa next to me. "I was supposed to go, but I don't have any maternity outfits that look classy enough for an exclusive restaurant."

I shook my head. "Don't sell yourself short, Col! You look adorable in anything you wear!"

She smiled happily, but complained anyway. "I do not! I'm a whale! I look like I swallowed a beach ball!"

I made a point of staring at her swollen breasts. "I'd say a beach ball, and two basket balls! Jeeze, remember when my boobs used to be bigger then yours? I'm a 44DD, what are yours now?"

Her face took on a rosy glow. "Never mind that! They'll get smaller once the baby is born!"

"I bet Michael doesn't want them to." I laughed. "I happen to know he's a big tit man!"

"There is that." She shook her head. "Do you want some dinner? I haven't eaten yet."

"You aren't making anything weird, are you? I don't want a sardine and peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow fluff!" The memory of that culinary horror made me shiver with dread.

"I never eat anything weird! I only eat wholesome foods!" she blushed deeper. "Well, maybe some things are a little strange, but who knew sardines would taste so good with peanut butter! Don't get me started on the fluff! I think that stuff is addictive!"

"Um, I'll just take your word for it." I leaned closer. "Can we talk for a few minutes, first?"

"Sure. What's on your mind, Cin?"

I loved when she called me that! I took a deep breath and pulled out my iPhone. "I have to show you something first." I called up the image corrected view of the damaged text book in my lab. It clearly showed the mirror image impression of her license plate. "I'm working on a hit and run case right now, and I just wanted to show you what I discovered."

Colleen opened her mouth to speak, but then the reality of what I was showing her sank in. She put both hands over her mouth and let out a tiny little squeal. "Cindy, I, I can explain!" I heard softly muffled by her hands.

"Please do. If you tell me the exact truth, I may be in a position to do something to keep anyone else from ever finding out. You're extremely lucky that the cameras hadn't been installed yet at that intersection. My hands would be tied if you had killed the guy, or if there had been any human or digital witnesses! Now tell me what happened!"

She took a shuddering breath. I'd be telling a lie if I said I wasn't interested in how her hugely swollen breasts rose and fell. She ran her fingers nervously through the golden ringlets of her close cropped blonde hair. "I was driving under the speed limit. I swear it! I was going very slowly! I couldn't have been going more then a couple of miles an hour!"

"I know that. If you had been speeding, the victim would be dead, not just sporting two broken bones." I looked her in the eye. "Did you return to texting while driving? Tell me the truth now!"

"No! I'd never be that stupid again! I learned my lesson when I totaled Michael's Mustang! I, um, I was..." she closed her eyes and sighed. "I was eating this big kosher dill pickle, and I dropped it just as I was about to turn the corner. It bounced off of my breast and flipped onto the floor. I, I leaned down a bit to try and pick it back up." She blushed "It, it was a really good pickle! I had been craving one for simply hours! I couldn't just let it go! Next thing I knew, I had diagonally crossed the intersection and hit that poor guy when the car accidentally ended up on the sidewalk! I stopped, honestly, I did! I backed off of him and he sat right up. He started cursing like crazy, so I knew he couldn't be TOO hurt. I saw him look my way, and then fumble around trying to find something. His glasses where on the sidewalk next to him, so I figured he couldn't see me well enough to know who I was. I took off when he pulled out a cell phone to call for help!"

"I knew you stopped, the victim told the first responders. I just needed to know if you were doing something stupid." I sighed dramatically. "Personally, I think it was mildly dumb, but you didn't do anything to be put in jail for. I think it was more a case of hormones getting the best of you. I'll help you, but promise me you'll never eat while driving again! I mean it. Not only could you have killed that guy, you could have hurt yourself and the baby!"

"I promise! I swear it! I really mean that, Cindy!" She looked hopefully at me. Who could resist those big baby blue eyes? "You'll help me now?"

I leaned over and placed my hand lightly on her breast. "Of course I'll help you, Col!"

"Cynthia, what are you doing?" she gasped. "We decided that was all in the past! We're just best friends now!"

"You decided, remember?" Once again I felt that jarring pain in my heart. Not only did I lose out in bedding my brother, but I had lost a very special part of my loving friendship with Colleen! She had cut me off after she started fucking Mike when she turned eighteen! Our friendship was still deep, but something very important was missing for four long and lonely years! "We could have kept it secret from Mike! Hell, I bet he'd love knowing his wife likes girls too!" I moved my hand and began to unbutton her pretty maternity top. "Is this too big a price to pay for my help? Remember, it would be the end of my career in forensics if anyone found out."

She sighed again, and my heart sang as her hand gently touched my chin. "Cindy, I'm a married woman! We can maybe fool around a little bit, but it'll just be this one time, alright? We can't go back to being lovers! You must promise me that! Only one time and Mike is never to know, okay?" her voice dropped to a whisper. "Please Cindy, help me, but I can't never hurt Mike by having an affair."

"I swear I won't tell him a thing about us!" I meant it, too. That was not part of my plan. I thought of this as just a delightful fringe benefit. I wouldn't spring my real plans on her until later.

"I believe you." She smiled sweetly as she helped me remove her top and the oversized nursing bra she was wearing. "I know you're curious to see them, so take a good look. Will that be enough for you to help me out?"

I couldn't help gasping. Her areola had darkened and grown quite large as her breasts expanded. Her nipples stood proudly erect, bigger then I had ever seen them before! I could hardly catch my breath when I noticed a hint of dampness. "C-Colleen, have you started to lactate already?"

"Of course, silly! The baby's official due date is in four days. My body is all ready for the blessed event!"

I felt like I was in the grip of a fever. "Could, um, can I, uh, would it be okay if?"

She looked puzzled. "Would what be okay?"

Plan temporarily forgotten, I grinned my best wicked grin. "You did offer me dinner, after all!" I leaned towards her and gently captured a nice big firm nipple between my lips. I froze for a moment, but she didn't push me away. After that moment, I let my tongue caress. Growing bolder, I mimicked the lip movements I had seen nursing babies make, while beginning to softly suck.

Colleen moaned softly. "Oh my God! Cindy, don't do that! You're going too far! This is too weird! You have to stop! I can't let you do this!" She sure was complaining, but her hand was oh so gentle on the back of my head!

As she spoke, warm liquid entered my mouth and squirted over my eager tongue. It was thinner then cow milk, but much sweeter. I could taste a kind of fruity aftertaste too. Maybe that was from Colleen's eating a banana or something today. I didn't really care! I thought it was about the yummiest thing I had ever tasted! I suckled some more, and began to actually drink. As I continued, it seemed to thicken a bit, not that I minded! I could have kept going all night, but Colleen nudged me.

"Uh, Cindy, be a dear and switch to the other one? Otherwise I'd have to express it in the shower. I'm rather full, and I don't want to be lopsided!"

"Oh, don't do that!" I gasped thickly. It would be such a waste to let her delicious dairy treat flow down a drain! I moved to her other nipple and continued my feast. I gently caressed her beautiful swollen firm breasts with both hands as I drank. It was wonderful! It was glorious! Don't think me nasty, but my panties were completely soaked! I always knew I liked both boys and girls, but I never realized it was possible for a woman to have a pregnancy fetish! How else could I explain what I was feeling? Her milk was warming my tummy as she pulled the pencil from my improvised bun and let my hair fall over my shoulders. Colleen cooed happily while running her fingers through my freed locks. Was this reenacting some long forgotten memory of my mother? Sure I was aroused, but I also felt so safe and loved while drinking of her bounty.

I grinned sheepishly when I had finally finished my repast. "Thank you, Colleen! That was so wonderful!"

Looking flushed and happy, she returned my grin. "You're more then welcome! Just remember, this is the only time you can drink that much. Once the baby's born, it all belongs to her."

"I'm going to have a niece?" I exclaimed joyfully. "That's wonderful!"

She shook her head. "Dammit! You've got me so frazzled I slipped! I wanted it to be a surprise! Michael doesn't even know for sure!"

I held up my hand as if I were being sworn in. "There's no way he'll hear it from me! That's a promise!"

"Thank you, Cindy." Colleen picked up her bra and began to struggle back into it.

I grabbed it from her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked softly.

Her eyes opened wide. "Wasn't that enough? I, I thought maybe we could just leave things like this!"

"Are you kidding? Get those stretchy pants off! I haven't seen your pretty little flower in four fuckin' years! I want to see it now!"

"Cindy, we shouldn't!" she complained as she struggled to stand up. With a little whimper, Colleen slowly pulled her maternity jeans down. "Don't you dare laugh!" she whispered, her face nearly glowing red as I stared at her undergarment.

"Why would I laugh?" I asked while struggling to keep the giggle out of my voice. "It seems very practical to me."

"It's not practical at all!" she whimpered. "I have to pee so much now! Sometimes I just don't make it to the bathroom in time!"

I gently rubbed her belly, and felt a thrill of love shoot through me when the baby kicked. "It's okay. My niece is sitting on your bladder. I know it's not your fault!"

She closed her eyes and sighed. "The doctor swears I'll go back to normal once the baby is born. Until then it's just safer if I wear an adult diaper!"

"Then don't worry about it." I pulled one of the adhesive tabs. "It's nothing to be ashamed of."

She swatted my hand away. "You said you wanted to look. We can't let this go any farther, so no touching!" She finished undoing the tabs and let the absorbent garment fall to the floor. Oh wow, she was even lovelier then I remembered! "Cindy, you'll help me now, won't you?" she asked hopefully.

"Oh course I will, silly!" Did you know it's very easy to push a pregnant girl down onto a sofa? She let out a gasp as I knelt between her legs. "I'm going to help all I can! In fact, right now I'm going to help you relax!"

Oh my! I hadn't seen Colleen's pretty blonde bush in four years! Her golden curls were still trimmed very neatly. Did my brother help with that now that her belly was so big? If so, good for him! My mouth watered as I stared at those lovely lips. Her labia were quite puffy, much more then I remembered. That was due to her pregnancy. I've read up on the subject. When a woman is expecting, the blood supply to the vaginal area greatly increases. It's one of the reasons many pregnant women are so horny all of the time. I'm glad Col seemed to be one of them!

"No Cindy, we mustn't!" she squealed as I made myself at home and pushed my face between her thighs. "We're not lovers any more! We're best friends!" I touched my tongue to her glorious flower, and my heart thumped with joy! Oh, how I missed tasting Colleen! I can tell you this right now. Pregnancy had slightly altered her always heady scent and taste! Altered, and improved! My best friend tasted even better then she ever had before! I began to lap away, loving how her moisture collected on my tongue after savoring her milk just minutes before!

Sixty-nine had always been my favorite position with Colleen. It was too bad we couldn't indulge in that now with her belly so big and firm. That was okay though! This was her time anyway. I continued to tease and torment her with my tongue, knowing full well that something very special was in store for me when Michael came home later!

"Oh Cindy!" she wailed as I captured her lovely pearl of a clit between my lips. Her pregnancy had also made it grow! It almost felt like I was sucking a thumb! "Cindy no, don't ruin our friendship!" Now she was just being silly! How on earth could expressing my love ruin our friendship? After all, it was nothing we hadn't done hundreds of times before!

Her hands told me how badly she was lying. Instead of pulling me away, she was forcing my face firmer between her outstretched legs! "Cindy, Cindy, we have to stop!" she cried as she entwined her fingers in my hair. "Oh God, we shouldn't be doing this!" Some things never change. Colleen was pulling my hair quite painfully now. It was s sure sign that she was fast approaching orgasm, so I didn't mind in the least!

While she held my head firmly in place, I placed my hands on her gravid tummy. I really believe my niece found the whole situation funny. Why else would she be merrily kicking away while I happily ate out her mommy? I continued my happy task. It was always such a joy to go down on a woman. I can never understand why some men object.

I caressed her rippling tummy while attacking her poor swollen clitoris with gusto. Colleen was panting, and it was music to my ears! She had ceased complaining, or even giving any sign that she didn't want this. I was so glad! I knew she would still love my tender attentions! "Oh Cindy!" she cried again, this time joyfully, instead of in a panic. "Oh it feels so damn good!" She began to quiver, and even managed to hump up at me despite her huge tummy. I knew she was on the edge, so I helped her reach her joy! With a final cry, she was off!

I mentioned she tasted good before, but this was heaven! I rode out her spasms with her, as my tongue pushed her from one peak to the next! Her love was like nectar against my tongue. I consumed it with the same eagerness I displayed while drinking her milk! I only stopped when her cries began to be more urgent. "Cindy, stop! I, I can't hold back! I, I gotta, I gotta pee again!"

It was a near thing! I almost had my face anointed with golden warmth, but I managed to snatch up the forgotten diaper and hold it in place. "Come on Col!" I laughed as I helped her shakily to her feet. "I'll help you!" It was a near thing, but I got her there in time!

"Cindy, you're terrible!" Colleen said with a laugh. "I'm very sorry if I hurt you, but I was getting married after all. Do you forgive me?"

I couldn't help grinning. "Forgive what?" I asked, while taking another bite of pizza. We had decided to talk things over, and what better way is there then over a pepper, onion, and mushroom pizza? "I don't want to hear any more nonsense about how we can't because you're married!"

She blushed, and attempted to wipe some sauce off of the maternity top I had helped her back into after our little interlude in the living room. "Are you positive Mike won't be mad if he ever finds out?"

I gave a dismissive wave of my hand. "I know my brother. If he knew you and I were lovers, he'd get a boner so fast he might faint as the blood rushed from his brain to his dick!"

She laughed at the image. "Still, you won't tell him, will you?"

I put down my pizza crust. It was time to make my real motives known. "I won't tell him, but I do have something in mind that will make him not care what you and I do."

I had her attention completely. "What is it? How can we make sure he doesn't mind?"

This was it! "He wouldn't care if I was his lover, too!"

"That again?" Anger flashed in her eyes. "Just get that idea right out of your little red head! Michael is my husband! I don't care if you are my best friend, or his sister! I will not permit you to mess with my man!" she shook her head. "Besides, incest is against the law!"

I played my trump card. "So is hit and run. I said I could help you, but what if I didn't? Can you imagine what would happen if you were arrested and had your baby in lockup?"

"Oh dear God! Cindy, you wouldn't do that to me, would you?"

"Of course not, you dumb blonde!" I smiled sweetly. "I'm taking a huge gamble here. I'm going to substitute a replacement book, and destroy the original. I just want you to think about how much I love you and Michael, and what I'm risking to keep you safe!"

She closed her eyes and sighed. "You really still want to bone your own brother? I thought that was just a girlhood crush."

I felt my face grow warm. "Mike is the only man I've ever wanted to make love to me. I've looked around. You know I've dated some guys! There isn't a man alive as good as my brother!"

Colleen opened her eyes. "You called me a dumb blonde a minute ago. You're the dummy! How can someone with an IQ as high as yours be so stupid?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! "I, I'm sorry, Colleen! I fix things up with the book, and I'll never mention anything about it again!" I got up to leave, but she grabbed my hand.

"See, you're being stupid right now." She smiled up at me. "Aside from everything else, I'm your best friend. Didn't it ever occur to you to just talk to me about it?"

"What?" I plopped back on my chair. "You, you would have let me be with Mike?"

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